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Atlanta, GA
October 18, 2022

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Ramya P

Sr. QA Test Engineer

Email: Phone: 609-***-****

QA Automation Engineer with 8 years of experience in all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) &Software Developer Life Cycle (SDLC). Analyzing, reviewing and understanding Business/Functional requirements and executing test cases manually as well as generating automated scripts for TDD, BDD, API Testing, Mobile Testing. Worked in various domains like Retail, Banking and Healthcare.

Professional Summary

Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Waterfall and Agile Scrum model. Extensively involved in UI Automation by using Selenium WebDriver, Java, SoapUI testing, Database Testing, Web Application Testing.

Well versed with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Logging and Tracking defects in all phases.

Experienced in developing and maintaining Automation frameworks – Hybrid Framework and Page Object Model. Hands on experience in different Testing methodologies like Black Box, White Box, Smoke Testing Functional testing, Regression testing, Retesting, Unit Testing, Integration testing, GUI testing, System Testing, Reports Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Experienced in developing selenium automation framework using JUnit/TestNG and developing ANT/Maven targets to execute automation suites.

Experienced in using finder mechanisms like CSS, XPath, Id, linkText, Partial linkText and name to find the Web Elements.

Used Hybrid/Data Driven Framework and extracted data from external Excel files using Apache POI and loaded into the variables in the scripted code.

Involved in design and implementation of Selenium WebDriver Automation Framework for Smoketest and Regression test using TestNG.

Expertised in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing using the TestNG annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider.

Performed Continuous integration automation using Jenkins and scheduled the tests to run at specific time.

Experienced using Accessing Forms, tables, link, Keyboard Mouse Events, Uploading File using Selenium WebDriver.

Experienced in handling Alerts, Frames and Popups in Selenium.

Handled Selenium WebDriver features like Implicit wait and Explicit wait under synchronization.

Experienced in maintaining continuous test integration and automatic build by using Jenkins.

Generated test logs using Log4j for various log levels.

Experienced in preparing test data for positive and negative testing, Boundary value Analysis, Equivalence partitioning and identified critical bugs in the product early in the test execution cycle.

Expertised in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using Quality Center, JIRA and Bugzilla.

Experienced testing with RestFul/SOAP Web Services using SoapUI.

Developed Test Scripts to implement ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using Cucumber, Gherkin.

Experienced in Back-End testing to ensure data consistency on front-end by writing and executing SQL queries.

Wrote complex SQL query by joining multiple tables according business logic for data validation.

Maintained the Selenium and JAVA automation code and resources in source controls like SVN, GIT over the time for improvements and new features.

Experienced with Cross-Browser and Compatibility Testing to test whether the web applications are working as desired in different browsers and environments.

Experienced in Parallel Execution of Multiple Tests at a time in different environments.

Proficiency in testing complex software applications including manual testing.

Dynamic and assertive team player with a strong inclination to improve and optimize process development and implementation.

Excellent analytical skills with good communication and self-organizing skills, assertive and a committed team player.

Worked on testing Data warehouse ETL process with tools like Data Stage as well as developed and tested reports using SSRS.

Technical Skills

Testing Tools

Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium GRID, SoapUI, Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit, SVN, GIT, Firepath, Firebug


Java, HTML, CSS, C, XML, Gherkin



Defect Tracking Tools

Jira, BugZilla, Quality Center

Build Tools

Ant, Maven

Testing Frameworks

Page Object Model, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid Framework

Continuous Integration Tools


Project Methodologies

Agile-Scrum, Waterfall


Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL


Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

MS Office Tools

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Reporting Tools


ETL Tools


Operating Systems

Windows variants, UNIX


Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering


Sun Microsystems Certified Java Programmer

Professional Experience

Project 1

Client : Verizon

Role : Sr. QA Test Engineer

Location : Basking Ridge, NJ

Duration : Apr 2020 to Present


Reviewed the Business Requirement Document, Functional Requirement Specification Document.

Developed Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Data, Test Procedure and Test Reports.

Extensively worked in Regression testing, Parallel Processing using Selenium WebDriver in TestNG.

Performed the build and maven dependencies using Maven build tool.

Developed test scripts by identifying the web Elements through locators using FireBug and FirePath plugins.

Performed Parallel and Cross Browser testing using TestNG on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox where multiple tests were run at the same time.

Used XPath and DOM to work with dynamic and static objects in Selenium.

Reviewed and analyzed the existing test scripts.

Developed HTML TestNG reports for analyzing the output of test using ExtentReports API.

Maintained user documentation with Selenium output screenshots for User acceptance testing (UAT). Developed synchronization using implicit and explicit wait conditions.

Developed Selenium scripts to find, verify, select, edit and perform various operations on web elements.

Developed Selenium scripts to get the data from the webpage by using the methods like getUrl, getTitle, getAttribute. Developed scripts to navigate to various iframes and to handle multiple windows and performed operations on the web elements. Dealt with Accessing Links and Tables using Selenium WebDriver. Incorporated the test data in Test scripts from Excel using Apache POI API. Created automation scripts using Page Object Model(POM) and Data-driven development framework. Developed Back-end testing using complex queries to retrieve the user information to cross validate in UI and databases.

Maintained the Java and selenium test source code and resources in the SVN source control repository tool. Analyzed test results, tracked the defects and generated reports using JIRA. Prepared the data to cover various scenarios and wrote SQL scripts to verify the database updates, inserts and deletion of the records. Maintained continuous test integration and automatic build by using Jenkins and mailed the build outputs to the team members. Performed agile testing, reviewed the stories and participated in Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning and Release Planning meeting.

Experienced testing with RestFul/SOAP Web Services using SOAPUI. Experienced in using the Assertions like Contains, Not Contains, XPath Match, HTTP Status Codes etc..

Tested applications in different types of browsers (cross-browser testing) and versions, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome to simulate production environment. Developed features and test scripts using BDD (Behavior driven development) in Cucumber. Used Cucumber by creating the Features and Step Definition files to execute test scripts. Participated QA meetings and Review meetings to discuss enhancements, modifications and defects in the application.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Firebug, Firepath, XML, XPATH, DOM, Cucumber, JIRA, SVN, Agile, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, SQL, Jenkins, SoapUI, Gherkin, Eclipse, Maven.

Project 2


Role : Sr. QA Test Engineer

Location : Quincy, MA

Duration : Apr 2017 – Mar 2020

BFDS is a leading provider to innovative financial service solutions for customers. SAEC System will have multiple Events associated with it. It provides functionality like new account creation, Account search, Account Maintenance, claim processing, Check processing representing the settlement amount to all its claimants, Address Research, Check reversal in case of wrong address or wrong claimant, Address updates, etc., The status of the checks that have been generated will be updated on daily basis with the help of batch jobs that can be configurable from the system.


Prepared Test Cases, Test scripts and Test data for the application as well as for the database verification based on the functional requirements and test specs.

Attended Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning and Release planning Meetings

Developed automation scripts for automating Functional and Regression testing using Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse, Test NG, Java, Maven, Log4j and JDBC

Worked on creating test cases for Hybrid framework for Selenium WebDriver.

Involved in automating test cases using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG.

Configured Maven, Log4j, TestNG configuration files.

Used Select class to perform operations on the dropdown list.

Dealt with Accessing Links and Tables using Selenium WebDriver.

Incorporated the test data in Test scripts from Excel using Apache POI API.

Prepared documentation for setting up Selenium and Eclipse Environment on Local Work Spaces.

Performed Integration and Regression testing to check compatibility of new functionality with the existing functionalities of the application using Selenium.

Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API.

Developed SQL Scripts for Backend Testing to ensure that data is updated as per the Business Rules

Developed automated script for back-end testing using Selenium WebDriver.

Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, unexpected event handling.

Coordinated with developers and record defects in JIRA to track until they are resolved.

Maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix using excel sheet to keep track of Project's schedule and status.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, SQL, Apache POI, Maven, Log4j, JDBC, Eclipse, Web Services, SoapUI, HTML, CSS, JIRA, Oracle11g, MSWord, MS Excel.

Project 3

Client : Greenwood Bank

Role : QA Test Engineer

Location : Atlanta, GA

Duration : Dec 2015 – Mar 2017

Greenwood Bank is one of the leading providers of outsourcing to the financial industries. TRAC Web project provides different services to Plan sponsors and Participants. Plan Sponsor can provide different pension plans which a participant can enroll. Plan Sponsor responsibilities include Investments, Transfers, Administration and Participant disclosures.


Drafted Test Plan which included testing objectives, testing phases, scenarios and test environment after a thorough analysis of the business rules.

Developed Automation framework using Selenium WebDriver.

Tested applications developed in Java with TestNG framework.

Used Selenium WebDriver for writing test scripts for regression test coverage.

Developed and executed White box test cases of the Java API using TestNG framework and Eclipse.

Automated Smoke and Functional test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Java (Eclipse IDE).

Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) on Continuous Integration tool Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.

Used implicit and explicit wait conditions to solve synchronization issues.

Used XPath to work with dynamic and static objects in Selenium.

Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API.

Coordinated with technical support associates to fix proprietary software issues.

Conducted backend testing using SQL queries to validate data for database.

Worked on Project Management tool JIRA.

Used Apache POI to retrieve data from Excel sheets.

Used AutoIT to handle window pop-ups.

Worked with ETL team to test the Data Warehouse ETL process using Datastage.

Verified the reports generated using SSRS as per the requirements given.

Verified, edited and update test data in new or existing systems before testing.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, Jenkins, Maven, SOAP UI, XPath, JIRA, Eclipse, REST, HTML, CSS, MSWord, MS Excel, MySQL, Windows, DataStage, SSRS

Project 4

Client : Oracle

Role : Test Engineer

Location : Bengaluru, India

Duration : Jul 2014 - Sep 2015

Oracle is an Indian IT company that provides software testing services in domains such as healthcare, education, e-commerce. Easy day is a convenient neighborhood store that offers refreshing shopping experience to its customers to shop their daily household essentials.


Involved in all phases of STLC.

Involved in preparing Test Scenarios and Test Cases based on business requirement documents

Executed test cases by using positive and negative scenarios.

Used different combination of scenarios to test the functionality of application.

Maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to trace test cases to requirements

Used Test Director for bug tracking and reporting, also followed up with development team to verify bug fixes, and update bug status using Quality Center.

Performed Smoke Testing, Functionality Testing, Regression Testing and Retesting at various phases of testing.

Used Test Director and Mercury Quality center for updating the status of test cases and test scripts that are executed during the testing process.

Participated in review meetings with team to review the test scenarios and test cases.

Participated in walk through of Requirements, Test plan, test scenario and test cases.

Interacting with the development and testing teams to improve overall quality of the software

Analyzed the performance based on the reports generated.

Responsible for providing regular status report to the management

Environment: Manual Testing, Quality Center, Waterfall, SQL server 2005

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