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Entry Clerk Data

Hagerstown, MD
October 29, 2022

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Tanika Medina

Hagerstown, MD *****


Work Experience

Deli Clerk

AC&T - Hagerstown, MD

January 2022 to Present

Serving customers, prepping food, taking care of orders, making meals, maintaining a clean and neat work environment/and display case. Stocking food items, labeling, and sorting products. Answering phone calls for orders, and assisting customers with information regarding requests. Data Entry Clerk

Merkle Response Management Group - Hagerstown, MD

December 2020 to December 2021

Keying data into the main company computer system, correcting any computer errors related to the assignment issued. Recording and logging all required information for programs used in data base. Break Pack Associate

Staples Distrubution - Hagerstown, MD

January 2019 to November 2020

loading and packing warehouse items individually and in bulk, selecting, sorting, manufacturing merchandise, cleaning and restocking inventory.

Machine Operator

Fabricated Extrusion Company - Hagerstown, MD

September 2013 to December 2018

Creating plastic products, assembling materials, packing, boxing and shipping warehouse materials. Server

IHOP - Hagerstown, MD

January 2010 to September 2012

I served customers, took orders, and cleaned stations, restock products, and handled food items. Department Manager

Walmart - Bladensburg, MD

May 2006 to November 2009

was in charge of my department scanning merchandise restocking it, labeling it, taking inventory, and directing my team members who worked in my department, etc 806 Dewey Ave,


High school diploma

North Hagerstown High School - Hagerstown, MD

September 2001 to June 2003


• Customer service

• Food Preparation

• Multilingual

• Organizational skills

• Cash handling

• Stocking

• Cleaning

• Time management

• fast paced learner

• Food Handling

• Babysitting

• Inventory control

• English

• Merchandising

• Deep learning

• Natural Language Processing

• Interviewing

• Busser

• Recruiting

• Restaurant Experience

• Serving Experience

• Serving

Certifications and Licenses

Food Handler Certification


Work style: Reliability — Expert

March 2022

Tendency to be reliable, dependable, and act with integrity at work Full results: Expert

Security guard skills — Proficient

April 2022

Assessing risks, enforcing security standards, and handling complaints Full results: Proficient

Case management & social work — Proficient

July 2022

Determining client needs, providing support resources, and collaborating with clients and multidisciplinary teams

Full results: Proficient

Warehouse safety — Expert

July 2022

Using safe practices in a warehouse setting

Full results: Expert

Cleaner fit — Expert

April 2022

Measures the traits that are important for successful cleaners Full results: Expert

Management & leadership skills: Planning & execution — Proficient February 2022

Planning and managing resources to accomplish organizational goals Full results: Proficient

Retail customer service — Proficient

August 2022

Responding to customer situations in a retail setting Full results: Proficient

Working with MS Word documents — Familiar

April 2022

Knowledge of various Microsoft Word features, functions, and techniques Full results: Familiar

Basic computer skills — Familiar

March 2022

Performing basic computer operations and troubleshooting common problems Full results: Familiar

Administrative assistant/receptionist — Familiar

June 2022

Using basic scheduling and organizational skills in an office setting Full results: Familiar

Data entry: Attention to detail — Familiar

February 2022

Maintaining data integrity by detecting errors

Full results: Familiar

Work style: Conscientiousness — Proficient

March 2022

Tendency to be well-organized, rule-abiding, and hard-working Full results: Proficient

Social media — Familiar

March 2022

Knowledge of popular social media platforms, features, and functions Full results: Familiar

General manager (hospitality) — Familiar

March 2022

Solving group scheduling problems and reading and interpreting P&L statements Full results: Familiar

Legal skills — Familiar

March 2022

Supporting legal procedures, preparing documents, doing research, and collecting client information in a legal setting

Full results: Familiar

Food service: Customer situations — Expert

July 2022

Identifying and addressing customer needs in a food service setting Full results: Expert

Customer focus & orientation — Highly Proficient

April 2022

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity Full results: Highly Proficient

Attention to detail — Familiar

April 2022

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information

Full results: Familiar

Attention to detail — Familiar

April 2022

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information

Full results: Familiar

Sales skills — Proficient

April 2022

Influencing and negotiating with customers

Full results: Proficient

Management & leadership skills: Impact & influence — Proficient February 2022

Choosing the most effective strategy to inspire and influence others to meet business objectives Full results: Proficient

Customer service — Expert

March 2022

Identifying and resolving common customer issues

Full results: Expert

Call center customer service — Familiar

August 2022

Demonstrating customer service skills in a call center setting Full results: Familiar

HR: Compensation & benefits — Familiar

August 2022

Knowledge of compensation and benefits programs

Full results: Familiar

Attention to detail — Familiar

April 2022

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information

Full results: Familiar

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