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Moron, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
October 26, 2022

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Curriculum Vitae

Datos personales.

Name: Chazarreta, José C.

Birth day: 23 de Noviembre de 1971. Age: 46 years

Adress: Tel Aviv 1947 - Ituzaingo.

Phone Number: (054**-****-**** / (05411) 15-5341-2311


Marital Status: Divorced.

Identification Card Number: 22.574.564

Nationality: Argentina.

Elemental school: Complete

High School: Bachelor Degree with orientation in Accounting Studies

University Degree. C.P.A.(Certified Public Accountant) Buenos Aires University/Licensed in Administration B.A: University

University Student undergraduate: Law third grade in UCASAL (Catholic University of Salta)

Complementary Knowledge:

Computer diploma: Tango (Managing system); Windows XP, Excell, Word, Acces.

Complementary Courses: Tax course 2017, VAT, Balance Sheet Analisis, Salary and wages

I y II, Stock Market, Cost I, II y III. All this courses taken in Buenos Aires

University. SOX regulation auditing, SAP system,Six Sigma (green belt) took in Solae Co. Esteio Brazil.


English First Certificated

Basic Portuguese

Latest Works:

Industrias Metalúrgicas Halperin S.A.:

Since July 2006, present.

Position: Financial Administration Boss.

Taxes and legal: VAT, Gross Sales Tax, Withholding Income Tax, Withholding Gross Sales Tax, affidavits. Comprehensive Taxes advising.

Fullfill legal procedures in order to obtain tax refunds, or exclusion claims from the federal tax office. Follow the legal guideline to register company in the Nation Industry Record to obtain taxes benefits, and access to a Government loans (Decree 379/2001).

Tax Account reconciliations, following the SOX auditing regulations.

Neighborin Countries Taxes: IPS, IVA Paraguay, BPS IVA, IRPF Uruguay

Financial department: Lead negotiations with bank regard credit lines, interest rates for a loans, following the bank guidelines. Same procedure with our main vendor Siderar.

Reporting to the stockholders, with a weekly, monthly and quarter report (Balance sheet Review), that involves the Cash Flow report, DSO (Days sales out), IDS (inventory days standing), Gross Marging, Scorecard.

Foreign Trade : Currency liquidation, Customs tax refunds administration.

Administration: Company procedures manual design. Oracle System Implementation (Acc.Payables/Purchases orders/Cash management/Manufacturing/Hyperion). Participation in scorecard design, and productions ratios. P&L grill report design (Weekly, Monthly, Budget, Forecast.)

Protein Technologies Argentina ( DuPont Protein Technologies Internacional).

Since 25 July de 2004, to July 2006.

Position: Administration and finance Boss.

Financial Departament: DSO (Days sales out) report, IDS (Inventory days standing) report, to Southern Cone region, Annual, quarter, and monthly Financial forecast.

Reports in English to our CFO in the headquarter (Monthly, weekly, P&L). Collections administration and Investor plan design.

Foreign Trade: Central Bank Affidavit according regulation # A3602. Currency liquidation, corporative debtors follow up, Headquarters royalties payments, Transfer Price affidavit.

Taxes and Legal: Asístance to Federal tax office inspections, and Citi hall tax collection office. Fulfill legal procedures to obtain tax exemption. VAT, Gross Sales, Income tax, affidavits. Tax Advice.

Administration: Company procedures manual, individual positions design. S.A.P. system implementation. Year-end closing report.

Distribuidora Metropolitana SRL.

Since November 2001 to July 2004

Position: Administration Finance Boss

Accountant department: Account reconciliation, end-year closing report, Taxes affidávit (VAT, Gross Sales, Withholding Income Tax, Withholding Gross Sales). Asístance to Federal tax office inspections, and Citi hall tax collection office. Budget, Forecast, Gross margin reports. Accounts reconciliation. Internacional Logistic costing, Scorecard.

Ortopedia Optica Cirugía Rivadavia S.A.:

Since: May 1997 to agost 2001

Accountant department: Account reconciliation, General Ledger registration, assets depreciation worksheet, Year-end closing report, Manager reporting, Account Bank Reconciliation, billing customer, Tango system.

Finances: Lead bank mortgage loan negotiation, Temporary investment, Financial –economic Budget.

Treasury: Account payables, pay orders, Weekly Cash flow report, financial Monthly report, due dates schedules, fulfill banks procedures regard credits lines, Banks account reconciliations.

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