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System Administrator Active Directory

Fort Worth, TX
October 31, 2022

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NAOMI OGUNGBEMI +1-254-***-****


Energetic, resourceful and reliable multi- platform system administrator with solid background in UNIX, Linux and Windows systems with over 5 years experience working with physical system and instances in the AWS infrastructure. Effective time manager recognized for prompt attention to details along with ability to execute simultaneous tasks and prioritize initiatives in response to emerging requirements. Proven leader equipped with advanced, analytical, problem solving, decision-making and interpersonal communication skills. CORE COMPETENCIES

Platforms/OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7/8, Centos 6/7/8, Solaris10/11 Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019, Windows 10/11, Oracle Virtual Box, VMware EXSI Software: Active Directory, Microsoft Office, Winscp, SCP, GPO, Putty, Team Viewer, Microsoft Team


Trinitech Consulting INC

Unix, Linux and Windows Systems Administrator 2017 – present UNIX/LINUX

Builds, Install, configure virtual and physical servers, test, deploy Solaris 10/11 RHEL 6/7/8, CentOS 6.4/ 7/8 servers to the network: OS installation and configuration –

Creating, modifying, and deleting users, groups and roles on all the operating systems

Regulating access to resources with Access Control List (ACL) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC )and Super User Doer (SUDO)

Participating in root-cause analysis of recurring issues, system backup and security setup by providing24X7 supports in Production Testing and Development environments.

Virtualization (Oracle Virtual Box and VMware Esxi ) to create virtual systems for testing and production

Setup, configure and run troubleshoot on TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS; NFS, CIFS, and samba servers in a LAN

Wrote an interactive Bash shell scripts to prevent multiple login sessions our Linux/Unix System and to deploy and configure a Samba server on Solaris 10 platform

Systems hardening, through patching, and upgrades and securing the ports on various servers using various tools like YUM, RPM, Pkgadd, Pkgutil

Storage provisioning, and management on Solaris using Zetabyte File System(ZFS), Linux servers using Logical Volume Manager (LVM),and RAID

Full and incremental backup of data using proprietary Linux/Unix back up tools (Tar, CPIO and Rsync)

Responsible for data management using Solaris and CentOS utilities for archiving, compression, backup and restore of data

Migrating and transfer of files using Secure Copy(SCP)and WinSCP

Install and Configure Ansible Servers on RHEL7/CENTOS7 for automation and configuration management as part of Trinitech DevOPS implementation

Setup a SAMBA server in AWS EC2 instance and configure Serves on the premise to join the share to form an hybrid environment

Using SPLUNK to monitor and manage log activities of the servers

Build and configure verity of applications like Apache http, Apache tomcat, TOP, LAMP servers on centos/RHEL system and UNIX systems and in AWS instances WINDOWS

Build, install and configure windows system in physical and virtual environments using oracle virtual box and VMware Exsi for testing and production settings.

Install and uninstall applications, run upgrades, and maintain windows systems

Configure Active Directory on windows servers, connect systems to the domain and maintain the domain by adding user account, connecting other systems, managing access and resources and configure servers

Configure NOS systems for RDP, file and print sharing and providing overall support for the network

Extensive experience building networks and using package tracer to ensure a smooth operations and functionality of the LAN

Configure Group policies in windows active directory enhance security and standardized subsets in an organization.

Map network drives from local Windows 10 NOS systems to the RHEL8 EC2 Samba server shares as well as the Windows Server 2019 EC2 shares AWS

Spin up AWS EC2 instances in the cloud for Windows, Unix, and Linux systems.

Create IAM users, groups, policies and configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) required for cloud system authentication and authorization.

Create and configure S3 buckets for data storage. Build and host static websites in S3 buckets.

Create and attach EBS volumes to EC2 instances. Configure EBS volumes on EC2 instances to create LVM volumes on RHEL8 EC2 instances

Use load balancers to manage services and ensure effective performance of systems in across regions

Use AWS cloud watch and SNS to manage notification and metrics for the network and Services

Configure file and print sharing in a hybrid environment, connecting local systems to the AWS share.

Create samba serves in the cloud, connecting local windows systems and systems in cloud to the server

Education Occupational Therapy 2012

Queen Margaret University

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

References available upon request

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