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Construction Worker Fitter

Manila, Philippines
October 24, 2022

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Benlord P. Herrera

Electronic Computer Technology

Address : *** ***** ****** ********* *** Pascual Batangas


Mobile No. : (090********)

: (091********)

Email Add :


Age : 43

Date of Birth : October 16,1979

Nationality : Filipino

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married

Religion : Roman Catholic

Educational : College Graduated

Passport No. : P1201094C


Working History:

Adinin Works & Engineering SDN BHD August 26, 2021 up to Sept. 30 2022


Marker Fitter/ Construction Worker

Note( Promoted Training Supervisor)

Duties and Responsibilities of a foreman (supervisor)

To Improve Quality of Production.

To Explain Management policies to workers.

To Increase Management prestige in the eyes of workers.

To Keep Control over department costs.

To maintain discipline in the department.

To report workers grievances to management.

To look after the welfare of workers.

To keep accurate records of workers performance for determining their wage rate.

To assign the right job to the right man.

To guide and train workers.

To ensure safety to the workers by enforcement of safety rules.

To create and maintain team spirit.

To requisition materials from stores.

To maintain flow of work by co-operation with foreman.

To maintain a favourable working condition.

PEC(Singafore)SDN BHD July 14, 2016 up to August 27, 2020

Shell Refinary Oil & Gas

21 Shipyard Road Singafore 2689788

Process Maintenance & Construction worker

Duties Brief

Check isometric spool drawings, whether it is the latest revision.

Check the piping configuration and elevation, if it is correct as per latest

Isometric/spool drawings.

Check all the support, including guides and stoppers, whether it is correctly

Installed and fully welded.

Check the gap of guides and stoppers as per isometric drawings.

Check whether the bolt and nuts are of the correct material/size and tightened

And gaskets are of the correct type and size/rating by color.

Check that all materials are undamaged & conform to isometric drawings.

Check the commodity codes of valve, and flow direction of those valves.

PEC(Malaysia) SDN BHD August 14, 2014 up to December 16, 2015

JGC (M) Sdn Bhd.- BOC

Petronas Lng Train-9 Proj.

Kidurong Bintulo, Malaysia

Note( Promoted WORL LEADER )

Duties Brief

Permit To Work (PTW) refers to management systems used to ensure that work is done safety and efficiently. These are used in hazardous industries and involve procedures to request, review, authorize, document and most importantly, de-conflict tasks to be carried out by front line workers. Permit to work is an essential part of control of work (COW), the integrated management of business critical maintenance processes. Control of work is made up of permit to work, hazard identification and risk assessment (RA), and isolation management (IM).

PEC(Malaysia) SDN BHD Jan. 3, 2013 up to July 10, 2013

Samalaju Sarawak, Malaysia

Pipe Fitter/Pipe Fabricator

Duties Brief

Fabrication and installation of any kinds of valve, flanges, support and other. Also to fit-up the small and large bore, spool drawing as per project specification and materials class. Free hand drawing of spool in to the cut sheets indicates the bill of materials and spool fitting to actual orientation of pipe. Performing tie-in work connecting new line. Preparation tools and materials such as cutting torch, divider, steel, tape caliper, metric reinforcing, pad aluminum level, grinder, vernier, chain block, ball hammer and etc. Loading and unloading of lines which fitting the bolts, installation of volts, installation of gaskets.

Petrofac E&C International, LTD May 17, 2008 – May 05 2009

Harweel Salala Oman

Pipe Fitter (Gre Lamination)

Special skill GRE Bonder, Lamination.

Duties Brief

Fabricate and installation of GRE pipe, Preparation tolls and materials such as spool bopping, sewing and cleaning and after finish Fabricate spool heating and ready to hydro testing and flushing of the GRE bonded, Directly erection to site in all have connecting of water system line.

Consolidated Contractor Int’l Company July 5, 2005 – July 10, 2007

Raslaffan, Doha Qatar

Pipe Fitter ( Note: Promoted as Spool Releasing Department)

Job Description:

Appointed as the head detailer of the spooling department of the fabrication shop.

Review and final approval of cut sheets (spool drawing) for correctness the bill of materials (BOM), cutting length, orientation, pipe and fittings, revisions as per isometric drawing and project specification and material classes

Coordinate to the foreman of interpreting construction drawing and materials take off.

Preparation of tools and materials to be used for work at designated area.

Installation and erection of fabricated spools at the pipe rack, tanks, and slippers.

Double check fabricated spool dimensions and materials class prior to erection.

Ensures the correct fittings and measurement of the spools before welding.

Observed company and safety rules and regulation regarding general housekeeping.

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