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Telecommunications Specialist Data Technician

Downtown, DC, 20004
125K or $65hr
June 06, 2022

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Saladin M. Fontenette

***** ***** ******* *****

Cheltenham, MD 20623 United States


Phone: 310-***-****

Highest Federal Civilian Position: Telecommunications Specialist, GS-0391-11


Department of the Army National Region Enterprise Center

12/2017 to Present

9800 Belvoir Road

Salary: $80,000 USD per year or per hour

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

Average hours per week: 40

Telecommunications Specialist

Series: 0391 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 11

Supervisor: Ricky Underwood

Phone: 808-***-****; contact: Yes

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS SUPPORT: Perform daily telecommunications and network system support operations, such as installing, configuring, moving and adding phones. Integrating Avaya phone systems to Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Configure Cisco routers, ports and associate devices. Troubleshooting, and corrective and preventive maintenance of copper and fiber-optic circuits and associated devices, network equipment and phone systems. Participate in the planning, development, acquisition, testing, integration, installation, and modification of telecommunications systems, facilities, and services. Install equipment and wiring; program and calibrate equipment in accordance with local and national codes, regulations, and standards. Follow and enforce safety and security rules and directives as well as environmental regulations to ensure a safe, secure work environment.

PLANNING & SCHEDULING: Coordinate with supervisors to organize and plan routes and coordinate logistic support for daily jobs. Plan and prepare for system installations by reviewing installation orders; gathering equipment, supplies, and tools; and coordinating schedules with customers. Survey and examine facilities in preparation for installation, identifying installation requirements, and developing equipment layout and wiring plan. Locate backbone outside cables for U.S. Army Fort Belvoir in preparation for installations.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Apply understanding of basic electronics theory, concepts, and principles; base operational practices and procedures; and message handling and communications techniques, along with knowledge of the communications needs of users, to provide technical support and assistance. Ensure system operation to support the receiving, storing, processing, and/or transmitting of digital information. Research operating criteria, monitor installations, and perform tests to determine the quality and efficiency of telecommunications equipment and systems.

TROUBLESHOOTING & ANALYSIS: Perform testing and troubleshooting of installed systems to isolate the cause of malfunctions and poor performance. Verify system functionality by testing equipment, connections, and signals and identifying and correcting problems to ensure highest levels of system performance and reliability. Work closely with users to assess system performance, troubleshoot issues, and answer questions to ensure an acceptable level of telecommunications system service.

INFORMATION & DOCUMENTATION: Document installations, additions, changes, problem resolution, and damaged equipment. Record the time and materials used on each job. Compile information and prepare reports on the status of telecommunications systems.

NETWORK SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT: Gain experience with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco VG350 and VG450 routers and employ knowledge of the full range of network systems the Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) design principles, methodologies, and approaches to develop, test, install, operate, manage, and maintain Cisco routers/switches, Cisco Unity Connection, and integrated AVAYA users to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Cisco environment. Managed configuration and troubleshooting for ports, Trunks, Dynamic Host Configuration protocol (DHCP) Protocol, Cisco Discovery Protocol, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and Ether Channel. Configure, verify, and troubleshoot Internet Protocol 4 (IPv4) addressing, subnetting, and port security. Experience level in Fluke, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), T-Bird network analyzers for (T-1) and Sonnet (DS3, OC12, OC48).

COMPLEX NETWORK SYSTEMS CONFIGURATION AND MAINTENANCE: Using Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Certification, manage LAN/WAN systems, design and monitor new complex network systems, configure, and install network hardware/software, and maintain LAN operations. Utilize gateway monitoring systems and complex networks to interpret and solve complex issues related to network switching and routing. Gather facts and use analytical and evaluative methods to assess information, plan actions sequences, make sound decisions, and solve a variety of network problems. Analyze component interrelationships and evaluate network systems and applications from an operational perspective; create operating procedures for networking troubleshooting specifics.

CISCO OPERATING SYSTEMS AND NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE: Plan, design, develop, and integrate network systems and security plans and procedures consistent with

Cisco Interwork Operating Systems and network infrastructures and processes for integration and optimization of system components and infrastructure requirements. Apply knowledge of network architecture, interrelationships, operating modes, configuration, three-tier architectures, network topologies, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Hot Standby Router Protocol (HRSP), Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP), Tunneling Protocol.

NETWORK PROBLEM SOLVING: Build virtual networks to simulate network problems to identify and aid in problem-solving efforts. Determine accuracy and relevance of information, employ sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and make recommendations to leadership for resolution. Conduct in-depth analyses complicated by atypical problems and utilize Cisco Tac Support system, as necessary, when network issues are outside the scope of standard problem-solving apparatus.

U.S. Communications

03/2016 to 12/2016

13551 Fort Washington Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Salary: $86,000 USD per year or per hour

Telecommunications/Data Technician

Average hours per week: 40

Supervisor: Not Available

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

TELECOMMUNICATIONS OPERATIONS: Worked on the MGM project at Fort Washington, MD, as a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 26, installing and terminating CAT6, CAT6A, fiber-optics which provide connectivity for network Cisco routers, switches, wireless access points (WAPs). Other equipment and devices that were installed on the Internet Protocol (IP) network were as follows: HD speakers, TVs, monitors, intercoms, access control systems, and theater cameras. Followed all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations as well as base security procedures and directives.

PROJECT COORDINATION & IMPLEMENTATION: Coordinated with government personnel and contractors on project planning and execution. Implemented quality control activities to ensure proper completion of equipment and system installations. Communicated with associates and supervision on quality problems and resolution. Performed analysis of complex quality problems and troubleshoot malfunctions and poor performance to isolate and eliminate the cause.

SPECIAL PROJECT COORDINATION AND COMPLEX STUDIES: Participated in management discussions, meetings, committees, and special projects while managing inventory and organizing a fiber-optic database for 7K fibers. Managed connection of fiber optic, copper backbone, and mesh topology systems and performed feasibility studies on complex information systems. Maintained currency and awareness of technological advances through self-study and preparation for Cisco certifications and projected optimal employment to meet future requirements.

InterMoor, Inc.

08/2014 to 11/2014

101 Youngswood Road, Morgan City, LA 70380

Salary: $56,000 USD per year or per hour

Offshore Rigger

Average hours per week: 40

Supervisor: Not Available

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

OFFSHORE DRILLING OPERATIONS SUPPORT: Provided support for offshore drilling operations onboard the anchor ship in the Gulf of Mexico deep water Mississippi pass area, performing rigging and anchor handling for offshore oil platforms. Completed numerous missions to set anchors for oil rigs. Worked in the InterMoor shipyard as rigger, loading and off-loading materials, supplies, and heavy offshore oil drilling equipment for company vessels for production.

Lineage Power Inc.

06/2009 to 03/2011

Alexandria, Va.

Salary: $60,000 USD per year or per hour

DC Power Installer

Average hours per week: 40

Supervisor: Not Available

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION: Served as a DC Power Installer and Foreman Trainee under supervision, overseeing the installation of Galaxy power system 4848/100 with 595 S/A series, rectifiers, and battery plant along with installation of 4/0 and 750 power cables. Performed inspections of installed systems to ensure highest levels of system performance and reliability. Verified system functionality by testing equipment and connections and correcting problems. Installed DC power for special projects for WAN/ LAN, Data centers, Metro transit rail Hubs, and technology centers. Ensured a safe and secure work environment by following and enforcing safety procedures, OSHA and EPA regulations, and security directives.

LEADERSHIP & ASSISTANCE: Directed the activities of other technicians and directly supervised the installation and setup of power systems, cabling, and support devices. Provided leadership and training, ensuring quality of workmanship and adherence to safety and environmental regulations. Managed and supported daily workload and projects, ensuring the availability of tools, equipment, and supplies. Recorded the hours and materials used on each job and compiled maintenance records on all equipment and tools. Conducted daily crew safety meetings on OHSA requirements and AT&T standards.

PLANNING & SCHEDULING: Organized and planned work activities and coordinated logistics support for daily work. Prepared for system installations by reviewing installation orders; gathering equipment, supplies, and tools; and coordinating schedules. Examined facilities in preparation for installation, identifying installation requirements and developing equipment layout and wiring plan. Installed equipment and wiring and set up equipment and devices in accordance with local and national codes and manufacturer’s guidelines.


School Name: Prince George’s Community College

Major: Information Technology Cybersecurity

Largo, MD 20774

Degree: Associate’s Degree

Transfer Student

Completion Date: Currently Attending

Semester Credits Earned:30

School Name: Northern Virginia Community College

Major: Information Systems Technology

Annandale, VA 22003

GPA: 3.7

Degree: Associate’s Degree

Completion Date: 05/2014

Semester Credits Earned: 36

Honors: Dean’s List

School Name: Computer Learning Center

Major: Network Engineering and Management

Alexandria, Va.

GPA: 3.0

Degree: Technical or Occupational Certificate

Semester Credits Earned: 36

Completion Date: 09/1996

School Name: University of Southwestern Louisiana

Major: Industrial Technology

Lafayette, LA 70504

GPA: 2.5

Degree: Technical

Completion Date: 12/1986

School Name: DoD Training Center

Major: Information Technology

Columbia, Md.


Degree: Technical

CCNA, CASP+, Security+, Cloud +, Secure Cloud Professional

Completion Date: 7/2021

Job Related Training, Licenses, and Certifications:

CCNP, Cisco Certified Network Professional, (Schedule to take the exam)

CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, current

CASP +, Advanced security Practitioner, current

CSCP, Secure Cloud Professional, current

Security +, current

Cloud +, current

Project Management Professional, current

Cisco Unified Communications Workspace Administration, Advanced, Part II, current

AT&T (Verizon) Level 4 Lead DC Power Installer Certification, current

Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) Certification, current

References: Available upon Request

Additional Information:

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Department of Defense Secret

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Highly motivated, accomplished, and results-driven professional with hands-on experience in telecommunications and network systems, information technology (IT), data processing, and customer support. Demonstrated ability to meet demanding timelines while working under extreme work pressure and dynamic workloads. Exceptional organizational, time management, customer service, and problem-solving skills, ensuring efficient and optimal results. As a senior IT specialist, perform feasibility studies on complex information systems and conduct in-depth analyses complicated by novel problems; stay abreast of emerging technology to predict future network needs. Manage Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN), to include planning, analysis, acquisition, design, development, implementation, configuration, installation, integration, testing, and integrity and/or management of information technology networks for federal agencies.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & NETWORK SYSTEMS: Highly skilled in providing support for information and communications systems. Demonstrated knowledge, field experience and service, multiplex, switching, routing, provisioning, testing, troubleshooting, turning up, configuring Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Cisco logical interfaces, and installation and maintenance on both logical and physical layers of networking. Experience Installing, terminating, and testing network data cabling; installing, configuring, testing, and documenting network devices; and setting up, configuring, and maintaining customer equipment and support devices in wired and wireless environments Provide support to customers in office and field environments, documenting work performed using problem-tracking software.

COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: Demonstrate well-developed communications and interpersonal skills, interfacing with management, associates, and the public. Highly responsive to requests for help and information, promptly addressing customer concerns.

STANDARD COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft (MS) Windows Operating Systems; MS Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Internet Explorer/Edge)


Telecommunications Technician, Independent Contractor, 02/2007 to 06/2009

Telecommunications/Data Technician, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 26, Washington, DC, 10/2005 to 06/2009

Supervisor/Telecommunications and Data Technician, Around Technologies, 05/2007 to 05/2009


U.S. Army, 11/15/1983 to 04/24/1984, Private, E-1 U.S. Navy, 03/04/1987 to 06/30/1994, Petty Officer Third Class, E-4

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