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Mechanical Engineer General Electric

Pawtucket, RI
October 29, 2022

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Arthur A. Gentile


Challenging career as electrical engineering position in power plant or related energy conversion systems Professional


1/2013 to


8/2010 to


9/2007 to


9/2002 to


01/2000 to


Generator Specialist/ Senior Mechanical Engineer Mitsubishi Power Systems, Orlando FL Working closely with customers Inspecting Testing and repairing generators, performing Testing on Stator and Rotors to determine the problems with the generator, working with test equipment High voltage and low voltage, performing Megger, DLRO, Hi-potential testing. Working with teams of winders to completely repair and rewind large Generator Stators and Large Rotors, perform all necessary electrical testing for acceptance criteria. Working with crews and tooling to disassemble and repair stators and rotors. Perform bearing removal and inspections, perform stator re-wedge, remove and repair stator bars reinstall and test.

Removal of several GE, Alstom and Brush generator rotors including Steam, Gas turbine and Nuclear. Manager Generator Field Service Alstom Power Richmond VA. Managing a team of winders and generator specialists, evaluate winding team and create development plan for the growth of the team. Work closely with engineering to repair and resolve issues at power plants world wide, rewinding repairing generators OEM and OOEM from 30MW up to 1200MW, oversee and organize tooling, design and build new tooling for rewinds and repairs. Work at power plants worldwide gas turbine Fossil and Nuke plants. Remove rotors perform electrical testing and work closely with customers to help resolve issues on their generators. Perform Modifications on Stators working closely with winders and engineering. Prepare cost estimates for proposal team.

Project Manager Dresser Rand Company Olean, NY

Project Manager managing multiple large Projects at a single time, work closely with engineering and drafting to remanufacture and design new parts from cast to fabricated internals, work closely with Customers and clients to resolve field issues and issues with new equipment, work closely with package engineering to help design a complete base package to fit into clients work space, work with controls group to help determine certain controls needed to run compressors, motors and other equipment, responsible for complete projects from start to completion responsibilities also include cost management and cost reviews on all large projects, help maintain consistent flow of all projects going through manufacturing other expertise include Excel and MS project and word, also very proficient with schedules for clients and company. Field Service Engineer Ingersoll Rand Company. Energy Systems Portsmouth, NH. Expert in troubleshooting and repair of Micro Turbines 70KW and 250 KW cogeneration units. Job tasks include removal and repair of gasifier, compressors, power turbines and generators, working on PLC controls, relays, solenoids and switching circuits. These Micro Turbines are freestanding units for large companies to power whole facilities and provide partial power to the grid. Responsibilities also include working closely with customers on a daily basis, working with outside contractors to project manage the installation and startup of these turbines. Oversee project from start to completion of install and operation and final hand over to the customer.

Generator Specialist & Project Manager General Electric Schenectady, NY. Performed troubleshooting, repair, and rewind of generators. Tasks included knowledge of all working generators, reading drawings and accessing drawings through GE’s COPICS and Dart Drawing system, supervision of all work being performed to generator assembly and disassembly, and a close working relationship with customers and with GE Engineering. Project management of liquid cooled stator rewinds and conventional cooled stator rewinds also involved complete field rewinds. The types of electrical testing performed included 500VDC megger, AC and or DC Hi-potential testing, vacuum and pressure decay tests, and helium tracer gas tests. All testing and work was done using GE procedures and specifications. 1/1998 to


05/1995 to


Generator Field Engineer General Electric Company Schenectady, NY. Designed, modified, and visually inspected stator and fields. This involved working closely with Engineering, calculating generator dimensions to see if certain testing was possible to perform, and interfacing closely with customers. Performed assembly and disassembly of generators for inspection and testing. Organized shipping of all generator related equipment from site to site, including setup of site for testing and inspections. Performed inspection on a wide variety of generators, such as GE, Hitachi, Alstom, and ABB, collecting data and photos to be put into generator inspection report. Associated tests preformed were wedge tightness, generator core testing, bar jacking, end-winding inspections, and bushing box inspections.

Gas Turbine Engineer General Electric Company Schenectady, NY. Installed thermocouples, strain gauges, and RTDs during equipment set up in field to monitor data from gas turbine and accessory bay. Also installed telemetry on steam turbine rotors and gas turbine rotors. Collected all data through a data acquisition system, working closely with Engineering to resolve problems on gas turbines





Generator Specialist Program General Electric GE Power Systems University, NY

Electrical Engineer Madison University Gulfport, MS Bachelor’s Degree

Computer Electronics Middlesex Community College Bedford, MA.



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