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Database Administrator and Data Engineer

McLean, VA
November 27, 2022

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Guangmin (Michelle) Pu

(cell) 703-***-****

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McLean, VA 22102

Objectives Seek Database Engineering Position

After left IT field and experienced a hectic work nature in construction field for 3 years, I realize how much I miss the data engineering that I used to work. Specially after COVID-19, I recognize a stability is very important. So, I decide to come back to IT field for continuing the data work that I am familiar with.

Work Experience Summary

Real Estate Developer/Construction Manager

Quitted the job in IT field and took an adventure for opportunity in building a new construction home for projects in DC and Virginia. Built 10+ single family homes and apartment complexes

Duration: Jan 2019 - Present

Location: DC area

Company: MITRE Corporation

Title: Lead Data Engineer

Dates of Employment: Jun 2011 – Nov 2018

Location: Mclean, Virginia

Job Description: consultant works involved in database architect/administration/analysis/diagnosis, focus on Oracle and SQL server database. Also does web development work using MS technology such as ASP/VB/DCOM/VBscript/JavaScript/html.

Company: New York Life

Title: Principal Database Engineer

Dates of Employment: Oct 2005 – May 2011

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Job Description: work in the production data center as one of primary database engineer on supporting/upgrading a large-scale complex database environment which consists of 150 Oracle databases at version 8i/9i/10g/11g with database sizes ranging from 100G to 7 terabytes, plus 200 SQL server database for supporting 300+ business applications.

Company: Precyse Solutions

Title: Senior Data Architect and Database Administrator

Dates of Employment: June 2001 – Sept. 2005

Location: Roswell, Georgia

Job Description: did a IT engineering service for Precyse Solution, the medium-sized healthcare information service company by supporting 45+ hospitals in ER medical transcription/HIM/insurance coding service. Primarily served as a database DBA lead to provide technical mentoring to other two DBAs and a group of software developers. Managed Oracle database instances and SQL Server database instances. Additional duties included web development to update/extend existing website.

Company: AT&T

Title: Database Administrator and Developer

Dates of Employment: Jan 1999 – Dec 2002

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Job Description: worked in the business group of AT&T core business providing production and internal support, for production network and internal hardware inventory. Worked with a group of DBA and developers to support backbone network system and AT&T Intranet website - hardware inventory control. Monitor and track network outage to ticketing system, then post outage reports on website. Distribute hardware/software tools. Process hardware request orders for AT&T internal employee.

Company: Ikon

Title: Database Developer and Contractor

Dates of Employment: Oct 1998 – Dec 1998

Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Description: Project Highlight: Ikon Product Delivery System. A large-scale web site with extensive functions to automate the process of product orders and deliveries. Worked with group of developers to meet a short deadline, using VB/Active-X, ASP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, MS SQL server, and Oracle. Migrated/consolidated their database from SQL server (6.0)/MS FoxPro/MS Access to one single Oracle (7.3) database; setup oracle environment for the production and development team.

Company: USWeb Corporation

Title: Database Administrator and Web Developer

Dates of Employment: Jan 1997 – Sept 1998

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Job Description: worked as a web/database developer for USWeb, the interactive media firm based in Aliso Viejo, CA. The role was performed in the Atlanta office. The primarily responsibility included web Intranet development and implementation for client MCI/WorldCom in Atlanta. Developed the MCI intranet-project-management system and established the SQL database administrator.

Technical Skills


Hard-core technical skills:

Proficient in theory and practice with a lot of hand-on experiences for relational database in different scenarios. Knowledgeable how to apply the concepts to realistic data application in industry.

DBMS: Oracle Database, SQL Server, Oracle Failsafe, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), DB2, Sybase.

SQL Tuning: SQL profile, statistics, SQL trace, TKPROF, execution plan, hint, index, partition, optimizer, shared_pool/cursor optimization, cache result, OCI client cache.

Database Modeling: ER, DBMS, DFD, Oracle Designer, Logical/Physical, ERWin, System Architect, Visio.

DB Tools: Streams Replication from 9i to 11g, DataGuard, RMAN, Oracle 10g/11g grid, Data Pump, Transportable Tablespace, SQL*Loader, TOAD, SQL Navigator, and Materialized Views.

DB Development: PL/SQL coding, Trigger, function, procedure, package, sequence, SQL server stored procedure, data sharing on remote DB, data extraction/manipulation/migration.

Development Tools: VB/VB scripting, ASP, ADO, Active-X using VB and VC++, COM/DCOM, Cold Fusion, Java/JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, Visual Interdev, IIS, MS Server Front Page, Crystal Report.

Operating Systems: Solaris, AIX, Windows2000/XP/NT, Linux (Red Hat 4/5), MS-DOS, VMS.

DB Frameworks: Unix Sell Scripting, PERL, Windows Shell Scripting, VB scripting, OO4O, OLE, OCI.

Non-technical Skill & Character Highlights

Previous Hand-on Experience

Soft Skills and Work Characters:

Project management and task leading.

Researching and evaluation for new data system.

Strategy analysis and assessment for data migration or reengineering.

Concept design and presentation.

Implementation and integration with collaboration, team player.

Problem solver with persistence.

Detail-oriented with thoroughness.

Highly reliable and responsible with task deliverable.

Previous Sample Work:

Strategic Concept Design: Work as a data consultant to provide a solution to modernize existing legacy data system. Develop a road map to convert and migrate the legacy data systems to new data systems with innovative technologies for government bureaus such as FDA, IRS, VA, DOD, and Census.

Technology: Research innovative tools and technologies to improve current database environment. Prototype new technologies, then plan an implementation to database environment. E.g. upgrade/migrate existing Oracle database environment to newer technologies.

Architect: Analyze application’s business needs, then establish a scheme plan to implement Streams Replication/Dataguard/RMAN backup/OEM Grid control/Oracle RAC/Veritas Cluster Failover/IBM Synclone Snapshot to meet the user/business needs.

Configuration: Configure/implement Streams Replication/Dataguard/RMAN backup/OEM Grid control/Oracle RAC/Veritas Cluster Failover/IBM Synclone Snapshot, maintain and support for smooth operation.

Collaborations: Cooperate with middleware team on portal/web application configuration over database environment. Coordinate with software project teams on migrating and integrating enterprise-wide applications. Support infrastructure upgrade (Unix, storage, windows, LAN, security).

Reengineering: Modify existing database procedures to improve efficiency. Automate and improve monitoring processes by programming on shell scripts

Security: Implement database auditing, establish access control for different user groups, restrict access to critical data. Apply a security patch periodically. Frequently investigate and check security to prevent any security holes.

Operation: Ensure database environment running smoothly for daily business operation. Participate in 24x7 on-call rotation. Respond quickly to any production outages – resolve problems promptly.

DR excise: Participate in corporate DR excise (switchover the role of two corporate data centers) semi-annually. Prepare database guide doc to other teams. Take on-call shift and promptly respond to any requests during DR excise.

Enterprise Data Sharing: Bridge data sharing between Oracle and other database - DB2, Sybase, and SQL server by creating procedures for data extracting/manipulation. Link heterogeneous database together using automated processes (shell scripts/perl/C program) to communicate each other.

Performance Tuning: Proactively detect any potential performance bottle neck using automated tools to track performance data, generating reports for performance analysis. Resolve the performance issue ASAP.

Patching: Periodically apply new patches to keep up with Oracle’s new release. Immediately apply a bug fixing patch to avoid potential problems.

Backup: Establish optimal database backup for testing, developing, QA, stage, and production environment using RMAN incremental backup on level0/level1/level2 or data pump or hot backup or export or replication, dependent on cases. Ensuring to follow corporate backup standards.

Database Administration: Install and configure Oracle database. Linked heterogeneous database together to share information. Build procedures to extract data from DB2 or SQL server to Oracle database

Database Development: Develop complex query using joins/unions/views/cluster; tune it for the best performance using SQL trace and TKPROF. Reorganized tables with partition/index/hash structure.

Data Support: Collect statistical data periodically for performance analysis. Monitor top sessions and top events in database. Track any potential problematic areas and proactively prevent any issues.

Database architect: design database schema for new application development using SysArchitect; map logical database diagram to physical database; generate new procedures/package/triggers/view/sequence for application.

Web Application Development: work with other web developers to complete several web sites. Solely responsible for site All web sites are controlled by security login and used by internal AT&T employees for service support.

Web Master: administrate web hosting environment on MS IIS/Visual InterDev 6.0; administrate the Cold Fusion Web Hosting; install/configure Linux (Redhat 7) and SUN Solaris 7; maintain the MS Source Safe to control/backup all source codes from Visual Studio 6.

Development Environment: IIS with Oracle8i database, with ASP, Visual InterDev, Java/Javascript, VB/VB Script, ADO, Active-X, COM, and HTML/DHTML, PERL.

Web Database Development: Install and configure (SQL Server, version 6.5) on windows NT (both development and production environment). Create SQL Server databases. Generate schemas with data loaded from existing MS access, excel, and flat files. Setup the SQL server clients on different platforms. Develop web application using tools Active-X, ASP, COM/DCOM, Cold Fusion, VB, VC++, SQL Server, and Crystal Report.

Web project migration: Install and configure web applications on SQL Server database to MCI/WorldCom datacenter. Support live web projects in production with troubleshooting and maintenance.


School: Georgia State University

Degree: MS

Major: Computer Information System

Minor: Computer Science

Date of Graduation: 1997

School: Georgia State University

Degree: MS

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Biochemistry

Date of Graduation: 1995

School: Chengdu Institute of Science and Technology

Degree: BS

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Polymer science

Date of Graduation: 1987


Fully certified DBA for Oracle Database.

Security Clearances

DoD and IRS security clearance

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