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Cobol Project Coordinator

Fairfax, VA
August 05, 2022

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Rajiv Saxena

B.S. (Electronics), - * Year Engineering Degree.

National Institute Of Technology Warangal (A.P., India)

Cell : 319-***-****

Professional Summary (System Architect)

More than 20 years in Design, Analysis, development, Testing and implementation of Business software applications, product and services, ON-LINE and BATCH Processing Systems.

Excellent knowledge of Transforming of Business requirement to Technical / Functional Specifications.

Excellent knowledge of Mainframe (Unisys,IBM and UNIX), DMSII, COBOL74/85,WFL, DARGAL / URSA,,XML,WebServices,HTMl, Java Script, Structured Program Design Skill.

Excellent Functional knowledge of Finance / Banking / Manufacturing / Govt. AgenciesApplications.

SCRUM / Agile /Water Fall Methodology.

A self-motivated problem solver and team player with excellent communication skills, oriented towards customer satisfaction.

Worked for Clients like GSA (General Service Administration) Federal Govt. Agency in DC, NY State Govt. Agency (OTDA), DCJS (Department of CRIMINAL JUSTICE), UNISYS CORPORATION, Peoples Bank, HSBC, CITI Bank, Capital One and many others..

Expertise in providing production support(24X7)for handling complex issues and change requests.

Excellent knowledge in Project/Risk/Time Management principles and Project Planning skills

Involved in using different project life cycles, Project / Risk Management in developing the applications.

Performed as Onsite – Offshore Coordinator in managing the projects.

Strong know;edge of Unisys MCP and administration, CANDE/MARC as an editor - Programmer’s Workbench editor, Understanding of LOGANALYZER, it use, and how to generate log reports to troubleshoot issues

Experienced in Unit and System Integration Testing. Design & Development of Test cases on modules according to the requirements and development standards.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems


Programming Languages




Tools / Utilities

MARC/CANDE,LINC, TADS,ProgrammersWork Bench, Crystal Reports, Vi, HP ALM, Serena Business Manager, FS-RAPID, FTP, MS Project, MS Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), ErWin,Adobe Dreamweaver,Visio 2000

Methodology / Technology

SSAD, OOPS (Object Oriented Programming), SCRUM Development Methodology, Water Fall/Agile Methodology

Employer :AKS Software Ltd,Arlington, VA Dec 17–Present

Project : Development/ Enhancement / Maintenance of MainFrameCOBOL PROGRAMS

Role :Senior IT Consultant/Associate

Environment :UNISYS Mainframe, DMSII (Data Base), COBOL74/85,WFL,TADS, JavaScript, HTML, XML, WSDL, HP ALM, EasyTrieve,SBM, Windows-NT, MS-Office, Visio, MS Visual studio

Responsibilities :

Users Interaction to discuss their Requirements and to provide best feasible solution to meet their requirements.

Preparation of System design document, Program Specifications

Maintenance of existing Cobol Programs, running with DMSII (Database), Agile Methodology.

Development / Maintenance of New / existing WFL to add new / existing COBOL Programs

Program Testing, Debugging and data validation.

Program Debugging using TADS

Developed a Bill Of Material / Purchase Order data handling, Analysis for third party.

Program Testing, Preparation of Test Plan, Unit, System and Integration Testing

Employer :Lockheed Martin Arlington, VA Oct 08–Nov 17

Project : Development of COBOL PROGRAMS FOR FSS System (Procurement module)

Client :General Service Administration (Federal Govt. Agency).

Role :Senior IT Consultant/Associate

Environment :Unisys Mainframe,DMSII (Data Base), COBOL,TADS, WFL,HTML, XML, WSDL, EasyTrieve,JavaScript, HP-ALM, SBM, Windows-NT, MS-Office, Visio, MS Visual studio

Responsibilities :

System Requirement Study, Program Analysis, Coding, Testing, Debugging

Implementation and Maintenance of Fiserv Account processing / Item Processing solutions

Implementation Upgrade & Support of GFS, MISER, Payment infrastructure for online Bill payment solutions.

Analysis of COBOL 74/85 programs running on Mainframe.

Users Interaction to discuss their Requirements and to provide best feasible solution to meet their requirements.

Maintenance of existing Cobol Programs, running with DMSII (Database), Agile Methodology.

GSA using application on Mainframe, COBOL,DMS, WFL, for maintaining and new developments to track Vendor payments against all purchases.

GSA wanted to develop fresh COBOL programs to find out the list of vendors whose contracts are being terminated and send them System generated e-mail.

Developed a new Module for Billing And Account Receivable(BAAR), Integrating with Fiserv Products.

Program Debugging & Testing using TADS

Reports developments development using URSA / DARGAL

Program Testing, Preparation of Test Plan, Unit, System and Integration Testing

Handled individual tasks and deliverable components in order to complete projects on schedule

Employer :Amitech Solutions, Albany, NY Jan 08 – Sep 08

Project : Development of System Use case from Legacy Use cases

Client :DCJS (Department OfCriminal Justice Services, NY State)

Role :Sr. Programmer/ Analyst

Environment :Unisys Mainframe, DMSII (DBMS),COBOL,WFL,JavaScript,Web Services. HP ALM, Crystal Reports, Windows-NT, MS-Office


System Requirement Study, Program Analysis, Coding, Testing

Analysis of COBOL 74/85 programs running on UNISYS A-series Mainframe

Development of System Use case from Legacy Use Case

Users Interaction to discuss their Requirements and to provide best feasible solution to meet their requirements

Maintenance of existing Cobol Programs running with DMSII (Database)

DCJS using application on UNISYS A-series, COBOL,DMSII for signature verification, Name check

etc., a requirement for Federal government

Project Risk/Time Management, Project Monitoring.

All System Use cases preparation with the help of DCJS SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)

The objective of this conversion project is to improve Performance Accountability Measures, timeliness of case processing and completeness of disposition

Employer :Amitech Solutions,Albany, NY Jan 06 – Dec 07

Project :Welfare Management System (WMS)

Client :NY State Govt. Project (OTDA)

Role :Sr. Programmer/ Analyst (Lead)

Environment :Unisys Mainframe, DMS/RDMS, ECL,JavaScript, EasyTrieve, COBOL74/85, Crystal Reports, HP ALM, Windows-NT, MS-Office


System Requirement Study, Program Analysis, Coding, Testing

Project program scheduling and tracking.

Users Interaction to discuss their Requirements and to provide best feasible solution to meet their requirements.

Unit, System Integration testing of new programs

Development of common procedures useful for other COBOL74 programs integration with Fiserv products.

Development of New Module – Vendor Receivable to the existing BICS system.

Incorporation of new VR-AREA in DMS and extracting data from Fiserv products.

Data extraction /export programs to pull data from Fiserv products and Importing to Excel for reporting.

Development of JAVA, HTML, XML, for screen design in MCP environment.

To make application more flexible towards VENDOR Payments in the existing WMS (Welfare Management System).

BICS application is used to take of the assistance provided by State government for child welfare /temporary Disabled persons (A module of WELFARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM).

A NY state government project to provide and track of the payments / Contractor receivables.

Employer :HexawareTechnologies,Canton,MI Mar 05 – Dec 05

Project : Development/Maintenance/ Testing COBOL Programs for an International Manufacturing Unit

Client :Unisys Corporation, Canton, MI

Role :Sr. Programmer/ Analyst,On site coordinator

Environment :Unisys Mainframe, COBOL74/85, WFL, ECL, JavaScript,WFL, EasyTrieve, Windows-NT, UNIX, FTP, TCP/IP, DARGAL/ URSA, InfoSuite. MS-Office


Understanding existing application and knowledge transfer to off-shore team members.

Preparation .of Knowledge transfer document, to be approved by FUNCTIONAL ANALYST.(SMEs)

To Provide Production support for DAY-TO-DAY operational / technical problems.

Maintenance / Development of Fresh Programs, Stored Procedures, Triggers, inCOBOL 74/85, DMS, as per the User requirements

Development Of Data Retrieval Programs. Adding / Altering/ Deleting Data Records in DMSII Database using COBOL 74/85.

AGILE/SCRUM Development Methodology

A Business Outsourcing Project to maintain BAMCS (Business AndManufacturing Control System)

BAMCS(Business and Manufacturing Control System) is being used worldwide by UNISYS for their manufacturing / support requirements.

Use of MAPPER for transferring files

Development of fresh DML queries for day-to-day requirements of extracting DATA from DMS database.

Develop fresh queries using DARGAL / URSA to Extract Data from UNISYS DMS Database.

Employer :Kaizen Technologies Bridgeport, CT Aug 02 – Jan 05

Project : Development/Maintenance/ Testing Of A Large Retail Banking Application

Client :Peoples Bank

Role :LeadProgrammer/Analyst

Environment :,Unisys MainFrameA-series, COMS,COBOL74/85,WFL,DMS BL Source, XGEN, Windows-NT, UNIX, FS-Rapid, FTP, TCP/IP, DARGAL, ON-Demand. InfoSuite. EasyTrieve, MS-Office


Maintenance of Existing Application & Fresh Development of COBOL 74/85 programs.

Integration of Commercial Loan module with other Modules.

SCRUM Development Methodology

Integration of Commercial Loan system with PBP (Pay By Phone) module

File Transfers between IBM to UNISYS for DAY END processing

Peoples Bank, C.T. uses GFS( Global Financial System) for their Retail banking Applications.

GFS was developed by UNISYS Corp. during 1980.

Project was involved in incorporating new functionality as per the users requirement.

Peoples wanted to develop a fresh module – EFT( Electronic Funds Transfer)

Project involved in development of fresh as well as modifications in existing COBOL programs / Screens

(XGEN) for PAY-BY-PHONE module ( part of EFT module)

Project also required some enhancements in Commercial Loan Applications (CLA) Module.

Redesigned e-Commercial Loan Application Processing Programs with integration to CIS

( CustomerInformation System) module

Modifications in Lender Referral request form for Commercial Loan.

Developed New reports showing Loan Aging, Mortgage Rates variations

Employer :Tata Infotech Ltd.(Tata Unisys), India July. 1996 – March 2002

Project : Retail Banking & Item Processing System for an International Bank.

Client :Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp (HSBC)

Role :Lead Analyst

Environment :UNISYS, DMSII, COMS,UNIX, WFL, COBOL, DMINQ, MARC/CANDE, FS-Rapid, FTP, On- Demand, Microfocus Cobol, MS-Office, Windows-NT. Visio


Study of The existing System and COBOL Programs.

Unit level of testing so that no “A” or “B” category bugs exists, “C” category bugs were known bugs

and were mentioned in Program Release Note.

New Dataset Creation and upload Data from Flat files to DMS-II-DBMS, with Proper Validation Checks

Fresh Complex COBOL Program Development, Converted existing Unstructured COBOL Programs to Structured Efficient Programs, COBOL Programs Code-walk through to check Efficiency of

Programs.Responsibility of maintaining version Control using BL-Source, Mock Testing of the system before releasing to Production Environment

Acceptance Testing with the criterion defined in the TEST PLAN, System Testing, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management and Documentation.

Application was developed for Front Office operation related to Checking/Savings/Current/Loan Accounts.

To Understand and Clarify the Program specifications( including Screens) given by Project Manager,

Data Flow Diagrams from the Program specifications and from the existing documentation of the software

Unisys COBOL Programs Maintenance & Unit Testing for incorporating Enhancements

Wrote Work Flowfor Batch execution. Used CANDE, MARC Editors, TCL for Screen Changes

Proper Y2K testing of each and every Program before releasing to Production Environment

Program approval from QA and Acceptance testing before releasing to Production.

Program Documentation and Technical Documentation describing functionality of each and every program

Employer :Amity Software Ltd.India July. 1989- Mar 1996

Project :Multiple Projects

Client : Finance, Manufacturing related Customers

Role :Sr. Programmer / Analyst

Environment :ORACLE RDBMS,FoxPro, Oracle Power Objects, C, PL / SQL, MF-COBOL, Windows 3.1/ 95, MS-ACCESS, MS-WORD, MS-Excel, Visio


User Requirement Study.

Preparation of design document, Program Specifications

Preparation of Data flow diagrams, Block Diagrams and program specifications

Program development, test cases and unit testing

Unit System Integration Testing


Training Cources Description


Underwent extensive training on,UNISYSMainframes comprising of the following modules:


32 weeks

SAP FICO (Finance and Control) Module Comprising of Following Modules

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Assets and Retail Bank Accounting

8 Weeks

Underwent a comprehensive training on UNIX Architecture, SHELL programming, UNIX System Administration

6 weeks

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