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Optical Engineer Power

New York, NY
April 28, 2022

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PROFILE Optical Transport & Power Engineer

SONET Certified

I am a diversified engineer well versed in Optical, Digital, Power both stored and live technologies.

Currently I am involved with WMATA as an Inspector for most of the major services

Incorporated by a Transit system. In the past my skill set has ranged from Extreme High power

Sub Station services to Implementation of todays most complicated laser-based systems.

My education and experience have given me an intimate knowledge of Telcordia general resource

Specifications. During the early years of the development of the DWDM life cycle, I gained

A bountiful of technical expertise through complete Collocation design, Implementation,

Testing and provisioning of Data and Power services. In the past decade I have exploited the

Resources and training offered and developed a broad range of knowledge in AC and DC power

From neg 48 VDC data services to 230 KV and 500 KV Extra High Voltage Sub Station

Service from Calvert Cliffs Nuclear plant. I have in the past been involved with maintaining TWC’s

Core DWDM network which provided me the opportunity to stay involved with DC power through

The implementation of BDFB’s for Data services and also various types of AC circuits for ancillary

Circuits incorporated in todays largest Data centers such as Ashburn Virginia which houses 32 C27

Cat generators for backup voltage services. I find myself in the everchanging pinnacle of my career

where being fluent in many technologies has benefited myself and my employer many ways. As I

continue and strive to keep myself fully capable and current with the multitude of technologies that I

now bring to the table I look back at the past forty years and relish the thought of what a life it has



The ability to generate repeat business through responsive, accurate, and empathetic technical support processes and procedures Respected proficiency within a broad array of Optical and Digital technologies.

200+ Protocols Optical Spectrum Analyzers Protocol Analyzers EDFAs

Frame Relay Optical Component Analyzers Sniffer TL1

ATM High Resolution Reflectometers TTC 310 Sonet RAMAN HYBRID


1/31/2022 – Present

Optical Engineer KGPCO

My position involves provisioning and testing of all Verizon’s equipment at various CO’s & POP’s.

From power, space and connectivity I install all their Telecomm gear. I read the spec for the proper

Location of the installation and then I make several decisions based on the type of installation that I

Have been tasked with. After all the equipment has been powered up and provisioned, I finish the

Installation by characterizing all the fiber needed and providing the test results to Procore for my daily



6015 Charnock Dr. Eldersburg, MD 21784

Home: 667-***-**** E-mail:

10/7/2019- July 1 2021

Inspector Arora Engineers / WMATA DC Metro

Duties include but are not limited to overseeing the work performed by the project Contractors

assigned to do Fiber Characterization on both ISP & OSP plants at the various DC Metro stations

to ensure that all testing is by industry code and that the provisioning of said fibers is intact. This

involves oversight of all Telcordia specs and Fiber characterization processes by the inspector. The

testing processes involves both ISP and OSP equipment and includes all fiber types including

Single-mode, Multi-mode, UPC and APC connector types. Any and all fibers that do not meet the

all deliverables will be included in the Procore report for that day.

5/20/2019 - 10/7/2019

SUB STATION ENGINEER BGE / Exelon Communications

Duties included but not limited to all trouble calls involving electrical transmission, Scada, Sonet,

And all BGE equipment inside the Sub Station perimeter. Participated in on call rotation and

Made sure that all Trucks were equipped and ready to roll out for all trouble calls.

8/20/2018 – 11/07/2018

OSP Manager Communications Construction Group

Manage all Projects associated with Comcast involving OSP fiber builds. From initial site walks to

Splicing DWDM muxes and everything in between. Finial fiber testing and deliverables to client.

Contract due to end 12/31.

9/24/2012 – 11/7/2017

Optical Engineer Time Warner Corp

My job duties include but are not limited to Colocation Management of Equinix and Level 3 Colocation’s.

Installation, Provisioning and maintenance of said locations equipment. I’ve provided circuit testing

From DS0 through OC-192 and installed major telecommunication providers equipment including Fujitsu,

Infinera, Cisco and Ciena. I also am responsible circuit requests, forecasting and budgeting. One of my

Main responsibilities involve power forecasting, installing and turning up of DC and AC plants. I am the

Only engineer in the NIS group that has an ATT Power certification to install BDFB and BDCBB units.

I also maintain all CGIDs and spreadsheets for all my collocations which enumerate to 20 collocations.

Another of my more important tasks is to develop and maintain all rack elevation drawings which I chose

To use a Visio format. Most of the group uses Excel but due to my advanced experience with managing

Collocations Visio is a more complex and variable display format. In accordance with the department policy

I also am responsible for the OSP fiber network involving managing, improving and altering to make way

For future forecasting of new fiber paths and new build out such as the new Denver Data Center which I am

Responsible for. To perform all these duties, I must maintain a current knowledge of all Test & easurement

Equipment. This is not a difficult task because of my intimate knowledge of DFB & Fabret Perrot lasers

Which are solely used in most test sets. Test sets which I must currently use are Power Meters, OSAs, IL

Sets, Fiber scopes, OTDR, CODTR and Digital Protocol


6015 Charnock Dr. Eldersburg, MD 21784

Home: 667-***-**** E-mail:

8/23/2011 - 9/24/2012 ASPEN GROUP (Verizon Contract)

Circuit & Power Designer

To provide Engineering design services for the Colo suites of Verizon. I managed the processes

That were needed to run up a new suite complete with all ancillary equipment needed to go online.

Circuits that were designed included but not limited to T1, DS0-OC192 and DWDM services.

Connectivity to all DC -48 and AC 120,240 & 480 services Phase I & Phase I

10/09 –7/11/2011 FUJITSU Richardson, TX

Optical Engineer

I provided Engineering services for various departments within Fujitsu. To provide

Implementation services for all Fujitsu’s product line. Provisioning and test & turn

up of customers network with regards to the Fujitsu equipment they have just purchased.

Installation of BDFB & BCDFB and power calculations. Running and lacing all AWG wire

Sizes and terminations of said equipment. I offered advanced Transport design services and

Full knowledge of all types of SONET topology.

06/09- 09/09 LEVEL-3 EGS Inc., Englewood, Co (Contractor)

T-NOC Transport Engineer

I was a tier three Transport NOC engineer. Responsible for monitoring and Tracking all

LEVEL-3 circuits involved with the Transport regions of the world. Rotating shifts

Would monitor circuits for anomalies and troubleshoot and correct defective ones.

I was responsible for updating and inputting corrective actions taken in a Remedy

Database system. Job with Fujitsu became available.

10/08- 05/09 ZAYO Inc. Tek Systems Inc. (Contractor)

Telecom Technician

Installation of Zayo’s networking equipment. Daily duties entailed troubleshooting

Reported events to a Remedy report system. Rotating on call duties were required.

Equipment consisted of Ciena Transport hardware, Nortel 5200 shelves, Infinera


04/08-10/08 VERIZON TAJ Technologies Inc. Chicago, IL

Telecomm Engineer II

Installation, provisioning and testing of Fujitsu 4500, Cisco 15454 and various other customer

Premise equipment. Supported CO functions at the 900 Fleet St location.

11/07 – 03/08 FIBERTOWER CORP. (Contractor) Teksystems

Optical Engineer

My duties include but are not limited to designing, provisioning and maintaining

Fibertower’s Washington, DC OSP fiber network. All fiber characterization

And testing of fore mentioned fiber plant. Manufactures include Huawei, Nortel, Cisco,

Adtran, Ciena. All layer three TAC support is provided via phone support, LAN support

And on site visitation.


6015 Charnock Dr. Eldersburg, MD 21784

Home: 667-***-**** E-mail:

10/06- 11/07 CAVALIER TELEPHONE Richmond, VA

Tier Three Transport engineer

Responsible for fault isolation, remedy and repair of Cavalier’s metropolitan based

Phone and IP services. Rings associated with Alcatel, Lucent, and Cisco 15454 hardware.

09/05 – 09/06 ABOVENET INC. Reston, Va

Optical Transport Engineer

Tier Three Optical engineer for the Abovenet’s Fiber based network. Abovenet’s network

Is comprised of 95 % Nortel 16 Long Hauls with the Metro areas deliver traffic via 5100

And 5200 Metro Area products with other manufactures such as Ciena, Fujitsu and

Alcatel. My other duties included but were not limited to Optical Training, Provisioning

And circuit turn up. I also participated with network Planning and Installation


02/05 – 05/05 VERIZON GLOBAL NETWORK SERVICES /TekMark Systems

Lead Provisioning Engineer

Lead Provisioning engineer for Core Transport services. Test, characterization and turn

Up of Verizon’s Transport services. Core equipment maintained were Fujistu’s 4500,

7200 and 7600 multiservice platforms coupled to Lucent’s Lambda Extreme and Unite.

Utilized remote TL1 and OSS to provide testing. Virtual View OSA from Acterna

Allowed remote fiber and laser characterization. Contract ended early.

03/04 - 01/05 Tek Systems Chantilly, VA

Lead Provisioning Engineer

Lead provisioning and Test engineer for DISA’s 4035 project. 300 Nodes of Transport

Class platforms. Specific equipment involved in this project were the Ciena Core stream, Nortel

Optera, Cisco 15454. Optical characterization of the OSP fiber pertaining to for mentioned

Network. Power plant installations and Power usage calculation. Optical lead for the Qwest’s

Technical Services department.

07/02 – 11/03 PLEXUS INC. Baltimore, MD

Optical Engineer

Engineering and network design utilizing a vast array of networking

Products. Voice and data design incorporating products such as the Fujitsu

FLM 150, 600, and 2400, Alcatel, Cisco 15454, Lucent Wavestar, Lucent

Cabletron, Nortel SMDS. Project management for Baltimore City IT projects.

Network design for Maryland 911 emergency backbone. Network Pre sales

Engineering for DODEA activities. Director for Optical engineering.


6015 Charnock dr. Eldersburg, MD 21784

Home: 667-***-**** E-mail:


8/95– 7/01 ANDO Corporation Rockville, MD

($650 million global manufacturer of Optical and Digital test and measurement products)

Optical Engineer; TAC Supervisor; Apps Engineer

I installed North America’s first 10-gigabit Sonet test instrument for companies such as Nortel, Lucent, Hitachi, SBC, MCI, Tyco and Ciena. I trained engineering staff of respective companies on GR-253 compliancy. I assisted Transport engineering staff to remedy network / transport difficulties. I performed System verification testing on major networks and manufactures products. I did Pre sales/Post sale Application engineering for Ando’s Optical and Digital test products. I sold 10 million dollars in Sonet equipment to fore mentioned companies. I performed Optical component characterization testing for the Production department. I was a Corporate Technical trainer for their Optical and Digital test and measurement products. I managed staff of technical support personnel and RTI Help Desk software. I Managed Ando’s Optical lab maintaining calibration of Optical products. I managed in house LAN.

6/92 – 08/95 Frederick Engineering Columbia, MD

(Manufacturer of protocol analyzers, T1 Switches)

Pre Sales Engineer, Manager: Customer Service & Apps eng; Technical Trainer

Frederick Engineering produced the first PC based protocol analyzer. Duties were but not limited to hardware integration; diagnosing customers Protocol / Network problems; T1, DS-1, DS-3 transport diagnostics; Pre sales engineering. Special applications addressing non-standard protocols. Installing and circuit turn up of T1 and T3 lines. Production work on wave soldier machine for T1 cards. Installing T1 voice switches and peripheral networking equipment.

8/85 – 6/92 Gandalf Data Burtonsville, MD

Transport Engineer

Installed a broad array of copper and optical networking and infrastructure

Products. Installed networks in government agencies such as the CIA, DDN,

Executive Office & Treasury, and Pentagon complexes. Duties were, but not limited

To T1 / T3 turns ups; Switch configurations; Transport diagnostics; High level

Protocol analysis and diagnostics; Customer equipment diagnostics; Installing and

Configuring LANS/WANS; Pre sales engineering.


SONET Certified:

Exposure to



Ando’s 1500 Transport Node

Infinera XTC-10, OTC

Ciena’s Core Stream, Core Director

Fujitsu’s 7200, 7600, 4500 MSP, FLM 150,

Nortel Optera, SMDS, 16, 5200/5100

Lucent’s Wave Star, Lambda Xtreme & Unire MSP



Cisco 15454, 5000, 2600, 2500 Systems.

Well versed in Windows NT Admin

All Microsoft Operating Systems

Unix Operating System


MS-DOS, Japanese DOS

NI’s LabView


PC Anywhere


RTI Help Desk Manager

MCI Focus Call Tracking

TL1 Command Language


Engineering Studies

BS in Optical Engineering at Univ. of Japan Kamata Japan


Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers

International Society for Optical Engineers

References promptly upon mutual interest.

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