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Forklift Operator Level

Covington, KY
August 09, 2022

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RS RYAN Stewart

Covington, KY ***** 859-***-****



Safety-oriented Forklift Operator knowledgeable about proper handling of heavy machinery, pallet jacks, cherry pickers and forklifts. Works well independently and as part of team. Excellent interpersonal communication skills. Industrious Forklift Operator trained in all aspects of shipment inspections and transportation. Versed in using scanners and warehouse management systems

(WMS) to promote safe and on-time shipment and delivery. Strong and robust individual comfortable lifting up to 75+ pounds and operating all job-related equipment such as shrink wrap machines.

Vigilant Forklift Operator familiar with operations and maintenance. Skilled at efficiently moving materials across areas to help teams meet demanding objectives. Conversational abilities paired with 5+ years of experience. Hardworking Forklift Operator with advanced mechanical aptitude and problem solving skills. Efficient and organized worker possessing strong work ethic and drive to exceed goals. Certified in OSHA 10 paired with 5+ years of hands-on experience handling warehouse duties.

Diligent and hard-working candidate ready to contribute solid effort as team member. Thorough and highly organized with excellent communication skills. Reliable worker with strong work ethic.

Qualified Tractor Operator with distinguished understanding of tractor maintenance and route completion. Followed directions and licensed to operate vehicles. Committed to comprehensive equipment maintenance and top efficiency.

Steadfast Tractor Operator with 5+ years of experience. Dedicated to tractor maintenance and knowledgeable about comprehensive repairs. Expert in shipping and recieving completion and using modern GPS systems. Dependable clamp truck operator with history facilitating productivity and accuracy for on-time delivery. Well versed in operation and maintenance of industry-standard equipment.

Seasoned forklift driver with skill in operating and troubleshooting warehouse equipment. Bringing exceptional problem solving skills developed over years in operation industry.

Capable Tractor Operator with 5+ years of experience in operations. Followed directions efficiently with no supervision. Successful at reading maps and comprehensive operations maintenance.

Enthusiastic team member eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of all portions and training in warehouses. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in warehouse.

Reliable employee seeking forklift/clamp truck operator position. Offering excellent communication and good judgment.

Hardworking and passionate job seeker with strong organizational skills eager to secure entry-level operator position. Ready to help team achieve company goals. Experienced operator with over 5+ years of experience in warehouse. Excellent reputation for resolving problems and improving customer satisfaction. Organized and dependable candidate successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on added responsibilities to meet team goals.

To seek and maintain full-time position that offers professional challenges utilizing interpersonal skills, excellent time management and problem-solving skills. Dedicated warehouse professional with history of meeting company goals utilizing consistent and organized practices. Skilled in working under pressure and adapting to new situations and challenges to best enhance the organizational brand.

SKILLS Safe Moving Operations

Pallet Disassembly and Assembly

Equipment Inspection

Freight Counts

Pallet Construction

Time Management

Verbal and Written


Incident Reporting

Load Inspection

Maintenance and Repair

Storage and Stacking

Delivery Information Verification

Physical Strength and Stamina

Problem Anticipation and


Warehouse Management


Loading and Unloading

PPE Compliance

Teamwork and Collaboration

Spatial Orientation

Fast Reaction Time

Forklift Operator Certification

Material Handling

Operation Monitoring

Skid, Platform and Car Emptying

OSHA Workplace Safety

Inventory Counts

Shipment Processing

Lift Equipment Operation

RFID Readers

Productivity Logs

Janitorial Duties

Work Assignments

Equipment Selection

Estimation Accuracy

Basic Mathematical Calculations

Materials Handling and Transport

General Housekeeping

Corrective Actions

Critical Thinking

High-Lift Trucks

Judgment and Decision-Making

Order Packing and Shipping

Supply Pulling

SSA Global Supply Chain







HW Staffing Florence, KY

Changed out forklift batteries and connected batteries to battery charger. Transported goods between warehouse locations according to shipment and storage needs.

Monitored area for pedestrian and vehicular traffic while operating various types of equipment.

Wrapped pallets in plastic wrap and attached merchandise tags to prepare for shipping.

Unloaded materials and goods at designated locations for best project availability.

Manually counted Number of picked and packaged orders for any loss. Used equipment such as cardboard recycler and recycling bins to process excess materials and support recycling efforts.

Maneuvered forklift safely using appropriate load rates and maintaining clear visibility of work areas.

Coordinated with other lift truck drivers and production personnel to process orders efficiently.

Boosted team performance by moving materials with forklifts, cranes and other equipment.

Removed orders from storage, wrapped and staged for shipments. Received cargo by lifting and moving it using hand trucks and pallet jacks. Coordinated team member movements based on current needs, avoiding safety concerns or delays.

Packed items into appropriate containers for shipment. Updated RF scanners tracking systems to document movements and determine proper area for storage.

Communicated with floor managers to determine merchandise placement. Operated all loaders, forklift and clamp truck equipment safely and efficiently to prevent damage to items and avoid injuries. CLAMP TRUCK OPERATOR 10/2021 to 04/2022

Novolex Florence, KY

Positioned clamps around pallets, skids and boxes to minimize movement and secure loads.

Operated clamp forklift by positioning levers, controls and hoists to store and remove materials.

Employed clamp forklift to load and unload pallets and boxes faster, safer and easier.

Assisted team members during downtime to showcase initiative and increase warehouse productivity.

Performed routine inspections and maintenance on clamp truck equipment to preserve working condition and reduce malfunctions. Completed and submitted paperwork to facilitate accurate record-keeping for shift change follow-up.

Verified labels and correctly affixed tags to pallets to expedite deliveries and avoid mix-ups.

Complied with OSHA standards and safety practices to reduce risk of falling loads, improve safety and prevent damages. Assisted receiving leader with shipments, unloading and loading material using clamp truck.

Unloaded and stacked rolls of paper and paper material with lifting devices. Tracked and recorded materials with scanners to maintain and update inventory.

Transported product loads through warehouse to facilitate inspection process and on-time delivery.

Drove equipment from one site to another to deliver tools and complete jobs.

Updated daily logs with production data such as weights, destinations and delivery times to keep management current on team activities. Adjusted machinery and notified supervisors of malfunctions. Promoted operational efficiency by maximizing loads on each transfer. Used equipment such as cardboard recycler and recycling bins to process excess materials and support recycling efforts.

Coordinated team member movements based on current needs, avoiding safety concerns or delays.

Operated transport vehicles and auxiliary equipment to move materials safely to and from target areas.

CARPENTER 05/2000 to 07/2018

Local Union #2 Monroe, OH

Checked measurements and completed accurate cuts to prevent materials waste and maintain cost controls.

Completed installations of building structures, trim, flooring and cabinetry. Monitored tool and equipment condition and arranged repairs. Planned and executed work with proper tools and materials to maximize productivity.

Completed precise joining and high-quality finish work by properly anchoring and bracing structures.

Planned projects by identifying necessary equipment, tools and required assistance.

Led garages, residential homes and addition projects to completion. Placed building paper over subflooring to protect final flooring material from water damage.

Installed paneling on walls to deaden sound, complete decorations or absorb shock based on individual customer requirements. Followed established job site safety regulations and maintained safe and clean work area.

Effectively used nails, screws, pneumatic nailing systems, concrete anchors, powder-actuated fasteners and framing connectors. Developed proficiency in stain-grade trim work, hanging doors and drilling and setting door hardware.

Repaired roofs and flooring and remodeled bathrooms and kitchens to complete 100+ projects.

Aligned and squared frames and forms for installation. Employed raw and pre-fabricated materials to construct residential, commercial and any structures.

Safely operated electric cordless and hammer drills and cutting torches. Selected and ordered lumber or other required materials to keep inventory at sufficient levels.

Operated circular saw and saw-all tools to cut, shape and smooth lumber and other construction materials.

Properly poured, set and cured concrete.

Facilitated harmonious working relationships with crew members to prevent problems and conflicts.

Cut and installed insulation for residential and commercial buildings. Built structures using precast concrete and hand-poured concrete forms. Shaped or cut materials to specified measurements using hand tools, machines and power saws.

Went 1200 days without safety accident by safely setting up scaffolding, gang ladders, perimeter railings, fall protection and temporary covers. Specialized in foundations, framing and finish carpentry. Cut and shaped materials to meet outlined measurements. Assembled durable, high-quality structures by working with forming systems, hand tools and range of equipment.

Installed drywall, ceilings, trim and fabricated replacement trim and moldings.

Followed protocols and stayed organized to provide personal and teammate safety.

Read and effectively used truss-roof prints to cut and set roofs accordingly. Transformed lumber into forms and assembled structures for commercial projects.

Repaired and remodeled wood, iron, chain link and vinyl fencing. Constructed 25+ residential decks, carports, garages and sunrooms. Constructed 10+ custom built designs according to specifications. Measured and marked cutting lines on materials using pencil or chalk and marking gauge.

Completed tasks according to technical document requirements and specifications to work with accuracy.

EDUCATION Bracken County High School, Brooksville, KY

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