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Plant Manager Injection Molding

Grenada, MS
April 14, 2022

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Drake Schrage

***** ******** ***** **. ****, TX *7494


Manufacturing / Operations Executive: VP /Director

Cross Geographical & Culture Team Integrator Strategic Business Unit Development & Execution

Savvy Operational Leader with an indelible reputation for delivering inventive operations/manufacturing strategies in US and Mexico Operations, focused on client solutions that improve margins. Recognized for transforming operation systems profitability and productivity in the US and Mexico.

Broad experience building profitable manufacturing operations, growth business lines, cultural transformation and streamlined operational sites. Mobilizes top-tier talent to create a high performing culture that consistently deliver result.

Strategic Business Planning and Execution

Cultural Transformation Operations

Complex Change Management

High Productivity with Collaborative Approachability

Expertise in Mexico and US Manufacturing

Fiscal Accountability and P&L Management

Cross-Cultural Talent Training and Development

Risk Management and Mitigation

Performance Metrics Management

Budget and Cost Controls

Expert Technical Knowledge in Injection Molding

Expertise in Profile Extrusion and Blow Molding

Experience in Mold Design and Mold building

Process Development and Troubleshooting


Lennox International /ADP Grenada, MS January/2021 – Present

HVAC Manufacturing, 2 Sites, $195M Revenue, 1,100 Employees, 450K Sq. Ft.

Operations Director (Reported to Sr. VP of Operations)

Selected by Lennox International to Lead a strategic turnaround for the manufacturing site in Grenada, MS including 1 distribution warehouse, with a staff of 7 direct reports and 1,100 total associates. Managing a coils manufacturing operation with diverse metal manufacturing and assembly processes, Metal Stamping, Tube Expansion, Brazing, Manual Assembly, etc.

Leadership responsibility for the Day-to-Day operations the manufacturing site and distribution warehouse. Leading the turnaround process and cultural transformation of the operations. Taking the operation from the current state to a progressive manufacturing future state including strategic planning and execution, increased profitability, and operational efficiency, reducing waste and streamlining the operations. Build a supply chain strategy that meets the company strategy, performance objectives and customer expectations.

oIncreased productivity by 15% in the last 3 months.

oAchieved schedule attainment results from 60% OTD to a current 85% in 3 months.

oImplemented a safety culture changes that have driven the TRIR down from 1.85 to 0.8.

Drake Schrage

27834 Colonial Point Dr. Katy, TX 77494



COLLINS AEROSPACE Nogales, Sonora Mexico January/2017 – December/2020

Aerospace Seating Manufacturer for Commercial Aircraft, 3 Sites, $275M Revenue, 1,200 Employees, 650K Sq. Ft.

VP and GM of Operations (Reported to Sr. VP of Operations)

Selected by Collins Aerospace to Lead the hands-on responsibility of a strategic turnaround for 2 manufacturing sites in Mexico and 1 distribution warehouse in the US, with a staff of 8 direct reports and 1,200 total associates. Managing a diverse set of processes, Composite molding, Manual finishing, Decoration, Cut and sew, Gluing/Adhesion, Manual assembly, etc.

Complete responsibility for hands- On Day-to-Day operations of 2 manufacturing sites in Mexico and 1 distribution warehouse in the US. Led the turnaround process and cultural transformation of the manufacturing operations. Strategic planning and execution, increased profitability and operational efficiency, reduced waste and streamlined the operations. Develop a supply chain strategy that meets the company strategy, performance objectives and customer expectations.

oIncreased productivity by 25%.

oAchieved delivery results from 48% OTD to 95%.

oTransformed Operational results from -12% EBIT to +5% as a cost center.

oMaximized production control increasing schedule attainment to 98%.

oImplemented a safety culture that drove the TRIR down from 3.5 to 0.8.

STANDEX INTERNATIONAL Nogales, Sonora México June/2015 – January/2017

Commercial Cooking Equipment OEM, 3 Sites, $195M Revenue, 900 Employees, 500K Sq. Ft.

VP and GM of Operations (Reported to Division President)

Held a pivotal role in the consolidation of business units to form a single operating unit in the Mexico operation while turning around the profitability and creating a customer centric culture based on quality and delivery. One manufacturing operation in Mexico and 2 distribution warehouses in the us (AZ and TX), with a staff of 7 direct reports and 900 total associates. Processes included Metal Stamping and fabrication, welding, manual assembly, product testing.

Responsible for the transformation of the manufacturing facility in Mexico and two warehouse and distribution operations in the US. Turnaround of the manufacturing operation and warehouse/distribution centers. Changed the organization culture into a lean thinking operation. Drove a strategic operation initiave to restructure the ERP/MRP system and Manufacturing Model to reduce waste and increse profitabiliy.

oManaged the On-Time delivery crisis, OTD from 25% to 96%.

oReduced manufacturing overtime by 80%.

oLed the operation to record profitability from -2.9% EBIT to +15% EBIT

oIncreased production with efficiencies rising from 35% to 87%.

oManaged a safety culture change that drove the TRIR down from 10.2 to 0.6.

Drake Schrage

27834 Colonial Point Dr. Katy, TX 77494



IGLOO PRODUCTS Katy, Texas USA April/2013 – June/2015

Manufacturer and Marketer of Insulated Cooler Products, 4 Sites, $300M Revenue, 1000 Employees, 1.2M Sq. Ft.

GM of Operations (Reported to Sr. VP of Operations and Distribution)

The focus of this role was to provide strategic direction to the manufacturing operation. Change the culture and manufacturing model to increase output and eliminate warranty claims. Two manufacturing plants with 2 warehouse and distribution centers all in the US. Had a staff of 6 direct reports and 1200 total associates. 200 Injection and Blow molding machines and semi-automated assembly processes.

Prime role was to develop a strategy to increse quality and output in the manufacturing operation. Implemented a lean stategy with tools to drive out waste. Develop a new manufacturing model that including lean manufacturing cells to increase efficiancy.

oDelivered a 40% increase in productivity.

oReduced finished goods inventory by 25%, savings of $12M in inventory.

oIncreased manufacturing profitability from 15% to 25% EBIT.

oEliminated 50% of WIP in production issues through a disciplined approach to planning.

oImplemented a safety strategy that improved TRIR by 50% from 1.8 to 0.9.

MAUSER PACKAGING SOLUTIONS Houston, Texas USA August/2011 – April/2013

Packaging Solutions Production Company, $175M Revenue, 300 Employees, 200K Sq. Ft.

General Plant Manager (Reported to Sr. VP of Manufacturing Operations)

Accountable for the P&L and strategic direction for the operation, driving methods to improve performance and providing guidance to all participants in the largest volume metal drum manufacturing facility in North America. One manufacturing operation in Houston Texas, with a staff of 6 direct reports and 300 total associates. Metal Shearing, Roll Forming, welding, seaming, and paint operations.

Drove a strategic operation initiave to restructure the manufacturing model to a lean process driven operation. Increasing productivity and reducing waste.

oDelivered profitability increase of 12%.

oOutput increase 37.5% (from 8000 drums/day to 11,000 drums/day)

oReduced quality defects from 15% to 3% with six-sigma methodologies.

oSafety program implemented that reduced the TRIR from 6.8 to 1.0.

Drake Schrage

27834 Colonial Point Dr. Katy, TX 77494



MAGNA INTERNATIONAL Guadalupe, Nuevo León México May/2006 – August/2011

Automotive Electronic Modules and Exterior Mirrors, 2 Sites, $185M Revenue, 750 Employees, 650K Sq. Ft.

GM of Operations (Reported to VP of Operations)

Responsible for the green field start-up of 2 separate manufacturing operations in Mexico. One electronic Module assembly operation and one injection molding and assembly operation. Incorporation of the company in Mexico and negotiating all pertinent permits required to operate in Mexico. Two manufacturing operation in Mexico, with a staff of 8 direct reports and 300 associates in Electronic and 450 associates in Injection molding and assembly.

Main resposibility was to find a site and execute the lease. Incorpoate the business in Mexico. Start-up and operate 2 green field manufacturing opeartions. Hire the staff. Developing the Manufcaturing strategy. Implement systems. Train all personnel. Develop the manufacuring model for the operations.

oo Successful start-up of a greenfield electronics operation, on time and within budget.

oIn-sourced all injection molded products - product cost savings of 15%.

oReduction of quality defects from 5% to 0.8% with six-sigma tools.

oTransferred $40M in Revenue on time, delivering to the customer 100% OTD.

oObtained ISO-9000 and subsequently TS-16949 certification for the operation within 18 months of start-up.

Drake Schrage

27834 Colonial Point Dr. Katy, TX 77494



Grad School - Universidad de Monterrey, San Pedro, NL Mex.

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Undergraduate - Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, San Nicolas, NL

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)

Undergraduate - Lake Michigan College, Benton Harbor, MI

Associates degree in Manufacturing Technology

Green Belt – Lean Six/Sigma. / 100% Fluent in Spanish and Latin Culture


Operation’s Excellence Award 2017 – Collins Aerospace

President’s Award in 2015 and 2016 – Standex International

Board of Director Member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Monterrey Mexico - 2000-2011.


“Diseño de Componentes Plásticos para el Proceso de Inyección (Spanish Edition)” Published 2010 - ISBN-13: 978-0557413768; ISBN-10: 055******* (Injection Molding Plastic Product Design Manual)

“Leading Manufacturing Culture Change” Published 2020 - ISBN: 978-1-71673-994-1, ISBN: 978-1-71660-464-5

Revenue $195M

1 – MFG Site

1 – Dist. WH

1100 Employees

7 Direct Reports

Revenue $275M

2 - Mexico Sites

1 - US Site

1200 Employees

8 Direct Reports

Revenue $195M

1 - Mexico Sites

2 - US Site2

900 Employees

7 Direct Reports

Revenue $300M

2 - Plants

2 - Warehouses

1200 Employees

6 Direct Reports

Revenue $175M

1 – US site

300 Employees

6 Direct Reports

Revenue $185M

2 – Mexico sites

750 Employees

8 Direct Reports

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