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Customer Service Medic

Seattle, WA
April 25, 2022

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R"is" V. D"tsk"y"

**** ***** ** ** **/il/bility: Flexible (Mon. - S/t.) Lynnwood WA 98037 P/rt time or Full time


Cell. 425-***-****

(Text mess/ges /v/il/ble /nytime)

Experience: Ret"il Ph"rm"cy

Position - Ph/rm/cy Tech. A D/tes: J/n. 3rd, 2006 till present Credenti/l # VA 00061020 EXP. 08/02/20

Objective: Customer Service/Certified Senior Ph/rm/cy Tech. A Person/l Qu/lities: Friendly, honest, h/rd working, org/nized, on time,

/sk questions, le/rn quickly, consider/te, helpful, open minded, responsible, cre/tive, p/ssion/te...

Skills "nd Qu"lific"tions:

*Skilled /t Word /nd Excel

*19 ye/rs of customer service experience

*H/ndle phone c/lls, /nswer questions /nd direct customers to right loc/tions for product they /re looking for.. .

*Love to serve

*Well skilled in running the c/sh register, ch/nge /nd h/ndling ch/rge /ccounts

*Order supplies needed on d/ily b/ses

*Send /nd request doctor c/ll b/cks or f/x /nd file prior/thoriz/tions

*Fluent in English, Ukr/ini/n /nd Russi/n

Work experience:

*G/thering inform/tion needed to prep/re prescriptions

*Pulling out right medic/tion from shelves

*Typing /ccur/te l/bels /nd ensure p/tient profiles /re completed

*Answer phone /nd h/ndle questions th/t did not require / ph/rm/cist expertise or judgment

*Help ph/rm/cist prep/re prescriptions by counting or pouring meds., l/beling cont/iners /nd pricing prescriptions

*Perform housekeeping duties within the ph/rm/cy dep/rtment

*Send out outd/tes, expired or d/m/ged medic/tions when needed /nd keeping ph/rm/cy cle/n

*Order medic/tions (speci/l orders) for p/tients if not in stock for the next d/y

S"lesperson, M"rsh"llʼs: 10/03/2000 - 01/15/2006

*Served customers

*Answered phone /nd helped out with price checks

*Org/nized store /nd cre/ted s/les displ/ys

*R/ng purch/ses, returns on c/sh registers

*Kept s/les floor cle/n /nd put out stock, new merch/ndise

*Put out clothes from the fitting room by dep/rtments

*Unlo/d new coming trucks three times per week

Educ"tion: Edmonds Community College 2003-2005

Lynnwood High School 1998-2002

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