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Pipe Superintendent

Church Rock, NM, 87322
120,000.00 Yearly
October 19, 2022

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Ben Johnson

Home Phone #: 505-***-****

P.O Box 157

Churchrock, NM 87311

Cell Phone #: 505-***-****

Email: Messages: 505-***-****


Pipe Superintendent, Pipe General Foreman, Pipe Foreman, Pipe Fitter, and Pipe Welder experience. Also worked as a QC/QA

Knowledge in: Pipe Blue Print, Pipe and Instrument Diagram Drawings, High Pressure Code Welding procedures and Specifications.

Job related work experience in Solar Power Plants, Ethanol Plants, Chemical Plants,

Refineries, Off Shore Oil Rigs, Paper Mills, Steel Mills, Smelter Plants, Shipyards, Shop

Fabrication, and Over Sea Construction, Geothermal Power Plants, Cogen Power Plants, Coal Fossil Fuel Power Plants and Bio Mass Fuel Power Plants and numerous power plants. Worked in oil field facilities-Compressors,Tank Batteries, & unloading stations.

Worked on numerous Water Treatment Plants. Underground & surface mine work experience. Clean room piping Experience.

Familiar with new construction activities in Piping, Setting Heavy Equipment & Machinery, Rigging, Lay-outs, 3 Week & 6 week pre-planning work schedules.

Safety Practices and Job Planning. Experience in Oil Pipeline Facility Projects. With the combined years of experience and Knowledge I will be an asset to your company.


Graduated from Wingate High School, Ft. Wingate, NM.

Trade School: ABC Welding School, Phoenix, AZ.

Took courses in Gas Welding, Cutting and Burning, Master Plate & Pipe Welding, and Weld Symbols.


Took courses in plate and pipe welding, using GTAW & SMAW process.


Pre employment Apprenticeship Training, took courses in Code

Welding & High Pressure Tube & Pipe Welding using GTAW & SMAW Process.


Mexican Hat, Utah

Took training in Joint Labors & Operating Engineers Mine

Construction workers course.


St.Paul Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis Convention Center (December 01, 2007)


September 2018 to September 2022

Currently employed with Phoenix Industrial as a Pipe Superintendent. Currently

Employed at Greenriver, Wyoming at Soda Ash Plant-Genesis Granger.

Worked for Phoenix Industrial on numerous projects. Completed project in

Oakland, California at Schnitzer Steel Expansion Project and worked

in Hillsboro, Oregon & completed project as will. Worked for Phoenix Industrial in

Portland, Oregon & Willows California, too.. Completed all four projects. Responsible for

all piping & pipe support installations & equipment settings. Responsible for all hydro

testing & pneumatic air testing of completed piping systems. Responsible for weld

mapping & NDE inspections. Ordering materials, tools & equipment.

January 2018 to July 2018

Was employed with Gama LLC as a Pipe Superintendent in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Worked on new construction projects in the oil fields facilities Stations. Worked

On Corral Canyon 1 Compressor Plant & Corral 2 North & Corral 2 South Compressors.

Was responsible for all civil work, equipment installation, pipe & pipe supports

Installations. Responsible for material take-offs, tools & equipments needed.

March 2016 to December 2017

Was employed with Willow Creek Company in Pecos, Texas. Employed as a Pipe General Foreman, as a QA/QC, and then as a Superintendent working on Oil Pipeline facilities projects. Worked on installing 3-Phase Separator and Piping, worked on Tank Batteries stations, and new construction of CTF Compressor stations, Compressor expansion projects.

January 2015 to January 2016

Worked with Wanzek in Watford City, North Dakota as a Pipe Superintendent.

Completed project at Keene North & South Unloading Station. Worked at Hess Hawkeye

Compressor Station Project. Working with small bore piping & big bore 48” piping


June 2014 to November 2014

Worked in Wahpeton, North Dakota on Minn Dak Molasses Desugaration expansion project. Was employed as a Pipe Superintendent for Wanzek. Supervised the pipe crew on the Big Bore piping as well as the Small Bore piping. Responsible for all fabbing of pipes and pipe supports. Worked with Carbon steel pipe and stainless steel piping. Completed project.

January 2014 to June 2014

Was employed with Jacobs as a General Foreman in Morenci, Arizona. Free Port McMoran Mill Expansion Project. Involved with the Metcalf Area Piping.

June 2013 to January 2014

Employed by Brahma Group, Inc. in Hugoton, Kansas as Field Supervisor. New construction of Bio Mass Ethynol Plant SS Piping & CS Piping. Job Scope : Mech. Rm.

Piping, Raw Water Fire Protection Piping, Ammonia Tank, and Raw Water/Chemical Building Piping, the Natural Gas Building. Fabrication and Installation.

February 2013 to June 2013

Employed with Foster Wheeler as Pipe Superintendent. Job Location based in St. Johns, Arizona at the Coronado Generation Station. Currently working on the new SCR being installed on Unit II. All pipe and pipe support installations involved with Ammonia Tank Farm, Trench, Pipe Racks, SCR Units and Boiler Auxiliary Steam Piping areas.

May 2012 to January 2013

Employed with Foster Wheeler in Gila Bend, Arizona on the Solana Abener Solar Project

as Pipe Superintendent. The project included the construction of Train 1 and Train 2 involving All pipe work ranging from small bore and large bore with pipe supports. The duties involved man power, tools, material, completion dates and hydro schedules.

November 2011 April 2012

Employed by James & Luther Inc. at Western Refinery in Gallup, NM. There was new construction of a waste and water treatment plant. I was also involved with the underground piping and above ground piping to completion as a Pipe Supervisor. I supervised the pipe fitters, pipe welders, and helpers. I worked with carbon steel and stainless steel piping.

April 2011 May 2011

Stationed in Valmy, Nevada employed with Foster Wheeler as Pipe Superintendent for

Power Plant Boiler Shutdown. Responsible for all miscellaneous Pipe Work replacements: Stainless Steel and Carbon piping.

January 2011 – April 2011

Worked in Moapa, Nevada employed by Foster Wheeler as Pipe Superintendent. Job details include The TWIPS System, installed about 20,000 feet of new piping. Worked on miscellaneous Boiler Maintenance and then Transferred to Valmy, Nevada after completed shutdown.

October – December 2010

Employed with FHI Plant Services as a Pipe Superintendant working on a Power Plant Shut down outage in Tucson, AZ for T.E.P. Sundt Station Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 3. Work tasks include: Boiler Tube repairs, valve replacements, Main Steam Header and Support Bracket repairs and other misc. Work activities associated with Boiler Shutdowns responsible for all work activities and planning on job site. We possess an excellent Safety record on this project. Performed 100% x ray welds with quality no rejects on 2 chrome heavy wall piping.

September 2010 to Janury

Worked in St. Paul, Virginia for Shaw Constructors on a new power plant construction site where they were building two new units. Was assigned to work with the power block piping as a Pipe Supervisor where we installed new piping from 8” to 30” and also installed pipe supports at the same time.

January 2010 to June 18, 2010

Was employed with Foster Wheeler as a Pipe Superintendent for Next Era Energy Solar Power Plant Harper Lake Project in Hinkley, California. Was responsible for all Solar tube piping and Valve installations in the solar field on Unit VIII and Unit IX. Completed project ahead of schedule with quality and excellent safety performance.

January 2010 (3 weeks)

Worked in Valmy, Nevada. North Valmy Power Plant. Was employed by Foster Wheeler as a Pipe Superintendent. Did Pre Outage walkdowns with clients on work packages and estimated man hours, man power, equipment and tools needed for work packages. Completed work assignment and transferred to Hinkley, California where I was needed to start project on Solar Power Plant.

March 2008 to May 2009

` Worked in Springerville, Arizona. Was employed by Foster Wheeler New Construction of 400 mw coal fired power plant. Employed as a Pipe Superintendent. Responsible for all big bore and small bore piping. Planning daily, weekly, and monthly work activities to meet schedule dates on systems by priorities. Ordering all materials needed and working with engineers to complete project. Supervised general foremans, formans,and all craftmen within the pipe department.

April 2007 to March 2008

Worked in Plainview, Texas. Was employed by Fagen New Construction of 100 Mill Ethanol Plant. Employed as a Pipe Superintendent. Was responsible for all piping and pipe supports installations. Responsible for all materials needed to complete project. Planning all work by systems and priorities to meet scheduled dates. Supervised General Foreman and foreman and all craftsmen within the pipe deparment.

January 2006 to December 2006

Employed with Lauren Engineers and Constructors in Boulder City, Nevada. Employed as a General Foreman. New construction of a Solar Power plant. Worked with small bore piping up to 20” large bore piping. Supervised the Solar Field Piping andCompleted all tie ends to the S/S Tube connections. Completed all piping at the Solar Field and also started and completed all the Power Block Piping plus the Rack piping.

Was employed by Teton Construction Company in Lindon, Utah. New construction of a co gen power plant. Worked as a pipe supervisor on Unit 12 boiler. Responsible for all piping installation and fabbing of pipe spools for the roof piping and the bottom piping of the boiler. Worked with carbon steel piping, 1 ” chrome, 2 ” chrome, and 9” chrome material.

Was employed by F.H.I. Plant Services at Reid Gardner power plant in Moapa, Nevada.

Worked on Unit IV Boiler shutdown. Supervised the super heat boiler crew. Also responsible for the fire side of the furnace as well as the turbine area and maintenance repairs of boiler tubes, pipes, and replacement of valves. Supervised high pressure welders, riggers, mechanics, and helpers.

Was employed by F.H.I. Plant Services in Moapa, Nevada at Reid Gardner power plant. F.H.I. Plant Services behind on schedule. Brought own crew and bailed them out to complete outage. Worked on the ID fan and Housing replacement. Supervised the welders, riggers, mechanics, and helpers. Work was on Unit III.

Was employed by H.B. Zachary in Huntington, Utah. Worked at Huntington power plant on their Unit II E.P.A. Scrubber Project. Was employed as a pipe foreman. Was responsible for all fabrication and installation of pipes. Supervised the pipe welders, pipe fitters, and helpers.

Was employed by F.H.I. Plant Services in Moapa, Nevada at Reid Gardner power plant on Unit II boiler shutdown. Worked on the reheat and superheat side of the boiler and on the fireside of the furnace. Worked on tube repairs and replacement of tubes. Supervised the night shift crew. Supervised high pressure welders, riggers, mechanics, and helpers.

Worked in Sherman, Texas for K.B.I. Construction Company at Tyson food plant. New construction project of processed canned food products. Stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe, and PVC piping fabrication and installation of pipes. Installed all pipe supports. Supervised pipe fitters, welders and helpers.

January 2005 to December 2005

Worked in Henderson, Nevada for K.B.I. Construction Company as a pipe supervisor on new construction of a plastic plant. Was responsible for all piping being fabricated and installation of all pipes as well as installation of all pipe supports. Worked with stainless, carbon steel and brass piping. Supervised pipe welders, pipe fitters, structural welders, and helpers.

Was employed with C.C.C. Groups in Lucerne Valley, California on new construction of a limestone mill expansion project to existing mills. Supervised the pipe crew. Was responsible for all piping involved in a limestone mill, small bore and large bore piping. Responsible for all pipe fabrication and installation of pipes and installation of pipe supports. Supervised pipe welders, structural welders, and helpers.

Was employed by C.C.C. Groups as a pipe foreman. Job location in Henderson, Nevada. New construction of a Water Neutralization Plant. Fabrication and installation of small bore and large bore piping. Worked with stainless, carbon steel, and PVC piping. Supervised pipe welders, pipe fitters, structural welders, and helpers. Installed all pipe supports.

Worked in Laughlin, Nevada. Job site at Mojave Generating station. Was the supervisor over the boiler repair crew. Was responsible for all boiler maintenance repairs of boiler tubes, pipes, and valve replacement. Was involved with all work from the ground level to the roof of boiler, as well as some Turbine area weld repairs. Supervised the high pressure tube welders, heavy wall pipe welders, boiler mechanics, riggers, structural welders, and helpers.

Was employed with L Conn Construction Company in Moena, Utah. New construction of a Co Gen power plant. Worked on the combustion turbine piping and the steam turbine piping. Was involved with the first fire on both CTS. Assisted G.E. and start up on CT 1 and CT 2.

January 2004 to December 2004

Employed with Wanzek Construction Co. at Abengoa Bioenergy Plant in Portales, New Mexico as a Foreman/Supervisor. Project consisted on expanding the existing plant. We pre fabbed and installed new pipes throughout the plant. Mostly, stainless steel piping and less carbon steel pipes. I supervised pipe fitters, pipe welders, and welder’s helpers.

I was employed with FHI Inc. out of Laughlin, Nevada. Power plant shutdown overhaul at Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nevada. I was employed as a crew foreman and I supervised the Penthouse crew on various tube replacements, pipe replacements, and valve replacements throughout the power plant.

Was employed with H.B. Zachary Construction Co. in Indian Town, Florida. New construction at four new Co gen Power Plants. I was employed as a Pipe Foreman and I supervised the pipe racks on Unit II. I also, supervised the combo welders, pipe fitters, and helpers. I worked on all the steam piping, common piping, utilities piping, and also, worked with other crafts in building the new plant. Besides working on Unit II, I also was involved in Unit I. My daily duties involved assigning daily tasks, planning ahead on which system needs to be worked on, and ordering piping materials. The new construction involved a lot of heavy rigging, heavy equipment, safety precautions, and planning.

May 2003 to December 2003

Employed by Casey Industrial Inc. out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Potlatch paper tissue plant was a new construction project. I supervised pipe crews on all systems involved with paper mill, small bore, and big bore pipes. I specifically worked with stainless steel piping.

May 2002 to May 30, 2003

I worked at Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nevada. Was employed by

F.H.I. Plant Services, Inc. I Worked as a Pipe Foreman. Had the heavy wall pipe

crew, and did the De Super heater Header replacements inside the penthouse. Also, re installed Water Wall Header Piping and Floor Tubes inside the upper dead air space.

Was employed at Tonapah, Arizona for Shaw Constructors. New construction of

Harquahala Generating Station. Was employed as General Foreman in the Pipe Department. I was responsible for all the High energy piping, common piping and utilities piping on Unit II, did all the piping on the Steam Turbines, Condenser Piping and all tie ins to the Boilers. Was also involved with the CT piping briefly. Also helped out Unit I meet completion and start up date. Upon completion of Unit II, I was transferred to Unit III piping. I supervised all piping, with exception of the Boiler & CT piping.

May 2001 to May 2002

Worked in Laughlin, Nevada at Mohave Generation Station for F.H.I. Plant Services as a

Foreman during their shut down. Supervised the Heavy wall pipe crew on the De Super heater header replacements inside the penthouse. Also, replaced a lot of Bend Tubes on the Inlet and Outlet final Super heater Header. Also, worked on the division panels, wrapper tubes, front super heat platen, and the water wall spacer tubing replacement.

Was employed by H.B. Zachary as a General Pipe Foreman at Buckeye, Arizona. New Construction at Red Hawk Power Project. Was responsible for all the Piping involved on the Combustion Turbines and the Steam Turbines. Was responsible for all piping tying in to the CTS and STS. Pipe consisted of utilities, common and high energy piping.

January 1999 to May 2001

Worked in Laughlin, Nevada for F.H.I. Plant Services located at Mohave Generating

Station. I worked as a Foreman during their 2001 shutdown. Worked inside the Penthouse on the Inlet and outlet final superheat Bent Tubes, and other Boiler Related tube replacements.

Worked in Kingman, Arizona on the Griffith Power Project. Was employed by H.B.

Zachary as a General Pipe Foreman. Supervised the Steam Turbine Piping, Combustion

Turbine Piping, Cooling Tower Piping, Tank farm Piping, Chemical building Piping,

Aux Steam Piping, Chiller Piping, and Pipe Racks. Was responsible for all Piping and Pipe Supports on the job site, exception of the boiler piping.

Worked in Albuquerque, NM on New Construction of Cobisa Person Generating Project. Was employed for H.B. Zachary as a General Foreman with the Pipe department. Was responsible for all piping on the jobsite, which included the underground piping, and above ground piping.

Worked in Snow Flake, Arizona at Abitibi Paper Mill. Was employed for

Kamtech, Inc., as a Pipe Foreman. Expansion Project on the Paper Mill and shut Down. Lots of pre fabrication stainless steel pipes small bore to big bores.

Worked in Laughlin, Nevada at Mohave Generating Station. Employed by F.H.I.

Plant services as a High Pressure Steam Welder and Fitter. Worked with the Boiler crew on the Side Water Walls and the Boiler Throat Tube Panel replacements and the Coal Sealed Air Piping. 1999 shutdown outage.

January 1996 to December 1997

Worked in Page, Arizona at Navajo Generating Station. Was employed by H.B. Zachary as a pipe foreman. Worked on the Fuel Oil Piping Project, Installation of new fuel Oil Piping to all three units. Was responsible for all Piping and Pipe supports involved.

Crew consisted of Fitters, Welders, Equipment Operators, Scaffold Crew, Helpers and Labors.

Snowflake, Arizona. Job location at Stone Container Paper Mill. Worked for Jackson Welding & Fabrication as a Pipe foreman. Ran the pipe crew on fabrication and installation of pipes, during the shutdown. Worked with Pipe welders, structural welders and riggers. Worked on Carbon steel Pipe and stainless steel pipe. Lots of rigging involved during the shut down.

Snowflake, Arizona. Job was located at Stone Container Paper Mill, employed by BE & K. Was employed as a Pipe Foreman for the construction of the new O.C.C. addition to the existing paper mill. Did a whole lot of other piping that tied in to the existing Mill. Job involved strictly pipe, stainless steel pipe from to 24”. Installed all new lines with pipe hangers and pipe supports according to the Engineers specifications. Lots of pipe rigging involved. Lots of safety requirements and strict safety work practices enforced by safety personnel’s.

January 1995 to December 1995

Worked at Prewitt, New Mexico. Job site at McKinley Paper Mill. Was employed for

Berg, Inc. I was the leadsman for the pipe crew. Lots of pipe fabrication involved. Shooting elevations for new pipes and remodifications for existing lines. All pipes and material were stainless steel, had weekly shutdowns before the last big shut down.

Snowflake, Arizona at Stone Container Paper Mill. Was employed for BE &K, Inc. as Pipe foreman. Lots of pipe pre fabing prior to the shut down. Pre fabed stainless steel pipe and carbon steel pipe. Lots of rigging involved installing new lines. Job required lots of safety procedures and safety requirements involved in Paper Mills.

Castle Rock, Wyoming at Jim Bridger Power Plant. Minor Boiler shut down outage work. Lots of Boiler tube repairs. Was hired as a working foreman for Irwin Industries.

Worked for Southern California Edison Co. at Mohave Generating Station during the 1994 spring outage shutdown. Worked as a lead man for the water wall crew that consisted of high pressure certified welders performing quality x ray welds on high pressure water wall tubes. I was responsible for all daily job assignments, job and work tasks, as well as safety pre cautions and procedures for my crew on the side water wall replacement of the boiler tubes. We did all the rigging for removing existing old water wall tube panels and installing the new water wall tube panels. Lots of rigging required for this job. Water wall tube panels were 40” by 6” in length and width. We also replaced the wrapper tubes on each of the division walls inside the boiler as well as other work pertaining to boiler maintenance shut downs. All welds were x rayed and visually inspected by Quality control welding inspectors.

January 1993 to December 1993

Steel tube and 2 chrome tube welding, x ray welds. Worked for them all summer, fall and winter. Did a whole lot of structural fabrication and lay out work for them accordingly to blue print and engineer specification. Worked on the main steam, hot and cold reheat platform project.

Worked at Salt River Project for their 1992 spring outage. Did a whole lot of Stainless tube replacements. Did carbon steel, 1 chrome welding. Did some quality, critical welds for the tube deck, which required welding by the foreman. We also replace a whole lot of water wall tubes, 20 ft. panels (40 tubes to a panel).


Johnny Reynolds-360-***-****-Project Manager

James Tallman-928-***-****-Plant Scheduler

John Bolsin 575-***-**** – FHI Project Manager/ QA Manager.

Fred Smith-908-***-****- Foster Wheeler project Manager

Jason Livingston 505-***-****- Pipe General Foreman

Kevin Kekomeko 360-***-****- Project Engineer

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