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Mail Sorter Production Assistant

Toronto, ON, Canada
June 11, 2022

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Kuldeep Kaur Brar ** Franca Crescent, Etobicoke Ontario



LinkedIn Profile: Career Objectives:

A position in Food safety as a Quality Assurance Laboratory technician, Chemistry lecturer and Head of Science Department, where my experience in food industry, Sanitation and pre-operational practices, teaching, laboratory skills, analytical skills, organizational and time-management skills, strong work ethics will contribute to your high-quality standards and advanced workplace safety. Summary of Skills:

• Experience in chemistry and food labs with practical knowledge of standard operating procedures.

• Knowledge and understanding of writing a SOP for manufacturing, sanitation, pre- operational and environmental sampling.

• Skilled in using pipetting handling, preparing dilutions, chromatographic and aseptic techniques and testing the food samples.

• Capable of maintaining and recording instrument calibrations such as PH meter, spectrophotometer, MP-AES, HPLC, GC etc.

• Can work with various laboratory and industrial equipment such as weighing balance, drying oven, incubator, and analytical balance.

• Effective communication skills, ability to read, write and audit log books and lab reports correctively as well as effectively.

• Ability to maintain workplace safety and experience in making NCR and deviation reports including deviation procedures followed to immediate corrective actions and root causes.

• Good sense of conducting laboratory analysis by following aseptic techniques.

• Conduct or assist in air, water and soil quality testing and assessments, environmental monitoring and protection activities, and development of and compliance with standards.

• Measure quality characteristics which are critical to customers, define improvement projects to satisfy customer requirements and reduce variability using six sigma process improvement techniques.

• Excellent organizational skills, management skills, effective interpersonal skills and a team player.

Work Experience:


• Communicated laboratory results to production in a timely manner to ensure a quality product.

• Supported the plant formulation system by delivering up-to-date batch formulations, integrated formula modifications with new packaging/promotions, and implemented least- cost formulation process.

• Planned, set up and undertook controlled experiments and trials.

• Maintained and operated all laboratory equipment including troubleshooting and calibrating.

• Created SOPs for the manufacturing processes.

• Maintained a sanitized and aseptic environment in the experiments to minimize cross- contamination.

• Maintained good team communication and worked as a Team leader (Quality Assurance technologist).

• Worked in accordance with GMP and HACCP

CHEMISTRY LECTURER AND SCIENCE H.O.D (Jul. 2015- Jul.2018) Central Board of Secondary Education (INDIA)

• Organized seminars and co-curricular activities for the overall growth of children.

• Utilized a variety of effective and professional teaching techniques and methods, such as audio-visuals, demonstrations, discussion groups, laboratory work, and independent or group projects which assist students in attaining performance objectives of the course.

• Conducted laboratory tests according to equipment specifications and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

• Trained students on lab safety and ensured all experiments are carried out responsibly.

• Developed new laboratory procedures or enhancements to improve test quality and productivity.

• Performed various administration functions, which included updating student records and keeping track of lab supplies, tools, and equipment.

• Attended staff and parent meetings, conferences, workshops, and other continuing education programs.

SECURITY OFFICER ( Dec. 2021- Present)

Securitas Company, Canada

• Secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry

• Complete reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities; interviewing witnesses; obtaining signatures

• Maintain organization's stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements

• Remain in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations MAIL SORTER (May 2021 - Nov. 2021)

Purolator, Etobicoke, Canada

• Checked information such as addresses and postal codes to ensure that they are correctly placed.

• Received and checked outgoing mail in order to determine destinations.

• Operated scanning equipment to ensure updates on digital databases.

• Performed recordkeeping activities in order to ensure that proper incoming and outgoing mail records are maintained.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT ( Jun. 2021-Sep. 2021)

Voyant beauty warehouse, Etobicoke, Canada

• Checked capping for good torque and proper closure on bottles as they proceed along the line.

• Used personal protective equipment (PPE) as communicated and required.

• Built positive relationships with Production Supervisor or delegates such as Line Technicians or other relevant staff.

• Ensured that manufactured product meets customer specifications. Education:

Chemical laboratory Analysis (Post Graduate Diploma)


Lambton College, Toronto, Ontario

Master of Science (Chemistry)


Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, India

Bachelor of Education (2012 -2013)

Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, India

Bachelor of Science


Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, India

Certification and Training:

• Worker Health and Safety Certificate by Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

• Appreciation Certificate by SOF National Science Olympiad - Credential ID: 22254

• Appreciation Certificate by 19th SOF National Science Olympiad- Credential ID: 21855

• First Aid and CPR (Training and certificate)

• ISO certified HACCP and GMP training

• Quality Assurance/Control, Food Safety, Sanitation practices.

• Sanitation and pre-operational training and experience

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