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Team Captain Forest

Conley, GA
May 01, 2022

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Tiara D. Moore

College resume

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Conley, GA 30288



Conley Hills Elementary School East Point, Ga— k-3rd grade (August 2006-May 2009)

Boys & Girls Club, Little Soldiers (2nd grade), Hands on Atlanta Saturday school at Blount Elementary School.

Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary School East Point, Ga— 4th-5th grade (August 2009- May 2011)

Orchestra (Violin; 4th grade), Chorus and Honors Chorus (5th grade), Girls on the Run (5th grade)

Paul D. West Middle School East Point, Ga— 6th-8th grade (August 2011-August 2013)

Step Team, Boys & Girls Club, Gymnastics (6 & 7th grade), Orchestra (violin 6th grade, cello 7th grade)

Forest Park Middle School Forest Park, Ga— 8th grade (August 2013- May 2014)

Orchestra (violin), Talent show participant, 8th grade Graduation performance

Forest Park High School Forest Park, Ga— 9th-12th grade (August 2014-August 2018)

Chorus/ Concert Choir, Golden Sensation Dance Team (spring 2015), Golden Stars Flag Team Captain (10th grade), Golden Sensation Dance Team Co-captain/tail (11th grade), Golden Sensation Dance Team Co-captain (12th grade), DECA and FBLA (9th grade), Ladies with Class (10th & 11th grade), Project South/Septima Clark community power institute (Summer 2014), Band of Champions Dance Team (11th grade), WNBA Pre-game Performance (viewing link listed)

Paine College- Early Childhood Education (Fall 2018-Fall 2020)

Cheer, Concert Choir/ Tour Choir, Crème De La Crème Modeling Club


Advanced placement physics 1 (10th grade).

Advanced placement physics 2 (11th grade).

Advanced placement English (11th grade).

Advanced placement English: American literature (12th grade).

Clubs and groups

Key club secretary.

Senior class head reporter.

Panther pride club member.

Assistant AP incentive planner.

Organizer of gun violence and safety rally after parkland shooting.

Performances/ recordings

WNBA performance link- (526) Band of Champions 2017 - YouTube

spring 2016 jamboree-(526) Forest Park vs KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High Marching Band - 2016 ATL Ultimate Band Clash Jamboree - YouTube

(526) Banneker vs Forest Park High School Marching Band - 2016 CAU Spring Band Brawl BOTB - YouTube

(526) “God is the greatest” by Montel Dorsey & M University - YouTube

(526) Forest Park vs Mundys Mills High School Marching Band - 2017 #BRNUBC - YouTube

(526) Paine College 90’s Fashion Show - YouTube

Several solo performances

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