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Power 1 Customer Service

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada
August 08, 2022

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DWMoyles_Resume ** July ****



Languages: English

Medical Status: Physically Capable & Fit -

COVID-19 Vaccinations completed + 2 Boosters as of 29 Jul 22. 123 Harmsworth Drive, Grand Falls - Windsor, NL. A2A 2Y7 709-***-**** (Primary Cell)

709-***-**** (Secondary Landline)



High School Diploma - Booth Memorial High, GFW, NL. August 1979; Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma - DeVry Institute of Technology, Toronto, ON. October 1981; Canadian Forces (CF) Electronics Trade Certificate - Canadian Forces School of Communication & Electronics

(CFSCE), CFB Kingston, Kingston, ON. June 1983;

CF Trade Certificate for ‘RADAR Tech.’ CF Trade Assignment - CFSCE, CFB Kingston, Kingston, ON. December 1983;

CF Trade Apprenticeship RADAR Tech Certified - Canadian Forces Station Dana, Dana, SK. October 1984; CF Trade Journeyman RADAR Tech Certified - Canadian Forces Station Dana, Dana, SK. October 1985; Electronics Technician Diploma - International Correspondence Schools, Montreal, QC. September 1991; GED Grade 12 Equivalency Certificate for Province of BC - North Island College, Courtney, BC. October 1992; CF Trade Master, Aerospace Telecommunications & Information Systems (ATIS) Tech - CF Air Force Professional Development & Training Centre - CFB Borden, Borden,ON. June 1995; and CF Trade Senior ATIS Leader/Trainer/Manager, ATIS Trade Sr Certified Electronics Engineering Technician, Canadian Forces School of Communication & Electronics (CFSCE), CFB Kingston, Kingston, ON. February 2004. FEDERAL SECURITY CERTIFICATES : - Secret (lvl II) expires 15 Jul 2026

- Top Secret (Lvl III) expires 15 Nov 2024


Proven versatility in Private Sector & GoC Uniformed Service working direct classified IT Installation Hardware Design assignments for DND (CF Reg); AEPOS Technologies Corp (Division of ADGA Group Ottawa as DND Contractor); Environment & Climate Change Canada (EG05 full-time Employee); and Shared Services Canada Lvl 2 classified IT hardware installation designer as well as Technical Writer/Business Analyst/ SOW preparation Consultant for GoC Cellular Services assignments for installation (Ie. Rodgers, Bell, TELUS). Trained and certified as a Canadian Forces Sr Aerospace Telecommunications and Information Systems Technician with years of practical experience with electronics engineering/troubleshooting. A currently unemployed Field Technician with experienced and competent professional development and CF career advancements that enabled the acquisition of a collection of advance IT/IM skillsets, experience and proven/tested IT Network System knowledge that will always be beneficial to the industry. Currently hold a valid GoC Security clearance for Canadian Cyber Defence Community Communications and Classified Information Systems. Worked on numerous Directorate Information Management Technology Products & Services (DIMTPS) and Defence Crypto Modernization Project (DCMP) classified installations over a 15 year period. Promotionally attained the rank of Warrant Officer (Mid-Sr Management), and additional combined civilian contractor experience serve to enhance technical, organizational and managerial Page 1 of 7

DWMoyles_Resume 29 July 2022

skillsets. Extensive experience in the field of Communications Security (COMSEC) and Emission Security (EMSEC) including the integration, installation and maintenance of classified systems, crypto device Encryptors, and shielded enclosures. In-depth knowledge of Technical COMSEC Inspection (TCI) requirements and GoC Cyber Defence Standards. Solid Electronics background and highly effective troubleshooting and analyzing skills. Mentorship experience with certified Canadian Forces IT/IM Training Instructor Cadre for complex electronics systems. Employs exceptional leadership/project management/project deployment skills with years of experience dealing with logistical and administrative details from beginning of project assignment to close-out and client acceptance. RECENT PROFESSIONAL/PERSONAL WORK EXPERIENCES:

Sept 2021 to Present: Unemployed due to COVID. EI benefits expired. Staying busy doing odd DIY jobs in my local community of Grand Falls-Windsor. Volunteering free DIY Labour for struggling families in my community. Pro-Bono interest in personal build of ‘Mobile Cabin’ (Tiny-Home) with Brother-In-Law. All facets of construction involved from wheels and Frame up to Internal finishing of a ‘9.5 Ft by 28 ft double tier Mobile Cabin’ of natural wood products and latest RV electrical and plumbing design. Best of both worlds. Project still in Progress. Jan 2020 to August 2020: Unemployed in Ottawa - Locked down due to COVID. Waiting for Federal Gov’t to ‘wind-up’ again and renew contract with me. Time ran out and expenses caught up with me. Filed Personal Bankruptcy on 18 Aug 2021. Moved back to home province on 25 Sept 2021. Nov 2020 to Dec 2020

Moyles of Secure Fibre Design Inc.

Business Analyst - Classified Networks SME

Shared Services Canada - Gov’t of Canada Secret Infrastructure (GCSI) network system. Technical ‘Statement/Scope of Work (SOW) compiler and publisher and with Design Authority approval/responsibility for SSC’s Government of Canada Secret Infrastructure (GCSI) network expansions and new backbone IT infrastructure support requirements. Government Department/Agency Client front-facing SSC SME representative, and collaborative co-worker as a team member with other Project Managers, GCSI Configuration & Management Control, GCSI Networks Operations, and Gov’t Cellular Services (GCS) on SSC classified IT installation assignments. Provided and engaged in mentorship/teaching responsibility role for less-experienced technical team members as well as guided and advised team, GCSI group, senior members and leadership with regards to best practices and common industry proven methods for the availability, confidentially and integrity of the Federal Government’s Inter-Department Secure Lvl II network communication system, from SSC’s point-of-view, as it expands throughout the region and country. Completed many Client ‘front-facing’ Preliminary Site Surveys (PSS) and Installation physical surveys to ensure Client’s Cyber Security responsibilities are compliant and within Communication Security Establishments’ (CSE) guidance, policies, procedures, legal assurances and Oversight. Published Technical Design specs/works for approved classified project installation and expansions. Jan 2020 - Oct 2020

Environment & Climate Change Canada

Meteorological Science Division

Meteorological Radar Technologist (Jul 2020 - Oct 2020) for the National Weather Radar Program (NWRP), by virtue of my RADAR background essential qualifications and experience and my availability during COVID. Agreed to be declared ‘Essential-Operational Staff Support’ on 1 Jul 2020 with accompanying order signed by ADM for ECCC. Travelled nationally during pandemic to many different regional weather radar sites of the 26 site system that ECCC maintains as a primary part of the Nations’ Severe Weather Observation and Detection Forecasts’ alert system. Functioned technically for the purposes of Corrective and Preventative maintenance of state-of-the-art complex Leonardo Doppler-Weather RADAR’s. Provided sound technical support, experience training and availed proven knowledge techniques to less-experienced technical support regional staff. Advised and provided technical evaluation assessments for ECCC’s new RADAR installations (during Canada’s adverse weather season-In the fall of the year) under the ongoing Canada’s national upgrade installation project of the Canadian Weather Radar Replacement Program (CWRPP). Worked Frequency spectrum for different radars ( Bands S, C, Ka,

& X) and new technology weather detection systems such as LiDAR. Meteorological RESEARCH Division

Technical Support Advisor (Jan 2020 - Jun 2020) for Canadian and International Weather Research Scientists involved with field deployable ‘prototype’ Weather Detections Systems for field weather data collection or as a design technical assistant for the manufacturing of exterior sensors mounted on the research aircraft owned by the National Research Centre in Ottawa. Assisted two Weather Research Scientists and the Engineering Group

(EG) requirements for the Observation Based Research Section (OBRS). Contributed towards the effectiveness for delivering ‘pure-data’ and excising man-made interferences and independent variables from the weather data Page 2 of 7

DWMoyles_Resume 29 July 2022

collected and analysed. Began COVID ‘Work-from-Home’ measures in early Mar 2020. Remained on status lvl 3

(non-essential) until changing internal ECCC commitment upon request from a supervisor with the National Weather Radar Program. Before COVID, and afterwards while at home, remotely monitored and maintained vigil on operations and data collection dissemination via VNC and FTP software, for Canada’s Super-Sites of all deployed ECCC equipment operating autonomously at those sites. Sites included but not limited to Iqaluit, NU; Whitehorse, YK, & Squamish, BC.

Ad Hoc Pro-bono Assistance/Odd Jobs/Community Volunteering - Feb 2017 - Dec 2019

** While in home province to support extended family. ** Aug 2019-Oct 2019

Ad Hoc/Pro-Bono - Remote System Analyst Lvl III -

ADGA Group Consultants Inc.

Provided technical advice and recommendations for Canada’s next generation soldier comms with regard to best case scenarios/client requirements for field operations and deployments for secure comms. Compared ‘client interested’ hardware comms analyst for the industrial specs as compared to Mil-Specs expectations, and made recommendations to purchase or seek modifications to meet specifications. Input had potential to be advice on a multi-million dollar procurement purchase for the Canadian Forces Army Command. Also qualified on another contract for a DND LCMM position, and applied on another position for Technical Inspector. Decided in the end to go to ECCC for new cutting-edge research for new weather detection technologies. Feb 2019 - May 2019

TNT Consign N’Sell

Grand Falls-Windsor, NF.

Mastery of Hard-Skills -Jack-of-all-trades Experience/work - Pro-Bono Assisted with opening & operation of new (Family-Related Owned Business) Customer Service Business for consignment transfers in the outdoors recreational vehicle market of Central Newfoundland. Completed/assisted with hard-skill requirements such as Carpentry (rough, fine & finish), Dry-wall (rough, finish & primer), Plumping

(PVC, Copper & PEX), Electrical (15/30 Amp circuit switches and outlets), IT Security and connections infrastructure

(Cat6 UTP,Coax, CCTV, Motion sensors and detectors), Painting (Trim & Finish). Business premises incorporated an Interior showroom of just under 9000 sqft and an exterior showcase parking lot of over 30,000 sqft. All monitored by CATV 24/7.

Feb 2017 - Jul 2019

Unemployed - Job Hunting limited to the island of Newfoundland for personal family support reasons. Realized that specialized and uniques skill-set experiences with the Federal Government practically non-existent on the island. Expanded search parameter in July of 2019. Immediately got opportunities for employment in Ontario mostly. Accepted one-year Term-position with ECCC in Jan 2020. Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

Freelance & Contract for EB Solution Toronto

IT Installation Engineer as required basis

Provided remote installation services to Toronto IT firm with servicing contracts on the island of Newfoundland for the maintenance and support of big ‘Box-Top’ chain department stores. Upgraded and installed new Qtrac system for smoother customer service interactions at point-of-sale in Walmart, Gander, NF, while it was open for business. Completed all IT equipment mods and new install/replacement requirements according to approved Statement Of Work. Completed QA/QC checks for serviceability and connectivity with head office in Toronto, ON. Completed all remote project administrative/logistical paperwork and conducted handover-signing documentation records for inclusion into Technical Data Support Package documentation for site technical OPI, and EB Solution Archive company records.

September 2008 to Jan 2017

ADGA Group Consultants Inc.

AEPOS Technologies Corp.

COMSEC/Tempest Equipment Installation Specialist

Employed as a COMSEC Installation Specialist Team Lead for AEPOS COMSEC Centre of Excellence (ACCE) for related contracts involving several Government Departments and Agencies performing the following tasks requiring the use of associated skills and knowledge and experience as follows: Page 3 of 7

DWMoyles_Resume 29 July 2022

• Installing Classified Information Technology (IT) communication systems – including switches, routers, terminal equipment and Ethernet network devices;

• TEMPEST techniques and standards related to secure communication installations;

• Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) suppression techniques;

• Fibre Optic systems population and integration with optical isolators and transmission media conversions (I.e. copper to fibre);

• Radio Frequency (RF) filter design and installation techniques with bonding, grounding and EMI shielding parameters;

• Planning & managing the installation of ‘secure’ crypto devices & networks for Confidentially, Connectivity and Availability of secured classified data communications;

• Planning, managing, and installing secure wiring distribution systems for DND including cryptographic equipment and devices;

• Drafting techniques to produce floor plans and wiring diagrams for project directive installation sketches, including knowledge of Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software, such as AutoCAD.

• Trained new ACCE personnel on proper COMSEC Installation techniques and procedures.

• Represented ADGA Group/AEPOS Technologies as Team Lead for COMSEC Installations in the NCR and abroad nationally.

• Fulfilled Technical COMSEC Supervisor role and tasks during his absence. Below is a list of detailed functions and actions performed during this period. a. Analyze and provide feasible solutions to stated technical and operational requirements that are in the pre- definition phase.

b. Identify deficiencies and recommend engineering alternatives to equipment and/or interconnectivity to ensure compliance with COMSEC/Tempest-related specifications. c. Liaise with subsystem engineering groups to ensure that the definition of COMSEC/Tempest standards and criteria relating to equipment/systems interface are known and understood. d. Perform a technical evaluation on proposed new installation requirements and provide corrective solutions to deficiencies and changes to equipment and specifications where required. e. Conduct Tempest communication data terminals, word processor and crypto pre-installation site surveys. f. Prepare installation project cost estimates for materiel and human resources required for the installation of Tempest communication data terminals, word processors, crypto, and supporting wiring infrastructure. g. Perform COMSEC/Tempest equipment installations as directed by the TA. h. Sketch schematic diagrams for Tempest communication data terminal, word processor and crypto equipment installations.

i. Provide expert advice and recommended solutions to encountered problems to field/distant installers. j. Ensure that the technical data packages detailing "as built" drawings are prepared and distributed using AutoCAD.

k. In addition, Mr. Moyles was required to provide the following formal and informal deliverables on an as required basis:

i. Pre-definition Requirements analysis and recommendations. ii. Newly proposed Installation Requirement technical evaluations. iii. Site Surveys and Technical Feasibility reports. iv. Installation projects cost analysis.

v. Fibre optic testing results, analyst and record keeping. vi. Project material usage consumption reports and database tracking records. vii. COMSEC/Tempest equipment installations and integration, including deploying cable pathway hardware and infrastructure, cable trays, junctions (including pull boxes), terminals, metal conduit (EMT), and other associated hardware for several different government departments and Agencies. Canadian Forces Experience: 1997 - Sept 2008

August 2007 to August 2008 (13 Months)

Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON

Information Technology Security Officer and C & A Security Analyst In the role of IT System Security Officer (ISSO) with DND, ADM(IM), duties were to:

• Compile, analyze, develop and produce the Interim Approval to Process (IAP) and Certification & Accreditation documentation for DND / CF Defence Integrated Human Resource System - People Soft version 8.9 Human Page 4 of 7

DWMoyles_Resume 29 July 2022

Resource Management System (HRMS) Web Based application and add-on Government of Canada Civilian Pay Interface (GCPI) and all documentation pertaining to: a. Physical Security Access user protocols and monitoring b. System Specific Security Requirement

c. Personnel Security

d. Procedural Security

e. IT Security

f. Information System Security Policy & Orders

g. Configuration Management Plan

h. Rules of Connectivity

• This environment had the attention of many executive stakeholders and also involved IT/IM Project Management for the following daily activities:

a. Supervise senior TRA Security Analysts; contribute to the completion of the HRMS TRA / SOS / ConOps. Maintain DIHRS HRMS user database.

b. Complete weekly progress reports.

c. Attend operational, organizational and functional meetings as IT Security SME. d. Liaison with CoC and Dir IM Secure.

e. Identify and develop system security requirements. f. Act as security subject matter expertise and provide advice to HRMS user community. Set up and manage a records management system (Archive) in order to maintain a historical sequence of information. g. Managed and worked with professional staff. Prepared written reports for executive approval and project records. Utilize enterprise architecture tools and techniques. March 2003 to July 2007

Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Unit (CFCMU), Kingston, ON COMSEC TEMPEST Installation Crew Chief

Directly supported Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Unit (CFCMU) as a COMSEC/TEMPEST equipment installation specialist. Responsibilities are summarized below:

• Analyzed and provided feasible solutions to stated technical and operational requirements. Identified deficiencies and recommended engineering alternatives to equipment and/or interconnectivity to ensure compliance with COMSEC/TEMPEST-related specifications.

• Managed crew and supervised activities relating to installations; ensured industry codes and Standards (BICSI, TIA/EIA, and CEC), DND COMSEC installation policies, and safety standards were strictly adhered to. Installed Type 1 crypto (KG-194A, KG-84A/C, KG-175); troubleshot and assisted DND DIMTPS with engineering and integration of secure data and voice communications.

• Performed technical evaluations on proposed new installation requirements and provided corrective solutions to deficiencies and changes to equipment and specifications where required.

• Provided assistance to field personnel in the preparation of procurement for TEMPEST equipment, components and ancillaries.

• Investigated, determined and recommended sources of supply for Tempest equipment and their components and ancillaries.

• Conducted TEMPEST communication data terminals, word processor and crypto pre-installation site surveys.

• Prepared installation project cost estimates for materiel and human resources required for the installation of TEMPEST and COTS secure communication data terminals, word processors, crypto, and supporting wiring infrastructure.

• Travelled to CF Bases/Units across Canada and Afghanistan to perform Installations on new classified IT system requirements and provide a trip report detailing problem areas, financial concerns (i.e. proposed cost of installations), any personal problems dealing with clients, and any other pertinent information.

• Provided expert advice and recommended solutions to encountered problems to field/distant installers.

• Ensured that the technical data packages detailing "as built" drawings are prepared and distributed. While employed in this capacity, was frequently required to use the following skills and knowledge: a. Information Technology (IT) for communication systems. b. TEMPEST techniques and standards related to secure communication installations. c. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) suppression techniques, Fibre Optic systems and optical isolators. d. Radio Frequency (RF) filter design and installation techniques and bonding, grounding and shielding techniques.

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DWMoyles_Resume 29 July 2022

e. Planning, managing the installation of secure Crypto devices, networks. f. Planning, managing, and installing secure wiring distribution systems for DND including working closely with cryptographic equipment and device.

g. Drafting techniques to produce floor plans and wiring diagrams for project directive installation sketches, including knowledge of Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software, such as AutoCAD and VISIO Professional.

h. To maintain ‘High’ factor security posture for procedures, provided mentor advice and informal training to junior DND civilian and uniformed personnel to prevent security incidents during off-line tests, roll-out installations and hand-over to federal government user community. July 2002 to March 2003 (9 months)

CFB Kingston Canadian Forces School of Communication and Electronics (CFSCE) G Sqn - Performance Orientated Electronics Training (POET) Troop NCO I/C POET Cell 2. Directly supported and enforced Canadian Forces dress, deportment and discipline standards for five Professional Orientated Electronics Training (POET) Courses during tenure as an ATIS 226 Senior Trade Sgt.

• Directly liaison with DND Training Standards and Administration Office in support of student administration for previous training credits and unique requests. Conducted training investigation and effective mitigation routines and discipline exercises for reversal of low standard output put forth by struggling students.

• Responsible for three NCM subordinates and the dress, deportment and discipline of five (5) POET courses of 16 students each.

• Special Assignment Tasked as Administrative/Logistical NCM I/C for Air Operations Command, Control & Information System (AOCCIS) course. Duties included all Logistical and Administrative requirements for support of CELE 82 "Sr Capt" and new "Major" students attending course, plus maintenance and connectivity of all course IT equipment and hardware.

July 1997 to July 2002 (5 years)

CFB Trenton: Aerospace Telecommunications Engineering & Support Squadron (ATESS) Command & Control Information Systems Flight (CCISF) RADAR Systems Training (RST) Instructor & ATC Communication Systems Installation Crew 2 2nd I/C.

• Technical Responsibilities included 3rd line corrective maintenance instruction on Terminal RADAR & Airfield Communication Systems (TRACS) including: AN/FPN-504 Westinghouse Area Surveillance RADAR (ASR) - Airfield Field Primary RADAR - Frequency 2.4 GHz & Peak Power 1 Mw, AN/GPX 504 Secondary Surveillance RADAR (SSR) - Selection Identification Friend or Foe (SIFF) - Frequency TX 1030 MHz & Peak Power 2.2 Kw, AN/ FPN-503(V) Precision Approach RADAR (PAR) - All-Weather Landing Aid - Frequency TX 9080 MHz & Peak Power 30 Kw, AN/GRN-516 TACAN.

• Communication System (TRACS) sites (Formerly known as System Analysis & Site Adaptation (SASA) course), ITT Industries Vendors course for PAR Antenna Blanker switch and Indicator Upgrades. Completed Vendors Liberty Star Communication Set course for ATC Tower upgrades project; AN/GRN-516 TACAN Maintenance Course, achieved Top Student. Completed Instructional Techniques Course Lvl 1.

• Test Equipment Calibration Coordinator for RST Cell.

• Completed Quick Reaction Terminal training in preparation for Y2K. Later taught Radio procedures and message traffic handling procedures and protocols to Signal Operators from MACS sites. Completed Vendors Andrew Connector Attachment training.


1. Information Security Systems Officer (ISSO)

2. Technical COMSEC Inspector (TEMPEST Standard)

3. International Certified TEMPEST for System Installation and Facility Design 4. TEMPEST Fundamentals - Best Practise

5. Operational COMSEC Installations and Modifications Crew Chief 6. ATIS Tech Supervisors course

7. AutoCAD Basic - 2002

8. Airport Security FS-3 Handheld Metal Detector

9. Airport Security Linescan II Baggage X-Ray

10. Air Command Auxiliary Fire Fighter

11. Asbestos Awareness Training

12. ImmarSat B Familiarization

13. Quick Reaction Terminal

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DWMoyles_Resume 29 July 2022

14. ITT Industries PAR Antenna & Blanker Switches

15. Instructional Techniques

16. DND 404 Defensive Drivers course

17. AN/FPS-117(V) Canadian Costal Radar (CCR) Maintenance Level I & II 18. 7801 Instrument Landing System (ILS)

19. High Reliability Soldering

20. ICS Electronic Technician Diploma

21. AN/FPS-504(V) Area Surveillance RADAR (ASR)

22. AN/FPN-503(V) Precision Approach Radar

23. AN/GPX-504 Secondary Surveillance Radar

24. AN/GRN-501 TACAN

25. AN/TPN-501 QUAD Radar

26. AN/GRN-516 TACAN

27. Taclane KG-175 Micro Encryptor Operations and maintenance (2012) 28. KIV-7M Encryptor Operations and Maintenance (2011) 29. Fall Protection Training (2010)

30. Additional training completed thru employment at AEPOS Technologies and using ‘HR Downloads’ on-line training tools:

• AODA Customer Service Training

• Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers in Ontario

• Integrated Accessibility Standards - Information/Communication and Employment Standards Training

• Young Worker Safety and Awareness Training for Leaders

• WHMIS Training

• Safety at Heights - Fall Protection Training

• Ladder Safety Training

• Forklift Training

• Personal Protective Equipment Training

• Heat Stress Awareness and Prevention

Many more updated certification and ‘must-do’ on-boarding training seminars and courses online for ECCC and SSC recently. Many qualifications and certifications are still in effect with the Canadian Government in a federal employment situation.

References can be provided with sufficient notice. Sincerely and Respectfully

David W. Moyles

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