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Social Media Camera

Atlanta, GA
April 14, 2022

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Send **** $, Bitcoin *KqJTwHLk*XdqRZUaPULktNCkwPKLpege4

When I get the remuneration, I will delete your earth-shattering video clip and nobody ever sees this.

Neglecting me, I will send the vid to your closest people and upload it on the Internet.

When I infected ur device, I turned on recording via ur camera, distantly downloaded contacts from ur electronic-mail, and as well gained access to ur social media.

As soon as you read the notification I’ll see that. U are given forty-eight h to meet my requirements from the moment of reading this message.

Do not try to beseech me, after sending the notification I’m gonna delete the email address in order to cover the tracks.

I recommend u not to browse dubious websites next time, antivirus cannot always protect u.

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