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Registered Nurse Practical

October 22, 2022

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G e n e r a l N u r s e


A dedicated and passionate Registered Nurse

having more than 10 years of professional

experience in providing medical care, recording

vital signs and symptoms, assisting patients during their treatment planning, working in surgery and

operating rooms, monitoring treatment protocols,

and providing them with life and emotional


Competent in nursing techniques and methods,

emergency care, health and safety guidelines and

procedures, in addition to working alongside

physicians and fellow nurses.

Seeking a challenging a progressively challenging

and responsible position as a Registered Nurse

where my experience and education can be fully



Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science (Bridging)

University Institute of Nursing Sciences of the

Lebanese Red Cross

2021 - 2022 Baabda, Lebanon

Technical Teaching License (LT)

National Institute of Nursing

2010 - 2011 Bir-Hassan, Lebanon

Higher Technical Diploma in Nursing

National Institute of Nursing

2007 - 2010 Dekwaneh, Lebanon

Technical Baccalaureate in Nursing (BT)

National Institute of Nursing

2004 - 2006 Dekwaneh, Lebanon


HOME CARE NURSE December 2019 - Present

Self-employed, Lebanon

• Traveling to patients’ homes and managing their care plans according to physicians’ instructions.

• Providing basic patient care and administering medication treatments.

• Inspecting wounds, changing dressings, feeding patients, and handling dressing, personal grooming, and hygiene.

• Testing for muscle weakness, bedsores, and any signs of infection.

• Listening to the concerns of family members and answering their questions.

• Monitoring patient recovery and compiling reports for the physician. NURSERY NURSE August 2018 - September 2019

Antoura Day Care, Lebanon

• Ensuring care center environments remain safe and child-friendly.

• Providing infant care, feeding babies, and providing emotional support and physical comfort.

• Designing plans for child development and care, ensuring children are healthy and stimulated.

• Monitoring children, particularly during illnesses, and providing them with special and sensory needs.

• Meeting with parents to discuss their child's health and development. DRESSING NURSE October 2016 - July 2018

Operating Room, Notre Dame du Liban Hospital, Lebanon

• Cleaning patient wounds to remove bacteria and debris and minimize the risk of infection after surgery.

• Dressing patient wounds to create a barrier against bacteria.

• Teaching patients or family members how to treat and dress wounds to assist in healing and prevent infection after discharge.

• Adhering to safety standards and precautions.

• Documenting and sharing with the physician the details including the time, place of wound, size, drainage and amount, type of cleaning solution, and the dressing applied.

• Address: South, Lebanon • Nationality: Lebanese • D.O.B: 26-October-1988 • Marital Status: Married

• Children: 2 • Contact: +961-*-***-*** • Email: P a g e 2 2



Nursing - Healthcare - Homecare - Medication

Treatments - Wound Care - Patient Recovery -

Day Care Nursing - General Surgery Nursing

Support - Operating Room Procedures -

Sterilization Procedures - Medical Instruments -

Safety Standards - Maternity & Nursery Care -

Plastic Surgery Support - Medical History -

Patient Monitory - Pre-surgery & Post-surgery



Persistence - Communication - Flexibility -

Adaptability - Empathy - Prioritizing - Patient

Oriented - Effective Collaboration - Multitasking


Microsoft Office - Internet Research


Arabic - Native Proficiency

English - B1-B2 Level

French - B1-B2 Level

Deutsch - A2 Level

Italian - A1 Level




Walking in the nature


Field Medical Certificate

Lebanese red Cross

2006 Baabda, Lebanon

REGISTERED NURSE November 2010 - September 2016

General Surgery & Operating Room, Central Military Hospital, Lebanon

• Ensuring that the operating room is clean, sterilized, and ready to go at any time.

• Preparing all supplies needed to complete an operation safely.

• Assess patients before surgery and alleviate their concerns.

• Assisting in positioning and preparing the patient on the operating table.

• Passing sterile medical instruments or other objects to the surgeons during the operation.

• Monitoring the patient’s vital signs to detect any possible anomalies.

• Evaluating the patient in post-operative phases.

• Adhering to safety standards and precautions

• Assuming duties within or out of the sterile area as assigned by the surgeons. REGISTERED NURSE November 2010 - September 2016

Maternity and Nursery service, Lebanese Canadian Hospital, Lebanon

• Providing essential care to newborn babies.

• Advising on and helping new mothers with feeding the baby.

• Bathing, changing, settling, and taking care of the baby’s laundry, nursery, and equipment.

• Preparing the milk bottles and ensuring the bottles and other feeding equipment are clean and sterilized during the day and night.

• Monitoring the baby and reporting any signs to the physician. PRACTICAL NURSE November 2010 - September 2016

Plastic Surgery Department, Lebanese Canadian Hospital, Lebanon

• Performing patient screening tasks and reviewing medical history and psychosocial status before surgery.

• Preparing the operating room before procedures and assisting with invasive treatments.

• Monitoring the patients before and after their surgeries.

• Discussing patients' procedures with them and explaining what they can expect before, during, and after the procedure.

• Providing the appropriate care for the wound or surgery site.

• Collaborating with physicians and other team members to ensure all the patient's needs are met.

Professional references are available upon request. PASCALE EL ANTOURY

G e n e r a l N u r s e

• Address: South, Lebanon • Nationality: Lebanese • D.O.B: 26-Oct-1988 • Marital Status: Married

• Children: 2 • Contact: +961-*-***-*** • Email:

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