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Flight Attendant Safety Officer

Lompoc, CA
September 06, 2022

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Danelle L Lucado

*** ***** * ******

Lompoc, CA *3436 US

Mobile: 805-***-****



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Transportation Security Administration

500 James Fowler Road

Goleta, CA 93117 United States

06/2015 - Present

Hours per week: 40

Supervisory Officer

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

I am responsible for discovering and stopping transportation security threats by using state of the art technology. Perform all duties at checkpoint stations: walk through metal detector, bag check and x-ray. Verify that all machines are in working order and up to TSA regulations by conducting daily operational tests and calibrations.

Administrative Duties:

Compile data on flight passengers, officers on duty and equipment issues for network entry. Gather hourly passengers throughput for network entry. Complete Payroll documents for officers that are not yet on the Kronos net work. Complete end of shift payroll entries, passenger throughput and authenticate closing documents.

Hazmat certification, environmental management coordinator in charge of Hazmat disposal pick up, collateral duty officer in charge of work related injury entries and follow up, safety action team member, OSHA certified.


I have served as Acting Manager on several occasions based on my leadership and superb work ethics. I have the ability to recognize and understand customer service needs of the traveling public and balance these needs with safety and security in mind. I provide and balance the interests of various people and adjust when necessary to respond to pressing and changing demands. Oversee the screening checkpoint / checked baggage stations on a daily basis, resolve X-Ray and ETD alarms. As a supervisor I schedule adequate number of TSO's to provide screening of all persons, baggage, and cargo. Work closely with Officer’s, managers, airport administration staff, and law enforcement personnel on airport property to ensure all TSA Policies, Procedures and Management Directives are enforced. Direct work of employees, assigns tasks, and monitor and evaluate performance via PASS competency ratings. Enforce TSA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent, effectively spot security breaches, and to mitigate any threats to the traveling public. Participate in sensitive security information briefings pertaining to classified information. Maintain communication with management regarding issues that might reveal any security weaknesses. Assist management and TSI’s with inquiries for information or investigations. Make certain that both Checkpoint and Checked Baggage PMIS documents are properly accounted for and submitted into PMIS database at the conclusion of daily operation. Enforce TSA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent, effectively spot security breaches, and to mitigate any threats to the traveling public. Participate in sensitive security information briefings pertaining to classified information. Maintain communication with management regarding issues that might reveal any security weaknesses. Assist management and TSI’s with inquiries for information or investigations.


As an OJT mentor/coach, I implemented coaching to identify needs and strengths, and make suggestions for improvement in a manner to build confidence and self-esteem. I guide and coach new TSO's to mitigate threats by utilizing tactical communication principles. I give support through one-on-one or in a group setting to build trust and confidence while ensuring compliance with the SOP. Responsible for dealing with a multitude of issues / conflicts that exist in the workforce. In dealing with these challenges, I validate each of the individuals concerns, ask pertinent questions, listen to the individuals, uncover any underlying reasons for the issue, explore options of each party, and ultimately assist in finding solutions that are conducive to parties involved. Before a resolution can be made, I make sure to check with all related Management Directives or Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the best route was taken that will benefit not only the individuals, but the entire workforce.

Conduct collaborative discussions with the TSO workforce and Management staff to enhance our efforts to improve the workplace environment. By having those discussions, I create a practice that I take back to the workplace. That practice may involve positive team building activities or it may involve bridging the communication between workforce and FSD Staff.


Communicate effectively with passengers. Treat passengers and my security team with dignity and respect and respond appropriately to the needs and feelings of different people and situations at all levels of the organization. Build relationships with internal and external stakeholders that will foster mutually beneficial outcomes while supporting TSA's missions and goals. Inform passengers of screening regulations concerning screening requirements. Maintain a positive response to continuous changes to the SOP. Exceptional oral communication and listening skills have always been an integral part of my daily duties as a Transportation Security Officer (TSO). As a supervisor, I am required to speak clearly and effectively to ensure that my fellow Officer’s, internal / external Stakeholders, and the travelling public receive all relevant information that I am conveying. At the beginning of my shift, I conduct a local and National shift brief to the workforce. I must make sure that all new procedural changes and up to the minute information gets disseminated and understood by the entire workforce each and every day. TSA’s Mission relies on the Officer’s working as one unified team in a concerted effort to thwart any threats to general aviation, which requires the need to understand and clearly interpret all of the latest screening revisions in the necessary procedures. This can only be accomplished if the information being given is presented in a manner which is effective and convincing to the Officer’s. Written communication is becoming increasingly vital as technology continues to progress. In my experience as a TSO and a Supervisor, electronic mail (email), is becoming one of the most central forms of communication. Currently, I send and receive over 30 agency related emails per day. It is imperative for me to respond to any email in a clear and concise manner, utilizing tact and courtesy, and all relevant information included in the email document.


Maintaining focus and awareness while working in a stressful environment which includes noise from alarms, machinery and people, crowd distractions, time pressures and disruptive and angry passengers, in order to preserve the professional ability to identify and locate potentially life threatening or mass destruction devices and to make effective decisions in both crisis and routine situations. Assess my surroundings and utilize professional judgement to process information and make complex decisions as well as analyzing and evaluating information to mitigate threats. Analyze information to interpret TSA’s often changing rules and regulations, and apply as necessary to Airport Operations and the functionality of the screening process


Received "Exceed Expectations" on multiple competencies

Described by Managers as a natural team leader

Received numerous compliments from Managers and agency directors for my outstanding performance

Received "Officer of the Quarter" BUR Hub and Spoke System, First Quarter, 2016

Acting Supervisor within 4 months of hire date


Trained and Certified to operate the Explosive Trace Detection System

Trained and Certified to operate Hand-Held Metal Detection

Trained and Certified to operate Walk-through Metal Detector

Trained and Certified to perform Standard Pat-Downs and Resolution Pat-Downs

Trained and Certified to operate BLS and LCS screening equipment

Trained to assign duty assignments in rotation

Knowledge in Microsoft applications including office, excel, word and calendar


Member of ETD Maintenance Team - Trained to perform maintenance on the QS-B220

Member of Safety Action Team - Serve as Safety Action Team member POC for SBA, SBP, and SMX airports within BUR hub area of responsibility. Ensuring spoke Safety programs are in compliance within federal and state regulations and statutes. Ensure programs are understood by workforce. Prepare and plan routine program audits to ensure conformity amongst hub/spoke configuration.

Lost and Found Assistant - Properly log and maintain positive control of lost and found items in check-point Assist in quarterly audits and proper transfer of lost and found items

OJT Coach - Responsible for conducting on the job training in a live environment. Mentoring new officers on procedures and management directives. Ability to adapt to personality challenges and finding ways of teaching that best suits their learning style.

Supply Coordination Officer – Ensure SBA is properly equipped with required supplies for overall screening effectiveness.

Collateral Duty Safety Officer - Responsible for managing injury claims, gathering witness statements and follow up with the claimant regarding doctor visits, work status and length of absence.

Environment Manager Coordinator - Responsible for maintaining and verifying the airport is following all OSHA policies and guidelines. Maintaining state and federal documentation requirements. Training Lead and fellow Supervisory officers in proper Hazmat handling procedures.

OSHA Certified Specialist

Hazmat Certified Specialist

Hazmat BioHazard Cleanup Specialist

Supervisor: Transportation Security Manager Michael Karl

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Envoy Air

DFW Airport

Irving, TX 75019 United States

06/2013 - 02/2015

Salary: 18.63 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 50

Flight Attendant

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Top-performing flight attendant with solid track record of providing exceptional services to passengers, all the way through their destinations. Committed to the total safety and comfort of passengers. A friendly and fun individual who works well with other cabin crew members in a spirited-team-environment. Ensured operating procedures and Federal security and safety requirements were met during all phases of flight. Kept all security and safety procedures current with bulletins and annual training. Managed all mechanical and medical emergency situations that occurred during flight and maintained control over the cabin environment. Demonstrated professional appearance and resolved on board complaints or issues of crew members and referred any formal grievance to the appropriate management office. Worked with a diverse crew that could change with each flight and established positive working relationships while still maintaining a professional presence.

Well-versed in carrying out pre and post flight checks, competent at providing leadership by responding to a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations, demonstrated ability to respond to medical emergencies and administer First Aid and CPR, and known to maintain order when dealing with angry passengers.


• Pre / Post Flight Checks

• Presentation

• Equipment Handling

• Meal Service

• Food Preparation

• Grievance Addressing

• Inventory Management

• Customer Services

• Emergency Response

• Cabin Security

• Special Needs Assistance

• Safety Equipment

Supervisor: Brandi Araujo 888-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes


8200 El Camino Real

Atascadero, CA 93422 United States

04/2007 - 12/2012

Salary: 15.96 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 45

Starbucks Manager

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Managed 7 to 10 employees. Established consistency with inventory controls and consistent accountability for poor customer service and improved the leadership team through recruitment and training which all had positive effects on improved customer service. Analyze and interpret data. Prepared, examined, and analyzed accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports for completeness, to assess accuracy and conformance to procedural and reporting standards. Coached and trained employees to better understand their responsibilities of Starbucks and standards. Implemented new practices for identifying and recruiting potential candidates. Conducted interviews, extended job offers, ran background checks and administered drug tests. Responsible for onboarding new employees and all subsequent performance reviews. Responsible for generating financial growth through best practice methodology. Increased profitability by 80% over the course of the first year under my direct management.


Led daily operations including but not limited to preparing deposits, directing staff according to customer flow and coffee protocols, creating an excellent customer environment, and daily preparation and serving of coffee and food products.

Analyzed inventories and acquisitioned items weekly to ensure appropriate stock levels. Provided training through computer/visual presentations to staff members on new policies and procedures as well as assist with new employee orientation. Attended Management Meetings to discuss various concerning staff members and store consumers. Started as a cashier and received several promotions as a result of effective leadership skills and excellent work ethic. Prepared sales forecasting, profit/loss analysis, sales goals increase strategies, inventory control

Supervisor: Marty Compston 805-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Central Coast Auto

5000 San Palo Way

Atascadero, CA 93422

11/1994 - 4/2007

Executive Assistant to CEO

Office Manager

Accounts Receivable

Duties, accomplishments and related skills:

Responsible for filtering and prioritizing client visits or phone calls, and communicating on behalf of the executive they support. Providing administrative assistance, such as writing and editing e-mails, drafting memos, and preparing communications on the executive’s behalf. Maintaining comprehensive and accurate records. Performing accounting duties maintaining a $2 million portfolio. Organizing meetings, including scheduling, sending reminders, and organizing catering when necessary. Answering phone calls in a polite and professional manner and screening such calls that can be handled at an assistant level. Welcoming visitors and identifying the purpose of their visit before directing them to the appropriate department. Managing the executive’s calendar, including making appointments and prioritizing the most sensitive matters. Dealership manager in his absence.


Accounting and word processing software expert. Able to tailor my extensive accounting software knowledge to learn new programs and software quickly. Adapt to change quickly and implement these changes immediately. Expert customer care specialist. Unsurpassed multitasking skills in a busy, ever changing environment. Excellent interpersonal skills having the ability to form professional bonds easily and quickly with clients, stakeholders and customers. Have exceptional ability to foresee multiple outcomes of a situation and take the initiative to prevent problems from occurring. Underpassed situational awareness. Ability to take initiative to make decisions on a moment's notice. I am a loyal, honest professional with a proven ability to maintain confidentiality in every aspect of my profession.

Former President: Francine Gramespacher Riggio


International Air & Hospitality Academy Vancouver, WA United States

Some College Coursework Completed 03/2014

GPA: 4.0 of a maximum 4.0

Major: Airline specialist Minor: Hospitality

Currently enrolled at SNHU to complete my Bachelors Degree

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