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Ramp Agent Springdale

Springdale, AR
November 13, 2022

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Springdale High School

Springdale, AR


Springdale, AR 72764


• Machine operating

• Warehouse operating

• Team leader

• Shipping and Receiving

• Plastering

• Preduction line worker

• Customer Service

Calm and Professional Under


• Excellent Attention to Detail

• Understanding Customer Needs

Education And Training

Teams work,Teams leadership hard workers leadership and working with safe and professional

[Job Title] with demonstrated command of [Area of expertise]. [Type] expert with developed aptitude for [Skill]. Multilingual and fluent in [Language] and

[Language], offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity. Motivated Leader in Training offering strong retail background and excellent team management abilities. Maintains service-oriented culture focused on customer satisfaction and consistent sales. Handles store management functions expertly, including training employees, updating records and vendor relations payroll. Diligent [Job Title] with over [Number] years of experience maintaining seamless business operations. Smoothly administers budgets, trains staff and monitors procedures to maximize efficiency and balance objectives with operational requirements. Exceptional inventory management, loss prevention and vendor negotiation performance.

Veteran Program manager bringing [Number] years of business operations experience. Adept at leading projects from development to delivery. Effective people manager and big-picture thinker.

Accomplished Program Manager versed in budget administration, project management and team leadership. Decisive, persistent and responsive to changing business needed. Ready to leverage expertise and [Number] years of [Industry] experience to expand revenues.

Accomplished [Job Title] recognized for initiating positive environments where employees thrive and succeed. Multitasking professional with exceptional composure and poise. Expert in [Skill], [Skill] and [Skill]. Experienced and proactive [Job Title] offering [Number] years of progressive warehouse settings serving [Industry] needs. Talented in overseeing cost control, loss prevention and labor management initiatives to streamline and enhance operations. Decisive planner with good communication and problem-solving abilities.

[Job Title] with talent for [Task] and [Task]. Strong knowledge of [Area of expertise]. Communicative and team-oriented with proficiency in [Software]. Proven history of fostering [Action] to meet team, individual and management objectives. Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task]. Offering [Skill] and [Skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality. Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.

Regional Jet Center - Aircraft Fueler

Seth Aneo



Bentonville, AR

03/2022 - Current

American Airlines Airport - Ramp Agent

Bentonville, AR

05/2017 - 02/2022

• Prepared fuel samples to check overall fuel quality. Collaborated with other workers to repair or move machines, machine parts or equipment.

• Drove and operated fuel trucks, hydrant carts and stationary carts to fuel aircraft. Inventoried and requisitioned machine parts, equipment and other supplies to maintain and replenish stock.

Collected and disposed of hazardous waste substances in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines.

Cleaned machines and machine parts with solvents, cloths, air guns, hoses and vacuums.

• Monitored arrival, parking, refueling, loading and departure of aircrafts. Utilized [Software] to maintain records of received fuel, dispensed fuel and time of refueling.

Performed troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures to locate source of malfunctions.

• Completed standard inspections to assess wear and damage to vehicles.

• Executed corrosion control and inspection duties with minimal supervision. Inspected and verified dimensions and clearances of parts to verify conformance to factory specifications.

Utilized hand and power tools to detect and repair aircraft malfunctions and damages.

Utilized electronic testing equipment to troubleshoot fuel, ignition and emissions control systems.

Tested components and systems using infrared engine analyzers, compression gauges and computerized diagnostic devices.

• Reviewed work orders and discussed with supervisors.

• Repaired and serviced air conditioning, heating and electrical systems. Loading and uploading all luggage in 20min cleaning all aircraft and pushing the aircraft out and parking all the aircraft and work around the customer to check their luggage for the findnal destination

• Loaded and unloaded aircraft cargo, passenger baggage and freight.

• Operated conveyor belts, push-back tractors and aircraft tugs daily. Handled passenger luggage, mail and cargo in accordance with safety and privacy protocols.

• Connected electrical power units and service hoses to aircraft. Communicated via headset radio with ground crew, flight crew and tow person about ramp operations and flight requirements.

• Collected, sorted and checked baggage tags against flight lists. Positioned and pushed aircraft from remote airport locations to specified areas for operation.

• Protected customers' baggage from loss, theft and damage.

• Coordinated day-to-day schedules, tasks and positions for ground crew.

• Maintained on-time connections by guiding aircraft to and from gate positions.

• Operated equipment to support on-ground operations in between flights. LKQ - Warehouse Worker

Springdale, AR

04/2009 - 08/2016

Rocklin Company - Team Lead

Springdale, AR

05/2005 - 03/2007

Tyson Food Company - Mass Production, Associate


01/2000 - 04/2004

• Loaded and unloaded baggage and other cargo, transporting to and from aircraft. Fueled multiple models of commercial and private aircraft with Avgas and jet fuels for departure flights.

• Managed mechanical, cabin and cargo services for inbound and outbound flights.

• Oversaw and managed loading, unloading and security of aircraft cargo.

• Used scanners to track parcel information, condition or receipt. Directed items according to established routing schemes using computer- controlled keyboards and scanning equipment to assist mail-sorting processes.

• Protected items by wrapping in cling film, padded moving blankets and tape.

• Secured items in truck by strapping over protective padding. Placed bracing, straps and other protective devices onto items in transit to prevent damage.

Loaded cargo onto transportation devices and attached affixing tools to achieve safe transportation.

• Tagged and wrote identifying information on containers, boxes and cargo. Followed organizational procedures to stack and store cargo in transit sheds, ship holds and warehouses.

Reviewed work orders before starting work to determine necessary materials and meet deadlines.

Collaborated with other movers when loading large equipment to prevent potential accidents.

Checked cargo before transportation and determined if items adhered to proper regulation standards.

Cleaned empty storage areas to achieve proper sanitation regulations and make area fit for future use.

Placed bins, carts and containers in convenient locations to assist with loading efficiency.

Applied barcodes to cargo and used digital scanners to track and locate materials during transportation.

Warehouse do all the work like moving all the products to point A and point B also check all the products temperature to sell to the customer also make sure we loading and uploading the products from the all trucks coming and going out.

Machine operating the equipment to make all products up and running and replacing all damaged items and shipping and loading to the products place of warehouse

Forklift operator also move products to point A to point B and uploading and loading all the truck

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