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Senior Android Developer

Westbury, NY
August 08, 2022

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Professional Profile

**+ years Developing Android Apps.

* **** ********* ** **** Store.

Develop Android applications in Java and Kotlin programming languages.

Experienced gathering requirements, ensuring team production, mentoring colleagues and assisting with code reviews and best practices.

Stay up to date with technological changes.

Expertise with TDD, unit testing, CI-CD, DevOps tools and processes.

Perform Android unit testing using JUnit, Robolectric, Mockito, Powermock, Espresso etc.

Experience interfacing with RESTful and SOAP services and other backend APIs.

Experience with Reactive-X in Android with RxJava using observable and subscriber classes.

Experience using Android Media framework using Android API and skills like multimedia usage, video, sound and graphics, networking.

Mentor Junior Developers to fulfill goals and have a constant development growth.

Experience building multithreaded applications using Threads, Handlers, AsyncTask, Retrofit, and RxJava.

Self-motivated and proactive with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities.

Experienced in Sprint planning, Sprint retrospective, and Sprint backlog, as well as use of Jira for managing Epics, Stories, Tasks and Issues.

Hands-on with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and other short distance wireless communications protocols.

Manage code review sessions to produce high quality, consistent, reusable, simple, documented code.

Skilled with detailed work, intense scrutiny, and take the time to test minute details, not only in code but in design, interface and usability.

Work with Android multithreading frameworks (e.g., AsyncTask, IntentServices, Handlers, Threads, Runnables, Loopers to improve performance and user experience (UI/UX)).

Follow best practices for requirement gathering, design documentation, code review, testing, and defect fixing in Android development.

Proficient in the use of code repositories such as SVN, and GIT. Understanding of Activities, Fragments, Custom Views, Services, Volley, Retrofit, Support library, and 3rd party libraries in Android.

Technical Skills


Eclipse I Android Studio I NetBeans I Dreamweaver


Android SDK I Java I KotlinI


Universal Image Downloader I Picasso I Glide I Volley I ORMLite I GreenDAO I Sugar I SQLCipher I Robolectric I JUnit I SQLite I iText I iTester I Firebug I Bolts I Flurry I Localytics I Crashlytics I ShowcaseView I NineOldAndroids I Urban Airship I ViewPagerIndicator I Android System Bar Tint library I SecurePreferences I SlidingUpPanel I Crittercism I comScore I Facebook I LiveRail I LeakCanary I GSON I Moshi I Jackson I Retrofit I OkHttp I SimpleContentProvider I Schematic I GCM I Google Location I Google Maps API I Dagger


SQLite, I MySQL I SQL Server I Oracle

Web Servers

Apache I Tomcat I JBoss I Glassfish

Web Services



Agile I Waterfall I RUP

Version Control Software

SVN I Git I Bitbucket I Visual Source Safe

Continuous Integration Tools

Jenkins I CircleCI I Travis

Testing Frameworks

Espresso I Mockito

Business Intelligence

JasperReports I CrystalReports

Incident Report Tracking


Android Project Experience

February 2020 – Current

Senior Android Developer / MarketWatch, New York, NY

The MarketWatch app for Android delivers the latest business news, financial information and market data to your fingertips. Download the MarketWatch app for breaking news stories, videos, and in-depth analysis; latest market data, including index movements, stock prices, and other key securities information; receive market-moving alerts on your mobile device.

Implemented several libraries for Kotlin effort such as RxKotlin, Kotlin-kapt, and Android KTX.

Used Kotlin coroutines for network communication with suspend functions.

Migrated to Jetpack Compose by adding compose to an existing screen built using Android views and managed state in composable functions.

Wrote code to handle streams in Kotlin with Flow API and implemented multiple operators to flow.

Used coroutines for asynchronous call and handle threading.

Used Hilt for dependency Injection.

Worked with testers and aided in writing Functional, Unit, and Instrument tests using Mockito and Espresso.

Interacted with the whole Jetpack library.

Interacted directly with product owners to determine the best approach to achieve their goals.

Made pull requests and resolved conflicts in Git.

Implemented Repository Pattern to work directly with the data in the application and created new layers for database operations, business logic, and the application's UI.

Encrypted static or dynamic keys and data embedded or contained within app code using Keystore and new JetPack crypto library.

Integrated MockK for unit and integration tests and created a partial mock with Spies and Mock-a-Call that used Kotlin coroutines.

Practiced pair programming as part of collaborative project development/delivery strategy.

Used Leak Canary to manage, trace and fix memory leaks issue within the Android app.

November 2017 – February 2020

Senior Android App Developer / PacSun, Anaheim, CA

The PacSun online shopping app elevates your shopping experience and provides you with the best selection of shoes, clothing, accessories, and home items.

Programmed code in Java and Kotlin.

Developed new features in Kotlin to reduce codebase with data classes and extension functions.

Developed a large portion of domain layer logic into the applications according to technical assignment.

Used reactive frameworks such as RxJava, RxAndroid, RxBluetooth, and RxKotlin.

Improved performance on back-end integration by transitioning to Retrofit working with RxJava and parsing JSON objects with GSON.

Configured multithreads to receive and update calls from web server (Service and Broadcast Receiver).

Used Frame Layout method to show background images of the app.

Designed logical flow for the application of different components.

Worked in an Agile environment with bi-weekly sprints and daily scrums.

Applied a MVVM architectural design pattern, transitioning code from MVP to MVVM.

Used JetPack ViewModel to simplify the implementation of the MVVM architectural pattern.

Simplified local database operations code base by providing a layer of abstraction to the code using JetPack Room.

Performed technical work using an Android Studio IDE platform.

Implemented Android Activities and Fragments to create design for the mockup designs.

Customized List Views, Spinners, Adapters, Table Layouts, etc.

Designed screens using MVP pattern for the application with Android Studio IDE.

Implemented dependency injection with Dagger II, and Butter Knife.

Worked with Jenkins Continuous Integration server and used it to test real devices.

Applied Leak Canary for memory leak detection/management.

Implemented local database using SQLite and optimized code.

Mentored junior developers about best practices, material design, and the use of frameworks in Android Native development.

Participated in ongoing initiatives to improve processes and establish best practices.

June 2016 – November 2017

Android Application Software Developer / Stash, New York, NY

Stash is a personal finance app that makes investing easy and affordable for millions of Americans. By combining banking and investing in one app, Stash helps you build wealth your way.

Used Custom Views to provide a more personalized user interface.

Worked on a dev team that applied Agile project practices such as Scrums and Sprints.

Set job tickets with Jira and tracked progress with Jira.

Used Android Studio for Android development using Java and Kotlin.

Worked closely with UI/UX designers to design an implementation to match their vision.

Utilized Git as source control management tool.

Implemented Material Design UI/UX as well as alignment to guidelines.

Used Recycler Views to show large amounts of data.

Integrated the new design of the application to provide a state of the art and improved user experience.

Implemented Push Notifications with Firebase.

Wrote unit tests using Junit and Mockito and instrumented tests using Espresso.

Set up and interfaced a relational database in SQLite to synchronize the application with the server.

Communicated effectively with product owner to manage expectations.

Used Crashlytics to compile bugs and work on fixing those bugs.

Used handlers and loopers to handle thread communication.

February 2015 – June 2016

Android App Developer / MEGA, Birmingham, AL

The MEGA android mobile app provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage and chat through standard web browsers, together with dedicated apps for mobile devices.

Created the content provider logic to load the information with an Observer Pattern in the UI thread using Loaders.

Used Slack for team communication and Jira for user stories and issue tracking.

Utilized Agile methodology to fulfill rapidly changing client requirements.

Used the Parcelable interface to allow passing of objects transferring of objects between activities.

Participated in the full lifecycle development process from product definition.

Made revisions to the Android app based on feedback from QA testers.

Setup proper interactions between the UIs and the presentation layers consuming data from our backend endpoints.

Optimized pieces of code to guarantee maximization in the use of device resources, like Network usage and Battery performance.

Used the View Pager Indicator to provide feedback to the user about the background processing status.

Managed the build creation with a Jenkins instance hosted on a private server.

Wrote a set of documentation and user manuals for a series of previously written automated tasks.

Integrated Robotium for test driven development.

Set-up various tests using Mockito, Junit, Espresso.

Implemented UI and instrumented tests to troubleshoot and improve performance and user experience (UI/UX).

Liaison with the project team and delivering projects as per scheduled milestones.

Created and maintain technical documentation of the application using Atlassian Confluence.

Worked the Jira backlog and troubleshot issues and fixed bugs.

Migrated from AsyncTask to Intent Services to load the information from the user.

Responsible for Unit Test writing and Functional testing.

Attended the SCRUM meetings and met deadlines and Sprint Planning meetings.

Implemented a SyncAdapter to keep the user information and files updated every time the data changed on the backend.

April 2013 – February 2015

Android Mobile App Developer / Avant, Chicago, IL

Avant Banking is a next-generation mobile banking app that allows you to get paid up to 2 days early and transfer money easily, without any hidden fees or overdraft fees. Documented all changes made to the app, improvements, fixes and new features, backend and front-end development.

Developed compound views to present information to the user depending on its preferences

Updated the look and feel following Material Design guidelines.

Worked with the back-end team to improve the RESTful API to include new features.

Utilized the Eclipse IDE to develop and code the application.

Ensured excellent form factor integration by creating multi-panel activities with Fragments.

Worked with LRU Cache to increase the performance of ListView scrolling.

Debugged and tested the application using Robolectric.

Improved the layout rendering by saving and optimizing the view hierarchy in all the resources.

Added Parcelable interface to pass custom objects between components quickly via Intents.

Used Espresso for instrumentation testing using Assertions, Matchers, and Actions.

Used various tools for development, testing, debugging, and performance benchmarking.

Set-up and managed private GitHub repositories to host internal code.

Implemented a WebView control to reuse some legacy web application functionality within the native app.

Implemented Google Analytics, Flurry for various analytics.

Implemented several Fragments for the UI.

July 2011 – April 2013

Android Mobile App Software Developer / Fidelity, Boston, MA

Secure your financial future with Fidelity’s award-winning app. Get access to industry-leading research, timely market insights, and dynamic educational resources, to help you make informed decisions with your money.

Implemented a GSON representation to parse Web service requests quickly.

Implemented Google Maps for geolocation purposes.

Tested Android application with Robotium and Robolectric testing tools.

Worked with REST Web services and JSON data parsing.

Used GitHub for version control and source code management.

Configured security of the app with HTTP and SSL connection.

Implemented Intent Integrator for utilizing the Camera API to access the camera for Scanning front and back of checks.

Implemented web views, list views & populated lists to display the lists from database using simple adapters.

Worked on memory leaks, data offline usage, push notifications, content providers, multiple form factors, accounts, and sync on Android.

Handled continuous code management using SVN.


Georgia Southern – Bachelor of Computer Science

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