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Manager Operations Industrial Engineer

United States
October 25, 2022

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Marquita Braxton Mobile: 765-***-****

OBJECTIVE A Senior position in a progressive company


●BS + MS Degree with 17+ years of Engineering and Operations Management experience

●6 years with Supply Chain Solutions, Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Capacity Planning, Program & Vendor Management, E-commerce, Purchasing, Sales, & Information Technology, etc.

●Current 1-year experience in a 3PL company

●Extensive computer and analytical experience with Data Analysis, modeling, data mining, SPC, etc.

●Operations management experience over 125 - 200 Employees at Amazon and Cummins

●Extensive computer and analytical experience with Pricing, Data Analysis, modeling, data mining, SPC, VBA, Excel Super User, Big Data, LMS, Metadata RAVE, SQL, SAP, Statistical Analysis, SAS, Macros University, and Cloud & Microsoft Azure experience, Visor, Auto Cad, etc.

●Experience with Pricing and Cost Analysis for supply chain application in the Automotive Industry. Knowledge of Program Management Life Cycle & Project Management tools, seeking PMP certification. Experienced in Lean Six Sigma, Transactional & Transformational work environment.

●Excellent team player. Work well with external customers and internal clients, cross functional teams in finance, purchasing, operations, distribution, engineering, IT, Transportation, Logistics etc.

●Responsible at some level for buying and approving the acquisition of goods and services by the company

●Selected reliable vendors & suppliers to provide quality goods at reasonable prices for components, engines, and bodies.

●Negotiated prices and contracts based on annual vehicle demand.

●Facilitated as middleman and liaison for meetings, tracking, and ensuring the adequate supply of goods & services for production.

Flow AM & Area Manager ll 9/2020-Current


Earths Centric Customer

Flow Area Manager Capacity Planning

●Manage volume and workflow of multiple Fulfillment Centers (FCs).

●Pre-plan next day volume for pick paths based on volume via Total parts per hour and distribute data Amazon wide.

●Manage Amazon (FC) customer shipment workflows using automated tools and web platforms.

●Manage Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC) customer shipment workflows using automated tools and web platforms.

●Maintain constant and proactive virtual communication with FC Operations leaders regarding shipment workflow status.

●Execute and develop shift plans based on FC Operational requirements and adjust in real-time as variables change.

●Trial new tools and systems and provide feedback on functionality, while gathering FC Operations feedback. Construct post-mortem reports on shift successes or failures, relative to established operational goals or thresholds.

●Act as an advisor to FC Operations leaders and provide recommendations and guidance to ensure the maintenance of a strong partnership and achievement of common goals: delivering for customers.

Drive risk management strategies for Fulfillment Centers to ensure Service Level Agreements for customer shipments are met within budget.

●Handle multiple projects, deadlines, and stressful situations with minimal management oversight.

●Work in a team environment remotely and as an advisor.

●Identify and communicate detailed technical issues

●Manage the workflow of outbound orders across multiple processes.

●Manage customer experience while minimizing fulfillment cost across multiple FCs.

●Communicate workflow status with Operations Managers and Area managers and any escalation of any Customer Experience Risks, SLA failure risks or deviation from Standard Work to the Sr. Managers and General Manager.

●Advise the operations team based on my holistic view of the outbound flow and facilitate communication between multiple areas of outbound operations.

●Provide operational insights to the Amazon Fulfillment Technology team and work with them to develop advanced and intuitive automated flow control for outbound operations. Understand Outbound Shift Planning

● Understand details of outbound shift plans for multiple FCs in NAFC network.

● Manage flow settings for multiple process paths in outbound operations for multiple FCs based on shift plan

●Grasp the operational concepts of flow settings for FC picking systems that include flow pick and batch pick with different volume and demand patterns.

●Grasp complex pick flow settings for single/multi shipment orders.

●Utilize details and inter relationships of different picking parameters including but not limited to TURs, Pad Times, Shipment Limiters, and Batch Limits etc.

●Execute outbound flow operations and communicate the Customer Experience risks and performance opportunities to FC operations in a standardized manner.

●Execute shift plan set by adjusting flow settings such as TURs, Batch Limits etc. to the correct mathematical values as per requirement. Escalate any deviations observed in actual performance from the input variables of the shift plan in a timely manner.

Coordinating with Operations to maintain the right level of Work in Process (Workable Queues) in each area of every process path to optimize Customer Experience performance and productivity.

●Work with Amazon Fulfilment Technologies (AFT) team by providing the team with detailed barriers and operational details.

●Try and test new software systems deployed by the AFT team and provide feedback in a detailed manner leading to network wide deployment of the tool.

●Advise and teach the basic flow standards to the new managers through communications and advise them on standard flow settings thus speeding the learning curves of new managers.

● Teach and advise new flow leads as we onboard new candidates to manage the entire NAFC from central flow room.

●Responsible for continuous utilization and minor development of software and standard work tools as they relate to pick/flow management (i. e. monitoring backlog, workflow.

●Coach and develop a team of Amazon associates as a servant leader.

●Ensure the team of Amazon associates have all the tools needed to succeed for any task during a shift.

●Suggest & implement process improvements, standardize work, in addition to capacity planning.

Senior Industrial Engineer

Vantec Hitachi Transport System Canton, MS 10/2018 – 1/2020

A 3PL company serving clients in the Transportation & Logistics Services,

Supply Chain & Contract Logistics

●Managed 2 direct reports.

●Developed new pricing tools, models, and methodologies to facilitate company growth.

●Created methods for conducting time studies which resulting in 60% annual savings.

●Extrapolate data sets to estimate values useful for determining manpower, equipment, and KPI’s.

●Synthesized information for accurately reporting.

●Garner first Scan Data that was utilized to monitor and improve production goals by 92%.

●Spearheaded gatekeeper implementation resulting in cost savings of 500K.

●Justified procedural standards via conducting time studies resulting in 25% profit savings.

●Facilitate Excel training classes & on an individual basis.

●Orchestrated Safety & 6S standard activities in small groups.

●Evaluated aspects and methods of distribution, facility layouts and workflow processes.

●Provided engineering support for existing and new contract logistics projects.

●Developed data elements & modeling systems to project manpower & equipment requirements.

●Ensured 6S targets are engineered into processes.

●Enhanced layouts in a warehouse management, logistics, and 3PL environment.

●Developed & maintain system tools that provide customized reporting (data query, data analysis)

●Developed & maintain Data modeling and pricing models.

●Assisted in sales process by visiting potential or existing customers to develop e-commerce fulfillment concerned with the scope of work, operational planning & assessment to determine pricing.

●Defined & document customer business workflow.

●Managed data mining, data modeling, data analysis, cost/benefit analysis, process mapping.

●Perform research on supply chain industries for benchmarking & best practices.

●Utilize SDLC and Six Sigma methodologies to drive and challenge customers.

●Routinely produces analysis and makes presentations to upper management.

●Lead IT implementation and development process improvements.

●Trained employee’s and devolved employees on IT projects.

●Collaborated with cross functional team to improve IT projects and implement new processes.

●Facilitated several classes teaching Microsoft office.

Capacity Management, Industrial Engineer.

Nissan Motor Corporation Inc., Canton, MS 9/ 2013 – 5/2018

Started as a contractor and quickly promoted to permanent position due to excellent performance

●Developed new pricing tools, models, and methodologies to facilitate company growth.

●Supported analytics and solutions needs of Materials Handling Services and Distribution.

●Utilized Inventory Forecasting for planning manpower, equipment & facility readiness.

●Supported group leaders, cross functional teams, and new model capacity planning.

●Monitored and controlled budgeted Program expenditures.

●Interfaced with purchasing, supply chain management, design change coordination, engineering & quality organizations daily.

●Spearheaded project management activities tailored for New Program Model Launch readiness.

●Communicated with internal customers to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions.

●Solved complex problems utilizing six sigma Methodologies and project management skills.

●Challenged cross functional groups on methods utilized to drive success & execute plans.

●Managed Program Managers & cross functional teams for new & existing Minor vehicle launches over the course of 5 years simultaneously with other assigned duties.

●Negotiated cross functionally to compress costs & timing.

●Prepared reports and briefings to communicate status internally and externally.

●Ensured financial reports and supporting documentation are prepared & maintained.

●Routinely reported high risk customers to Senior Management and made weekly presentations.

●Traveled 90% of the time managing suppliers & supplier vendors years in advance of start of production for New and existing vehicle model launches domestically and globally.

●Worked with powertrain, arc welding, manual welding, cables, connectors, MIG Welding, electron beam and laser welding, Plasma arc welding, Tig and gas welding.

●Utilized agile methodologies & process to improve processes, Velocity, and scrum.

●Managed Program managers for suppliers and supplier vendors

●Previously worked and managed processes such as welding, stamping, automated& manual production line’s, testing, validation, Reliability, JIT, CMM, Valve, body & stator rebuilding.

Shift Manager Operations

Amazon - Indianapolis IN

6/2013 – 9/2013

●Managed 200+ direct reports at Amazon distribution warehouse.

●Effectively managed cross functional projects, dependencies, and bottlenecks.

●Maximized business benefit while building great customer experiences.

●Utilized problem solving and analytical skills to solve business problems and drive process improvements

●Managed multiple, competing priorities simultaneously.

●Terminated employee’s & administered corrective action.

●Resolved complex issues facing employee’s conflict and resolution tactics.

●Provided extraordinary customer service to internal and external vendors.

Lead Process Engineer (Contractor)

Belcan Engineering @ Crystal Light Operations 7/2011 to 10/2011

Rolls Royce - Indianapolis, IN

●Analyzed data by completing hypothesis, normal distribution, and process capability analysis tests.

●Determined quality improvement by identifying statistical methods relevant to Manufacturing processes.

●Established statistical confidence by identifying sample size and acceptable

●Established statistical reliability by using mean time before Failure analysis.

●Developed sampling plans by applying attribute, variable, and sequential sampling methods.

●Maintained statistical process controls by applying zone charting for multi stream processes.

●Managed and conducted cycle time studies for crystal operation regarding blades for airplanes.

Engineer Quality & Reliability Manager 5/2007 - 6/2009

Quality & Reliability Manager

Allison Transmission OEM, Indianapolis, IN

●Mentored & Coached direct reports.

●Analyzed technical data and collaborated with workers to identify improvements.

●Orchestrated cross functional teams to improve processes

●Developed annual budgets and operating plans.

●Managed manpower & equipment allocation.

●Provided leadership, mentorship & coaching to achieve production goals.

●Managed 8 direct reports during recall & other containment campaigns.

●Designed and tracked maintenance, quality, and root cause metrics and analyses.

●Initiated, prioritized, and implemented plans to improve safety, cost, & capacity.

●Optimized, developed, revised, and implemented quality standards and policies

●Previously worked and managed processes such as welding, stamping, automated& manual production line’s, testing, validation, Reliability, CMM, Valve, body & stator rebuilding.

●Worked as IT champion, trained employee’s om IT, and conducted team projects.

Production Supervisor Navistar

Aerotek Staffing, Indianapolis, IN 5 /2006 – 4/2007

Navistar (Short term contract)

●Supported company production and assembly goals.

●cost reduction incentives, process improvements, scheduling, planning, quality etc.

●Managed cross functional teams to improve process for suppliers.

●Provided leadership, mentorship/coaching to achieve production goals.

●Supervised maintenance activities on off shift. Managed timekeeping, processing shipments, scheduling, report card preparation. Utilize an analytical approach to solve problems.

●Previously worked with forging, dyes, foundry, torque converters, rework, and rework campaigns.

Manufacturing Production Supervisor 4/2004 - 10/2005

Cummins Corp. OEM, Cookeville, TN

●Managed 32 direct reports on day shift & 100 plus on third shift.

●Supported company production & assembly goals, cost reduction incentives, process improvements.

●Increased production straight through ratio by 32% percent by modifying assembly cells.

●Provided leadership & mentorship &coaching for direct reports.

●Adhered to quality standards QS9000, TS16949 & ISO 14001 & safety.

●Rewarded & recognized direct reports for performance.

●Previously worked with various equipment & processes such as: stamping, presses, molding & injection, paint lines, Ovens for filtration, calipers, gages,

Manufacturing Production Supervisor

Guide Corporation OEM, Anderson, IN

7/2002 - 4/2004

●Managed a total of 65 direct reports across 3 different departments.

●Allocated resources efficiently to meet production demands.

●Conducted time studies & run at rates with cross functional teams to improve processes.

●Reduced scrap by 55% & cut cost for the organization.

●Prepared Quality charts and scrap analysis reports.

●Utilized CPIM methodologies.

●Highly motivated & encouraged direct reports while creating a supporting environment.

●Maintained operations within budget.

●Champion for Kaizen activity.

●Previously worked with various equipment & processes such as: stamping, presses, molding & injection, manual batch, mass & continuous production lines. Milling, drilling, extrusions, dyes, welding, sheet metal & paint.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Martin University - Indianapolis, IN 5/1997 to 5/2002

Master of Science in Management & Healthcare Administration

Indiana Wesleyan University - Marion, IN 2009 to 2012

PH.D. Management & Administration of Information technology & Security

Capella University Minneapolis MN (two years dissertation pending)

Certifications & Awards

Nissan University, Engineer Award, Stellar performance Award at Nissan for SUV New Model Murano launch

Seeking PMP Certification, Project Management, Certified in V-Ops (six sigma)

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