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Sr. iOS Developer with more than 10 Years of Experience

Hiram, GA
$107 per hour on C2C
January 31, 2023

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Summary of Qualifications

Published * iOS apps on Apple Store over 10 consecutive years dedicated to the iOS space.

Experience gathering information, understanding requirements, designing, and developing mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and various devices.

Knowledgeable about the latest XCode / iOS versions, and beta builds, as wells as trends in mobile.

Provide value add to iOS Dev Teams applying Agile/SCRUM or Kanban practices/processes.

Use best practices for source code management, Git, modern branching concepts, etc.

Skilled in Swift, objective c, Xcode, XC test,Nimble, MVVM,MVP,MVC,Firebase,Objective-C, Swift, Java, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch with rich understanding of frameworks, memory management, multi-threading, best practices, and development tools.

Hands-on with Reactive programming using RxSwift, RxCocoa, etc.

Adept consuming webservices (REST, XML, JSON, SOAP based. Native experience with NSURLConnection, NSURLSession. 3rd-party experience with RestKit, AlamoFire, AFNetworking, NSJSONSerialization, NSXMLSerialization, Reachability).

UI/UX following Apple’s skeuomorphic minimalistic design and HIG.

UI implementation using CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, UIDynamics, UIViewAnimateWithDuration, XIBS, NIBS, and Storyboards.

Experience in XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, GitHub, Confluence, JIRA, MS Office Professional, SourceTree, Versions, TestFlight, Localytics, and Crashlytics.

Store data persistently (Core Data, SQLite, NSCoding (archiving/unarchiving), and PLists.

Good with application architecture (MVVM, MVP, MVC) and general design patterns (Delegation/Protocols, Observer, Singleton, Block, etc.).

Knowledge of professional software engineering practices and best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations.

Work with QA leads, graphic design leads, project managers to effectively develop applications.

Clear knowledge on storyboard, user defaults, Map-Kit, Core Data, Multithreading, UI alert, Delegates/ Protocol and categories.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

Languages: Swift, Objective C

IDEs: Xcode

Databases: SQLite, Core Data, MongoDB, Realm

Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, Carthage, Swift Packages, Core Location, Foundational, UIKit, Core Graphics, MapKit, XCTest, Google API, Facebook API, Event Kit, Watch Kit, Fabric/Crashlytics, SSZipArchive, CryptoKit, Urban Airship, Fabric, RxCocoa, RxSwift, Firebase, AFNetworking, AVFoundation, SwiftUI

Web Services: RESTful, JSON, XM, Reachability, MySQL, PHP

Libraries: SceneKit, ARKit, MapKit, SwiftUI, Combine

Version Control: GIT, GitHub, SVN, SourceTree, Tower, BitBucket,

Methodologies: Agile, VIPER, MVVM, TDD, SCRUM, Categories, Continuous Integration, Delegation, Singleton, KVC, Notification, PUSH Notifications, Localization, TestFlight

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Operating Systems: iOS6-iOS13, OS X, Linux, Windows.

Data Persistence: Keychain, User Defaults, Core Data, SQLite, Realm

Front-End Development: Sketch, Storyboards, Interface Builder, Xibs, Views

Testing and Troubleshooting: Instruments, Allocations, Leaks, LLDB

Databases: Server SQL, Oracle

Professional Experience

Washington Post, Washington, DC – 01/2022 – Current

Senior iOS Software Developer

Get award-winning global reporting from The Washington Post. The app is free to download and keeps you informed with expert coverage from Post journalists.

Created an SDK for a News App that other News companies can use.

Created a white label app that showcased the functionality of the News App and everything that it can do.

Used XCode IDE to develop the app in Swift with MVVM architecture.

Followed MVVM design patterns for modular and testable code structure.

Programmed UI features/functions with SwiftUI.

Led improvements around to GIT source control process with GitHub by enforcing required peer reviews before merging.

Integrated Combine framework into the app development process.

Utilized Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline and deployment to TestFlight for application deployment.

Utilized Figma design application to create test cases for new features before features were actually built.

Used Charles and Postman to debug network calls.

Tracked and assigned tasks using JIRA.

Jack in the Box, San Diego, CA – 09/2019 – 01/2022

Senior iOS Developer

The Jack in the Box Mobile App provides a contactless ordering and payment experience. It’s just like having a Jack in the Box in your pocket, only it doesn’t weigh 350 tons and have people that work inside it.

Worked on a cross/collaborative team applying an Agile project methodology.

Contributed to Scrum development, attending daily Scrums and Sprint planning meetings.

Worked on cross-project tasks with tasks in multiple projects in the same Sprint.

Utilized MVVM architecture with a Coordinator pattern.

Built new features with SwiftUI and Swift5 using XCode and Realm.

Migrated legacy Objective-C code to Swift code.

Used Cocoapods for third-party dependencies such as SwiftLint.

Handled UI using both Storyboard and programmatically.

Implemented SwiftLint to the project target.

Used Codable protocol for parsing JSON.

Utilized JIRA to track work and GitHub and SourceTree to manage codebase, commits, and branches.

Built ‘First Time Use’ screens with a UIPageViewController and implementing based on the designs provided.

Troubleshot and fixing bugs.

Used Appium software for unit and integration test debugging.

Implemented custom Map functionality and features by leveraging delegate callbacks available in MapKit.

Applied Fastlane to automate select tasks.

Used JIRA for assigning and tracking tasks.

Used Firebase to analyze the application.

Implemented localization of text.

Implemented data persistence classes using CoreData and Plist.

Used AutoLayout constraints with size classes in conjunction with Storyboard on Interface Builder to handle device size and screen orientation.

Wakefern Food Corp., Keasbey, New Jersey, NJ – 04/2017 – 09/2019

Senior iOS App Developer

The ShopRite Deli and More app is now Order Express! Order Express is your new digital home for ordering deli meats and cheeses, meals-to-go, special occasion cakes, catering and more from ShopRite.

Worked in a largely Swift codebase incorporating legacy Objective-C through the use of bridging headers.

Worked in Xcode with Swift 3 and Swift 4 and made many changes programmatically, including reviewing code base and optimizing code.

Used Storyboards and AutoLayout constraints and coded UI programmatically in Xcode to conform to UI diagrams provided by the design team.

Used Cocoa Touch for abstraction layer providing responsiveness to user actions.

Utilized Core Data to persist and retrieve service ticket information.

Worked on the back-end integration to manage asynchronous connection efficiently and run background multithreaded operations using RxSwift and RxCocoa.

Added custom UI elements to make it easier to service providers to access customer info, location.

Resolved various bugs using NSLog statements, Breakpoints, LLDB statements, and Instruments.

Worked with MapKit, Core Location, and MKAnnotations for service call map and location information.

Made adjustments to improve the map view and navigation functions.

Designed custom MKAnnotations.

Invoked RESTful web services using AFNetworking in Objective-C and Alamofire in Swift.

Sent notifications to the customer on service provider estimated tracking using Apple Push Notification service (APNS).

Designed Core Data model.

Managed quality with peer code reviews, test-driven development, and used Jenkins for continuous integration to manage commits to private Git server and managed with SourceTree.

Designed custom user interface classes using XIB and IBDesignable.

Animal Supply Company, Irving, TX – 03/2015 – 04/2017

iOS Mobile App Engineer

Use the app the search, scan, and order products. Get important product information and add products to your cart or list. Find products fast by brand and category or by keyword search or barcode scan to quickly find what you need. Search by keyword, item number, UPC, or brand and see accurate results. Search by scanning barcodes. View at-glane with your personalized dashboard – instantly see order status, cart and lists to keep you organized.

Gathered requirements from the engineering team and analyzed the feasibility with the existing system design.

Followed Apple UI guidelines throughout the iOS mobile app project.

Worked the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) in alignment with an Agile project methodology practicing Scrum processes.

Implemented new menu design and functionality for an improved user experience.

Designed and implemented native iOS solutions that utilized REST web services for integration with back-end processes.

Developed dynamic configuration to switch between web service calls.

Collaborated with the UI/UX team to revamp the UI of the native applications through the use of StoryBoards, XIBs, and XML Layout Files.

Integrated Firebase systems for a smoother and more optimized cloud-based messaging system.

Promoted the use and integrated Firebase Crashlytics into the applications to better monitor and track crash reports for a smoother and faster bug fixing turn around.

Utilized JIRA for bug reporting, ticket creation, and ticket assignment.

Handled continuous integration and module testing with Jenkins.

Retrieved data from API via networking class that implemented URLSession and DataTask objects with parsing handled through JSONSerialization.

Conducted iOS Code Reviews on GitHub.

Integrated the Google Analytics SDK to the iOS Mobile Apps for tracking in app data and user movement.

Nationwide Insurance, Cleveland, OH – 01/2014 – 03/2015

IOS App Developer

Use the Nationwide Insurance app to choose a repair shop, drive-in, rental car or other service when filing a personal auto insurance claim, and then track your claim.

Participated in various cross-functional teams, such as converting iOS app to ARC, and migrating off deprecated methods.

Developed app for compatibility with iPhone/iPad/iPod. Handled different iOS devices, screen sizes, and orientation changes using Auto layout and Storyboards.

Enhanced user ratings and reviews using third-party tools to allow and encourage more valuable info from users.

Assisted approval of all updates to the iOS Apple App Store.

Performed QA, unit testing with XCTest and internal testing using TestFlight.

SVN repository was used for version control and Terminal was used to connect and commit to repository.

Imported and integrated 3rd-party libraries through CocoaPods tool.

Developed complete client iPad login and signup module that includes UI design and backend communication with Web Services

Fixed bug issues of the application in order to enhance speed and performance.

Tested all versions of the app using TestFlight and submitted fixed/updated versions to the App Store.

Fixed defects as needed during the QA phase, support QA testing, troubleshoot defects and identify the source of defects.

Created test cases for the QA testers, and worked with the testers to ensure effective testing, and implement fixes and follow-ups.

Performed Error Analysis and Trace Checks to handle errors and bugs.

Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA – 10/2012 – 12/2013

IOS Developer

The Fidelity app is a trading app. It provides users with mobile access to their accounts, and they can do more than just view. Users can watch and track stocks, place bids, buy sell and have full control over their trading.

Worked on RESTful web services technologies to support the iOS mobile app.

Used Git extensively as the versioning tool for the iOS mobile apps development team.

Worked in Agile environment with active scrum participation, and assisted in documenting progress on backlog, bug fixes, and tasks.

Utilized MVC design pattern for modular and scalable development in iOS mobile apps.

Integrated third-party libraries to iOS projects, using Cocoa Pods.

Responsible for managing the backlog in JIRA.

Created views and linked outlets using Storyboard, based on wireframes.

Developed code for different views for portrait and landscape orientation.

Developed 3 different visualization approaches tied to the work order date segregated by timeframes.

Tested fixes using XCTest to ensure success.


Bachelor of Science - Computer Science - Tennessee State University

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