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Medical Representative Sales Manager

October 20, 2022

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:Commercial and Persuasive

Competition is fierce between pharmaceutical labs: millions are at stake. My best assets remain my ability to argue and my interpersonal skills. Tenacious, dynamic, I know how to take initiatives and methodical ways in my presentations to doctors, with a good ability to handle objections.

A taste for science

My interest in scientific and medical products encourages me to maintain my level of information in this field; constantly on the alert. And this, to reinforce my credibility with health professionals.



Certificate of Training in Medical Delegation


•2007- 2009 : Degree of Specialized Technician in Business Management ISTA of SALE AL JADIDA

•June 2007 :

High school degree in Modern Literature

Qadi AYAD High School - SALE


•April 2022 to Presnt


Manage a portfolio of ophtalmologists in north rabat region

Assiste in operating theaters with ophtalmics surgeons in order to take samples and destock the stock in the clinics

Do virtual lab training for new doctors recuirted in order to know the rages

•November 2021 to April 2022

FONCTION : Sales Manager at PHARMESCENCE a Cosmetique company

Establish a business strategy

Prospect nwe customers

Managing and leading a team

Practice competitive intelligence

•Ooctober 2020 to November 2021:

•FONCTION : Product specialist in urology at ASTELLAS Laboratories, a Japanese multinational company


Promotion of an originator whose indication is bladder hyperactivity to private urologists, University Health Center and clinics.

March 2019 - October

2020 :FONCTION : Medical Delegate for the SUNPHARMA laboratory Duties :

Promotion of the laboratory'sproducts.

September 2015 to March 2019:

Fonction : Regional Animator for MC PHARMA laboratory MC PHARMA

Missions :

*Decline the objectives and the main strategic orientations of the laboratory to the whole team of Medical Visitors. *Conduct simulations and training reminders for the purpose of supervising the medical visitors.

*Establish monthly listings and schedules for the group's medical visit program

*Conduct weekly meetings with the team and organize double outings with the medical visitors in order to evaluate and quantify their level of competence on the laboratory scale * Have an eye on competitors and keep a good eye on the competitive intelligence

*To make dashboards of follow-up of the commercial objectives according to the figures of sales according to the data of the IMS *Organize visits to demanding doctors and propose partnership offers for them to participate in congresses

* Schedule one-time trainings with pharmacies; around; possibly snacks

June 2013 – Septembre

2015 :Fonction : Medical representative for the MC PHARMA laboratory Activity: PROMOTION OF THE LABORATORY PRODUCTS

Missions :

Master the adoption scale.

Explore by verifying the reasons of prescription related to the doctor and the product

Identify the doctor's position on the adoption scale

Assessing and updating doctor's information

Presenting MCPHARMA products

Argue to convince the doctor to consider a change in prescribing habits

Respond to the doctor's objections by addressing their concerns,

Summarize in a brief and concise manner the points addressed while recalling the benefits of the product as well as the dosage and method of administration

Rip off at the end of the medical visit the doctor's commitment to prescribe the product

Immediate self-assessment of the doctor's position on the adoption scale and plan the next visit to ensure continuous improvement in the doctor's position

• June 2012- June 2013 :

Position: Medical representative for the company MEDIAHEALTH Activity: PROMOTION OF LABORATORY PRODUCTS

Missions :

Medical and pharmaceutical presentation to doctors and hospitals. Information on the effectiveness of the medical product and encouragement to prescribe

Description and demonstration of the virtues of the product, description of the composition, indications; contraindication and instructions of use

Mastery of communication techniques for commercial purposes to promote laboratory products

Writing of reports for labs

Information of labs on product feedback.

• 2009- june 2012 :

Position: Agent in charge of invoicing sales aggregates at CCGT GRANULATS Sarl with a capital of 37 000 000 DH

Activity : Exploitation of careers and aggregates marketing

Missions :

Customer contact and establishment of daily planning of deliveries

Collection of the data of the sales boxes

Steering and implementation of a new invoicing system per ton and per cubic meter

Recollection of billing data from the various services Establishment of customer invoices


Microsoft Office

SAGE Commercial Management Module software


French : Fluent

o English : Reading, Speaking and Writing o Spanish : Beginner level (in progress)


-Realization of a personal initiative project PIP of social work (product of scalp treatment product for low income women)

-Sport : Dance - Jogging

-Other: Music - Reading And cinema

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