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Practical Nurse Executive Director

Kansas City, KS
October 25, 2022

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Dylan Delaney

Healthcare Professional

Kansas City, KS 66106


I am a currently a LPN and a licensed CMA. I attended an RN bridge program but left due to COVID making the program online only. Future patients deserve a real nursing education; not self taught over a computer.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Private Nurse

Trudy Crozier - Turner, KS

April 2014 to Present

I am hired directly through Trudy Crozier to help in some of her daily cares in regards to her many health issues. Duties include: helping patient to and from appointments, pharmacy, and even the grocery store. Her condition has her on personal disabilities; at times she may need more help then just getting her medication picked up from the pharmacy. As a nurse I extend my hands to helping beyond nursing care duties. I allow the patient to call and ask for rides even if it’s for person shopping; if getting her out and about to do something she enjoys I am all for it. As a healthcare professional my job is to encourage and promote great health in all areas. This particular patient needs more social and companionship than she does with her ADLs and taking her meds. On a day of an appointment she will have herself ready to go; showered, dressed, and ready to leave the house. That includes taking her own medicine that are all laid out for her and any other inhalers or respiratory treatments. I really am a paid private nurse being paid to offer anything and everything the patient might need. Wellness Director

Vintage Park at Lenexa - Lenexa, KS

September 2021 to October 2021

I was the director of nursing for 37 residents at an assisted living facility. I was hired with only clinical/ floor nursing experience. I had not never been in a come managerial role. I was hardly given 2 weeks of training or even anyone helping me out in any way. I felt like I was like hired and then immediately felt I was wanted gone. The Executive Director, above me, was very unprofessional with me through my entire onboarding experience. As well as with residents. However, i was very good at my job. At least the job I was trained to do in the 3 weeks I got. I can admit a patient from initial assessment and determine the level of care they will need. Eventually if they are admitted to the facility I would be in charge of orientating the new resident to their new room and the facility. In that moment I would interview the resident and a family member to determine the specific level of care they would need for specific ADLs like: bathing, dressing, toileting, etc. I would gather all orders and get them faxed to the pharmacy or our facility and also get them registered in our lab draw system. All paperwork would be signed by either the resident is capable or by their DPOA, which I would need prof and copies of all that. Copies of all important and mandatory documents would get organized into a new resident chart; separated by tabs to organize the chart in a a functional order. I was in charge of scheduling all nursing staff and all calls in that could not be covered i the director would fill the shift. Besides the hostile work environment I had to get out because I was working salary and the first week I had worked 93 hours; biweekly salary meant I work 13 hours for free and it made my average pay go down. COVID-19 Tester

CVS Health - Leavenworth, KS

November 2020 to February 2021

Performed 30 tests on 30 patients per 9 hour shift. The results were rapid and I would call or text with results in half an hour.

Charge Nurse LPN

Legend Healthcare and Rehabilitation - Tonganoxie, KS September 2020 to February 2021

I am the charge nurse of 25 residents, 3 cans and a medicines aide. I do all resident cares, treatments, and assessments; all charted on POC


High school diploma or GED in NA

January 2018 to February 2020

Nursing Licenses


Expires: March 2022

State: KS


• Nursing (3 years)

• Vital Signs (4 years)

• EMR Systems (1 year)

• Patient Care (3 years)

• Medication Administration

• Experience Administering Injections

• Critical Care Experience

• Epic

• Medical Records

• Hospice Care

• Caregiving

• Supervising Experience

• Medical Office Experience

• Nursing

• Triage

• Care plans

• Patient monitoring

• Anatomy knowledge

Certifications and Licenses

CPR Certification

February 2017 to May 2020

My previous job was supposed to provide me time to take course again to renew with our HR supervisor who is licensed to teach first aid and my BLS-ALS certification. I should have made sure I took care of it myself instead of waiting on an administrator to come to me. Therefor, the CPR license can be taken ASAP to get it current.

Licensed Practical Nurse

June 2018 to March 2022

Issuing State: Kansas

Issuing Institution: KSBN

License Number: 23-49846-032



Customer Focus & Orientation — Proficient

September 2020

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity Full results: Proficient

Attention to detail — Completed

January 2021

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information

Full results: Completed

Logic & critical thinking — Highly Proficient

June 2018

Measures a candidate’s ability to use logical approaches when solving problems. Full results: Highly Proficient

Patient-focused care — Highly Proficient

July 2021

Responding to patient concerns with sensitivity

Full results: Highly Proficient

Clinical judgment — Familiar

June 2021

Assessing a patient's condition and implementing the appropriate medical intervention Full results: Familiar

First aid — Familiar

September 2020

Treating common medical emergencies

Full results: Familiar

Medical terminology — Highly Proficient

September 2020

Understanding and using medical terminology

Full results: Highly Proficient

Work style: Reliability — Proficient

February 2021

Tendency to be reliable, dependable, and act with integrity at work Full results: Proficient

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Additional Information

I was first in my LPN class. Graduated with honors and as president of my class. I used my platform at graduation as president to not give a speech about all my success, what my future may hold, and all the other cliche speeches about those exact things. When it came to write I dreaded standing up there looking at all the people I just went through the same experience with; some with the same struggles and some with an array of misfortunes that took place during that hectic time. That’s when I got the idea to ask each of my classmates to write a few sentences they would want to share if they had the same opportunity to give a speech as I did. I still keep those notecards as reminders that I was not the only leader during LPN school. So many people had such inspiring and beautiful things they would have like have said. Praises and such of their own accomplishments, thanks to their friends and family for being by their side through that stressful year, and so many more inspiring and positive things. The looks I got to see on each of my classmates faces was something I can never get back but I hold it close to my heart. Each comment said spoke volumes of the nurses coming into the world that day and even something was said about me that day. I gave my whole speech by writing it around what my classmates wanted to say that all

I left room for at the end was a thank you to my family, my classmates I had grown to love and cherish like family, and to those who trained us through school to become the best nurses we could. Standing up there I had never felt so humble to be a part of something so small like a speech. But I couldn’t get up there and just talk about me when I spent the past year getting to know 20 plus others that deserved to say how their nursing education impacted their life and what was next for them. So what I learned that day I was an ultimate leader to it’s very core. A leader speaks not for himself but for the entire group; We don’t speak for them we speak on behalf of them. That day my truest form shined through; I knew I was a nurse, president of my class, but mainly I was a leader. I lead our class to victory no myself but as a group. We grew together, studied together and became nurses together.

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