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Tallahassee, FL
October 19, 2022

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SAP Letter of Appeal Template

The template below has been created to help you write your letter of appeal. Please fill in the following areas appropriately. Be sure to save this document on your computer. Once this template is complete and saved on your computer, you will need to attach it within the SAP Academic Appeal Form.

Explain the unforeseen and serious in nature barriers and/or problems that caused the lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Sorry that I causing problems in school I really want to finish school just find out that I’m having a baby. I been so sick that I can barely get out of bed these couple of weeks. I really want to finish school I’m sorry a causing problem I want to work hard this semester .

Clearly Illustrate the changes that have occurred which will ensure the circumstance noted will no longer affect your academic success moving forward.

I’m giving you my work about my problem it’s under control I’m over morning sickness I’m ready to get back in school an start make a high GPA. An working hard on my work in classes.

Briefly state your reasoning for attending school as well as why you feel you are a candidate for reinstatement.

I am given another chance, I plan to [plan. Each reason in the previous section should have a specific plan in place to address it. So if I rarely turned in homework, I would be explaining that I will make a study schedule that includes 2 hours of study outside of class for every hour spent in class, which should suffice for me to complete all my homework as well as doing the reading, 2nd draft of notes, etc., and then say that at regular points in the semester I will rethink my study plan to see whether I should be devoting more time to any one class.] I have already taken steps to improve the likelihood of my success by [ways I have taken steps. In each case, I would try to obtain proof -- so a letter from a counselor I might be seeing saying that I was in treatment for, or a letter from a doctor saying that a medical problem I had been having was now cured or something -- and note that the documentation was attached to my letter (sent in the same envelope, paper-clipped together)].

Thank you very much for considering my appeal. If you have any questions or need any additional documentation, please feel free to contact me at [phone number of email address that I am actually going to pay close attention to until I find out whether or not the appeal is successful]. I hope that you will agree that I am in fact a good candidate for reinstatement [maybe a very brief summary of reasons I think I'm a good candidate here] and permit me one more chance.

Remember, you will need to save this document with your completed entries above in order to attach it within the SAP Academic Appeal Form.

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