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Nurse Practitioner Adjunct Professor

West New York, NJ
October 23, 2022

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North Bergen, New Jersey, ***47


Sharon Y. Mirante, MSN/ED, RN-BC, FNP-C

Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner


Post Master’s Certificate, Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner 2018

Maryville University, St. Louis, MI

Master of Science in Nursing / Specialization in nursing health education, 2012

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2009

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Associate of Science in Nursing, 2003

Hudson County Community College, Jersey City, NJ

Diploma in Nursing, 2003

Bon Secours & Canterbury School of Nursing, Jersey City, NJ


Diligent Medical Care

Internal Medicine

Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner

June 2019 to June 2022

Leadership application of problem-solving skills, and working with providers to identify, analyze and resolve problems.

Formulating differential diagnosis, from HP and clinical findings; to reach a plan of care that identifies medical problems and achieve healthy goals.

Documentation of patient care plan to determine its effectiveness through outcomes.

Identifying potential crisis / emergency patient issues, and providing safe appropriate intervention

Daily advanced nursing care to patients with complex acute, critical, and chronic health conditions, but not limit to:




oRenal Insufficiency




oDepression / Anxiety



Utilization of methodologies to resolve problems that impact patient care.


Family Nurse Practitioner Student

September 2018 to December 2018

Completed 165 hours of clinical work in pediatrics and family primary care

Under the preceptorship of Niurka La Rosa, M.D

September 2018 to November 2019

Completed 70 hours of clinical work in women’s health

Under the preceptorship of Arthur Gross, M.D. OB-GYN

August 2017 to June 2018

Completed 510 hours of clinical work in adult and gerontology

Under the preceptorship of Gerald P. Grodstein, M.D.

February 2016 to May 2019

Jersey City, New Jersey

CarePoint School of Nursing (Christ Hospital)

Hudson County Community College

Adjunct Faculty

Responsible for the following course didactic and clinical instruction:

Maternal Nursing Instructor

Selected Accomplishments:

Clinical instruction acute care setting; overseeing assessments, planning, interventions and evaluations of Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Nursery, C/Section & Vaginal Deliveries

Development and implementation of interactive learning, such as flipping the classroom.

Implementation of virtual simulation (V-SIM) to bring clinical into the classroom, improving clinical performance and course testing results.

Coordination and implementation of SimMom® Laerdal simulation (simulated deliveries), normal and with complications.

Incorporation of google docs, google drive, canvas technology to assist in student communication for projects and didactic.

Medical Surgical

Selected Accomplishments:

Clinical instruction acute care setting; overseeing assessments, planning, interventions and evaluations on medical surgical unit managing drips, CHF, arrhythmias, hypertension, diabetes, renal patients but not limited to

Development and implementation of alternative teaching strategies

Implementation of virtual simulation (V-SIM) and debriefing in the classroom.

Incorporation of Google docs (sharing documents), Google drive (storing large files), blackboard technology to assist in student communication for projects and didactic.

Mentorship of students through nursing courses, graduation, licensure.

July 2018 to August 2018

North Brunswick, New Jersey

Chamberlain University

Visiting Professor

Community Health Nursing

Planning a student’s clinical experience to meet program, course, and student learning outcomes, as well as, addressing individual student learning needs.

Evaluating student performance in the community as they identify community needs, plan, and implement interventions.

Maintaining current knowledge related to clinical facilities, policies, procedures and expectations.

Provide opportunities that challenge students as appropriate for level.

August 2014 to February 2016

Teterboro, New Jersey

Jersey College

RN-Nursing Faculty

Responsible for the following course didactic:

Health Assessment Fundamentals of Nursing

(Term 2 Nursing Students)

Team Leader: Lab coordination and simulation

DocUCare nursing student electronic health record

Responsible for the following core nursing course didactic & clinical instruction:

Pediatric Nursing (Term 4 Nursing Students)


Developing, implementing evaluating, and updating the purpose, mission, philosophy, objectives,

outcomes, and organizational framework of each program.

Determining eligibility of students for admissions, graduation, and licensing examinations.

Actively participating in the construction, implementation, teaching, and evaluation of curriculum consistent with the center's guidelines, federal, state, and regulatory bodies.

Assisting in the development of new curricula and lessons.

Preparing and utilizing approved lesson plans and examinations.

Preparing student progress reports and grade reports

Evaluating student competence based on program philosophy and objectives.

Providing insight and linkage between the textbooks and clinical practice.

Implementing evaluation devices of student learning and clinical experience to measure progress and competency.

Promote student success through classroom and clinical environment which fosters student’s academic growth and guides their professional development.

Participating in academic advising and guidance of students.

Providing tutoring group and private

September 2015 to December 2015

Bloomfield, New Jersey

Bloomfield College

Adjunct Nursing Professor

Responsible for the following course lab instruction:

Physical Assessment

Preparing and utilizing approved lesson plans and examinations.

Lab instruction:

oHead-to-toe assessments: focused assessments with the implementation of appropriate equipment, in a system-oriented approach

oBlackboard: posting grades; and online group discussions based on weekly lecture topics

Weekly evaluation of students and provided student feedback based on program philosophy and objectives.

Implementing evaluation devices of student learning and clinical experience to measure progress and competency.

Guide in the classroom (brick mortar school) and on-line in professional development, pulling from their past experiences and enriching with evidence-based articles for critical thinking.

Participating in academic advising and guidance of students.

May 2014 to August 2014

Jersey City, New Jersey

New Jersey City University

Adjunct Professor of Nursing

Responsible for the clinical instruction of students in assigned healthcare facility:

Instruct in the assessment of the acutely ill adults and adult populations with acute and chronic conditions using a comprehensive database.

Instruct and evaluate the student’s critical thinking skills in the identification of acute and chronic patient problems and in the formulation of appropriate nursing diagnoses.

Formulate a plan of care using evidence-based nursing interventions.

Assist the students in reaching proficiency with health assessment and clinical skills of acutely and chronically ill adults.

Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions and achievement of patient care outcomes for acutely and chronically ill adults.

Instruct and evaluate the student’s effective communication with adult patients and families, and with members of the health care team.

Instruct and evaluate the appropriateness of professional demeanor and behavior in the clinical setting.

December 2012 to April 2014

Seminole State College, Altamonte Springs, FL

Adjunct Professor of Nursing

Responsible for clinical instruction of students in assigned healthcare facilities, community agency, or laboratory. Provide and coordinate clinical teaching activities in the hospital clinical setting to include student assignments, clinical supervision of students and evaluation. Report to the Director of Nursing.

Selected Accomplishments:

Participate in skills lab demonstrations, practice, and testing of students.

Assist students through observational and participative experiences to apply nursing theory, the nursing process and nursing techniques in the clinical setting.

Provided evidence-based practices that have led to changes in physician practice and practices of unit settings.

Through assessment of assigned patient charts with anemia and low hemoglobin levels, students were able to discuss with physicians and primary nurses’ alternatives to blood transfusions that would decrease in-patient stay and increase patient positive outcomes. For example, iron treatments, B12, folic acid, and micro-sampling.

Clinical Instruction Courses:

Basic Medical Surgical

Advanced Medical Surgical

Complex Medical Surgical


Maternal & Pediatric Units

30 hours weekly with students on the hospital unit

2006 to March 2013



Education Coordinator II/Specialist

Responsible for the clinical development and educational competence of home health nurses. Provide programs within the adult learning paradigm that are initiated at unit and corporate levels, reporting to the manager, education & development.

Selected Accomplishments:

Created and coordinated an on-boarding process for nurses at the Visiting Nurse Association, resulting in a cohesive transition of nurses into the role.

Coordinate the MD Anderson Orlando Cancer Center’s nursing port practicum days that demonstrate to home health nurses, sterile technique, and port access skills. An estimated 15 home health nurses have completed port practicum. An estimated 50 home health nurses have been observed performing sterile technique and port access during their Annual Clinical Review (ACR).

Created a database of specific home health competency questions that are stored in the on-line learning center this resulted in an understanding of the clinician’s level of critical thinking and needs assessment for future nursing education courses.

Designed courses that assist with the appropriate interpretation of the visiting nurse’s OASIS-C documentation required by Medicare Payer, resulting in 75% improvement as noted by chart audits.

Provided continuing education courses for VNA nurses that assisted with the maintenance of their national certification, creating a 25% increase of ANCC Board Certified gerontology nurses.


Primary Nurse / Care Management / Case Management (2006 – 2010)

Developed educational care plans within adult learning frameworks to assist in quality patient outcomes involving interdisciplinary management, reported to the Clinical Manager.

Selected Accomplishments:

Increased total number of home health nursing visits at the start of patient care who frequented the emergency departments decreased their hospital readmissions by 15%.

Collaborated with corporate nursing, nursing leadership, and clinical nurses in updating the chemo-verification process to maintain safe and effective care during the independent double verification process within the home health setting.

Worked in partnership with the VNA Nurse Practice Council and Process Improvement Nurses to develop a Diabetic booklet containing modifiable patient teaching guides for nutrition, treatment, and patient teaching aids. This resulted in a 10% decrease of hospital readmissions due to uncontrolled Diabetes.


IV Nurse Supervisor (2004-2006)

Responsible for 72 Home Health Aides providing care under Medicaid Payer. The assessment of patient safety and barriers for improving quality of life was a daily activity. Reported to the Nurse Liaison of the Tri-State area.

Selected Accomplishments:

Implemented educational care plans that would prevent central line associated blood stream infections resulting in no reported (CLABSIs) in county from June 2004 through December 2004.

Presented vaccination in-services to home health aides and the communities served. 95% of home health aides were vaccinated or provided documentation of their vaccination, allowing for

Designed in-services on the identification and duplication of medications within the elderly population. A 60% increase of patients and caregivers were able to maintain updated medication lists, this prevented medication errors.

Initiated in-services on appropriate body mechanics for lifting patients in the home, this resulted in no job-related injuries within the first two quarters of the year.

Loving Care Pediatrics, Fort Lee, NJ

Staff Nurse (2003-2005)

Per Diem

Responsible for the delivery of quality patient care according to the patient's individual physician orders. Involving assessments, medication administration, administering prescribed treatments and therapies, care planning, communication with other members of the patients' multi-disciplinary team, supply management, emergency management, coordination of care, health promotion and teaching and training family members.


Consultant (2001-2006)

Accountable for consultations and presentations to local community education facilities on maintaining universal precautions, preparing a home for the care of children, and elderly populations; this role reported to the principal of the school.

Selected Accomplishments:

Implemented hand-washing education to all staff members, children, and parents creating a 20% decrease of Upper Respiratory Infections, Pinworms, and Roseola among children ages 1-3.

In-services on the identification of the exploitation of the elderly resulted in an increase of reported cases and appropriate placement.


Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified, American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Gerontological Nursing Certified, American Nurses Credentialing Center


South Carolina APRN Licensure

New Jersey APRN & Registered Professional Nurse

Florida Registered Professional Nurse


Mirante, S. & Lock, P., “Facilitating Unit Nurse Practice Councils” poster presentation, Orlando Health Nursing Portraits of Excellence, Orlando, FL (2012).

Mirante, S. “VNA’s Nurse Practice Council Accomplishments” oral presentation, Orlando Health Nursing Portraits of Excellence, Orlando, FL (2010).


Mirante, S. Orlando Health’s Visiting Nurse Association New Hire Orientation Booklet, 2012.

Mirante, S. Clinical Manager’s On-Boarding Survival Guide, 2012.


Breast Cancer Walk (Central Park) (2019)

Race for Time “Dragon Boat Races” at Disney Springs (2012) & (2013)

Orlando Health, Blood Management Task Force (2012)

Orlando Health, VNA Nurse Practice Council member / chair / coach (2008 to 2012)


Nominated for Nurse of the Year, Clinical / Academic Education & Research, March of Dimes, November 2012.

Awarded: Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice, Orlando Health, May 2010


English, native language

Spanish, speak, read, and write


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