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Power Plant Cycle

Dhaka, Bangladesh
April 16, 2022

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Bibiyana III *** MW CCPP

Address: NEPC Colony, South Tajpur,Osmaninagar,Sylhet

WhatsApp & Mobile :880**********,

Permanent Address : Shantinagar,Sonargaon,Narayanganj,Dhaka CAREER OBJECTIVE

Seeking a challenging position in the field of power plant operation & that would enable me to contribute to an organization by utilizing my engineering skills in company that offers professional growth while being resourceful



Course : B.SC In Mechanical Engineering

Duration : 2018-2021

Result : 3.20 Out Of 4.00


Duration : 2009-2013

Result : 3.30 Out Of 4.00


Company Name : Logistics & Repair Services(Client : L&T Power India) Project Type : Power Plant

Full Project Name : Bibiyana III 400 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Duration : July 2020-Till now

Position : Control Room Engineer

Fuel : Natural Gases (Methane)

Duties & Responsibilities

MY present Duties & Responsibility as Control Room Includes:

Safe Start-up, Shutdown & Synchronization of unit.

Cold start-up, warm start-up, hot start-up, Normal Open Cycle & Combined Cycle operations.

Smooth & Efficient operation of Balance Of Plant (BOP), HRSG,GTG, STG Related Auxiliaries.

Monitoring and handling of any kind of Emergency & abnormality.

Doing isolation and normalization of auxiliaries as per requirement & safety permit system

Preparation of daily, monthly, and yearly plant reports and work notification requests through SAP.

Try to minimize auxiliary power, water & gas consumption

Take care and make decision during emergency with consulting seniors if time permits

Make Co-ordination with Mechanical, Electrical Instrumentation department

Reducing machinery down time to minimum Emergency Equipment trial and restoration Process

Company Name : Logistics & Repair Services(Client : L&T Power India) Project Type : Power Plant

Full Project Name : Bibiyana III 400 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Duration : Jan 2018-June 2020

Position : Commissioning Field Engineer

Fuel : Natural Gases (Methane)

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for Field operation of Gas & steam turbine operation

Having knowledge of standard operating procedures in Start- up and Shut down of GBC, Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, HRSG, Diesel Engine and all Accessories.

Handle emergency situations of Field operation confidently & continuously monitor parameters of field operation.

Monitoring the entire operation of turbine and its auxiliaries.

Implemented standard operating procedures, equipment lockout tag out procedures of power plant as per international standardization of organization.

Having experience in Air Cooled & Water Cooled Condensers control and operation.

Performing the functions of troubleshooting and breakdown/preventive/corrective maintenance for reducing downtime to minimum

Having good knowledge of Commissioning such as Boiler Feed Pump, CEP, lube oil cooler, and all auxiliaries.

GT & ST : Lube Oil flushing, Control oil flushing, Seal oil flushing for Generator

Good knowledge of Dry & Wet Preservation of HRSG Drums HP, IP & LP.

Having knowledge of Steam blow-out & Chemical cleaning process

Preparing procedure for Equipment & Machines consulting with Vendors. Commissioning & Pre- commissioning with Clients demonstrating the operations & its procedure

Commissioning & pre-commissioning of Blow down, Oil & Chemical waste pit pumps.

Recording the parameters of all the equipment in log sheets.

Carryout Daily and weekly routine checking of Equipment . (Gas Boosting Compressor Instrument Air Compressor, Firefighting System, HRSG, ACC etc).

Having knowledge of the high-pressure boilers and turbine related mechanical equipment

Company Name : MAM Engineering (Client : L&T Power India) Project Type : Power Plant

Full Project Name : Shikalbaha 225 MW (Duel Fuel) Combined Cycle Power Plant Duration : Feb 2016-Dec 2017

Position : Commissioning field Engineer

Fuel : Natural Gases (Methane) & HSD

Duties & Responsibilities

Commissioning Operation & Mechanical Maintenance, Commissioning of below System from Field Operation.

Fuel Oil System, Gas system, CCW, ACW system, CW system, IDCT fans.

IAC, GBC system, BFP system, CEP, CPH systems.

LLP, LP, HP drum systems.

DD station, GD Station, GT,, ST lube oil systems

Fuel Oil Centrifuge System

Participate in chemical cleaning, steam blowing, turbine rolling etc.

Commissioned also RO plant capacity of 75 cubic meter per hour. Firefighting System like as fire

hydrant, fire sprinkler, fire foam, fire Extinguisher ( Dry Chemical Powder, Foam, Carbon Di-oxide, Jockey Pump, Main fire pump Motor Driven, Emergency fire Diesel Engine Driven,

Plant emergency time check emergency Diesel Generator line up check, oil purifier centrifuge separated high speed Diesel etc.

Also operating hydrogen plant.

Company Name : Nasir Group Of Industries

Project Type : Manufacturing

Full Project Name : Nasir Printing & Packaging Industries limited (Mirzapur, Tanail) Duration : June 2014 - Feb 2016

Position : Tr. Assistant Engineer

Roles : Operation & Maintenance

Duties & Responsibilities

To assist daily production report to General Manager (Technical)

To observe daily production & machine running condition

Daily Inspections of mechanical systems, equipment & component in different work place to identify hazards

Co-ordinate with store for machine distribution, inventory, spare parts issue etc

To confirm plant equipment safely start-up & shutdown.

Controlling maintenance tools, stores & equipment, monitoring plant maintenance work etc. PROJECT CONFIGURATION & TECHNICAL FEATURES


Combined Cycle Power Plant consists of Single phase (1) GTG, (1) HRSG & (1) STG Gas Turbine : One (1) MHPS make M701F series (GTG of Capacity 286 MW) Hydrogen cooled Generator, Four stage Gas booster compressor Man Diesel turbo, Germany, Frequency 50 HZ.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator : One (1) Natural circulation horizontal type unfired water tube from CMI Belgium (430 TPH) Equipment’s HP/LP feed water pump, LLP circuit cum Deaerator, Maintaining of drum

level operations, DCS ABB symphony plus

Steam Turbine : One (1) FUJI Electricals FK-H130 series 136 MW Speed 3000 rpm, Water cooled Condenser type, Vacuum pump system, HP & LP bypass valve control systems

SHIKALBAHA 225 MW DUAL FUEL COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT Combined Cycle Power Plant consists of Single phases with (1) GTGs, (1) HRSGs & (1) STG Siemens Gas turbine Dual Fuel Gas based Gas Turbine (SGT5-2000E), Capacity 153 MW, Fuel inlet flow

11.19 kg/s Exhaust gas flow 492.63kg/s., Siemens Steam Turbine (SST-800) Capacity 85 MW. HRSG L&T make Which is Vertical Unfired Natural Circulation type of having Dual pressure levels Including One bypass stack & Diverting Damper.


Work Under Larsen & Toubro Power

Commissioning of lubrication systems like Lube oil, Control oil & Seal oil flushing. Preparing procedure for Equipment’s & Machines consulting with Vendors.

Alkali boil out, back feed power Or temporary power for starting the pump, Steam blow -out & Chemical cleaning process

Installation, Commissioning & Inspection of pumps, HRSG & auxiliary equipment’s. Dry & Wet Preservation of HRSG Drums HP, LP & LLP

Installation, Commissioning & Inspection of Horizontal submersible pumps. Trouble shootings like High vibration, Noise, Shaft run out, impeller & casing clearance check, Coupling alignment.

Commissioning & Demonstration & Inspection of EOT cranes, Electrical Monorail hoists, Synchronizing hoists & Manual Jib cranes, etc,

Commissioning and inspection of Deluge valves, BOP, etc. Maintenance & lubrication of Machines & equipment’s. Raising (RFI) Request for Inspection to Clients for Installation, Commissioning, Pre- Commissioning & Demonstrating the operations & its procedure

Commissioning & pre-commissioning of Blow-down, Oil & Chemical waste pit, Sludge removal pumps, Oil/water separator System

Maintenance program in accordance with the vendor literature

Commissioning of Workshop equipment’s such as Lathe, Surface grinder, Pedestal & Floor mounted grinder, Radial Drilling machine, Power hacksaw, Pipe bending, Welding machines, Oven, Water jet cleaning machine, Milling machine. SAFETY ACTIVITIES

Issue and Cancellation PTW system, Safe Isolation, Personal Safety and equipment safety

Strictly following Permit To Work (PTW), Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), Job Safety Analysis (JSA) procedure.

Knowledge about all types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and their usage.

Knowledge of Risk assessment procedure and safety operations procedure Store

Keeping, inventory, Safety audit and conducting Tool box meeting. PERSONAL PROFILE

Name : Md. Shahidul Islam

Father's name : Md. Shajahan

Nationality : Bangladeshi

Date of birth : 05/01/1994

Gender : Male

Marital status : Married

Known languages : English, Hindi & Bengali

National ID : 19946710469000332


I hereby declare that all the information given in this form is true to the best of my knowledge. Date :


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