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Assistant Manager Frontend Developer

Seattle, WA
October 24, 2022

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Nate Lapin 206-***-****


Technical Skills

Proficient: HTML5 + Canvas + SVG, CSS + SASS + BEM, JavaScript ES6+, TypeScript, React, Git, Npm/Yarn, NextJS, Redux, Firebase, Firestore, TailwindCSS, Material UI Familiar: C++, Vue, Vuex, NodeJS, Python


Bachelor of Arts (Honors), Political Science Major, Computational Finance & Data Science Double Minor, 3.6 GPA University of Washington, Seattle

● Dean’s List Scholar

● Work and studying full-time

Frontend Developer Bootcamp Mar 2022 - July 2022

Frontend Simplified

Experience And Projects

Internship June 2022 - October 2022

Frontend Simplified Intern (Website)

● Transformed a completely static HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React single page application to an interactive user interface using animations, transitions, and carousels

● Processed API requests with Axios to dynamically represent data from a cloud server and represented it through skeleton loading states, paginations and dynamic routing

● Utilized git version control and the GitHub interface to work and thrive in a virtual and collaborative team Freelance April 2022 - Current

Frontend Software Engineer

● Engineered scalable, responsive, multiplatform and SEO friendly websites for clients using HTML5, CSS3 (BEM), JS ES6+, and React best practices

● Connected to backend API’s through CRUD HTTP requests

● Created multiple projects in order to learn best-practice coding skills Pleasant Beach Pool May 2019 - Aug 2022

Assistant Pool Manager and Head of Pool Maintenance

● Quickly moved up the ranks from Lifeguard to Senior Guard to Assistant Manager in the span of a year and a half

● Became familiar with pool chemical software and pool engineering which allowed for a great pool user experience; maintained a pool used by over 500 members each summer

● Used my skills in pool maintenance to become Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) recognized and was placed in a management role, where I learned the ins-and-outs of running a team of lifeguards as well as a business E-Portfolio

Library E-Commerce Website using ReactJS - “BI Library” (Website)

● Created an online library interface for my hometown that consists of over 26,000 people

● Fetched data from a mock API and created a fully responsive E-Commerce website with a working skeleton loading state

● Utilized for loops, sorting systems, and React properties to create a smooth book browsing system Google Search API (Website)

● Fully functional and responsive search engine resembling Google; hosted using firebase hosting services

● Used React's state and action exports to obtain any search term that is typed into the search bar. Movie API Search (Website)

● Began by creating a fully responsive website equipped with a movie search engine as well as a movie information page for every film

● Fetched an API from to make all pages dynamic with a skeleton loading state Streaming Sorting Homepage (Hulu) (Website)

● Created a constantly updating movie homepage that sorts over 2,500 movies by category

● Used NextJS as well as TailwindCSS to create a fully responsive lazy-loading page that automatically shows more movies as the user scrolls down


Available upon request.

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