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Customer Service/Medical Billing/Management

Lawrenceville, GA
April 17, 2022

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Amelia Herren


Lawrenceville, GA **043


To enhance my professional skills, capabilities and knowledge in an organization which recognizes the value of hard work

and trusts me with responsibilities and challenges. Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Assistant Manager

Culver's - Cumming, GA

January 2021 to Present

Responsible for management of the entire front end staff to ensure their development on their major job objectives, performance appraisals, schedules, inventory, etc.

• Managed a group of team members

• Opened and closed the restaurant at the beginning and end of shifts

• Maintained all operations within the restaurant

• Upheld a high standard of customer service

Deli Associate

Ingles Markets - Gainesville, GA

April 2020 to November 2020

I progressed through several positions at Ingles in the deli starting from production to the bulk case which is the front line and I was also responsible for a daily cutting of the meat serving the customers and any complaints as they have to find resolution. Also I did party trays and the sister with the cooking dishes and the production line. I was promoted to the salad bar for the complete operations overseen and making sure that everything was done in an efficient manner and this was turned over to our corporate office.. I ended up having to leave that job because I moved to Cumming Georgia so it wasn't feasible for me to work in Gainesville any longer.

Manager: Jodie Wacaster Phone Number:770-***-****

Crew Trainer/Manager

Calhoun Management Corporation/Wendys - Gainesville, GA April 2015 to March 2020

I was responsible for all the training of the new hires on the major job objectives until they are successful in their current job. I was also responsible for all the cross-training of our current crew members for any bottlenecks that we found within our organization until final resolution.I also trained crew members anyone that it was interested in being promoted on their new job skills until the actual promotion was put in place.

As a Crew Trainer I was responsible for eight different stores in our district to come into their stores and do an analysis of their current workflow procedures and help them to find the bottlenecks and implement new and better procedures to eliminate these issues while at the same trying to see which people need to be fully trained or just need some for the cross training in certain areas which always benefits people when they go into it with the right frame of mindand and can think out of the box. You can identify crew members that really never received proper training and others that could easily be cross trained on different positions in order to make their store run more efficiently and also making them realize that they make a difference. Also, I have noticed just hhaving an outside perspective and being a trainer it was always a great success as far as you trying to come up with any solutions as a team because it makes the staff feel as if they are a part of a team and they make a difference. The key goal or the key to success the store is if they the management and staff members continue to implement what new ideas and procedures that we came up with so they can actually see The Proven results of what these procedures can make a difference in and possibly moving people to different positions and make a note more effective within the store and even moving some managers around to different stores to learn different perspectives. This process has proven time and time again to be a great benefit to a store and it makes people feel like a real team and it there contributions are valuable and they feel more dedicated and loyal to process I've never seen it fail I've seen it work but at times it may need to be revised and other people look at certain things but overall it's been a great process and I'm extremely proud of it and I hope it will continue. Another approach that can be taken is allow some staff members to come in and work in a training store for say which is what we were in the Gainesville area and they actually see how we train and you know how we go about to cross training and how we train our managers and how we move our managers around around so they get different perspectives of stores and they learn different ways of doing things it can only benefit managers and crew members in the long run if they implement the ideas that we have in order to make that store or more straight line and more customer oriented and focused. You would be amazed at some of the outstanding people that come out of this situation and some of them not to even knowing that they meant anything to the company they were just like a real an employee and they basically meant nothing which is so very untrue. Manager: Clay Head Phone number: 706-***-****

Dining Room Manager

Dining Room Manager

Captain D's Seafood Restaurant - Commerce, CA

January 2010 to March 2015

Responsible for all front end staff and their career development. I developed strategic methods to diminish the bottlenecks within our store and implementing procedures in order to accomplish these goals. Maintained personnel files along with initiating performance appraisals when needed. Manager:. Michelle Wills. Phone number:. 770-***-**** Customer Service Representative

Thermo Fisher Scientific

January 2006 to October 2008

I worked within a billion dollar company in a call center environment answering customer service issues and also working daily with Vendors and Sales representatives providing quotes and orders while also maintaining outstanding quality results. I won the Hall Of Fame Award while I was still in training which has never been done before.

Manager:. April Camarillo:. 404-***-****

District Manager

CIGNA Insurance Company - Atlanta, GA

January 1989 to June 1995

I initially started out as a Field Claims Examiner and I was promoted several times throughout the company up through the ranks as a Claims Specialist/Team Leader / Trainer/ Auditor/ Supervisor/ Assistant

Manager and then finally I was promoted to a District Manager. I was responsible for all elevated customer service issues from our District by effectively communicating with our Sales Representatives/Vendors and our Clients until final resolution. I was responsible for the management of over 300 employees which included 3 Supervisors/Production Analysts/Auditors /Trainers/Nurse Reviewers/Team Leaders for the production results in my district which I always have surpassed these by a wide margin the entire time I was a District Manager. I also traveled all of the United States for different management courses and meeting with Sales Office/Providers/Clients as well as follow up service calls. I maintained a very positive rapport with my Sales Reps/Providers and new and existing Clients. I managed my staff on a continual basis with producing outstanding results as a District Manager which I was responsible for 3 production claim units as well as our Training and Auditing staff and our Nurse Reviewers. The entire time I held this position our District surpassed their goals and continually have outstanding results in all areas. These results were constantly awarded by letters of commendation, flowers and from my Director. Manager:. Catherine Hawkins. Phone number: 678-***-**** Education

High school diploma

Smith High School - Greensboro, NC

September 1976 to June 1980

High school diploma


• Commercial Cleaning (10+ years)

• Training & Development (10+ years)

• Restaurant Management (10+ years)

• Negotiation (10+ years)

• Assistant Manager Experience (5 years)

• Management (10+ years)

• Home Care (5 years)

• Food Service (10+ years)

• Recruiting (10+ years)

• Upselling (10+ years)

• Customer service (10+ years)

• Business Development (10+ years)

• Leadership (10+ years)

• CPR (2 years)

• Medical Terminology (10+ years)

• Medical Billing (10+ years)

• Medical Office Experience (10+ years) (4 years)

• Medical Records (10+ years) (10+ years)

• Claims Processing (10+ years)

• Claims Medical Dental Disability (10+ years)

• Restaurant Experience (10+ years)

• Computer Skills (10+ years)

• Business Management (10+ years)

• Medical Billing (10+ years)

• Call Center (2 years)

• Training & Development (10+ years)

• Auditing (10+ years)

• Quality Management (10+ years)

• Customer Relationship Management (10+ years)

• Data entry (10+ years)

• Supervising Experience (10+ years)

• Quality Assurance (10+ years)

• Operations Management (10+ years)

• Accounts Receivable (4 years)

• ICD-9 (10+ years)

• Caregiving (5 years)

• Medical Coding (10+ years)

• Medical Scheduling (4 years)

• Account Management (10+ years)

• Insurance Verification (10+ years)

• HIPAA (10+ years)

• Office Management (10+ years)

• CPT Coding (10+ years)

• Healthcare (10+ years)

• Front desk (2 years)

• Order entry (10+ years)

• Time management (10+ years)

• Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft Word (5 years)

• Microsoft Powerpoint (5 years)

• Microsoft Office (10+ years)

• Microsoft Outlook (10+ years)

• ICD-10

• Management

• Restaurant experience

• Computer literacy

• P&L Management

• Customer service

• Strategic Planning

• EMR Systems

• Office manager experience


Hall of Fame

March 2006

Received Hall of Fame Award while still in training for outstanding performance and this has never been accomplished before while in training.

Certifications and Licenses

CPR & First Aid

June 2018 to June 2021

I was trained in CPR procedures for infants and adults and also home health care aide and first aid and I'll be Sigma certification

Modern Management Practices

June 1994 to Present

Discourse cover the proper modern management practices in a business environment and we did role- playing and videotaping of doing divorce appraisals managing a potential situation managing staff members and managing you know different districts and so far it was a very beneficial class and I would recommend it to anyone

Positive Power and Influence Skills

May 1993 to Present

This class covered different ways and methods you could use positive power and influence on people which can only benefit you are Staffing on the long run because they need positive and I'm allowed to have some power but you are there to help them see what the balance is in that situation. This was a phenomenal course and I would recommend it to anyone Time management skills

May 1995 to Present

This was a phenomenal course where and it bothers were taught Rose how to time is your day a week or month down to every hour able to follow up on it by giving us a manual which was a very very awesome manual and anyone can use it on a daily basis the personal and over personal goals I couldn't stress enough how much this could benefit so many people in the business industry and I hope that that is spread it out to other people because it was a total benefit and I waking experience for me

Team building skills

July 1994 to Present

This was a new class when we first started team building and it took a long time for people to catch on to this but it makes so much sense because it empowers your people and it's not like you're just the boss I mean you actually Empower your people to make the decisions so that they feel more a part of the goals and the end result is is a fine line between a manager and their staff members but you can work through it and you can build castles together I know that sounds weird it just builds a better Rapport and it were racist the lines between the different titles and everything it was just a phenomenal time spent and I look back on it all the time and you lost those skills Assessments

Customer focus & orientation — Proficient

May 2021

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity Full results: Proficient

Food service: Customer situations — Highly Proficient May 2021

Ensuring customer satisfaction and prioritizing tasks in a food service setting Full results: Highly Proficient

Customer service — Proficient

June 2021

Identifying and resolving common customer issues

Full results: Proficient

Data entry: Accuracy — Proficient

May 2021

Entering data quickly and accurately

Full results: Proficient

Food safety — Proficient

May 2021

Knowledge of proper food and equipment handling safety measures Full results: Proficient

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