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Project, Programme and Portfolio Manager.

Lagos, Nigeria
September 19, 2022

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Ayotunde Fagbemi

Project, Programme and Portfolio Manager

Bariga LGA 100223

+234 903-***-****

Fagbemi Ayotunde Samuel is a prolific Project Manager with about 12 Years' experience in Project Management. I have worked in several industries such as; Engineering, Steel Milling, Manufacturing, Energy and Power Solution, Consultancy, Agriculture, Construction, Management and Business Administration. I possess a Master's degree in Project Management (PRINCE II and PMP). I am currently a member of the Project Management Institute(PMI), a Certified Lead Auditor for Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001: 2018) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001: 2015). In addition, I am a Certified Associate Member of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria. Furthermore, I major in Industrial development project management from Strategy development, Business document preparation, Feasibility studies, Architectural Designing Supervision, Lean Six Sigma Operations Methodology, MEP Designing & BEME development and finally, Project Implementation Strategies.

My previous work experience has provided innovative solutions, meeting the needs and satisfaction of Clients which are Global brands such as Global-com Telecommunication, Sheraton, GSK, Uver, Shoprite, Chevron, Conoil, Alcatel, KFC, and Others. My professional objective is to be a frontier of knowledge, experience, innovation and integrity - in Project/Programme/ Portfolio Management in the World. To provide top-notch implementation strategies and execution activities, meeting all deliverables with minimal to zero tolerance for error, defects and deviation. To provide the unwavering commitment to honest and prudent financial dealings through procurement activities, service provider engagement and product specification bargaining events. To develop excellent team

members and working diligently together to deliver the best possible outcomes while undertaking extra-ordinary commitments in the success of each project, task and activity. These will be achievable through inspirational, motivational, exemplary, servant and visionary leadership operations. To attain all-around excellence in career, business and personality by adding value to myself, environment and the people around me; through hard work, diligence, research, personal mastery of skills, competence and innovative approaches or techniques. Passionate for perfection, continuous improvement and solutions.

Personal Details

Currently Employed: Yes

Date of Birth: 1987-05-02

Highest Level of Education: Master's

Industry: Project Management

NYSC Status: Completed

Work Experience

Director of Projects

Passo Hub Limited - Lagos

January 2021 to Present

• Project, Program and Portfolio Management

• Business Re-engineering

• Engineering Services

• Providing services in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, Instrumentation, Process Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Piping (MEP) Designing.

• Budgeting (BOQ, BEME and BOM) Preparation, Procurement, Installation Supervision and Monitoring and controlling activities.

• Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Solutions

• Building and Construction Services

• Smart House/Office Space Designing and Installations

• Engineering Design Auditing as regards current international standards

• Installation of Hybrid & Ordinary Inverter systems for Power solutions

• QHSE Policy and Process Development

• QHSE Process Auditing

• Supply Chain Management and Facility Management

• Providing Trainings for Industries (QHSE, Facility Management, Inventory Management, Production, and Others)

Lead Project Manager

Patec Group - Lagos

April 2018 to September 2021

• Heading and Supervision of the entire project management department, ensuring its operations meet international standards and requirements.

• Research and analysis on new Agricultural Projects

• Developing Agricultural solutions to Clients and Government Bodies

• Inventory Management

• Supply chain and Logistics Management

• Lean Manufacturing Process Analysis

• Human Resources and Recruitment Management

• Engineering designing and Engineering designing auditing

• Engineering procurement, installation supervision, maintenance of machinery, monitoring and machinery performance evaluation.

• Operations and Machinery capacity designing and evaluation

• Process and system development (Flow charts for process and synchronization of inter-related operations processes)

• Implementation of Prince 2, PMP and Agile theories, methodology and practices for project execution.

• Collaborating with Business Analysts, Business Strategists, and Business Development Managers in implementing all newly innovative business plans approved by the Board of Directors/ Top management, in achieving seamless execution and operations.

• Using Strategic Project Management and Advanced Project Management theories/ templates (ISO 9001, EMS, Risk Assessment/ Management, Six Sigma, HSE, 5S, Ergonomics, Strategic Management, People Management and other management templates/ standards); for operations, analysis and site works.

• Providing training to new Project Managers joining the organization and coordinating knowledge transfer/ sharing activities.

• Preparation or collation of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports in respect of ongoing projects.

• Preparation of project initiation document, project plan, project budgets, project scope, project business case, contractors’ contract, WBS – Work breakdown structure, project or program schedule or timelines, Monitoring/ Evaluation process and risk register/ matrix /assessment document. Responsible for change management processes and other needful related processes.

• Using project tools like PERT, Critical Path Method, Gantt chart, and Timeline Dashboards to ensure ongoing projects are been monitored effectively.

• Responsible for all Projects across the subsidiaries (Quality Packaging Limited, Patec Foods Limited, Colorado Farm, Golden Foods Limited and Trevali) and affiliate company in EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction (Dula Nigeria Limited & Tubiroader Nigeria Limited)

• Carrying out 2nd Party Audit involving Supplier and Vendor assessment to ensure suppliers’ possess the capacity and capability to deliver contract deals.

• Currently managing a project of about 10 Million USD Budget Project – CBN Sponsored Project (Shao Aquaculture Integrated Farm – Patec Foods Limited, Proposed largest private aquaculture farm in Nigeria and Africa) at Ilorin, Kwara State.

• Prolific usage of software to execute project tasks and responsibilities such as Microsoft Project, Smart- Sheet, ASANA, Instagrantt, Primavera 6 and Others

Key achievements:

• Currently managing the entire project and operations of Shao Aquaculture Farm Project for Patec Foods Limited our subsidiary.

• Working with the Lead Consultant (Australian - Geoffery Orpins and Associate) in developing Project scope and business case, managing contracts and contractors’ portfolios, managing budgets in relation to scope,overseeing change management process, managing stakeholders’ expectations and finally improving timely delivery of the project. The Project is about 85% completed and partial commissioning was done in August 2020.

• Successfully prepared and managed the entire documentation requirement in securing funds for the Shao Aquaculture Farm project. The documents including all legislative and compliance documents, HSE policy, CSR document, Environmental and Social Management System documents, the Contingency plan for accidents and emergencies, Grievances Settlement Mechanism, Solid waste and effluent disposal mechanism, Method Statement, Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and Others.

• Successfully supervised and reviewed the entire Conceptual drawings, Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, M&E drawings and their respective budget preparation of all the facilities on the 10-Hectare land space for the Shao Aquaculture Farm. The main building is about 6,500 square meters which contains a processing plant, feed mill plant, fish oil and feed meal plant, hatchery, nursery, advance nursery, grow-out and set of cold room supply chain lines with administrative units. The other facility on the site includes a Research & Development centre, a workshop for the fabrication of fibre tanks, temporary staff residence, warehouse, Aquaculture Training Centre, recovery ponds, aquaponics/ hydroponics area, water treatment plants and water storage facility.

• Successfully supervised the construction program, procurement of steel structure and all machinery, local fabrications, supply chain, contractors’ engagement, management of project team, installation and implementation program, recruitment and training program for the Shao Aquaculture Farm/ Project.

• Successful engagement and management of all required professionals and interested parties to ensure smooth and excellent execution of the Shao Aquaculture Project.

• Improved production output of line crusher units and pelletizing section of the Quality Packaging Limited (Patec Group Subsidiary) by 300%. Thorough re-designing of production processes, procurement of supreme raw material which enhanced productivity and smooth running of products after establishing 2nd party audit processes or policy, fabrication and installation of water recycling mechanism to reduce 100% water wastage and improve water conservation to allow for zero down time due to water depletion.

• Procurement and Installation of new sets of automated machinery from cutting machinery, extruder - blower machinery and sealing machinery at the Quality Packaging Limited (Subsidiary of Patec Group). Aiding to meet sales target and improved production output capacity from 30 Tonnes per month to 90 Tonnes per Month.

• Resolved long term and persistent breakdown challenge amongst some sets of machinery installed initially before my arrival, within Quality Packaging Limited (Patec group subsidiary). All the 6 faulty pieces of machinery are working perfectly just within a duration of two (2) months after my resumption.

• Improved the process flow of operations of our food outlet (DPOINT) under our subsidiary Trevali. These have improved our customer satisfaction and timely services by about 40%.

• Excellent training of new Project managers and providing adequate technical support to the Group’s business strategy and development unit. Hence improving the operations and delivery of the entire group.

• I won the award of Best Supportive Staff and Most Hardworking Staff at Patec Group for the Year 2019Performances

Chief Executive Officer

Feylol Enterprises - Abuja

February 2016 to April 2018

• Project Management Services

• Developing event design layout and budget for Clients

• Engagement of service providers for events from sounds team, lightning, props fabricator, event managers catering services, photography and video media team and others

• Project event planning, directing and execution

• Training Instructor to youths during the Youth empowerment schemes for Event Management and Decorations

• Horticulture and Landscaping

• Project Management Consultancy services to Clients

• Interior and External design services

Key Achievements:

• Successfully expanded the business scope to reach more clients, continuous patronage from old clients and consequently increased the annual financial profit of the organization to about 55% against the year 2015

• Increased Staff strength and got improved delivery for operations and projects.

• 80% of Clients submitted Customer feedback and satisfactory form, about 76% of clients founds our services 90% and above satisfactory.

• Successful implementation and execution of the Nigerian Environmental Society’s (NES) Annual Conference 2016 at Abuja – Organized by the NES Abuja Chapter

• Successful implementation and execution of events project and programs at Yar’ adua Centre Abuja for several Clients, Cancer Awareness for NGOs, Water Cooperation and Others

• Successful implementation and execution of NES Dinner and awards night at Women Development Centre, Abuja

• Successful implementation and execution of Environmental Sustainability programs organized by Ministry of Environment, NESERA and NES on World Environment Day – 5th June 2017 at Maitama, Abuja

• Successful execution of landscaping and horticulture consultancy for Client (Western Garden) at Deidei, Abuja

• Successful execution of training for youth empowerment training at Nasarrawa, Abuja and Niger State organized by Religious bodies. Coverage area events project management, events decoration, and interior and exterior designing

Maintenance/ Production Engineer (Deputy Factory/ Operations Manager) Metcem Limited - Lagos

October 2012 to February 2016

• Heading and Supervision of the entire maintenance, production, warehouse, logistics and quality management business processes.

• Internal quality auditor ISO 9001:2008

• Senior member, the supervisory committee for QMS - ISO 9001:2008

• Training Instructor to new recruits on Safety, Quality Management system (ISO 9001:2008), GMP, 5s, Fire/ Fire Extinguishing, and good working ethics & etiquette.

• Supply chain management, Facility Management, Project management, warehouse (Inventory) and logistics management.

• Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports for production, maintenance, warehouse & logistics departments.

• Designing and monitoring new plants and accessories installation

• Data developer and analyst for the organization’s entire business processes K.P.I Key Achievements:

• Improved Production output by 200% by machinery upgrade, timely preventive/ corrective maintenance, and operations review.

• Resolved seven (7) years of warehouse and logistics challenges within three (3) months attaining 92% efficiency at the close of the third month. Initiative on raw material storage and flow during bottlenecks, avoiding expiration by FIFO and FEFO application.

• Successful supervision and achievement of capital projects which are; Automation of the plant, Installation of SCADA, Installation of Water Treatment plant, new material designing and implementation for storage kegs for products, machinery upgrading, construction of new buildings, facility management, and maintenance restructuring.

• The Management Representative and I were major players in getting our organization ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2013. We practically designed the entire business process flow chart, S.O.Ps, Work Instruction, Documents/ Records and Quality Manual intact; with expedient training.

• Single-handedly carried out prolific execution of business process audit for all the 13 business processes in the organization and develop strategies to improve the weak areas of all the business processes. The Managing Director gave this task. Hence, the result helped to strengthen the quality management system, retaining our ISO 9001 certification and became the best QMS process company amongst the Emmyson Group of companies.

• Excellent training instructor; which led to participants topping managers training on ISO 9001:2008 amongst other staff within the Emmyson group of companies. Implemented a hybrid package of LEAN MANUFACTURING, Ergonomics, 5s, ISO 9001:2008, G.M.P., HSE, KAIZEN and SIX SIGMA techniques/ methodology within the shop floor and entire factory operations

• Attained zero rejection of products from the quality control department during my watch. Reduced quantity of recycles and drastic waste reduction during my watch. Finally, reduced the yearly maintenance operational cost by 40% within three years.

• Effectively and efficiently deputized for the Factory Manager, General Manager - Operations and Management Representative; assuming 100% of their duties when absent without any loopholes or hitch(es)

• I won the award of the best ISO 9001 – Internal Auditor for Metcem Limited in Year 2013 Maintenance and Project Engineer

Aluminum Rolling Mills, Tower Aluminum Group - Ota, Ogun State December 2011 to July 2012

• Preparation of all required logistics requirements (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Fabrication, Instrumentation and Material science requirements) for installation of New Machinery.

• Preventive and corrective maintenance of machinery within cold mill such as hydraulic/pneumatic systems, pumps, gear break, Heat exchangers, rolling mills machinery, others and documentation

• Breakdown analysis and troubleshooting steps documentation

• Stocktaking of tools, equipment, spare parts and all required documentation

• Fitter and Project Engineer for Installation of new Machinery Key Achievements:

• Successful Installation of new machinery in the facility within the cold rolling mills.

• Improved and timely delivery of the monthly maintenance KPI reporting. Also, providing detailed documents on spare part stock and usage. Reduced maintenance operation cycle time and improved maintenance logistics.

• Improved department’s staff welfare. Efficiently distributed welfare materials across three (3) shifts maintenance Technicians and Engineers

Public Relations Officer

National Youth Service Commission - Ifo Local Government Area, Ogun State August 2011 to February 2012

• Responsible for all external affairs within community development events, issues and proper notification/ documentation to appropriate Authorities

• Conflict resolution

• Administrative executive responsible for over 400 corps members’ welfare, health, security, commitment at the primary place of assignment (PPA)

• Involved in general logistics of the daily running of all Community development groups, projects and operations.

Key Achievements:

• Spare-head a community development project, hosting all secondary schools within Agbado crossing, Aydian, Lambe, Oke-aro, Matogun, Somefun, and others – training on academic excellence, Road usage and safety, Puberty, HIV/AIDs awareness, Environment sustainability and career excellence.

• Efficient and effective supervision of Corp members’ commitment at PPA, Security, Welfare, and allocation within the Agbado _Ifo local government axis.

• Effectively managed the Community development meetings attaining 100% implementation of deliberations.

• We excellently grew the operations of the freshly carved out NYSC zone into an efficient standardised zone; receiving awards from both Government and Private companies. Positively engaging the youths, traditional leaders and residents within the vicinity Vice Principal

Soltabaj Royal College - Afromedia, Ojo, Lagos

November 2010 to July 2011

• Responsible for all academic activities within the School

• Supervision of all academic staff

• Supervision of all external and internal Examinations

• Designing academic calendar and academic performance rating/ operations improvement.

• Deputizing for the School’s Principal

• Responsible for the daily administration and operations of the school

• Academic Tutor & Instructor for Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Key Achievements:

• Reviving the entire school’s operations within a month after joining the school; considering the school was about to fold up before joining them.

• RE-BUILT parents, and students’ confidence.

• Re-designed academic calendar to boost the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains.

• Revitalized the laboratory and practical classes.

• The finalist candidates (students) attained and achieved 100% success in their SSCE results. Through intensive tutorials spare headed by me. No student failed or repeated its SSCE. I also introduced evening classes to tutor working-class students (Retaking SSCE) and JAMB students to prepare effectively.

• Improved social activities by winning some medals in some invited inter-house sports activities, reviving the school’s choreography team, Football team, Sprinting team, Jet club, literary & debate club and Boy’s scout.

Project and Site Engineer

Stag Engineering Nigeria Limited - Ajao Estate, Lagos June 2008 to February 2009

• Worked as a Contract Staff with PHCN for installation of Electrical Infrastructure (World Bank Project) from High tension cables, Transformers, Service cables, Feeder Pillars and soon. For the improvement of Power distribution in some local government area such as Surulere, Ogba, and Ikeja in Lagos State

• Servicing, preventive maintenance, overhauling and corrective maintenance on diesel generators to Globalcom Telecommunications, ETB, Conoil Petroleum, and Others.

• Installation of diesel generators for Telecommunication mast site and other sites. (Service providers to Globalcom Telecommunications, Alcatel and Others)

• Providing power solutions for Clients

Key Achievements:

• Improved project logistics of the PHCN – WORLD BANK PROJECT which in turn helped reduce field installation operation cycle timing; by helping the site supervision engineer calculate the needed material, duration of usage, mobile vehicle circulation for site materials at a different location, provision of call centres or support desk info with excellent recording.

• Also improved site technicians aid to technical support by creating a contract deal with a local supplier of metal works fabricator while the office managed supply chain, logistics and distribution. Advised technicians on faster techniques to complete field works.

• A major team player in achieving preventive maintenance and servicing of diesel generators at the customers' site for Globalcom Telecommunication, Equitorial Trust Bank, Conoil Petroleum and other private customers.

• Worked as a fitter for corrective maintenance field works. Providing prompt tools management, prompt spare part replacement and excellent finishing and reports documentation. Education

Certified Project Management Professional in Project Management (PMP) Project Management Institute

May 2021 to August 2021

Lead Auditor in QMS ISO 9001;2015, OHSMS IS0 45001:2018, and EMS ISO 14001:2015

CQI - Chartered Quality Institute, UK

March 2019 to March 2020

Master's in Project Management (PRINCE 2 and PMP)

Cupe International, UK and Project People Ltd, Nigeria - Lagos May 2012 to August 2012

Member, Strategic Manager in Strategic Management

Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria - Lagos September 2011 to June 2012

Undergraduate in B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

University of Lagos - Lagos

September 2005 to December 2010

Senior Secondary in Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Geography and English Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo - Lagos

September 1996 to July 2002


• Project management skills (PRINCE 2, PMP and Agile) (9 years)

• QMS - ISO 9001:2015, Lead Auditor Skills. (9 years)

• Excellent strategic planning and implementation skills, (10+ years)

• Microsoft Office Suit, Microsoft project, Microsoft Visio, AutoCAD, Tally, SAP (10+ years)

• ERP, Asana, Smart- sheet, instagantt, primavera, general computer operations, and others Brief description of my Personality

• EMS - ISO 14001:2015, Lead Auditor Skills (3 years)

• Data Analysis, Strategic Management, Risk Management and Business Re-engineering Skills (9 years)

• OHAS ISO 45001:2018, Lead Auditor Skills (2 years)

• Supply chain management, Inventory Management and Facility Management Skills (10+ years)

• Engineering / technical skills (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Civil, Structural, Piping, HVAC, Process and Energy) (10+ years)

• Basic Hand Tools Usage (Grinders, Drilling Tools, Screwing Tools, Jack Hammer and others) (10+ years)

• Data Development and Analysis Skills

• Excellent Presentation Skills and Computer Operations (10+ years)

• Project Management

• Budgeting

• Program Management

• Strategic Planning

• Project Planning

• Construction Management

• Project Implementation

• Project Coordination

• Microsoft Project

• Project Leadership

• Curriculum Development

• Change Management

• Business Development

• Program Development

• Process Improvement

• Project / Program Management

• Presentation Skills

• Logistics

• Business Continuity Planning

• Contract Management

• Quality Assurance

• Negotiation

• Forecasting


• English - Fluent


Certifications and Licenses

Project Management Professionals

August 2021 to August 2024

A certification and license to practice as a project manager in any industry. Course outline covers PMP and Agile.

Lead Auditor, Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2015 March 2020 to Present

Lead Auditor, Occupational Health and Safety Management System - ISO 45001:2018

November 2019 to Present

Lead Auditor, Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015 February 2019 to Present

Good Manufacturing Practices

October 2015 to Present

Internal Auditor, Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008 Present

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