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Automation Clerk Contract Specialist

Huntsville, AL
October 12, 2022

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Carla A. Petty

**** ****** **** ****

Huntsville, AL 35810-2606

256-***-**** CP



High School:

S.R. Butler High

High School, Diploma, General Education



Athens State College

B.A., Management of Technology


Calhoun Community College

A.A., Office Administration of Technology


Work Experience:

Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises (11/2021-5/2022) Technical Support Clerk II

MSFC, AL United States

Laid-Off Due to Budget Cuts

Technical Support Clerk II consist of receiving electronic documents and indexing them into the Documentum System. Responsible for operating the computer to input, format, and retrieve data, edit and store documents into the Documentum System. Also responsible for collecting and indexing Engineering Drawings and other documents submitted to the Marshall Repository by the Marshall customers; these orders are submitted to Documentation Repository Input and Output System (DRIO) and a document a work order number is assigned. The order is submitted and placed on a MSFC Form 433 (Request for Documentation). These documents are received, indexed, scanned. Ran queries on both the new and revised documents. These documents are processed and filed by their program, Space Station, Space Shuttle or R and D. Other responsibilities consist of assisting customers with their various request of information. In order to meet the needs of the customers, a query is performed to check document availability. Responsibilities include serving and supporting the customer whether it's internal or external NASA Centers. Ordering documents electronically or internal/external mailing system provides these services. Incumbent have been cross-trained; therefore, incumbent able to assist the office, which enabled me to provide services without delay and to aid in the areas that are limited. Ability to effective and efficiently communicate and correspond with customer.

Contract Changes same position

All Points (11/2016-10/2021)

MacAulay Brown 02/2008-10/2016

Trax International 04/2004 to 02/2008

SAITECH Corp 05/2003 to 03/2004

LESCO Inc 04/2001 to 04/2003

Cortez III 04/2000 to 04/2001

SCSC 02/1998 to 4/2000

Summer Hire, Office Automation Clerk USAAESA, PEO AIR & MIS DEF

06/1997 to 09/1997

Temporary Summer Hire


Office Automation Clerk, Responsibilities included preparing security clearances and passports for the Engineers in my department. Upon receiving visitors, duties included validating clearances and obtaining pertinent information needed to complete the visitor registration. The ability to communicate information regarding requirements and to collect information face-to-face, written correspondences, or via telephone or fax. Able to analyze and evaluate information obtained from the visitor to complete the required action necessary. Duties were to escort customers (civilian and military) to their proper destination and/or appropriate personnel. Also included maintaining a suspense reports to ensure that they were met in a timely manner and maintaining the travel database and preparing and processing travel orders. Other duties assigned included office administration, sorting mail, preparing labels, filing documents, making viewgraphs, and photocopies. Also maintained action item tracking log, assured communication between supervisor, team members and external visitors scheduled coordinated with each other. Knowledge and experience with software systems such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Form Engine, and Lotus cc: mail.

Summer Hire, Office Automation Clerk U. S. Army Missile Command

06/1995 to 09/1995

Temporary Summer Hire


Office Automation Clerk in the Employee Relations Office, Responsibilities included performing substantial clerical duties that supported Personnel Staffing, Customer Support and Classification activities for assigned area and various programs. I aided associates with the Federal Employees Compensations Act (FECA). Prepared correspondences required follow-up documentation to the physicians and hospitals of injured employees and forwarded medical bills to the U.S. Department of Labor. Completed CA-1, CA-2, and CA-16 forms in the event of an employee injury. Once these forms were processed through the proper channels, documents were forwarded to the U.S. Department of Labor. Once an employee was able to return to duty, completed a form CA-3 and notified the Department of Labor of the action. Also processed and filed employees Notification of Personnel Action when the employee received a promotion, an award or any other personnel action that needed to be processed. Performed daily office operations such as typing, filing, editing correspondence, scheduling appointments for the retirement coordinator, maintained management calendars and received and assisted visitors and telephone calls.

Student Trainee CO-OP/Procurement Clerk NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center

06/1987 to 03/1991

CO-OP Program


As a Procurement Clerk on the Co-op Program, incumbent support Contract Specialists involved in the negotiation in administration of contracts for a wide variety of programs, involving Research and Development, Advanced Studies, Space Sciences and Applications. Incumbent duties also consisted of collecting, compiling, maintaining, and tracking procurements actions. Ensure contractual documents conformed to establish guideline policies and procedures and contained the proper clause and provisions. Proofread solicitation packages checking for errors and conflicting information; and made recommendations, if needed. Assisted in all facets of the procurement process, review procurement packages for clarity and completeness, prepared documentation for solicitation, reviewed documents for responsiveness, cost/price analysis, prepared documents for negotiation, and assisted senior specialist with contracts on award to close-out. Preparation of award of all required acquisitions documents and processing actions through the appropriate review cycle, whereby executing packages and/or submitting to proper authority. Following the Federal, Agency, Center and Procurement Office Regulations and Policies completed these procedures. Checked each purchase order package making sure the contract quantities, items, or services, prices, company name, delivery schedule and destination terms agreed. If there were any discrepancies, notify the Contract Specialist and they would make the corrections. If there were minor discrepancies, such as a name being misspelled, make the necessary corrections. Assisted in the reviewing of subcontracting plans and researching for errors on procurement documentation. Reviewed documents for completeness, checking request number, accounting codes, items description, estimated cost and quantities, any discrepancies notify the Contract Specialist, and they would get with the vendor to make sure these items needed to be change or not. familiar with the Federal NASA and Center policies and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and NASA Far Supplements.

Technical Skills:

Typing, NASA SharePoint, Word Perfect 6.0, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Netscape, Documentum Management System, Repository Automated Optical Imaging System (RAOIS), Oracle, AccXes-Tools, Workstation, Data General (DG), Form Engine, Harvard Graphics, and Word-Perfect Executive, Crystal XL 42, Wide Format Scanner

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