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Intelligence Analyst Control Officer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom
October 19, 2022

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Nationality: Ghanaian

Location: Ghana, Accra

Mobile: +233********* +447*********

Professional Profile

I’m an intelligence crime analyst, digital forensic examiner, and tactical deployment professional with eight (8) years of experience and expertise in analyzing crime reports, intelligent logs, witness statements, arrest reports, surveillance logs, call records data and forensic digital extractions to identify emerging or evolving trends, series, and patterns to forecast, anticipate and hopefully prevent a crime. I supervise a tactical deployment team for recces and raids to secure evidence and hopefully save lives, I aspire to find a challenging position to meet my job proficiency that will allow me exhibit my expertise in a multi-disciplinary environment that seeks high output team players.

Core Skills

Ability to work and pursue investigations independently

Ability to read and create intelligent charts

Physically fit and comfortable working long hours

Experienced in working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computer

Experienced in working with Forensic Tools (FTK imager, Autopsy, Paladin, Cellebrite)

Ability to generate effective reports and logs

Ability to handle and work under pressure in a time-sensitive and fast-paced environment

Good written and verbal communication skills

Evidence collection protocols

Good Time management

Search and seizure procedures

Competent and consistent in quality work output

Paying attention to details

Ability to learn quickly and adapt to new systems

Employment History

Narcotics control Commission (NACOC) Rank-: Deputy Narcotics Control Officer (DNCO)

2013 – Present Date: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, surveillance operative, Forensic examiner, Operations (tactical deployment), and I.T support.

Key Responsibilities

To run the thirty (30) men enforcement unit when the head of unit is not available

To supervise and manage the operational and analysis teams

Develop intelligence logs for both local and international partners

To help plan surveillance if needed, execute arrest, recces, and raids

Work on National Crime Agency (NCA) intelligence and cases

To produce meaningful intelligence reports to be presented to top management

Forensically extracting digital devices (for evidence and intelligence purposes)

Troubleshooting and maintenance of database, software including Microsoft Office suites 2007/2010, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 (I.T support).

To agree to be polygraphed by the NCA every eighteen (18) months for security clearance

Key Achievement

Successful extractions of digital devices (presenting the extracted content as evidence for the first time in a Ghanaian court)

Successful extractions of digital devices for other law enforcement (Ghana police, National Intelligence Bureau, Economic and Organized Crime Office, Ghana Army, National Crime Agency, Benin and Togo Law Enforcement)

Successfully running the enforcement unit (Deputy) when the head was not available.

Successfully selecting appropriate techniques and drawing inferences that provided an accurate insight into criminal activity.

Successfully managing and maintaining the I.T infrastructure of the a (30) men enforcement unit

Generated multiple intelligence logs

Heading a team on a joint operation with Ghana Navy for the largest cannabis bust in Ghana

Working and collaborating with other law enforcement agencies locally and internationally

Performing analysis, data acquisition of digital devices on several joint operations between Ghana and UK, Narcotics Control Commission/ National Crime Agency/Boarder Force (Acridian, Overwove, Super cloth, Nankeen)

Intelligence presentations

I have passed all polygraph tests by the NCA from 2014

Step Technologies

2011 – 2013: Technical Team

Technical team is in charge of the installations of security systems for clients

Key Responsibilities

Installation of security systems for clients

Servicing old systems

Handling of client complaints, proposing security solutions to clients, and making sure clients are satisfied with work done before and after completion

Key Achievement

Created an installation before and after checklist which reduced the return trips to installations sites and clients call back rates

Education and Qualifications

2022: Narcotics Related Money Laundering Investigation (NACOC and NCA)

2021: Social Media Intelligence Course (Cloudbreak)

2021: Cyber Elements of Drug Trafficking (UNODC)

2019: Dark Web Cyber Investigation (FBI)

2018: Digital Forensics And Moot Court (FBI and Attorney General Dept. of Ghana)

2018: Basic Digital Evidence And Preservation (FBI)

2018: Basic Recovery and Identification of Digital Evidence (FBI)

2017: Drug Online Course (Italian Ministry of Interior)

2016: Cybercrime Investigations and Digital Forensics course 2 (Ecrime Bureau)

2016: Cybercrime Investigations and Digital Forensics course 1 (Ecrime Bureau)

2015: Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (Cellebrite)

2015: I2 iBase (CloudBreak)

2015: OSINT Pro (Cloud Break)

2015: I2 iBase Analyst Note Book Importing (CloudBreak)

2015: I2 iBase Note Book Essentials and Targeting (CloudBreak)

2014: Basic Surveillance Technique (BNI Ghana)

2014: Intelligence and Investigative Techniques course (College of Policing)

2013: Class A Officers Training into Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC and Ghana Army-Asutuare)

August 2008 – May 2011: Methodist University College Ghana (Bachelor of Science: Information Technology-I. T)

February 2002 – June 2005: Labone Senior High School

Leadership Experience

Role Organization Date

Supervisor for Analyst/Operational team Narcotics Control Commission 2017 - Date

Head of Technical team Step Technologies 2011 - 2013


Raphael Annorbah-Sarpei (Head of Unit, Narcotics Control Commission)

Mobile: 233*********


Henrietta Wheal (ILO, National Crime Agency)

Mobile: 447*********


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