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Head Server Team Member

Griffin, GA, 30224
August 18, 2022

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Tammy Bazen

**** ******** ****** ****

Gri n, GA 30223



Spalding High School, Gri n, GA— High School Diploma May 2004

GPA: 3.7

While there, I was an honors student, BETA Club, junior Classical League, and sang in chorus.

Why Should you hire me?

Hello, you should hire me for your manager's position because I like to help promote the growth of your business. I will help to engage your employees to be the best they can be because I like to be the best I can be at my job. I believe a management team should build their team up and promote a teammate mentality and support because if one part of the team is not proficient then the others will then be too. If a team member isn’t performing to the best of their a ability then it’s the managers time to give pointers on how to be better and why. Never should a manger just say your weak and leave you in a lack mentality. A leader will take the time necessary to find why that team member may not be performing, and once that’s understood, then build that teammate’s confidence or find a solution for that team member, because it may be something at home or work. I believe that will help with retention of employees because it shows that management cares about their employees in general. I have one thing to say for me. I was blessed to be able to be at home with my children for 12 years. I just started back working in December. In my time at home, my career path was skewed to be a general manager or assistant manager or any manager at all. If I would have kept working that was my goal or owning my own restaurant. I still have those goals. I’ve been trained in front and back of the house through Ryan’s steakhouse. I started as a server and then joined the corporate training team. I’ve always wanted to be one of the first ones to know what was happening in the company or business, if I wasn’t part of that experience. With my time on the training team, we had the chance to rewrite the team member manuals and part of that was the manager's manual. In discussions, I made the request that manager’s should know how to operate all the equipment in the restaurant, and should know the operations and responsibilities in every department because in essence the General manager would be the “store owner” in a small business setting and in the corporate setting the General Manager “is in absence of the owner” or the “caretaker,” and should know the ends and outs just like an owner would. With this, we had a hand in transforming how managers were trained. In addition to training at the corporate o ce, the training managers had to train in the store department in the store there in Greer, SC. They had to complete one shift in each department before they were sent to their home stores. I loved that job. It would be an honor to help with your team building.

If not a manager, then serving or help in the back of the house would suit me also.



- Microsoft suite

- Google suite

- Great organization


- Loves to move/ can’t

sit to long

- Excellent team

building skills

- Confidence to head

meetings for

leadership or team


Serve Safe Certifiation #


- Test date 6/27/2022

- Expiration 6/27/2027




I was head server for Fire Mountain.

Joined the Ryan’s Steakhouse Corporate Training team. EXPERIENCE

Food Depot, Taylor St., Gri n GA- Cashier

With Food Depot, I greeted the customers as they entered, counted money correctly and maintain a cash drawer with $200 or more at one time, I kept my area clear of debris for customer safety, restocked candy aisles, swept the floor around my cash stand, clean the cash stand for the next cashier, and put away go- backs that customers decided they didn’t want.

Fire Mountain, Gri n, GA— SERVER/ Head server

August 15, 2004 - August 23, 2006

My duties included greeting my guests in a timely matter with a smile, getting their drinks and keeping them full, clear dirty dishes, keep the drink station full of glasses, co ee cups, and condiments for the guest. Also, as a lead server, I was responsible for assigning sections for other servers, checking their sections before they left, and making sure their side jobs and silverware was rolled before they left at the end of their shift, while boosting morale of all other team members also, I helped other team members and other areas of the store. I also, was trained in food prep, hot and cold bar upkeep, the bakery, dish room, host and cashier, and the meat room.

Ryan’s Steakhouse Corporate Trainer— Greer, SC -Server Trainer

August 23, 2006 - March 15,2008

In this position, I was responsible for training up to 100 - 150 new team members. My main position was server trainer, but I was able to train other positions; kitchen, grill, dish room, meat room, food prep, bakery, host and cashier, and o ce. In this time, we would also implement new recipes and policies for the corporate o ce. We would clean and organize the restaurant before we open the store for training the new team members, and guests. We also, wrote new manuals for training the team items in each store, did inventory, placed orders, and Distributed The items needed for each part of the store. We also, converted other restaurants to Ryan/fire mountain. We would go in and thoroughly clean each area which included all equipment to make sure it was working properly and safe for the guests to eat food made in them. My favorite thing about this job was, if you made a suggestion, more than likely they will use it. I don’t have the credit for it, but I suggested that managers need to be able to run each department just in case they need to and the other manager on duty is busy and know how to clean and most of the equipment. With this, the company revamped their manager training course to have them live in each department in a store before being assigned their permanent store.

Ann Taylor factory, Locust Grove- Sales representative Georgia

October 15, 2008 - April 15, 2010

In this position, I would greet guest with a smile, help them with their purchases, give insight on fashion. I would dress up displays for the clothing, Fold clothes according to the new set up each season. Keep the store Neat and Clean, and organized. I also was responsible for ringing up their purchases and giving back correct changed to the guest also did inventory, price changes and unloaded the new shipments, and folded and hung clothes according to the company specifications

Shell gas Food Mart, Forsyth, GA, - cashier

April 18, 2010 – May 15, 2011

In this position, I was responsible for ringing up gas purchases and giving correct change. I also restocked the shelves in the slow times, and kept the store clean and organized . I was also responsible for doing the lottery and replacing the printer tape in the printer at the gas pumps. Denny’s, Jackson, GA- Server Barley Garden, Fayetteville, GA

March 2018 - April 2018

In this position I had my own set of tables and I was expected to clean after every guest had left it was to look as if they were at home so I had side duties that I had to perform throughout my shift. I also had duties before I was to go home; rolling silverware, cleaning di erent places, replenishing stuck under the counter from the stock room, cleaning the Coke dispenser, filling the ice bins, and keep enough glasses for guests glasses at the server station.

Barley Garden, Fayetteville, GA- Host

November 2021- present

In this position, I find the best solution for seating according to the customer needs while keeping to the servers order of seating. I also, keep an ongoing open menu count of customers to the kitchen sta . I also, bus tables as needed for customer satisfaction and maintain a waitlist as necessary as the dining room fills. I also, take To Go orders, bag them as needed, and fill them with condiments for the customers pleasure. I also, perform tasks during the shift to upkeep the restaurant and the host stand as needed or have time to do. I also perform opening and closing duties depending on the shift I’m given. PROJECTS

Jackson Road elementary Parent Teacher Organization Position: Secretary, August 2013 – August 2015

My duties included, Recording minutes for each school PTO meeting and PTO board meeting, and present the meeting minutes at the following PTO meeting. As a PTO parent, I get to help the teachers with every day activities and help improve parent teacher relations. We also plan fundraisers to raise money to update equipment, give teacher gifts throughout the year, and come up with a new fun ideas for the children. Jackson Road Elementary Parent Teacher Orgsnization - GRIFFIN, GA - Vice President August 2015 - May 2018

My duties included, helping the PTO president organize and plan events for the school such as fundraisers, fun games for the classes that win contest, movie nights, school nights at local businesses to help raise money for the VTO. We also, come up with new ways to also, work with the principal to plan the school events. Jackson Road Elementary PTO— GRIFFIN, GA- President August 2015 - May 2016

My duties as PTO president were to help teachers sta and students succeed by supporting things they need in their classrooms, organize fundraisers and activities, conduct PTO meetings, and PTA board meetings, organize volunteers, create di erent themes for each meeting, like music, Storytime, showAnd tell,, etc. I also, as president, I kept up with the financial aspects of the PTO board, alongside the treasurer. As PTO president, I was sort of like a Herald, by letting the parents and teachers know activities around the school, and volunteer projects through the use of flyers and nad posting events on social media.

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