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Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
2 Lakhs per months
October 22, 2022

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*.Name in Full(in Block Letters) : Dr. (Ms) RANJANA MEHROTRA

2.Father’s Name : Dr. R.R. Mehrotra

3.Date of Birth (Age as on date of advertisement) : 02/07/1959

4.Nationality : INDIAN

5.Position held

Former Professor

Department of Physics

School of Basic Sciences & Research

Sharda University, Greater Noida


Physico Mechanical Metrology Division

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory New Delhi 110012

6.Address for correspondence

Ranjana Mehrotra

A 207, Sector 26

NOIDA 201301

7.E-mail ID. :

7. Ph. : 098********, 076********

8Whether belongs to SC/ST/OBC : No

9.Education Qualifications (In chronological order commencing from Bachelor’s Degree)



Exam Passed

University/ Institution

Year of Passing

Main Subjects

Division or Equivalent







Meerut University

Meerut University

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi




Physics, Mathematics, Statistics

Physics (Electronics)




10.Employment Record (Details in chronological order, starting with the first job).



Name & Address of the employer/instit


Period of service From To

Designation of post held and scale of pay

Nature of work and level of responsibility










IIT Delhi


Bangalore & NPL, New



New Delhi


New Delhi


New Delhi


New Delhi

Sharda University

University of Essen, Germany

PTB, Germany

April 1987 –Sep


Oct 1991- Sep 1996

Oct 1996 – Dec 2000

Jan 2001 – Dec 2005

Jan 2006 – Dec 2010

Jan 2011- July 2019

Sep 2020 – June 2021

Aug 2002 – Oct 2002

Nov 2007 – Feb 2008

Research Associate

Scientist C

Scientist EI

Scientist EII

Senior Principal Scientist

Chief Scientist


Visiting Scientist

Visiting Scientist

Research & Development R&D/Project Management

R&D/Project Management

R&D/Project Management

R&D Management, General and /Scientific Administration, Training

R&D Policy, planning, execution and monitoring, General and /Scientific Administration, Training etc.

Teaching & Research

& Administration

Research & development Collaborative scientific project/ R&D

Research & Development Collaborative scientific project/ R&D

11.Administrative experience

Professor, Department of Physics, Sharda University

Professor, Physical Sciences, AcSIR

Head, Physico-Mechanical Metrology Division (2016-2019)

Head, Quantum Phenomena & Applications Division (2014-2016)

Head, Optical Radiation Metrology Sub-Division (2014-2019)

Head, Quantum Optics & Photon Physics Sub-Division

Head, Temperature and Humidity Sub-Division

Chairperson : Appointment Committee, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi

Chairperson : Sexual Harassment Committee CSIR HQ, New Delhi

Chairperson : Sexual Harassment Committee CSIR-NPL, New Delhi

Chairperson : Sexual Harassment Committee CSIR-NPL, New Delhi

Projects handled as Principal Investigator: (Eleven projects)

Projects handled as Co-PI: (Five projects)

12.Details of experience

A.Forty years of in-depth multidisciplinary research and development experience at CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, in the field of Physico-Mechanical Metrology, Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy and Near Field Microscopy.

For last 12 years, deeply involved in scientific and administrative policy, planning, execution and monitoring of CSIR-NPL and CSIR HQ.

Since January 2011 to July 2019, worked as Chief Scientist and

a.Head, Quantum Phenomena and Application Division, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.

b.Head, Physico-Mechanical Metrology Division, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.

c.Head, Optical Radiation, Metrology Sub-divisions and Temperature & Humidity, subdivision of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.

As head of above divisions, my responsibility was to establish and maintain National Standards and to participate in the international/bilateral inter-comparisons and key- comparisons in order to make the National Standards compatible with international standards.

The job also involved apex level calibration and consultancy services to the industry for adherence to Indian National Standards, and for enhancing their quality systems to remain competitive in the global market.

Regularly organize training programs, workshops, and seminars for domestic and international industry professionals, and academicians on legal metrology.

B.I was also deeply involved in planning, execution and monitoring of scientific and administrative policies and processes for NPL and CSIR HQ to make India a global hub of innovation and manufacturing using infrastructure and talent pool of NPL and other CSIR Labs.

C.I regularly served as :

a.DGs CSIR’s nominee for CSIR-RAB assessment committee meetings for senior scientists for Physical Sciences and Engineering Sciences.

b.Expert for CSIR-CSIO, CSIR-CGCRI, CSIR-CEERI, CSIR-NGRI, CSIR-NIO and other CSIR laboratories for assessment and promotion of scientists.

c.Expert for evaluation of research projects submitted from time to time to various funding agencies (DST/DBT/ICMR/CSIR).

d.Expert Ph.D. / M Tech thesis reviewer and examiner in various universities/ IITs.

e.Expert for CSIR RA/SRF/Pool Officer interviews as subject expert.

f.Invited Expert for talks in different International and national conferences, academic institutions/universities and various winter/summer schools etc.

g.Worked as reviewer of research papers of different journals of international repute such as Biopolymers, Talanta, Analytical letters, Separation science, Vibrational spectroscopy, Drug testing and analysis, Materials chemistry and physics etc.

D.Along with above, my research interest involves development of infrared, Raman spectroscopy and near field microscopy based tools and technologies for industrial applications. I could established a world class state of the art independent research facility at NPL to Conduct Multidisciplinary Research, based on industrial requirements and health issues to increase productivity and to improve the quality of life of the masses.

Using this facility, I could successfully developed many new techniques / technologies. Following were some of the prominent innovative projects in different fields:

1.Sugar Industry

In collaboration with Siel Ltd and STM, successfully developed near infrared based technique for on-line monitoring of sugar content in sugarcane juices and sugarcane solids. This has helped the sugar industry in increasing the yield to the tune of 3% and substantial cost reduction.

2.Textile industry

In textile industry in order to get optimum yield, it is necessary to maintain stable mechanical and physical properties of the cellulose fibers during the process. It can be done by quantification of different constituents present at different stages of processing. I could successfully develop Infrared spectroscopic technique for quantitative analysis of raw materials (pulp), intermediate materials (viscose) and finished products for Grasim Industry, Nagda. This had brought phenomenal process improvement and resulted in increase in yield and cost reduction.

3.Medical Diagnosis

The infrared study on tumor pathology has become an excellent tool in understanding the biochemistry of the malignant cells. Infrared techniques help the cancer patients in fast diagnosis so that the proper treatment can be started well in time. I could successfully establish a couple of infrared markers for tumour diagnosis under a DST sponsored project in collaboration with MAX Hospital, New Delhi. This technique will also help in defining the boundary of cancer at the time of operation.

F.Served as Professor of AcSIR (for M.Tech / Ph.D programmes for CSIR Scientists) and worked as Course Coordinator for following M.Tech Courses:

1.Research Methodology, Scientific Writing & Communication Skills

2.Advanced self-study (NPL 702)

3.Project proposal (NPL 801)

4.Review paper writing (NPL 802)

5.Material Characterization Techniques

G.Serving as Professor, Sharda University, taking following courses, submitted one project for funding to DST-SERB

1.Mathematical physics


3.Research and Publication Ethics

E.Students Guided

(a)Ph.D. (Completed/Progress): 10

(b)Post Graduation : 15

13.Research publications : 140

Papers presented in different Conferences: : 250 (12 best paper awards)

14.Professional Affiliations:

1.Head, Indian Delegation, IEC 34, 2021

2.Head, Indian Delegation, IEC 34, 2020

3.Head, Panel of UV-C devices, BIS

4.President : CIE- National Committee of India,

(International Commission on Illumination)

5.Chairperson Bureau of Indian Standards: (MED-32) Photograph and Cinematographic committee

6.Chairperson Bureau of Indian Standards: (ETD-23)

Lamps and Lighting committees

7.Member Bureau of Indian Standards:(ETD-49)

8.Vice President, Metrology Society of India

9.Editorial Member “MAPAN”

10.Associate Editor MSI News letter

11.Member Editorial Board “American Journal of Optics and Photonics” (2013)

12.Member Editorial Board “Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta” (2010-2012)

13.Member Editorial Board “Journal of Pure and Applied Spectrophysics”

Life membership

1)Optical Society of India

2)Indian Spectro Physics Association

3)Indian Science Congress Association

4)Instrumentation Society of India

5)Indian Society of Analytical Scientists

6)Indian Women Scientists Association

7)Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad

8)Metrology Society of India

Projects Completed as PI :

1.Creation of Testing and Calibration Facility for LED and LED based Lighting at CSIR-NPL India as per National/International Standards, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, New Delhi.

2.Advanced Quantum Research and Innovation with Ultra Small Systems (AQuaRIUS), 12th Five year plan project, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi.

3.Infrared spectroscopic study for tumor diagnosis – Phase II, Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

4.Infrared spectroscopic study for tumor diagnosis, Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

5.Chemoprofiling of medicinal herbs and study of their interaction with biomolecules: A Vibrational Spectroscopic Approach, Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.

6.On-line approach to non-contact IR sensor technique for estimation of sugars and its byproducts, Sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, in collaboration with Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore.

7.Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of Pharmaceutical Compounds, Indian Council of Medical Research.

8.NIR spectroscopic techniques for cellulosic materials, sponsored by Adita Birla Management Corporation Limited, Mumbai.

9.Optical and spectral properties of organic compounds used as building blocks for nano-structures, in collaboration with Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi, sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial research, New Delhi.

10.Determination of sugar content in sugarcane juices and sugar cane solids by infrared spectroscopy, sponsored by Sugar Technology Mission, New Delhi and in collaboration with Siel Limited, New Delhi.

11.Optical and electrical properties of Langmuir Blodgett films, sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

Projects Completed as Co-PI :

1.Studies on the effect of dynamic multiple scattering on frequency shift of spectral lines and applications, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

2.Establishment of Cal-Val facility at Kavaratti Island Phase-I,Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad.

3.Establishment of Cal-Val facility at Kavaratti Island Phase-II,Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad.

4.Investigations on the effect of light due to light show on the structure of Sri Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur. Consultancy project from Archeological Survey of India.

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