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Staff Sergeant Victim Advocate

Gretna, LA
June 12, 2022

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Sylvester Dollard

**** *** ***** *****, ******, LA 70056 United States

Email: Mobile Phone: 504-***-**** Highest Military Rank: U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant/E-7 Retirement Approved: 11/2018 Security Clearance: Secret through (10/2028)


Nationwide IT Service 03/2019 to Present

Naval Warfare Information Center $52,000 per year

New Orleans, LA, United States Average hours per week: 40 Support Center Analyst

Supervisor: Anthony R. Massaro Phone: 504-***-**** Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Apply knowledge as Support Center Analyst with Universal Consulting Services, Inc., a government contractor known for expertise in health and Information Technology (IT) solutions, employing passionate professionals as catalysts for improving performance across all levels of government, to include Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Treasury. Tier I IT Support & Professional Issue Resolution: As Support Center Analyst for Naval Warfare Information Center, provided Tier 1 IT support in a service desk environment for first contact issue resolution in support of Active Duty and Reserve military components and contractor personnel with the U.S. Navy. Navigate within the Navy Reserve Order Writing System (NROWS) program to assist customers with order status while providing technical support for program issues. Multifaceted Customer Communication & Satisfaction: Respond to customer inquiries via phone, voicemail, and email using IT concept of Total Contact Ownership for all service requests/incidents and effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues. Monitor issues and continue to work on customer requests and follow up to ensure issue resolution and customer satisfaction. Program Execution & Comprehensive Multitasking: Perform multitasking in dynamic IT, customer-focused, and autonomous environment with minimal oversight and instruction for daily requirements and new projects. Effectively interact and maintain professionalism with customers at comprehensive levels via phone and email, providing clear thinking with exceptional interpersonal, written, and verbal communications.

Software and Application Proficiency & Expertise: Maintain familiarity with Microsoft (MS) Office software and applications, to include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Employ a wide variety of additional specialized software tools, including IT Service Management (ITSM) for ticket writing and tracking, military Defense Travel System (DTS), NROWS, Medical Readiness Reporting System, and My Navy Assignment, as well as select templates to delineate customer requirements. Selected Accomplishments:

*Achieved incident monitoring rate of 92.3% and call monitoring rate of 94.50% in a single reporting period

(Annual reporting period)8008 with of 95% or greater. Page 1 of 10

*Logged more than 4K incidents with a First Contact Resolution rating of 99.4 % compared to the team average of 94.4 and First Level Resolution rating of 97% compared to the team average of 97.7%.

*Achieved re-opened incident average of 75% with 97.7% template usage. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve 10/2017 to 03/2019

Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Program $55,500 per year 2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70114 Average hours per week: 50 Training Chief Military Rank: Gunnery Sergeant/E-7 (GS-12) Supervisor: Tom Nelson Phone: 504-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Expertly use knowledge of enterprise operations; human capital and resource management; leadership principles; training program management concepts, policies, and procedures; and agency regulations to formulate and implement strategies to effectively serve as Training Chief for the Readiness Branch and Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity (MCIRSA). Security Training Program Leadership: Directed, supported, and coordinated broad-scope security program operations, including job assignments, daily operations, and required proficiency training for seven military and civilian staff providing installation security support for the Readiness Support Program (RSP), Mobilization Operations Support Team (MOST), Reserve Staff Training Program (RSTP), and Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Marines (197 personnel). Supported law enforcement operations and provided police services, to protect life and property, enforce U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) regulations and instructions, and preserve the peace. Enforced federal law, state law, Uniform Code of Military Justice

(UCMJ), U.S. Navy regulations, Marine Corps Orders (MCOs), and installation regulations. Maintained positive control and accounting of a $1M budget for Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) muster screening support.

Strategic Planning: Exceptional ability to plan, manage, direct, evaluate, and affect operations of security/police support services, to include police records management, program administration, supply, crime prevention, physical security, installation access control, statistical reporting and analysis, and other services. Empowered subordinates to make decisions to increase productivity, maximize workforce and resources, and encourage fiscal responsibility. Encouraged creativity and innovation to solve problems and support current and future organizational program needs. Incorporated lessons learned and proactively sought to learn and integrate new information to enhance technical knowledge and job execution to ensure exceptional service.

Administrative & Personnel Management: Established priorities and drove daily workflow for a team of 10 military personnel and 2 civilian staff. Oversaw and assist in daily functions of the Order Writing and Muster sections. Tracked, managed, and reviewed the Marine Reserve Order Writing System (MROWS), Marine Online, Drill Manager, Defense Travel System (DTS), CitiDirect, and MarineNet. Ensured Muster Orders were drafted and mailed to all muster-eligible IRR members. Ensured completion of all Annual Training (AT) orders, Appropriate Duty orders, and Offsite Initial duty for Training Orders for RSP, MOST, and RSTP Marines. Oversaw the coordination of associated travel reservations for all IMA and MCIRSA AT and offsite Inactive Duty training orders.

Selected Accomplishments:

*Certified 150 authorizations and 150 vouchers in DTS for all MCIRSA personnel. Page 2 of 10

*Key member on the MCIRSA Mobile Training Team. Coordinated 15 training courses to ensure RSP Marines were current with annual training requirements.

*Identified shortfalls and assisted in the creation of new Budget Execution Activities and Budget Execution Sub-Activities to expedite the funds-approving process in MROWS.

*Served as alternate Agency Program Coordinator for MCIRSA, RSP, MOST, and RSTP Marines.

*Assisted in the planning and provided oversight of 15 IRR Screening Musters (10 large-scale musters and 5 small-scale musters).

*Tracked, verified completion of, and certified 130 DTS authorizations and vouchers for all MCIRSA Marines.

U.S. Marine Corps 08/2014 to 09/2017

Headquarters Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces


$46,656 per year

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70114 Average hours per week: 45 Deputy Security Manager Security Admin Chief Military Rank: Gunnery Sergeant/E-7 (GS-12) Supervisor: Don E. Washington Phone: 504-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Served as Security Administrative Chief within the USMC Support Facility Headquarters (HQ). Supervised and executed all administrative actions within the Security Management Office (SMO) to include providing oversight of 12 security programs for 141 Instructor-Inspector (I-I) sites in a dynamic operational environment.

Security Training Program Management: Served as Security Training Coordinator. Supervised the initiation, scheduling, and coordination of the USMC Security Management Training courses for more than 635 USMC Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) security managers to ensure the maintenance of mission-ready program requirements. Collaborated with MARFORRES staff and Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) to ensure accomplishment of requirements and developed a plan to ensure resolution of issues. Employed superior organizational skills to streamlining of security procedures and processes while maintaining more than 2K records and security clearances. Supervised security training and administrative requirements and maintained 2K+ administrative records and security clearances; processed security access for 1.2K+ personnel.

Leadership & Administrative Expertise: Directed administrative operations and staffing/skill level determination required to accomplish security program objectives. Coordinated vital accounting data, conducted planning meetings, maintained automated records, and developed specialized plans to align requirements with available resources; enforced critical deadlines. Critically analyzed internal and external issues affecting training, schedules, and program performance and worked diligently to recommend solutions and to implement changes, as appropriate, to enhance effectiveness. Acted as Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) Manager and initiated visitor requests, verified security clearance access, and processed personnel.

Page 3 of 10

Human Capital & Performance Management: Established work plans, staffing, and appropriate personnel assignments for a team of eight military personnel and civilian contractors. Employed a myriad of program management principles and reporting tools to track and monitor performance while recommending changes, as necessary. Initiated comprehensive reviews of existing staff and needs assessments. Developed short- and long-range schedules, process timelines, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Supervised and executed management and coding of access badges and ensured appropriate access levels of security clearance eligibility. Maintained Department of the Navy (DON)-classified material destruction requirements. Selected Accomplishments:

*Oversaw 2K+ administrative records and security clearances and processed security access eligibility for 1.2K+ personnel.

*Coordinated Security Database updates with Microsoft (MS) and reviewed administrative updates to the 84-page Command Information and Personnel Security Force Order.

*Executed the verification of security clearances on the MROWS and System Authorization Access Request for MARFORRES, MSCs, and all Reserve sites.

*Certified in Access Control and Integrated Security System (AMAG), TRAKA, Crossmatch, and Symmetry Professional software system. Managed, supervised, and executed the updating of the Security Database, and AMAG.

*Managed and executed processing, granting access, briefing and debriefing, owning and serving, and classified visit requests of personnel in JPAS.

*Supervised the Badge Access Program check-in/out process and access badging for 500+ permanent visitor personnel monthly.

*Orchestrated a complete rewrite of the 84-page Information and Personnel Security Force Order 5510.1B.

*Supervised all administrative correspondence and completed 130 reenlistments, 75 clearance verifications, 5 policy letters, and 110+ System Authorization Access Requests (SAARs).

*Ensured timely processing of 200+ new joins, separations/retirement from the Security database.

*Verified security clearances and prepared access badges for 300+ classified visits for VIPs, conferences, and training events.

*Identified shortfalls, then reconstructed the filing system and check-in/out process for Marines, civilians, and


*Reviewed and verified 150+ Certification of Security Clearance letters and SAARs.

*Served as Project Coordinator for a new $150K Microsoft Security Database tool.

*Served as Assistant Coordinator in the inspection preparation for the Command Cyber Readiness Inspection. As a result, the Command received the highest grade by a USMC Unit. Page 4 of 10

*Lead coordinator for the 2014 Toys for Tots campaign. Coordinated and attended 50+ Toys for Tots events and distribution sites. Collected, purchased, and distributed 52,232 toys to 42,135 children. U.S. Marine Corps 10/2011 to 09/2014

Inspector-Instructor Staff, Fox Company, 2nd

Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division

$46,092 per year

2401 S. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53207 Average hours per week: 50 Administration Chief Military Rank: Staff Sergeant/E-6 (GS-11) Supervisor: Roman Y. Koshkin Phone: Unavailable

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Expertly used knowledge of enterprise operations, human capital and resource management, leadership principles and procedures, and enterprise regulations to formulate and implement strategies to effectively serve as an independent duty Administrative Chief for the Inspector-Instructor (I-I) Marine Corps Electronic Administrative Separations (MCEAS) staff.

Leadership & Administrative Management: Directed, supervised, and executed the reporting and processing of unit diary entries, diary feedback reports, travel requests/claims, and MCEAS packages into the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) for Active Duty (AD) and Selected Marine Corps Reserve

(SMCR) Marines. Managed, maintained, and accounted for final monthly audits and drill muster sheets for 165 Marines. Collected and managed controlled documents and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for AD and SMCR Marines in accordance with MCOs, policies, and guidelines. Human Capital Management: Led, mentored, trained, and supervised three members of the Fox Company I-I staff and (SMCR) Administrative Sections to ensure all personnel maintained a continuous state of readiness for mobilization. Served as the AD and SMCR Career Retention Specialist, the Commander’s advisor for all enlisted retention matters. Thoroughly familiar with the military reenlistment process, from prospecting to reenlistment ceremonies.

Strategic Planning: Exceptional ability to identify problems, prioritize issues, gather pertinent data, and initiate pertinent solutions to solve problems. Empowered on behalf of executive leadership to implement all administrative actions necessary and ensure operational alignment with applicable guidance. Applied logic and reasoning to identify strengths and shortfalls and devised solutions to identified problems. Proposed and executed process improvements to streamline the onboarding process and assessed organizational needs against p concerns; articulated issues and potential risks to management. Conducted surveys to streamline procedures, practices, and operations, and ensure effective and efficient use of resources. Communication: Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of pertinent policies, regulations, and standards in working effectively with others and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Provided mentorship, training, authoritative advice, and guidance to staff and evaluated proficiency while enforcing strict adherence to applicable policy, directives, and SOPs. Engaged frequently with higher headquarters (HQ) and adjacent units effectively to ensure preparation for inspections. Encouraged new personnel to exercise initiative in developing innovative procedures and adopting best practices to enhance administrative functionality.

Selected Accomplishments:

Page 5 of 10

*Awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for exceptional leadership with the USMC Toys for Tots campaign. Organized, supervised, and executed several details as the Senior Marine present. Coordinated and executed 185+ volunteer requirements. Overall efforts served to strengthen the unit and support the communities in the surrounding area.

*Expertly led staff through two service-level inspections and an HQ and HQ Company inspection preparation process. Efforts led to the refinement of multiple administrative processes and correction of several historical errors, allowing MRO to significantly improve operations, and increased the volume and effectiveness of communication flow between the MCEAS section and the rest of the staff.

*Composed and methodical; able to balance multiple competing priorities with ease. Efforts led to the unit achieving a 100% rate of induction of Enlisted Remedial Selection Board ahead of similar I-I staffs within the larger organization (Battalion).

*Reviewed and processed 11K+ unit diary entries for pay and audit items. Managed and processed 3K+ entries via Drill Manager for Inactive Duty Training, Rescheduled Inactive Duty Training, and funeral honors details.

*Reviewed and processed 220+ travel claims via approved DOD automated travel systems for Annual Training, Temporary Assigned Duty, and AD for Operational Support (ADOS).

*Served as sexual assault Uniformed Victim Advocate, providing information, guidance (referrals), and support to personnel who were sexually assaulted.

*Restructured the MCEAS section and successfully processed 20 administrative separation packages.

*Screened and processed 11 USMC Enlisted Administrative Separations, processed 30+ promotion warrants, and processed and authenticated 210+ ADOS orders requests.

*Completed and passed three Uniformed Victim Advocate audit-screening calls and conducted Casualty Assistance Call Officer duties for two casualties.

*Reviewed and processed 600+ unit diary entries for various pay and audit issues, managed 30+ promotion warrants, and processed and authenticated 200+ sets of orders.

*Reviewed and processed 200+ travel claims for AD and SMCR via DTS and Digital Training Management System (DTMS) for various occasions such as AT, temporary duty, and AD.

*Managed and processed 1.5K+ entries via the Drill Manager for Inactive Duty Training, Rescheduled Inactive Duty Training, and Funeral Honors Details.

*Served as company Uniformed Victim Advocate; completed and passed four Uniformed Victim Advocate audit-screening calls.

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U.S. Marine Corps 01/2010 to 05/2011

Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific $39,480 per year 3423 Guadalcanal Rd., San Diego, CA 92155 Average hours per week: 45 Reserve Support Unit Administrative Chief Military Rank: Staff Sergeant/E-6 (GS-11) Supervisor: Jesus Garcia Phone: 619-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Served as Reserve Support Unit Administrative Chief and Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Pacific

(EWTGPAC) N-1 Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge/Platoon Sergeant. Administrative Management & Strategic Planning: Applied a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods for the assessment and improvement of planning processes for the processing of inbound/outbound, separations, pay, promotions, travel, and endorsement of orders for Active/Reserve members assigned to EWTGPAC and the 33 outer Monitored Command Codes (MCCs); conducted daily analysis and mission management. Managed, maintained, and accounted for final monthly audits and drill muster sheets. Directed, supervised, and executed reporting of pay and personnel data into the Marine Corps Total Force System for AD and SMCR Marines. Ensured timely processing of Marines, both incoming and outgoing. Received and processed feedback and efficiently integrated guidance to adjust deliverables while briefing leadership and pertinent stakeholders on work status.

Technical Expertise: Exceptional written and verbal communicator providing effective liaison with HQ USMC Reserve Affairs and EWTGPAC staff sections for identifying and tracking Reserve students’ qualifications and to ensure Reserve students received Certificates of Release or Discharge. Engaged with USMC Mobilization Command and MARFORRES for ADOS orders that allowed SMCR and IRR Marines to augment several EWTGPAC sections. Unified staff functions to drive efficiencies and promote a collaborative work environment to meet customer needs. Excelled in strategically prioritizing and managing workflow to optimize productivity and efficiency, meet critical deadlines, and achieve performance objectives. Ensured efficient processing of promotions, appointments, reassignments, and transfers and aligned actions with applicable instructions, directives, and regulations. Empowered on behalf of leadership to mitigate or address personnel conflicts, challenges, or complaints. Human Capital Management & Training: Managed 16 military and civilian personnel supporting 30 Marines aboard U.S. Navy ships and 4 different Military Occupational Specialty School Instructors and students. Experienced in applying client-specific needs and using available methods in developing, scheduling, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and managing projects and resources, to include technical performance. Highly sought-after mentor, providing targeted training, guidance, and mentorship during complex projects and daily operations. Committed to training and empowering subordinates to deliver quality products and services.

Communication & Personnel Management: Interacted effectively, both verbally and in writing, with a diverse group of internal and external customers, high-level military and government officials, and staff on a daily basis. Promoted team building and implemented quality improvements in response to concerns with regulatory compliance or customer requirements. Drafted and delivered reports with assessments of mission Page 7 of 10

requirements for follow-on use while ensuring data accuracy. Carefully assessed actions and capabilities of staff and ensured subordinate Marines complied with requirements for promotion. Mentored and trained staff personnel to new heights of professionalism by promoting standardization of methods and tools while cultivating an environment of continual knowledge sharing, learning, and development. Selected Accomplishments:

*Managed the accurate and timely preparation of 750+ sets of permanent change of station, relocation, etc., orders for Active/Reserve Marines attending various professional development training activities or courses.

*Reported nearly 1,250-unit diary entries, including new joins, transfers, drops, and audits. Efforts achieved an average of a 98% on the Timeliness Management Report and a 2% rejection rate. OTHER:

Job Related Training:


*HDI Support Center Analyst Certified, 11/2019

U.S. Marine Corps TRAINING: (in person and by correspondence)

*Marine Corps Security Management Course

*Auxiliary Security Force

*Service Support School

*Administrative Clerk

*Administrative Specialist

*Personal Financial Management

*Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership

*Intermediate Personnel Administration

*Marine Corps Institute: Leadership and Administration, Warfighting Techniques, Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Degree Completion Program (SNCOCDEP) Tactical Decision Making, SNCOCDEP Leadership Credo, Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education Course, and Combat Engineer Officer HIGHER EDUCATION:

Completed 36 hours at Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL Accounting Principles I, II, and III; Principles of Marketing; Personality and Adjustment; Philosophy American Life/Business; Intro to American Government; Principles of Management; and Intro to Management Information Systems

Additional Information:

Possess active Top-Secret Security Clearance.


Detail-oriented, high-performing Administrative and Security Services professional with more than 20 years’ experience in providing strategic and administrative operations management and analysis in positions of increasing responsibility and complexity. Identify and solve complex training and customer issues; collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to evaluate requirements and coordinate the development and implementation of selected solutions to achieve organization-specific operational alignment with policy. Deeply committed to providing world-class service and support to customers and stakeholders. Possess the right combination of leadership and technical knowledge to direct the full spectrum of administrative services to support security policy, procedures, systems, and programs as Personnel Security Specialist. Page 8 of 10


07/2007 to 09/2010: Admin Chief/Orders Non-Commissioned Officer, Reserve Support Unit Chief, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Pacific Maintained accountability of 350+ service record books supporting the administrative needs of 350+ service members, ensuring customer-friendly and customer-first experiences. Increased the accurate accounting of personnel data reflected within all service records through resourceful initiatives and exceptional managerial skills. Key figure on the Marine Corps Administrative Analysis Team (MCAAT) inspection team. Efforts resulted in the Command’s MCAAT grade of 97.4%. 10/2002 to 07/2007: Battalion Legal Chief and Assistant Adjutant Chief, Headquarters Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Forces Reserve As Assistant Adjutant Chief of S-1 Headquarters Battalion (HQBN), provided superior council, leadership, and administrative support to the various members of the HQBN Adjutant Section and HQBN Command Element on a wide range of issues. Exercised superior attention to detail to screen, edit, format, and create 500+ general correspondence, letters, endorsements, housing allowance packages, and promotion packages. Standardized all aspects of policy in the battalion through the revision or development of 300+ policy letters and Command directives to include the Battalion SOPs, Leave and Liberty Policy, etc. Supervised the awards process (editing, formatting) of 40 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, 75 Certificates of Commendation, and 50 Letters of Appreciation. As Legal Chief, processed 7+ General Courts-Martial, 21 Special Courts-Martial, 10 Summary Courts-Martial, 47 Battalion Non-Judicial Punishments, 40 administrative separations, and 175+ standard page-11 entries. Received laudatory remarks form inspectors during the Commanding General Readiness Inspection. 06/2000 to 10/2002: Administrative Clerk, Headquarters Battalion, Marine Forces Reserve Assisted in daily operations, managing a wide range of administrative and logistical tasks supporting 183 Inspector-Instructor staffs and Major Support Commands throughout the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC). Efforts instrumental in accomplishing and reporting 200+ correspondence packages and endorsements as well as countless check-ins for USMC Forces Reserve (MARFORRES). Revamped, reorganized, and streamlined the correspondence from subordinate units throughout the USMC. SUPERVISOR QUOTES AND LEADERSHIP COMMENTARY:

“As a Support Center Analyst (SCA) for the legacy team, Sylvester is a key member of the Legacy team and is always willing to learn and share his on-the-job experiences with his teammates. His attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve are steadily improving daily. Sylvester is one of our most reliable SCAs.”

~ Excerpt from Performance Review


*Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal

*Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (4)


Project Management; Security Operations/Program Leadership; Operational Planning; Requirements Management; Critical Thinking; Military Police Regulations; Authenticating Information; Mentorship; Safeguarding Classified Material; Operational Analysis; Process Improvement; Written and Verbal Communication; Planning; Resource Allocation; Acquisition; Team Building; Leadership; Mentorship; Documentation; Organizational Efficiency and Productivity; Attention to Detail; Problem Solving/Troubleshooting; Training; Interagency Collaboration; Analytical Techniques; Customer Page 9 of 10

Relationship Management; Developing/Fostering Client Relationships; Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


GySgt Leandro C. Lucaterodiaz

Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity, Personnel Chief USMC 816-***-****

Professional Reference

Lauren Smith

Support Center Analyst Subject Matter Expert


Professional Reference

Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman Corey Key

Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity


Professional Reference

Michael Pyles

Support Center Analyst


Professional Reference

Tom Nelson V

Deputy, Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity 504-***-****

Professional Reference

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