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Product owner

Tampa, FL
October 06, 2022

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Ajinkya Nikhade Product Owner


Mobile: 609-***-****


Sr. Product Owner/Business Analyst with 9+ years of experience in IT industry with hands-on experience in Supply chain, E-commerce, Retail, Production and Operations management. Effectively handled System integration and Data migration projects based on both Agile, and Waterfall methodologies. Proficient in eliciting Requirements and authored Vision and Scope document, reviewed BRDs, FSDs, Use Cases, EPICs, User Stories, Test Scenarios & Cases. A liaison between business and technical stakeholders in planning, conducting, and directing the analysis of complex business processes. Experienced in enabling User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Defect Management.

Business Analysis Expertise

Excellent Analytical, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning, Communication, Leadership, and Interpersonal Skills with experience in interacting with individuals at all levels and ability to work as a team as well as independently

Expertise in examining AS-IS and TO-BE systems for GAP analysis with proficiency in Root cause analysis, Stakeholder analysis, Build/Buy, Market analysis, SWOT analysis, Risk Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Reports, handling change requests and conducting Impact analysis for managing the balance of the Triple Constraints (Scope, Time, Resources)

Ability to create Project Management deliverables like Project Plan, Concept Proposal, Statement of Work, Project Scope Statement, Proof of Concept, Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or compliance requirement

Having good understanding of the Business Process Management (BPM) as well as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Created and assisted in outlining project action plans to capture and define project roadmap, timelines, milestones, vision, risks, and objectives using PERT chart, Critical Path Analysis (CPA), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Experience in analysing and documenting Functional and non-functional requirements, GUI requirements, Data requirements by conducting JAD sessions, Structured and Semi-Structured interviews, Document Analysis, Interface Analysis, Brainstorming Sessions, Surveys, Focus Groups and Requirement Workshops and other elicitation technique with different types of Stakeholders

Mastery in writing User Stories and their Acceptance Criteria and assisted in defining Definition of Ready (DOR) and Definition of Done (DOD). Well experienced in breaking down epics into features and user stories satisfying the INVEST and SMART criteria

Assisted Product Owners in prioritizing the Product Backlog using various techniques like MoSCoW, KANO, 100-point Method, Walking Skeleton and Forced Ranking. Competent in performing horizontal and vertical slicing of user stories and estimating them with the team and Scrum Master using Agile Poker Planning, T-shirt Sizing, Bucket System and Relative Mass Valuation

Proficient in documenting the elicited requirements in Business Requirement Document (BRD), Functional Specification Document (FSD), Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) and System Requirement Specifications (SRS)

Familiarized with Use Case Design, analysis and scenarios, Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN), Workflow diagrams, Unified Modelling Language (UML) with expertise in creating Use Case diagram, Activity diagram and Sequence Diagrams

Actively used various modelling tools like MS Visio, Lucid Chart and Balsamiq. First-hand experience with interactive and collaboration tools like Confluence and SharePoint to improvise team’s communication, transparency, collaboration & teamwork

Working knowledge and experience of SCRUM and its Ceremonies like Backlog Grooming, Release Planning, Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective Meetings and SAFe Ceremonies like Program Increment (PI) Planning

Experienced in dealing and coordinating with on site, remote as well as offshore teams and syncing up the calendars with team

Assisted ART (Agile Release Train) and scrum teams in resolving dependencies and empowering the teams with the Pillars of Scrum such as Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation and achieving goal to deliver the PSPI after every Iteration

Experience in recording various Scrum Artifacts like Burnup and Burndown charts, Velocity charts and maintaining a healthy Product Backlog by facilitating Product Backlog clean-up sessions with the help of BA, Team, and Scrum Master

Engaged in handling Defects and Change Requests and effectively implemented changes, performing Risk Analysis and Impact Analysis on the Scope of the project to monitor and control Scope Creep while balancing Scope, Schedule, and Resources (Cost)

Identified and analysed Data-Source and Targets, performed Field Analysis, defined transformation rules and transformation logic, Active and Passive transformations like Source Qualifier, Filter, Router, Aggregator, Sorter, Lookup, Expression, Labeller, Joiner, Union, Hierarchy Parser using different software such as Informatica PowerCenter and AWS Glue amongst others

Created Mapplets, performed Data mapping and documented it in Data Mapping Document to setup the ETL pipeline for successful Data Migration and Data Integration. Devising the Sunset Strategy for the Legacy systems in Data Migration

Well acquainted in defining Conceptual and Logical Data Models and creating Entity-Relationship (ER) diagrams as well as successfully implemented the Dimensional Data Models by creating Schema models like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema

Seasoned in performing Data Profiling and Cleansing, creating Data Dictionary, and Data Mapping Specification documents

Familiarized with JIRA as an end-to-end Project Management and issue tracking tool along with using various addons like Tempo Timesheets for time tracking, Jenkins and GitHub for Continuous Integration, Cucumber tool for the automation testing

Well versed with Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) including ROLAP, MOLAP and HOLAP and experience in performing OLAP operations such as Roll-up, Drill-down, Slice, Dice and Pivot operation

Extensive knowledge of Relational Databases (RDBMS), Data Warehouse, Data Marts (DM), Operational Data Store (ODS)

Facilitated and assisted Testers in performing User Acceptance Testing, (UAT), Smoke and Sanity Testing, Regression Testing and assisted in creating and maintaining artifacts like Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Defect Logs in the Software Testing Life Cycle. Well versed with Testing methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), BDD and ATDD

Skilled in Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting with experience in creating Static Reports, Ad hoc reports, Interactive Reports, and dashboards using Tableau and creating powerful insights and stories from reports for the bold decision-making management

Strong understanding of critical supply chain management functions such as Warehouse management, Omnichannel, inventory forecast, Vendor Management, Transportation Management, Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management and Order Management. Well versed with supply chain related analytics related to measuring vendor performance and methods to better manage supply chain efficiency

SDLC Methodologies

Waterfall, Agile Scrum, Waterfall/Scrum/Kanban Hybrid, SAFe, Kanban, Scrumban, XP

Modelling Tools

Lucid Chart, Balsamiq, MS Visio, Wireframe Pro

Collaboration Tools

MS SharePoint, Confluence


SAP MM/SD, Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM, AWS step function

Requirement Management

JIRA, HP ALM, Confluence, MS Project, MS Office 365 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS Access) MS SharePoint, MS Outlook

ETL Tools

Informatica PowerCenter 8.x/9.x, AWS Glue

Testing Tools

HP QC/ALM, Selenium


MYSQL, Microsoft SQL

Data Warehousing

ER Modelling, Dimension Modelling, Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Data Profiling, Data Mapping, Data Mining, Data Validation, Star schema, Snowflake Schema

Reporting Tools

Tableau, Power BI, MS office suite

Analytical Tools

SPSS, Tableau, Google Analytics, PowerBI

Cloud Based Tools

AWS Cloud, Salesforce Marketing, and sales cloud

Tool Inventory

Professional Experience

Meijer, Grand Rapids, MI Jan 2021 – Till Date

Product Owner

Project 1 was to migrate an on-premises SAP HANA Data Warehouse to AWS Cloud to optimize the trade spend analysis management, also incorporate demand forecasting to get a hold of the expected promotional strategies, demand and sale of a product and improve the overall reporting efficiency of the system and increase the return on Investment (ROI)

Project 2 was to improve speed to market for new initiatives by right first-time artwork approach and to increase return on investment by tracking each plan and test the return metrics ahead of launch. The application is a cloud computing system built using AWS with a serverless multiservice architecture to tie in with their existing setup.

Interviewed Subject Matter Experts and end client performed extensive Document Analysis to develop a thorough understanding of the business processes and analyzed the warehouse, logistics, inventory, and overall supply chain to aid Business Process

Conducted focus group sessions consisting of Data Engineers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Data Architects to understand and identify the source system, target system, entities, relationship, Normalization status, datatype, and structure of the source data

Responsible for requirement gathering and design documentation review, identification of the Legacy system anomalies and identification of stakeholders and translated requirements them into product requirements

Created Process flow diagrams to understand the AS-IS process and collaborated with the team to design the TO-BE process based on the gathered requirements and identified & analyzed the gaps between the two models and drafted the gap analysis document

Conducted the Feasibility study, Cost Benefit Study, Risk Analysis, and Impact analysis and product road map based on this vision

Created Mock-ups for an overview of GUI requirement using Adobe XD and UML Diagrams such as Sequence, Activity, Use Case Diagrams and Business Process Model Notation diagram (BPMN) using the MS Visio software for the proper visualization

Participated in scrum ceremonies, extensively used JIRA for converting requirement into user stories, assisted Product Owner in writing acceptance criterion, Definition of Ready and framing Definition of Done for the potentially shippable product increment

Worked on Release Planning and created the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate the Business Hypothesis

Conducted feature teams efficiently estimated many user stories using T-Shirt sizing and the Planning Poker techniques

Created and Managed different team space using Confluence a collaboration tool and Liaising with the product team and end-users to deliver updates

Assisted in Data Modelling process by creating conceptual and logical Entity Relationship diagrams to help with development of accurate Data Warehouse Structure to ensure smooth transfer of the data from traditional on premises data to the AWS cloud platform

Involved in data assessment, data profiling, data cleansing and created data mapping document to capture source to target mappings

Queried the transactional databases to verify and ensure test case result meets the expectations and executed test scripts developed by Quality Assurance (QA) team to check if the main functionality of the system is working as per expectation

Configured test environment for the specific test cases, created the test data, assisted testing team in identifying test scenarios, executed automated and manual unit tests, documented the Test Analysis Report, and updated the defect-tracking system

Interacted with Development and Quality Assurance team (QA Team) to ensure overall quality, security & scalability of the software

Monitored and tracked different kinds of bugs, incidents and defects using tracking software’s like JIRA with Zephyr add-on

Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and actively participated and facilitated testing of the system via Smoke testing, Integration testing, Regression Testing, Application Programming interface Testing, performance testing, Load/Stress testing

Conducted API testing using POSTMAN thereby using RESTful APIs to check the request and response body by using GET, POST, PUT, DELETE operations on various endpoints and documented the APIs using SWAGGER documentation

Used QuickSight to create custom reports & dashboards containing information like Demographic trends, sales by region, Risk etc.

Environment: Scrum Framework, Jira (8.10), SAP Hana V 1511, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudWatch 3.3, AWS Glue v2.0, SNS, S3, AWS Athena V2 and QuickSight 3.3

L Brands, Columbus, OH Oct 2019 - Jan 2021

Product Owner

The scope of the project was to migrate the data of Zoho CRM to Salesforce cloud CRM using Apex Data loader to provide better choices and in-demand products to the customers in minimum possible time. Integrated the Salesforce cloud CRM with SAP ERP using MuleSoft to avoid dual data entries and data redundancies. Also connected the SAP with Tableau to analyse and predicted inventory demand based on an estimation algorithm to avoid overstocking at warehouse

Gathered requirements from sales director, marketing manager, inventory manager, SMEs’ and other stakeholders using different elicitation techniques like Document analysis, structured interviews, Focus group, Requirements Workshops, and JAD sessions

Performed a GAP Analysis to study the ‘As-IS’ system and ‘To-Be’ system and documented the results in a GAP Analysis Report

Created prototypes, confirmed visual changes with the help of mockups and wireframes using a Balsamiq tool and Wireframe-Pro

Worked on coordinating initiation, planning, scheduling, task assignment, change management and status reporting.

Grooming product backlog with team and BA by following the MoSCoW Technique and estimated the user stories by Poker Planning

Participated in Scrum ceremonies, extensively used JIRA software for converting the requirements to user stories and assisted the Business Analyst in writing the Acceptance criteria and framing the Definition of Done (DOD) of each user stories for the PSPI

Worked with SMEs to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPI)’s, and Service Level Agreements (SLA)’s. Created and maintained Confluence Team Space for KPI, project updates, preparing meeting notes, as well as for the sprint retrospective meetings

Created Use case diagram, activity diagram, sequence diagram and Business Process Modeling with the help of LucidChart tool

Assisted team in the data migration process from traditional Zoho CRM to new Salesforce cloud CRM using the Apex data loader

Assisted testers to evaluate the data integrity and accomplished the Salesforce customization as per the client’s requirement

Cooperated with SIT and UAT testers by documenting the transformation logics in the Data Mapping Document for validation

Worked on projects which helped crew to reduce number of clicks on POS and reduce the Turnaround time for the customer’s order

Assisted Data Management team for smooth functioning of the stores and acted as single point of contact for POS/Mobile App/Digital related issues with the markets. Assisted in data profiling, data cleansing, setting the data connection and data integration of Salesforce and SAP-ERP system to gather the required data using MuleSoft. Identified the objects which required bi-directional access, the objects which needed to sync to/from Zoho CPR and identified the outbound messaging interface

Assisted with data imports, data exports and data updates to Salesforce using the Data loader to gather data stored in CSV format

Make sure that the data being mapped was according to the field requirements and validation rules set in the Salesforce system

Developed, created, and customized the ad hoc reports and dashboards in the SFDC for service and for the marketing clouds

Validated the entire integration process on end to verify object name, object fields and whether the notifications were received in the desired format at the right time. Involved in identification and documentation of the Salesforce APIs like REST API, SOAP API, Bulk API, Analytical APIs, and prepared API Documentation using the Swagger with the development team

Assisted in testing to verify HTTP status code, response format, security, and authorization. Assisted test team in creation of Test Plans, Test Cases. Facilitating Marketing team design sessions & performing content entry in the SiteCore CMS app

Assisted in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as well as actively participated and facilitated the testing of the system during Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, Black Box Testing and Regression Testing with the help of Quality Assurance (QA) team

Drove efficiencies in inventory management by assisted supply chain planner in creating weekly inventory reports for circulation, analysed past performance to identify opportunities for improving inventory management and overcoming the replenishment issues. Also designed the Demand forecasting model, performed analysis, and prepared report for the management review

Familiarized with JIRA as an end-to-end Project Management and issue tracking tool along with using various add-ons like Tempo Timesheets for time tracking, Jenkins and GitHub tools for Continuous Integration, Cucumber software for automation testing

Conducted a performance review during the maintenance phase on the end-user environment and drafted an In-Process Review report to check the status of the systems and to receive client feedback

Overview the designed user manuals, training procedures and FAQs to assist clients in using the integrated system and generated static and dynamic reports using PowerBI.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, SAP ERP 6.0.8, Salesforce CRM, MuleSoft, JIRA 7.1.9, Confluence, Balsamiq, Qualtrics, Apex data loader, Bulk API, REST API, MS Office Suite 2016, SWAGGER, SOAP UI, and Tableau10.0

Wayfair, Boston, MA Aug 2017 – July 2019

Business Analyst

The scope of project was to focused on making changes in the existing e-commerce website by providing product demonstration videos along with product images. Another objective was to update a mobile app for Wayfair that lets shoppers virtually try on its Artistry line of products before buying. The app features products that users can test through augmented reality (AR), the technology that overlays a digital image on a real background by a smartphone camera, along with personalized product recommendations based on users individual preferences and concerns so that customers will have more confidence about purchase decisions and have better product satisfaction

Participated in the Product Vision meeting to understand the desired high-level features of the envisioned reporting system

Gathered end-user business requirements through one-on-one semi-structured Interviews with business leaders, Surveys with the employees, Focus Groups with Subject Matter Experts (SME), JADs with all required stakeholders and using other elicitation

Responsible for creating and reviewing business requirements, functional specifications, specification requirement document

Conducted workflow, business process diagram, and gap analyses to derive requirements for the existing systems enhancements

Accountable for identifying and review the business roles, business rules and business responsibilities and documenting them

Created conceptual model and logical models of the data warehouse and mapped entities with ER diagrams and documented them

Documented the all-source systems and target system. Also profiled the extracted data to fulfil with the target system architecture

Aided developers with the design of the migration plans and migration execution to not affect business actions and business processes

Mapped new system with the Informatica PowerCenter to ensure the data from the data warehouse smoothly operate as per the business logic and transformation logic while incorporating information ported from the current database to the target database system

Actively involved in the scrum meetings & ceremonies such as Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective

Documented all (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) ETL transformations and mappings performed while establishing a DW

Assisted Product Owner in Prioritization using 100-points method and guided Dev Team in providing estimates using T-shirt sizing

Developed the test plan, test conditions, and test cases to be used in testing based on business requirements, technical specifications, and product knowledge. Created Use Cases and wrote test cases required for conducting User Acceptance Testing

Created a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) using Excel and assisted in defining the Entry and Exit Criteria of phase

Used SQL scripts/queries extensively for data validation and verification at the backend as per the requirements of mapping document

Used visualization tool Tableau to create customized dashboards, showing reports that summarized and satisfied business need

Provided system health reports to stakeholders by creating Dashboards containing Burndown charts and Bug Reports in JIRA

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum, Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.x,android and IOS apps, MS-Office, MS PowerPoint, Tableau10.3, Oracle 11g

Myntra, Mumbai, India Feb 2016 – Aug 2017

Business System Analyst

The project involved enhancing the existing system to assimilate historic and new customer data, glean insights into customer spending patterns to offer tailored promotions to boost revenue and improve market share. The enhancements are done by incorporating a centralized data warehouse system through ETL Process. The team created several interactive dashboards and visualizations using Tableau, preparing reports to serve different end-user categories.

Assisted the PM in creating the Concept Proposal (CP) to bid for the Request for Proposal (RFP) about EA implementation.

Elicited requirements using JAD sessions, Surveys/Questionnaire, Interview sessions, Requirement Workshops, Focus Groups, and Interface Analysis. In addition, performed the As-IS and To-BE Analysis in order to execute the gap analysis document

Reviewed requirements, design documents and ensured that requirements fall within scope by ensuring triple constraints are met

Understood and performed the application business logic along with Business Requirements Document (BRD), System Requirement Specification (SRS) and functionality of application with Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) document

Created high, low fidelity Mock-Up Screens and Wireframes, evolutionary prototype for securing a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Supported ETL developers in creating process workflows and scheduled the batch processes based on the Data Mapping document

Determined appropriate Cleansing, Aggregations, Granularity, Facts and Dimensions for Extraction Transformation and Loading process and guided the development team on OLAP cube design and required Drill-Down, Roll-Up, Slice, Dice and Pivot functions.

Assisted in creating and reviewing the test plans, test cases, test script, test scenarios also requirement traceability matrix, for the application. Also, participated into another functional testing by facilitating and providing assistance to Quality Assurance teams

Collaborated with the Database teams and the DBAs while implementing the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for organization

Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT), walking throughs all functionalities for the developed e-commerce website purpose

Used Tableau and Power BI for data reporting, studying the trends, data patterns, data forecasting, and performing visualization

Environment: Waterfall, MS SQL, MS Office 365, JIRA, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Tableau 7.0.12, Balsamiq, Lucid Chart

Delex Cargo India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India Mar 2015 – Jan 2016

Business Analyst

The scope of the project was to add a feature batch tracking system to identify inventory with unique identification labels. Changes in inventory were reported through the ID and barcode scanning in real-time and were connected to various vendors and central warehouse inventory.

Implemented SDLC methodology which included Requirement Analysis, Specifications Analysis, Design, Develop and Testing

Performing an Elicitation techniques collecting requirements using JAD sessions, Surveys/Questionnaire, and Interview sessions

Performed Gap Analysis to estimate compatibility of existing system infrastructure comparing with the new business requirement.

Involved in drafting Project charter document, Project Scope Statement, Functional Specification Document (FSD), Business Requirement Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD), and System Requirement Specification (SRS)

Helped team to identify and create Data Models and Schema Models in order to validate the availability of the different inventories

Created Mock-Up Screens and Wireframes using Balsamiq tool for visualized the UI components in order to get client verification.

Analysed and tested an UI design also involved in constantly redesigning the system to increase its user friendliness for the client

Coordinated with the testers in the creation of Test Plan, Test case, User Acceptance Test and Requirements Traceability Matrix

Involved in analyzing the risk and impact of change requests in the Review and Authorize stage, documenting change requests also impact analysis, presenting the reports to the change approval committee updating all documents when a change was approved

Presented the developed features during a System Demo to the project and sub-division leadership members before deployment

Worked with the Operations Team for compilation of the Release Notes for end-users before Production deployment

Applied Tableau tool for data reporting, studying the trends, data patterns, and visualization. In addition to that assisted the team in creating various static, ad-hoc, Tabular, Dashboard, & Technical Reports

Environment: Waterfall, MS- Visio 365, MS-Access 64-bit, MS SQL 12.0, UAT, MS Project 365, Balsamiq, MS SQL 11.5

Inventy’s Research Company Pvt Ltd Aug 2014 – Feb 2015

Production Analyst

The Project scope was to Collect, audit and validate the data from daily production activities to interpret and analyse the trends or patterns and improvement opportunities on ongoing process and deliver the data driven recommendations and made the reports according to the needs of internal stakeholders initially on MS Excel & later Tableau.

Reviewed requirements also document to ensure that requirements fall within scope by validating triple constraints framework

Collaborate with personnel and management in translating business requirements into applied solutions across manufacturing platforms

Delivered the data driven recommendations performing analysis on Tableau and made the Production line efficiency Reports according to the needs of internal stakeholders which helps to improve production efficiency by 15% within a year

Evaluated processes, anticipated requirements, uncovered areas for improvement, find the bottles neck and developed and implemented solutions minimized the waste and reduce the cost of operation by 7%

Evaluated and ensured system functionality of existing processes and worked closely on the related projects. Verified the project had been managed the timelines and the deliverables. Also, made sure that all documents had been communicated to the teams

Develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics & other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency & quality

Complete monthly close activities related to manufacturing costs, Labor & Overhead absorption, WIP inventory, and Fright

Provide cost estimates utilizing the Total Cost Model, analysis of equipment capacity and analytics support for existing products

Maintained appropriate excel production records, batch manufacturing records on operations and activities as per the standards

Effectively communicating insights and plans to cross-functional team members and management

Environment: Kanban, MS SQL, MS Office 365, Informatica 8.6, Tableau v 7.0.19, excel, MS PowerPoint 365, MS SQL 10.5


Master of Business Administration, University of Tampa, Tampa, FL, US May-2021

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering, University of Nagpur, Nagpur, India Jul -2014

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