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Safety Officer Chemical Engineering

Maku, West Azarbaijan, Iran
October 24, 2022

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Ragib Sadiyev


Versatile and reliable Field Project Engineer bringing over three years of experience performing diverse installation, maintenance and repair duties. Dedicated to maintaining optimal equipment functionality by managing routine and complex equipment and facility matters. Strong knowledge of process installation and construction operation in safety measures. Adept multi task able to bring a high volume of project tasks to completion with accuracy and professionalism. Flexible scheduling availability to include night/day shifts, weekends and emergency situations as required. Skilled in working under tight deadlines and adapting to new situations and challenges to best enhance the organizational brand.


Vessel Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Dec 2019 - Present SAIPEM • Baku, Azerbaijan

• Ensuring full technical efficiency, by proper coordination of maintenance/upgrading activities for the assigned vessel in accordance with class authority, local entities, engineering companies, international rules and standard and with the offshore operations.

• Designing maintenance strategies, procedures, and methods carry out routine maintenance work and respond to equipment faults-Diagnose breakdown problems.

• Preparing SOW, procedures, all engineering deliverables & purchasing the required materials/services for project, preparing, and facilitating Risk Assessments with all involved parties.

• Assisting manager to prepare and daily update schedule for progress, supervising activities on site by support of Vessel Management Team.

• Prepare estimations and specifications for the purchase of materials& carry-out works in compliance with practices &in collaboration with safety officer, marine authorities and bodies responsible for the issue of authorizations &special permits.

• Carrying-out onboard visits and audits for inspection and co-ordination with persons in charge of routine and special maintenance activities also supporting in the audits requested according with ISM and ISPS certifications

• Providing technical support to the vessel management for the optimization of the spare parts and the required bureaucratic proceedings to obtain and renew the certifications of the naval units and specific equipment.

• Generating data, reports and information necessary for the preparation of the budgets of maintenance and investments as well as prepare estimations and specifications for the purchase of materials and carry-out works in compliance with practices and in collaboration with safety officers, marine authorities and bodies responsible for the issue of authorizations and special permits.

• Using blueprints and manufacturers’ manuals to determine correct installation and operation of machinery.

• Recording parts and materials used, and order or requisition new parts and materials as necessary.

• Coordinating of preparation of Vessel (Derrick Barge Azerbaijan) for projects & Review and Implement MOC

(Management of Change)

• This list is not all-inclusive and may include other duties as assigned and necessary for the operation and management of the shift and overall plant.

DCS Control Room Operator Sep 2016 - Dec 2019

SOCAR POLYMER • Baku, Azerbaijan

• Operating the DCS (Distributed Control System) for plants startup and shut down operations in order to meet the company’s objectives and production targets.

• Monitoring and controlling all process parameter conditions such as flow rates, pressures, temperatures, levels, etc, through displays, graphics and trend logs.

• Taking immediate corrective actions to limit risk to personnel, plant equipment, and production during emergency situations.

• Monitoring & controlling the usage of raw materials, chemicals, and other plant utilities effectively to an optimum level in a safe manner.

• Preparing & assisting in preparation of necessary plant- operational reports as requested by Production Supervisor or Team Leader.

• Investigating the problem and issues arising in the operation and process to identify suitable remedial measures.

• Identifying and investigating the faults and informing the concerned departments for remedial action.

• Adhering to Company’s HSE policy, standards and approved operating procedures while performing the duties/ tasks.

• Performing other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such as taking part in training/ developing new recruits/ implementing orientation programs, preparing necessary reports, plant shutdown, and start-up procedures, etc .


MSc. in Chemical Engineering Sep 2019 - Jun 2021

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University • Baku BSc. in Chemical Engineering Sep 2011 - Jun 2015

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University • Baku, Azerbaijan LANGUAGES

• Azerbaijani - native

• Turkish - advanced

• English - advanced

• French - upper-intermediate


• Technical Support

• Project Management

• Knowledge of quality systems/standards

• Deep Knowledge of Construction & Installation

• Reporting and analysis

• Familiarity with Budget, Cost Controlling

• Strong Maintenance Management Skills

• Advanced Organizational & Interpersonal Skills

• Microsoft Office Suite

• Risk Management / Strategic Analysis &


• Technical Writing & Reporting

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

• Excellent proficiency in Safety Policy

• Construction management

• Employee supervision

• Ability to work with Process Engineering


Cover letter

I, Ragib Sadiyev am an international professional with two academic degrees in Chemical Engineering gained from different prestigious universities in my home country-Azerbaijan. Being an oil exporting country, my specialty can be considered a highly demanding profession. Thus, right after completing my post-graduate degree in Chemical Engineering, I had a chance to get the position of DCS Control Room Operator in the top oil company of Azerbaijan – SOCAR at the polymer production plant. It was a job demanding essentially strong responsibility and accuracy which I believe I have managed to achieve for three years of my execution.

For the last three years, I have joined the International Company SAIPEM and it was a new direction in my career path which I enjoyed very much and trained myself in a different field. SAIPEM is one of the top companies operating in the Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas industry. Throughout these years I have experienced working on a variety of vessels such as Pipe laying Barges: Castoro 12, PLBH (Israfil Huseynov); Crane vessels: Derrick Barge Azerbaijan, Gurban Abbasov; and Subsea construction vessels: SCV (Khankendi). I am aware of all aspects of marine engineering; from maintenance and repair works of engines and offshore cranes to the subsea systems and safety measures. I am a team player in nature who is motivated by a challenge. I have always been looking for ways to improve the efficiency and safety of the vessel and projects. I am committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism that those personal characters were reliable source for me to become dedicated to my responsibilities. I have managed to join professional pieces of training in either work scopes and obtain international Certificates. (Attached hereby) In this period of my age and career, I am planning to move to Canada and settle there for a certain amount of time. As an oil-producing country, the most in-demand occupations in Canada are very matching with my previous experience; therefore, I can be a helpful skilled worker in this country. Canada has always been a dream country for me to live in with its beautiful nature, safe social environment, advanced health system, and plenty of job opportunities especially suitable for my academic and professional background. The last factor that motivates me even more such as working in Canada I will have a chance to improve my knowledge in this field at an expert level. I am highly appreciating the Government Province Nominee Program (PNP) that I am going to apply through. This is a great chance for highly skilled international professionals to move to Canada and make good contributions to the development of the less settled areas. I also would like to be part of one of these communities and with this applying to your company for considering my CV-Resume for the mentioned vacancy at your organization. Could you please carefully review my application and provide feedback.. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Ragib Sadiyev

Azarbaycan Kespublikasmm

Naqliyyat, Rabita va Yiiksak

Texnologiyalar Nazirliyi

D6vlat D.1niz Agentliyi

_u• _



: j'

Mmistry ot Transport, Lommunications

and High Technologies of the

Republic of Azerbaijan

. ;,,


. ~ -r

• '1 JC= ;




State Maritime Agency

N2 SO-0204-20

Bu sertifikat D~nizyil~rin haztrlanmas1na, onlara diplom verilm~sin~ v~ nC>vb~ y~km~y~ dair 1978-ci ii tarixli ~lav~l~r edilmi~ Beyn~lxalq Konvensiyaya uygun olaraq verilmi~dir.

This Certificate aas been issued in accordance with the International Convention on Standards of Training, C.ertification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978 (STCW- 78), as amended. Bununla t~sdiq edilir ki,

Sadiye,v Raqib Azar oglu

v~zif~si ilmlak iizra ki~ik Iiliihandis

This is to certify that


Rag-ib A. Sad:iyev

Junior ass.ets Mainte.n.ance engineer

·Dogum I tanx1: • •





Date of Birth: 1994

Verilm~ tarixi: 0J.02.2020

Issued on: ...

~ ~\


'-Valid until:

31.01.2025,_ ~:

• •l'.'A"!llr

" __,_ . .,, "

lJHUN<;-78, ~lav~l~r edilmi~ Heyn~lxalq Konvensiyan1n v 1/1 Qaydas1n1n, el~c~ d~ DHDN<; M~c~ll~si A-VI/I Bolm~sinin minimum m3c?uri ~sas~n v~ DOvl~t D~niz Agentliyi tar3find3n t3sdtq ed1lm1~ program Uzr~ a~ag1da gOst~ril~n "BUtiln deniz~Har il~,fln tahUlkasizlik Uzra tantfhq, ilkin haz1rhq va taHtnat'' ilzr~ kurslan bitirmi~dir:

-t.tflMjk~sizUk llzra tan1fhq (DHDN (:-78, A-VI/1 b. 1)

-sq qafaja11 utrunda mU:hariz.1 Usullar1 (DHDN (:-78, A-VI/1 b. 2.1.1)

-yan:t1na qa,r,1 tabHlkasizHk- V3

mau.riza (DHDN (:-78, A-VI/1 b. 2.1.2)

-Uk elementar tibbJyardun. (DHDN (:-78, A-VI/1 b. 2.1.3)

-f.txsi t.altl8,kasizHk va ie-tlmai m3taliyyat (DHDN (:-78, A-VI/1 b. 2.1.4).

(BDT Medel Kurslar1 1.13, 1.19, l.l(I), 1.21)

Has suc·cessfully cenipleted following safety familiarization, basic training and i1Mtrucdon for all seafarers courses which has been devel-oped in accordnce with the mandatory minimum rcquiremt,its of Regulation VIII of the International Convention STCW-73, as amended and of the Section A-VI/I of STCW Code and on programme a9proved by the Sta:te Maritime Agency:

-safety famiHa,rization treifliing fSTCW-7'8, A-Vl/1 pa.1)

-.perso-nal survival-techniques (ST·cw -78, A-Vl/1 pa. 2.1.1)

-fire preve · d fi,re f'j'g•btipg (iTCW-78, A-Vl/1 pa. 2.1.2)

-et.em ~fcai (ST·CW-78, A-Vl/1 pa. 2.1.3

-p ~ " " 11111

• ct,~ f .,esponsibi1fitires. CSTCW-?8,A-VI/1 pa. 2.1.4).

0 1, ' ll)

9 . oded Cour $~ _,, 1.19, 1.301, I. .

-~ 1~ ~-

§ . o S0u6~0 t ~.

1 1! - ~obesi,g

~a; .,if :;l

::: -0,,, -

IS § a~

\ {/) Crew s

Dlvltt D•niz AgentHyi

State Mari,time A,9ency

' t <;~ :?: & EMp\i e·41 frtment §~ ~1'00,,, .~ t nn119,. IS'ci> f ".i ·

<Y 'If a .i~,c C " . .1. ...

1/(> IP;s _ 1 1 · -r~ u. uM.,,oull.t>V O,ri r:t//j • lk-

Bu eq.1 . . ·_ ril\ \,~ · on1Vensiyamn 112 qt1yda,sin111 l 1-ei b;,ndi-na muvafiq olaraq sertiflkat sahietnin i1Zadiyi mikklat ~rrinda ga;mida saalanilmaha1r. The original of this certificate m,ust be_ kept . ~ailah~e in with regulations J/2, pa1''tllgraph 11 of the Convention while servmg on a ship., P1hollle: 009**-**-******* E-mail: Telefax: 009**-**-******* URL:

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