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trainer,supervisor dirctor of education

Burqa, West Bank, State of Palestine
July 30, 2022

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Eid Odeh Sweilem Abu Sirhan

Telephone: +962-*-******* (Home)


P.O.Box ( 861 in Zerka)


Personal Details:

Date of Birth :1951

Place of Birth : Madaba

Martial Status : Married

Nationality : Jordanian

Permanent address : Jordan, Zarqa, Wadi Al-Hajar, the Great Arab Revolt street


1. B.A: University of Jordan, July, 1972. English language and Literature

2. Diploma: University of Jordan, February, 1979. Education 3. M.A: University of Jordan, June, l984. Curriculum 4. Ph.D: Amman Arab University for Graduate

Studies/August, 2003. Curriculum and Instruction: Methods of English Language Teaching


1- A Training course on teaching English as a second language for a month in USA

2- Administrative training course for government senior officials in 1995.

3- International Computer Driving License (ICDL)


Feb,2007...up to now

Part time assistant professor at the Language Center University of Jordan Dec, 2005 --Feb,2007

Chief, Institute of Education (UNRWA HQ( Amman ) Responsibility for


Advising on and initiating policies aimed at improving the quality of teacher education programs in the Agency’s Education Science Faculties and the Institute of Education .

Organizing institutionalised in-service training courses for developing the competencies of the education staff in coordination and cooperation with the professional staff of the other concerned divisions and the Chiefs Field Education Programme.

Supervising the development of the training programs, instructional materials, including educational technology materials to ensure the proper functioning of the training courses.

Monitoring and evaluating the training programs and training materials

(including educational technology materials) with a view to making them relevant to training needs and ensuring high quality and effective training outcomes.

Providing the UNRWA senior education staff in the Fields with professional guidance for the development and improvement of the pre- service and in-service teacher education programs. Supervising the enrolment of trainees in in-service training courses, monitors their progress, evaluating their performance and keeping adequate records and credentials.

September 2005 – Jan. 2, 2006

Assistant Professor at Department of English / Zarqa Private University . Responsible for teaching undergraduate students. December, 2002 – Sept. 2005

Director of Instructional and Technical Affairs Zarqa Directorate of Education Ministry of Education. Responsible for promoting, planning, implementing and evaluating the activities of technical and instructional sections in Zarqa Directorate of Education ( including supervising, implementing, and following up all the activities of training and supervision ) . And taking part in the Directorate of Education Board meetings that planned for, and decided on policies related to educational planning.

September, 1999 – December, 2002

Head of Training Certification and Supervision section at Al- Russeifa Directorate of Education. Responsible for promotion, planning implementing and evaluating, the activities of training, certification and supervision section.

November, 1995-September, 1999

Supervisor of humanities, Zarqa General Directorate of Education. Responsible for advisement, promotion, planning, organization and evaluation of the activities carried out by Supervisors of Arabic Language, Islamic Education, English Language, Social Studies, Art Education and Physical Education.

September, 1986-September 1990

Member of the national team for developing English language School Books ( Petra ) for the basic education stage. Responsible for analyzing, organizing, improving and evaluation of the school books. February, 1989-November, 1995

Supervisor of English Language School Subject Zarqa Directorate of Education. Responsible for advisement, promotion, planning, organization and evaluation of the English Language teacher’s activities as well as implementing all the activities related to the training of English Language Teachers and their supervision.

September, 1972-February, 1989

English Language Teacher, Zarqa Directorate high schools. Responsible for teaching public schools students.

September, 2003- 2004

Part time lecturer in Zarqa Private University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English.


Arabic : Fluent in Arabic (writing, reading and speaking) as a mother language.

English : Fluent in English (writing, reading and speaking ) Skills

. Managerial Skills

. Communications Skills

. Computer Skills


Dr. Hussein AbdulFattah, Yarmouk University,( ) Dr.Ahmad Majduba, Dean of faculty of Arts, ( )

Dr. Gazi Khader : UNRWA,Department of Education

( G.Khader )


A number of Educational articles and studies published in Teacher’s Message /Ministry of Education


.PRMY1993 \] آ

English Language Curriculum and its General Guidelines for the 02 Basic Ed. Stage, 1990. (with others).

KEiABGI اKELMHI اKIAT" رKjFkIى اSI MEm bHIرات اAV\ KEBcX de DFGBIان "دور اgcGL KIAh\ 03

. 1993 ( 9 ) دSGIا

( 31 ) 1991 .SFn\ ( 3 ) دSGI اDFGBI اKIAT" رSEnI اDFGBIان "اgcGL KIAh\ 04

. 1994 ( 35 ) SFn\ ( 3 ) دSGI اDFGBI اKIAT رKRoEFnip اKqFI اDEFGX de KRgLMHIب اAGI>05 دور ا

( 36 ) 1995 .SFnBIد ا>ول اSGI اDFGBI اKIATت رACgBn\ de WBGIم اAui 06 Mui KVv وP\ يgiAxI ا>ول اyzFI رةMhBIه) اMBC) KRoEFnip اKqFI اQHmI KEBRghX KT07 درا

( 38 ) 1997 .SFn\ ( 3 ) دSC DFGBI اKIAT رKRoEFnip اKqFI اPEBFG\ Teachers' Use of Meta-cognitive Strategies, Student- 08

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