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Civil Engineer Gis Specialist

West Jordan, UT
August 16, 2022

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*** **. *** *. ***. # ***, SLC., UT. 84101 Cell Ph#. 801-***-****


Cartographer/GIS Specialists - Dept. of Commerce - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Full Time = 40+ hrs per week (From: 10/2013 - To: Present FY 2022…)

Marine Chart Division (MCD) Products Branch “E” (PBE) – Work Address: 1315 East-West Hwy.,

Silver Spring, MD. 20910

Responsibilities include: Acquire and Maintain a National Marine Navigational Database to construct, maintain and distribute National Ocean Service (NOS) nautical products and services to the marine public. Compile charting/mapping databases and develop chart products based on established charting policies and standards and provides detailed product quality evaluations. Carry out cartographic tasks and projects with minimal guidance. Select, compile, revise, exchange, store, catalog, abstract, index, interpret, evaluate and disseminate cartographic and technical information and data. Write, edit and review material to appear in publications, reports, periodicals, brochures, speeches and audio-visual productions.

Duties include: Acquire and Maintain a National Marine Navigational Database from Surveys which to construct, maintain and distribute nautical charts and related marine products to Federal and State Resource Managers. All My chart edits are produced within the highest degree of accuracy in compliance with the Nautical Chart Manual and accepted principles, standards and procedures of the Marine Chart Division and by using My (18+ Years) Experience as a Cartographer and My Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Expertise with the appropriate production standards, tools, procedures and best practices.


CADD Civil Engineering Designer/GIS Specialists – Personal Contractor with Utah Dept. of Transportation (UDOT). Full Time = 40+ hrs per week (From: 01/1997 - To: 10/2013) Aerotek – TransCore – Michael Baker – BristleCone Engineering etc…

Responsibilities include: As a Civil Designer, Design/Build Team Member participated in Numerous Highway Infrastructure Projects to Re-Build and Re-Design of Highway/Freeway, Roads, Bridges and Fiber Optic and Automated Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) plans based on assessment of contractor workload, cost effectiveness, and individual project needs.

Duties include: Designed, completed layout, prepared, revised New and Existing drawings, alignment sheets and survey maps based on verbal explanations, survey notes, and engineering layouts using GIS and CADD to create and maintain geodatabases from survey plats and legal descriptions.


I-15 CORE Project (Utah Co.)

Mountain View Corridor (Salt Lake Co.)

SR-193 Extension (Davis Co.)

South Layton Design Build Project (Weber and Davis Co.)

Riverdale Road Project (Weber and Davis Co.)

I-15 NOW Project (Weber and Davis Co.)

UTA Front-Runner Project (Salt Lake, Weber, Davis and Utah Co.)

UTA Light-Rail TRAX Project (Salt Lake, Davis, Weber & Utah Co.)

I-15 & SR-126 ROW Project Design (Davis & Weber Co.)

Legacy Parkway Highway Project (Salt Lake & Davis Co.)

I-215/I-80 Highway/Bridge Design Project (Salt Lake Co.)

SR-201 Design-Build Project (Salt Lake Co.)

5600 West Project (Salt Lake Co.)

US-89 Highway Project (Davis Co.)

Shepard Lane Re-Construction Project (Davis Co.)

Idaho Department of Transportation AsBuilts (IDOT)

I-15 Re-Construction Design-Build Project (Salt Lake Co.)

Traveling to field locations to gather project and AsBuilt information.

Providing technical support, trouble shooting and problem-solving assistance for the traffic control center, traffic light installation schematics, junction box installation designs.

Managing large and small projects requests.

Working as a CADD/CAM Design Team Member and with Design Engineers of the Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS) and As-Built CADD Team.

Responsible for designing and/or red-line corrections of new and existing drawings of the installation of conduit, fiber optics wiring, Variable Message Signs (VMS), traffic control cabinets, sensory loops, camera locations, microwave installation, traffic control center design, traffic light installation schematics and junction box installation design drawings.


Cartographer - Dept. of Agriculture – US Forest Service (USFS) Full Time = 40+ hrs per week (From: 10/1984 - To: 12/1996) GeoSpatial and Technology Mapping Center (GSTC).

Address: 2222 West - 2300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119.

Responsibilities include: As a project leader/team member, participated in development of work plans based on assessment of contractor workload, cost effectiveness, and individual project needs.

Researched and reviewed cartographic source materials required to begin and complete projects assigned, taking steps necessary to secure materials from appropriate sources.

Functioned as Contract Inspector and Technical Advisor on contract procedures as they pertain to workflow, completeness of manual/digitized data, providing technical answers to contractors and/or the Public Sector and other Agencies.

Duties include:

As a Cartographer/GIS Specialist, I’ve digitized, edited, corrected, accepted and archived numerous manual & automated/digital cartographic mapping products.

Designed, completed layout, prepared, revised new and existing drawings, alignment sheets and maps based on verbal explanations, survey notes, and engineering layouts using both conventional drafting and design techniques of CADD/CAM.

Reviewed, Quality Assurance (QC) and edited/checked drawings and maps for completeness and accuracy.

Used the concepts of GIS principals of an organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographical data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all of geographically referenced information.


USDA-Certificate of Merit - For superior performance during FY 1986-1990… Billy J. Reed (Manager) Geometronics Service Center

USDA-Certificate of Merit - For sustained superior performance during FY 1990-1996... Billy J. Reed (Manager) Geometronics Service Center

USDA-Certificate of Merit - For continuous quality improvement working as a team to meet Forest Service needs for digital data. F. Dale Robertson (Chief)

USDA-Certificate of Merit - For outstanding increase in the production of cartographic feature files. Roberta Carroll (Manager) Geometronics Service Center

USDA-Certificate of Merit - For outstanding achievement in developing and implementation of digital hard copy graphic production of the Primary Base Series quads.

Roberta Carroll (Manager) Geometronics Service Center

“Manager’s Award for Civil Rights” - This is the first annual award and we are pleased to recognize you for serving as Chair of the Human Rights Action Team, Hispanic Representative and your active participation in civil rights activities both within GSC and in the community. Roberta Carroll (Manager) Geometronics Service Center


ESRI ArcMap 10.8; ArcGIS Pro: ArcView; ArcInfo; MapINFO;

Geographic Information Systems (GIS SPECIALIST)

Global Positioning System (GPS) TRIMBLE Civil Engineering and Design

Surveying Technician (UDOT, CDOT)

MicroStation J & MicroStation V8i, INROADS, ProjectWise

Fire Duty – Display Processor, Status Check-in Recorder, Driver

Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)

Global Positioning System (GPS) TRIMBLE

Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Training

Corner Search - Team Member

Supervisory Skills – Project Leader

Unix, Basic Photo-Interpretation

World Mapping System (INTERGRAPH)

Map Feature Coding (INTERGRAPH).


Cartographic Technician – AAA Engineering and Drafting Full Time = 40+ hrs per week (From: 01/1980 - To: 09/1984) Address: 1900 South - Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115.

Responsibilites and Duties include:

Obtained Top Secret/Access Security Clearance. Compiling, drafting and engraving master negatives for Defense Mapping Agency (DMA).


South High School – 1575 So., State St. SLC., UTAH 84115

Continuing Education: Geography/GIS Major, University of Utah, (1990-1994)


Martin Glaubitz – Civil Engineer – Avenue Consultants 801-***-****

Thaddeus Ellerbe – NOAA Cartographer 240-***-****

Andres Garrido – NOAA Cartographer 571-***-****

Darrien Watkins – NOAA Cartographer 443-***-****

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