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Electrical Engineer Project Coordinator

Downtown Sarasota, FL, 34236
October 21, 2022

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Edgar Ogava

**** ******** **, ********, ** *****

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Electrical Engineer managing industrial projects in electrical, instrumentation, automation, civil, piping erection and mechanical with 35 years of experience in maintenance and engineering/project.

Programing PLC and DCS controllers to equipment routine, field work, check motor control room (MCC) interlock and safety.

Effective in executing well-planned on implementing projects with managing schedule. Technical visit at the possible suppliers evaluating the products and staffs. Starting preparing budget, presentation to directors and shareholders to approve the projects until startup.

Knowledge and experience in Residential and commercial electrical installation, alarm monitoring, CCTV, VFD for electrical solar transformation. Knowledge in pneumatic, hydraulic, plumbing. Worked with erecting support and piping for the pulp, water, sewer, chemical.


Electrical Engineer – Lightining Bay - Tampa (June 2022 – current) Maintenance in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

Installing and wiring new equipment

Review PLC program for the equipment installed

Maintenance the instrument in the field.

Electrician – Commercial and Residential - Sarasota (March 2022 – May 2022) Talent Painting – Sarasota (start March until now) Installing and fixing wire, outlets, switches, fans, lamps. Renew installation of electrical residential.

Painting houses, apartments, walls.

Project Coordinator

TIMENOW ENGINERING - Suzano pulp&paper industry -Jacarei site - Brazil(June 2020 – November 2021)

In this company I worked in the exchange and upgrade of equipment that was already technically obsolete, developing new technologies but that gave the subside over the years for the maintenance of the replaced equipment.

Managing electrical, instrumentation and automation project in Recovery boiler, Cogeneration, waste water, water treatment and electrical distribution. Retrofit in Triple redundant PLC in recovery boiler – Shutdown period (6 days). Retrofit in electrical distribution 6 PLC in charge rejection – shutdown period (10 days). Installed conductive meter in the pulp water process. Installed filling in the cooling tower in the waste water area. Retrofit in gas burner on recovery boiler.

Scheduling Retrofit in ABB DCS on pulp Digestor area for the next shutdown. Project Manager

Exodo Consulting and services – Sao Paulo - Brazil (February 2020 – June 2020) in this company I developed ergonomic and process improvement projects for the perfume company.

Managing project in Automation, electrical and instrumentation on Firmenich. Installed automation valves, instruments and new PLC programing on new area reducing the time of the process.

Preparation of proposals for the installation of engines, instruments, valves, new process piping, electrical, mechanical and automation installation support and services. Support field erection, commissioning and startup process. International Business Manager

Esther 536 Sao Paulo - Brazil (July 2019 – February 2020) During this period of my career, I was able to be close to the leaders of African countries and the Prime Minister of Japan at a symposium held in Yokorrama, Japan Developing new project on food industry in Angola. Trade de sugar to Kenya.

Attended the business seminar in Yokohama – Japan (Japan – Africa Business Expo). Project Coordinator

Grupo Marcato – Mars Chocolate&Food – Guararema site Sao Paulo - Brazil (September 2018

– May 2019)

I actively participated in the coordination of assembly teams with the challenge of delivering the areas on time and the biggest gratification was making the entry before the deadline and safely. Since the area of my coordination was raw material Coordinating and implantation of project in instrumentation, electrical and automation on raw material as sugar, glucose, chocolate in the project named Champion. Managing the electrical assembly and instrumentation group working on shifts, commissioning until start-up.

Project Coordinator

TIMENOW ENGINERING - Suzano pulp&paper industry -Jacarei site Sao Paulo - Brazil (April 2016 – February 2018)

I designed the revitalization program from Jacarei pulp plant with a budget of over 20MM. I changed and removed more than 30tons of metal, changed more than 5.000 common and mercury lamp to LED lamp, removed more than 6.000 miles of cable unused. I changed a sludge removal bridge in the effluents area.

I did the feasibility study, requesting approval from the directors, acquiring and implementing a dirt measuring equipment on cellulose sheets

I Assembled a Soot Blower system from Clyde Bergemann((Atlanta) Equipment installed in the recovery boiler.

Project Coordinator

Grupo Marcato - Mars Chocolate&Food – Guararema site Sao Paulo - Brazil (May 2015 – April 2016)

Coordinating and implantation of project in instrumentation, electrical and automation on chocolate area in the project named Giants.

Managing the electrical assembly and instrumentation group working on shifts, commissioning until start-up.

Project Coordinator

Kadant South America Valinhos Sao Paulo - Brazil (November 2009 – September 2014) I designed, purchased equipment and instruments and assembled the three sectorial sludge treatment in the Suzano pulp&papel Jacareí Mill. In the Paper sludge I installed a micro flotation system consist in the micro bubble inserted inside the vessel with chemical products to float the sludge and removed by surface scrape. Another system I installed the sludge thickener together a press to remove the water and then transported the virgin fiber to paper mill. The other sludge treatment I instaled the other micro bubble system in the clear water treatment removing the residual sludge.

I received all design from France to install the plant of tissue in CMPC Caieiras SP. In this project I managed the assemble of mechanical, piping, supporting, electrical, instrumentation and automation.

In the Tabaco Industry in Seremban – Malaysia, I coordinated the purchase and installation the electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment. I commissioned with a staff and local employees.

Participated In the Tabaco industry project in Sait Petersburg - Russia only design in Brazil. I worked with steam and condensate in paper machive – tissue. I developed Hight pressure cleaner project to pulp process in the cellulose pulp mill. Project Consultant

Suzano pulp&paper Jacarei Sao Paulo - Brazil (July 1996 – October 2009) Specialist in maintenance working with PLC and DCS programing, electrical maintenance in motor center controller, field service and daily maintenance routine. I worked in diversified area as utilities (steam& condensate), electrical substation, electrical distribution, air produce and distribution, water treatment, boiler water treatment, waste water treatment, co-generation with gas Rolls Royce turbine, steam Siemens turbine co- generation, Chemical plants, recovery boiler, causticizing, lime kiln, cellulose extraction, fiber line, digestor.

New project in noise muffler, sectorial waste water treatment and measuring instrument installation.

I worked with white paper machine, coater paper machine, paper cutting and packing Specialist in Maintenance

Monsanto Chemical industry Sao Jose dos Campos Sao Paulo - Brazil (February 1985 – June 1996)

I worked with instrumentation, electrical and automation with daily routine programing Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC and Fisher Control DCS.

I started up some chemical plants with a team in herbicide, therminol oil, raw material to produce car tire, raw material do produce detergent and phosphate to coca cola, plastic (PVB) do front glass car.

I worked with electronic motor controlled with AC and DC motor, electric sub station and distribution, utilities plans as water treatment and effluent water, boiler and compressed air. Education

ITA – Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica (Technologic Institute of aeronautics) – Mechanical Master

Universidade do Vale do Paraiba - Bachelor in Electric and Electronics Language

English – intermediate

Portuguese - native

Spanish – basic

Japanese – basic

Six sigma

Reduction of Electromechanical Assembly Costs using tools such as Process Map, Ishikawa diagram, Cause and Effect Matrix, Effort and Impact Matrix and Project Prioritization. System Analysis using Minilab.

Reduce tearing on CD filter screens using tools such as Process Map, Cause and Effect Matrix, Effort and Impact Matrix. System analysis using Minitab.

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