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Special Education Teacher

Bridgewater, PA, 19020
November 27, 2022

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Dienene Williams

*** *********

Bensalem PA




Special Education Teacher, August 2020 –Present

· Second Grade General and Special Education

· English Language Arts

· Social Studies

· Math

· Science

Bright Solutions Brick, PA

· Elementary & Middle School Special Education Teacher

· provided appropriate accommodations and modifications in line with related services.

· Increased reading levels by 30% with a significant increase in reading proficiency. Read-aloud’s were an effective technique that enhanced the student’s fluency, reading comprehension, and working memory.

· Behavior Modification: application of Operant conditioning, ABA, positive reinforcement, classical conditioning, and a plethora of techniques geared towards desirable long-term

Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate. Prepare and instruct math lessons specific to: addition and subtraction to several students who find themselves challenged by the same concepts of mathematics. One successful approach is to focus on hands-on learning through manipulative

Administer adaptations and intervention strategies necessary for students to achieve academic goals. Design and implement lessons and classroom activities, while creating an interactive learning environment.

Effectively enable the students to master academic skills, increase motivation, concentration, and focus. Highly motivated, experienced professional, proficient in the use of classroom technology. Ability to apply knowledge of current research and instructional theory; while maintaining a strong partnership among other staff members, families and the community. Responsible for planning and appropriately implementing learning experiences thatadvance the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of the children within a safe, healthy learning environment.

Teaching all academic subjects to elementary grade level learners. 1109 Parkside Avenue Ewing, New Jersey, 08618 732-***-**** ALOHA, Somerset, New Jersey

Special Education Teacher, Sep 2012 –June 2019

Create interactive learning environment to enable children to construct their learning Assist children in learning mathematical concepts

Inspire children in developing mental math skills

Conduct state of the art phonetic reading instruction Provide expansive reading comprehension instruction Guide global creative writing instruction

Establish small group and individual learning experiences for children, preschool through fifth grade GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY, Phoenix, Arizona

Adjunct Professor, Sep 2007 – May 2010

Effectively maintained responsibility for teaching a variety of special education courses to students who were working towards their advanced degrees online Created several grading rubrics with detailed feedback for the grading of each assignment Interacted with students daily, via the Grand Canyon University's website and by phone Created a classroom schedule which supported individuals with full-time employment Administered effective, rigorous subject matter, discussion questions, tests, and research papers, in order to provide individuals with proper tools and education required by Grand Canyon University Provided challenging course work, innovative projects, and stimulating exercises while utilizing active learning techniques

Researched and reviewed current teaching materials and technologies with focus on quantitative and qualitative elements

Actively participated in online in-service and staff conferences SOMERSET COUNTY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES COMMISSION, Bridgewater, New Jersey Special Education Teacher, Sep 2004 – June 2010

Identified students' academic abilities and developed curriculum to accommodate different learning styles; maximizing student comprehension, while meeting each student's academic requirements while following state guidelines

Revised students' IEPs in order to meet accommodations, annual goals, and transition services. Devised appropriate lesson plans for each student as they pertained to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Provided several pathways of learning which enabled the student to understand and make sense of concepts and skills

Collaborated with other staff members to ascertain the intention for behaviors exhibited by learners with severe cognitive or communication disabilities with the intention to address problematic behavior and learning challenges

Effectively taught students, using a variety of different manipulatives and hands-on activities Assessed lessons and produced alternative ways of presenting the material for diverse learners Observed students' performance and recorded relevant data to assess progress Actively participated in Individual Education Plan meetings to select interventions to directly address problem behavior

Carried out therapeutic regimens; such as behavior modification and personal development programs, in conjunction with; psychologists, counselors, and speech-language pathologists Integrated interactive technology into the classroom Utilized a student centered approach; allowing the students to connect to the lessons discovering relevance and importance in their academic journey Provided disabled students with assistive devices and supportive technology Enforced administration policies and rules governing students 1109 Parkside Avenue Ewing, New Jersey, 08618 732-***-**** Operated computers, audiovisual aids, other equipment and materials to supplement presentations

Instructed lessons on life skills to increase students' personal development and independence Developed strong relationships and communication with parents through face-to-face contact and phone communication

Assistant Teacher, November 2003 – March 2004

Created activities in conjunction with the certified teacher's lessons, in order to support the students' development.

Guided individual students to reinforce learning concepts presented by the certified teacher. Directed small groups of students with similar learning abilities, for them to master assignments. Utilized research library, accredited websites in order to be properly prepared to assist the students based on individual abilities.

Observed students' educational progress, and recorded relevant data to assess progress. Prepared lessons based on IEP’s & the student’s current skills. lessons outlines in assigned subject areas and submitted outlines to the teacher for review Supervised recreational activities to promote physical, mental, and social development Participated in monthly staff meetings and in-service training Provided classroom assistance and accommodations to promote learning in individual education plans Maintained a positive learning environment by implementing behavioral management strategies Created effective environment for learning through functional and attractive displays and bulletin boards E D U C A T I O N

Watchung Hills Regional High School, Warren, New Jersey High School Diploma, June 1987

Rowan University/Glassboro State College, Glassboro, New Jersey BA, May 1992

Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona

MAED, May 2007


Accomplished educator who has demonstrated the ability to teach, motivate and direct students, while maintaining a high interest of achievement in the success of each student. Proficient in modifying lesson plans, according to individual learning styles and abilities. Knowledgeable of current trends in education and capable of implementing innovative techniques to continually improve students' academic abilities. Seasoned professional who has successfully and effectively taught students from diverse populations at a variety of academic levels. Experience teaching all academic subject areas, expertise with multiple curriculum and maintains a secure focus on behavioral challenges, individual learning styles, and differentiated instruction. Skilled in selecting and adapting superlative teaching materials. Proven ability to integrate experiences and intelligence in order to build on students' academic knowledge. Excellent rapport among faculty, admiration, students, and critical family members. Proficient in utilizing alternative modes of curricular organization, problem solving, and project methods. Goal oriented enabler of creativity in children, seeking new opportunities in elementary and special education for building positive social behaviors, while increasing each student's academic success. Areas of Expertise Behavior Analysis - Technology Integration - Multiple Intelligences - Classroom Management - Team Teaching Approach - Assessment Tools - Use of Manipulative - Behavior Management Plan - Team IEP Review and Revision - Behavioral Intervention Plans - Creative and Effective Lesson Planning - Accomplished Student Motivator 1109 Parkside Avenue Ewing, New Jersey, 08618 732-***-****

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