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COO, Executive VP, DOO

Denham Springs, LA
October 20, 2022

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Accomplished and loyal leader, with over ** years of operational experience. I have proven my ability to identify, develop and implement efficient solutions to focus, direct and ensure compliance while maximizing revenue, quality, and productivity. I strive to make the workplace a positive outlet to cultivate a strong culture and team environment. Experience

CEG Assessments

Director of Inside Sales

April 2022 - July 2022 (layoff)

Was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the inside sales team ensuring each staff member felt confident in their daily activities so all metrics were met. The inside sales team consisted of three departments: Bidding, Scheduling and Client Services. In this role, I would assist in determining the business’s long-term objectives, while constantly adapting and prioritizing plans to meet the organization's short and long-term goals. This was done by creating, building and refining strong sales strategies, while consistently communicating the team's KPI’s and tracking them daily to drive revenue. With 95% of the staff members working remotely, I came up with creative solutions to make sure effective communication was had and all team development was aligned with CEG’s values. Accomplishments

● Developed, implemented and monitored all inside sales KPIs resulting in achieving 85% of goals compared to months prior at 75%, and each individual meeting 100% of their individual goals set.

● Created/reorganized sales and client communication procedures to maximize efficiency and provide quality service. For 3 consecutive months 98% client satisfaction was received.

● Created additional communication templates to share both current and upcoming capacity with clients to increase revenue. This resulted in receiving an additional 4 portfolios each week. LA USA Federal Credit Union

Executive Vice President

June 2021 – April 2022 (layoff)

Was responsible for leading strategic initiatives and providing management guidance and effective feedback in all credit union functions within 10 departments: Operations, Accounting, Marketing/Business Development, Compliance, Facility Management, Finance & Lending, HR, Security/Risk Management, Member Services, Collections. As a leader, I tried to have an inspirational approach to build a culture of excellence and harmony, leading by example and ensuring accountability and assistance to all 10 of my direct reports and the remaining 30 staff members. In doing so, I conducted monthly business development activities to promote growth and employee development, in order to create, foster, and maintain an atmosphere promoting collaboration, honest conversations, conflict resolution and growth.


● Developed, implemented, and monitored all KPI’s and strategic goals, allowing the credit union to have a revenue increase of 10% in the months following, with an overall year end increase of 20%, surpassing our growth goal of 15%.

● Developed, implemented, and maintained operational procedures, policies, goals, and strategies to maximize efficiency and quality. Doing so increased our overall member satisfaction by 14%.

● Developed job descriptions, the first time in the credit union's history, allowing each department manager, myself and the President to truly evaluate each employee's job performance. This resulted in an increase in employee satisfaction and department restructures improving the credit union's operational efficiency by 5%.

● Created hiring procedures and process flows that included a new interview process for the organization and training for 6 of the 8 departments. Turnover with new employees was reduced by 40% compared to years prior..

● All departmental procedures were evaluated, resulting in the credit union being 100% compliant with NCUA regulations and 0 deficiencies found in the annual audit.

● Lead the software implementation for the credit union's migration to another database, as well as the creation of the new mobile site to assist with a better banking experience for members. Always Best Care

Senior Services

Chief Operations Officer

November 2018 – June 2021

Director of Operations

March 2015 – November 2018

In my role as the COO, I provided leadership, coaching and strategic vision to the organization that aligned with the company's overall vision and values. Once reviewing and determining the annual budget, all KPI’s and strategic goals were set. I would then drive results from both an operational and financial perspective, in order to obtain growth and profitability. Working closely with all 11 direct reports, I evaluated all operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems and company policies, to determine what needed to be modified and/or created to execute changes in support of our agency's goals and efficiencies.


● Conducted an in-house risk assessment resulting in the creation of an employee handbook, policy, and procedure development, as well as job descriptions for each position.

● Developed and implemented an interview process, as well as a new hire onboarding and training course work and procedures.

● Created a new organization bonus structure with a focus on metrics, job descriptions and company culture.

● Implemented cost saving procedures and tools to decrease operating expenses by 53%.

● Created an agency dashboard and KPIs that were tracked weekly, company wide, to identify achievements and areas of opportunity.

● Developed and implemented all new process flows for policies & procedures.

● Developed new client cancellation policies resulting in additional revenue recouped each year averaging $182,000.

● Revamped the new hire training program, hiring process, benefits, and appreciation program, increasing our hired field workers by 20% and an increased client satisfaction on the employee’s knowledge by 25%.

● Created and implemented a matching system for both clients and employees increasing the client’s satisfaction from 90% to 98%.

● Researched and created an administrative and a state regulation binder to assist in compliance during audits. This resulted in my identifying multiple inefficiencies and areas of non-compliance the organization had previously had and implementing organizational process changes. Allowing us to achieve zero deficiencies 8/8 times in the past 6 years. As well as the regulation binder that was created being recognized nationwide amongst 200+ franchises.

● Optimized the overall customer experience through developing best in class service standards that included the implementation of “meet-and-greet” meetings upon a client’s first day of care, follow-up calls within their first week, as well as monthly survey calls. Client satisfaction increased from 85% to 96% on average.

● Oversaw and led our organization through an acquisition increasing our client and employee count by 30% while maintaining employee and client satisfaction.

● Recognized as Always Best Care’s franchise with the highest employee satisfaction amongst 200+ franchises nationwide.

● Oversaw and redeveloped the agency's vision and mission statement. K-fx2

Director of Operations

August 2012 – March 2015

While managing the day-to-day operations and the supervision of 15-25 individuals, both local and international, I acted as the strategic leader of the organization. I was responsible for determining each project's budget in order to monitor revenue margins and growth. While overseeing each project, I would look for methods to improve quality, productivity, reduce costs, increase profits and/or improve control measures so I could then coach and encourage the staff to look for these things as well. Accomplishments

● Increased client revenue by 48% in the first year of employment with K-fx2.

● Implemented client and employee surveys for K-fx2, increasing overall satisfaction to 92% for employees, and 95% for clients.

● Added an average of 14 new clients per year while maintaining our relationship with all current clients.

● Recruited and brought onboard an additional 5 international developers and 2 designers to assist in additional projects to assist with our overall capacity. Crossmark

Regional Marketing Supervisor

January 2006 – August 2012

With a 5-state region that consisted of over 41 employees and 275 stores, I supervised all day-to-day tasks consisting of staff management, recruitment, training, retaining, performance management, budget analysis, all client communication, and overall project execution. Leading and coaching my staff daily through one-on-one conversations and work-withs, allowed me to stay on top of our performance measures and monitor my team's ability to maximize our regions efficiency. In doing so, I was able to ensure our region was able to deliver quality service to our clients through each creative marketing strategy.


● Presented with the first ever CROSSMARK “Soaring Eagle” Award for increasing business with 5 VIP clients.

● Recognized as CROSSMARKS #1 team Nationwide in 2010 - 2012. Came in as #2 2007-2009.

● Created a regional sales training program that was adopted nationwide over our division.

● Scheduled and managed all client work-withs in each territory resulting in 100% satisfaction on each client audit over 6 years.

● Researched all competitive knowledge and best practices. This resulted in our President requesting me to share my findings weekly with all supervisors across the nation within our division. We saw an average of our overall performance increase nationwide by 15% in the first month of implementation and it continued to climb each month. Education


School of Business

B.S. of Marketing


Graduate Coursework


Misc. Leadership Courses

2006 – Present

Core Proficiencies

● Staff Management & Training

● Operations Management

● Conflict Resolution

● Business Analysis

● Public Speaking

● Financial Management

● Strategic Planning & Implementation

● Performance Analysis

● Leadership Coaching

● Creative Solutions

● Development & Team Building

● Revenue & Profit Growth

● Transparent Communication

● System Implementation

● Organizational Restructuring

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