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Maintenance Technician Real Estate

Seattle, WA
October 30, 2022

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Esayas Abera

213-***-**** • •


Software: AutoCAD, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, EasyEDA, LTSpice, MATLAB, LabVIEW, NI LabVIEW, Java, TeamViewer

Hardware: Oscilloscope, DMM, Soldering, hand tools


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering March 2022

University of Washington Bothell


Electrical Engineering Capstone Project I and II September 2021 – March 2022

Built a master controller with a team of 3 people for a high energy electron source to manage 9 bipolar operational power supplies and a 2-channel relay that activates two actuators

Used National Instrument (NI) data acquisition input and output modules alongside with NI LabView software to send a voltage signal to the bipolar operational power supplies connected to each device located in the high energy electron source machine

Designed tier 1 and 2 circuit diagrams by using EasyEDA to show the internal functionality of the relay board circuit connected to the actuators and the NI module connected to the relay board along the 9 bipolar operational power supplies

Prepared bill of materials (BOM) using excel to successfully order the items needed to be purchased

Wrote testing procedures for the overall system by integrating the hardware and software components to check if the system works as desired

Used TeamViewer software on a remote PC to manage a Local PC

Prepared project proposal using Microsoft word to help vendors make decision

Managed and coordinated my team and another team consists of 6 people in total using grant chart to successfully complete the project before the deadline

Used Arduino UNO microprocessor to test the circuit designed

Designed a PCB for a DAC to covert digital signal to analog signal

Physics project for Engineering Physics 221 June 2018

Built a streetlight prototype circuit diagram using LTSpcie to show the internal structure of the system

Gathered and presented data using excel and PowerPoint for the resistance of the photoresistor while exposed to lighting for students to understand about the effectiveness of the circuit

Wrote testing procedures for each component of the circuit to check the overall functionality of the circuit


Freelance Computer Maintenance Technician January 2016 – January 2022

Installed, repaired, and troubleshot computers at offices, computer stores and homes

Assembled a new PC system with the required software and hardware parts

Effectively documented reports on hardware installations, failures, and upgrades

Manager, Stanley Real Estate INC. April 2020 – December 2020

Answered phone calls in a professional and timely manner to address tenants needs

Collected rents, maintained records, and made deposits using excel to ensure there were no missed payments

Followed up on work orders, and tenant complaints within 24 hours to keep tenants satisfied

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