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Nurse Consultant

Dayton, OH
October 25, 2022

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Jennifer Beyerlein

**** ******* *****

Millington, MI 48746



St. Mary’s Hospital (Ascension)

Registered Nurse (Circulating Operating Room), 2022 – Present Registered Nurse (Surgical Circulator, Critical Care), 2012 – 2015

• Assist Anesthesia while maintaining sterile technique

• Implement ASPAN guidelines and ensure standards of care are followed

• Educate and prepare patients/family

• Evaluate and monitor hemodynamics continually

• New Hire Orientations

• Administer conscious sedation, document specimen retrieval

• Assist with central lines and PICC line insertion

• Assist with bronchoscopies, trans-esophageal echocardiograms, chest tubes, intubations

• Administered vaccinations, DOT physicals, sports physicals

• Educate peers on medical devices including pacemakers, defibrillators, central lines, chest tube, and left ventricle assist devices

• Titrated vasopressin medication, monitored and treated hemodynamic instability, infused blood products, weaned ventilated patients

Aleda E. Lutz V.A. Medical Center

Registered Nurse (CLC Floor), 2018 – 2022

Areas: Ambulatory Surgery. Specialty clinics float nurse (Podiatry,Urology, Gynecology, Urgent Care)

• Manage care of veterans with disabilities through all stages

• COVID-19 Nurse tele-triage

• Occupational Health Program Manager

• CLC Floor Nurse

Genesee Health System

Registered Nurse (Nurse Consultant), 2017 – 2018

• Managed care of developmentally disabled and mentally impaired

• Ensured quality patient care outcomes

• Facilitated orders from physicians, medical triage and clinical decision making

• Advocated for patients/patient safety

• Advise and train home care staff

• Coordinate care of the patient team

• Wrote and implemented nursing treatment plans for patients, including lab work/medication

• Facilitated staff meetings

• Reviewed and presented policy and procedures

Matrix Surgery Center

Registered Nurse (Charge RN, Pre-Operative, Recovery, Circulator), 2015 – 2017

• Collaborated with OR staff and various departments to ensure successful surgical outcomes

• Troubleshoot daily issues related to patients, surgery schedule, staff and surgeons

• Initiated safety drills (code blue)

• Monitored and reported quality measures, such as pain control and patient satisfaction

• Lead safety committee ensuring peer-to-peer education

• Enacted policy that increased patient satisfaction survey scores by using key words during care

• Communicated with post-operational patients to ensure their health and safety

• New Hire Orientations

Bay Special Care, 2008-2011

Registered Nurse (Floor, Weekend Charge Nurse), 2008 – 2011

• Monitored and cared for ventilated patients

• Maintained Tracheotomy care

• Administered respiratory treatments and medication following the 5 “rights” of safety

• Inserted IV’s

• Educated patients and families

• Home Care Nursing

• Assessed telemetry

• Inserted and maintained Foley catheter

• Assessed and used the nursing process consistently

• Maintained and changed dressings and wound vacuum Covenant Medical Center

Registered Nurse (Floor, Lead Family Practice, OB Office), 1992 – 2007

• Scheduled staff

• Ordered supplies and medications

• Triaged patients

• Administered medication and breathing treatments following 5 “rights” of safety

• Assessed Patient/Home care nursing

• Inserted IV’s

• Phlebotomy/Collected laboratory specimens

• Implemented Physician orders

Education and Certifications

Delta College – Associates Degree of Nursing, 2007 St. Clair County Community College – Licensed Practical Nurses, 1990 Moderate Sedation (Conscious Sedation)-Achieved

RN State of Michigan License – Current

ACLS Certified – Current

BLS Certified – Current


Super user / EKG (VA)

Disruptive Behavior Committee (VA)

NPSB Committee (VA)

INFECTION Control Committee member (VA)

Healthy Living Committee member (VA)

Daily Covid 19 tracing Committee (VA)


SPHM Committee (VA)

Vassar Little League Assistant Coach, 2007-2009

Vacation Bible School Teacher, 1995-2005

Vassar Riverfest Committee, 2011-2015

Volunteer at Dances for the Developmentally Disabled, 2017-2018 Employee of the Month, Covenant Medical Center, 1996, 2005

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