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Research Assistant Production Supervisor

Endicott, NY
October 24, 2022

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Mohammad AlDarabseh

Endicott, NY 607-***-**** EDUCATION

Binghamton University, State University of New York, Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science Master of Science Industrial and Systems Engineering Expected January 2023 Cumulative GPA: 3.77/4.00

Thesis: Reliability Testing for Stretchable Electronics: A Comparison Study – Adoption of ANOVA and Machine Learning Modelling Relevant Coursework: Applied Probability and Statistics, Operations Management Supply Chains, Modelling and Simulation, Quality Assurance for Engineer, Enterprise Systems Engineering, Computational Tools, Engineering Project Management, Flexible and Hybrid Electronics, Material for Manufacturing, Advanced Issues in Processes for Electronic Packaging, Machine Learning, Deep Learning German Jordanian University, School of Applied Technical Sciences, Madaba, Jordan Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering Aug 2005 – June 2011 Graduation Project: “Improving Productivity, Increasing Efficiency and Optimizing Costs through Lean Six Sigma Warehouse design for Jitan Group and Implementing effective Warehouse Management System (WMS)” Exchange Semester: Aalen University, Aalen - Germany Training: Communication and Leadership Skills Development Course, German Intensive Course (Language Culture and Economics) in Bremen Germany, AutoCAD 2D/3D Career Certification


Programming Languages: Python, R

Tools: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Mathematica, Minitab, Simio, AutoCAD, Arena, Cabinet Vision, Tora Certifications: AutoCAD 2D/3D Career Certification, Character Development RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

Binghamton University, Graduate Research Assistant Binghamton, NY Jan 2022 - Current

● Test the reliability of screen-printed stretchable electronics using Yuasa Desktop Model Endurance System and Instron testing machine

● Characterize flexible and hybrid electronics optically using Keyence Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

● Test for variability by using ANOVA Analysis for samples tested by using Yuasa and Instron and conduct Machine Learning Modelling to identify what type of factors is the most contributing to the fatigue life of stretchable electronics

● Fabricate flexible and hybrid electronics by using Nordson EFD PRO4L/ Ultimus Dispensing System. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Jordanian Armed Forces, Production Supervisor Mafraq, Jordan Sep 2013 – Jan 2016

● Planned operations of maintenance and overhaul lines for the engines of M60 and GM Armored vehicles

● Coordinated with material management department and the warehouses to ensure the level of inventory for components needed for our daily scheduled projects

● Analyzed delays, interruptions, and bottlenecks by using DMAIC, Theory of Constraints, Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone Diagram, PDCA, 5S, Value Stream Mapping and Takt Time

● Redesigned production processes and improved production efficiency using lean six sigma principles

● Monitored production progress and ensured that engine as a final product meets quality standards and specifications by testing the power and the torque of engine on dynamometer

● Increased the production rate of engine overhaul and rebuilds from 18 to 24 per month which is 33.3%

● Led Lean Six Sigma Project in M60 and GM lines to cut the waste and improve efficiency resulted in JD 300,000 annual savings

● Redesigned production workspace to eliminate wasted time in maintenance operations, excess inventory, and rework by using Lean six sigma methodologies

● Achieved a reduction in rework by 42% and eliminated the backlogs of 67 engines in 2 months

● Coordinated supervision of 20 production workers and technicians and performed evaluation programs

● Trained on overhaul of final drive and running gear components of the Leopard I vehicle in Netherlands Alballal Group, Product Design Engineer Qatif, Saudi Arabia Oct 2011- Sep 2012

● Initiated meetings with 6,208 customers to seek their preferences for kitchens, vanities, and closets

● Improved installation efficiency by 17% by using lean principles

● Increased hourly Installation rate by one project every hour which improved from 5 to 8 projects daily (120 to 336 monthly)

● Contributed to increase of annual sales by 59.35% from 21.6 million Saudi Riyal to 34.42 million Saudi Riyal Danube Germany GmbH, Supply Chain and Logistics Coordination Intern Bonn, Germany August 2009 – Dec 2009

● Utilized the company’s warehouse management system (WMS) to oversee and analyze the movement and storage of goods in the facility

● Analyzed supply chain processes by using shipping status tools, order processing tools, lean inventory warehouse management, supplier management, data analytics and monitoring security threats to identify where to optimize and improve

● Developed a new model for analyzing and optimizing transportation costs for one product (GermanTop) ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS

● Ranked one of the top 3 among 37 engineering officers on the qualification test to get the training for overhaul of final drive and running gear components of the Leopard I Vehicles in Netherlands

● Awarded DAAD Scholarship to take German language intensive course in Germany PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION

● Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Sep 2022 – Present

● Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) April 2013 - Present

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