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Secretary Substitute Teacher

Louisville, KY
June 10, 2022

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My current objective is to obtain a position that will expand my skills and education by contributing to the improvement of your company.


: I was in Ha’apai High School in Tonga which is Located at the South Pacific and graduated in December 2014. I Passed my Tonga School Certificate in 2014 which is the passed from high school to college in here in the United States. I studied Business Administration at Jefferson Community and Technical College on 2015 and I was graduated on May 2018. I received my Associates of Arts degree in Business Administration in 2018. I’m studying Business Administration at the University of Louisville and which to be graduate soon.

Honors and Awards:

• I received my Associate in Arts in Business Administration Computer Information System in 2018 from Jefferson Community and Technical College. I was graduated with a High Distinction. I was in the Phi Theta Kappa in 2017 and 2018 which is the honor society. I was also in the Dean’s list student from 2015-2018 which I was I received all A’s and B’s in all of my classes.

Leadership Skills.

• I was a Prefect in Ha’apai High School for two consecutive years (2013-2014). Which is mean that I was a substitute teacher for lower classes. Whenever the teacher for that class absent for any reason, she or he will leave me in charge to take care that class. So I gave them assignments and homework to do in class and keep doing the same thing until their teacher came back to school. I was the highest substitute in all the students in my school so the principal leave me in charge to take care the school policies and rules so I enforce the school rules and policies such as tardiness and wearing the school uniforms because in Tonga high school, we do wear a school uniform which is maroon and white for girls and grey from boys.

• Supervise students

• I was also supervise the students when they break the school rules and on detention. For example, I told them to go pick up rubbish, sweep the hall floor, or clean their classrooms etc. I assigned them work to do during work days and after school beside from detention. I was also the one whom the students will report their problems to. If they will have any complaint or any problems at school, they will talk to me and I solved those problems with them but if they are not satisfied with that then they will go to the principal and the principal said her or his final words about their problems.

• Work Experiences.

• I’m a Secretary for my family that owned a business which is lawn mowing. My father is the owner of this business and I’m just working for him by answering phone calls from customers who wish to cut their grasses. I also create the flyers for him, check documents and also collecting the money that we get from the customers.

• Secretary in an office at ha’apai High School (Tonga).

• : I was graduated from high school at my country which is Tonga. It is an island in the South Pacific. I was working to the principal office as a secretary and also a clerk. I schedule an appointment for those who want to see or talk to the principal. I was also answering phone calls from students or parents and schedule for those who wish to talk to the principal. I was also collecting money fund from other schools. I checked and arrange every documents in the principal office make sure they are in the right order according to their levels. I scanned incoming and outgoing emails and photocopying documents and exams for students. I was also working at the library at Ha’apai High School. I helped students find their books and arrange books in order according to each subjects.

Pharmacy technician

I was able to be a part of a hard working people looked after the company during the pandemic by sorting and packing medicine that was sent out to the patients all over the state. I was also shifting positions to cover up for the work that had to be done everyday whenever someone called in. Team work is also important so I was always participate in every team work to tackle the challenges we deal with on a daily basis.

Post office

In thjs role I was sorting the mails and get ready for the carriers to deliver out to everybody in thjs state. I sort them to their right addresses and make sure it goes right to them at the right day and date that they expected.


In thjs role I was a part of a team member and we picked packed books in order and put them in a box with a right amount that the customs want and sent it right away to get to them without any delay.


In thjs role I was picked a different items and took it to the packers people and they packed it and sent it out to the customer

• Hobbies.

• I do not really have a hobbies but just shopping with the family sometimes. I spending time with my siblings every day and just make fun.


• Suzanne Warner- Church Priest (Email:

• Jennifer Copeland – School Professor (

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