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Tarot Reading

Columbus, OH
April 28, 2022

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Brianna Briggs. Columbus, OH.


What should my Capricorn friend expect while on the job hunt?

(three card tarot pull)

Nine of Cups: rewarded for your hardwork

Ace of Cups: Go with the flow and a new friendship will emerge

King of Wands: trust your vision and instincts

You are going to survive this. You are experiencing some emotional and fincancial turmoil, but this is not rock bottom. You will pull yourself up again. For now, enjoy what you have. Soon you will meet someone great, perhaps a business partner that will present you with a great career opportunity. This opportunity will bring you closer to your original passions (marketing and PR). This King will be a mentor and great teacher. Someone you need around to show you the ropes and help you reach your full potential within your new position. Step up your game and you might become someone great within the company.

This is great! Capricorns are job and success oriented. They set goals and strive to meet their goals. Nothing will stop them. They save. Save their money like crazy, so of course she hasn’t hit rock bottom and will come out with her head held high. Capricorns need to have a sense of purpose, leading them to sometimes be overly serious or ignoring basic needs (like forgetting to eat lunch on a busy day). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which controls our concentration, hard work, patience, and structure.

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