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Air Force Customer Service

Yukon, OK
April 14, 2022

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Susan Marie Miller

***** ******** *****

Yukon, OK 73099 US

Mobile: 405-***-****

Evening Phone: 405-***-****


Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Work Experience

Department of Veterans Affairs

921 North East Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104 United States

7/2019 - Present

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0341 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 11

Administrative Officer – (This is a Federal Job)

As the Administrative Officer for Social Work, I provide oversight of the budget, hiring practices, credentialing, and supervise six program support assistants (two vacancies currently). I write position descriptions for classification and/or conversion, working with the consultant and classifier, ensuring all qualifying factors and standards are accurate and fairly graded. I work closely with the Human Resources (HR) staff to ensure personnel actions are submitted in an accurate and timely manner, with all the appropriate documentation. I track and follow up on all HR actions, working in a cohesive partnership environment between the HR Specialists and myself. I am quite involved in processes with the HR Specialists, in which time we develop a successful working relationship, which enhances the trust of your counter-part. I am the Social Work subject matter expert on preparing and submitting HR actions. My knowledge gained in HR for 10 years past has stayed with me, and I use it to the advantage of Social Work as often as I can. Other duties I maintain as AO of Social Work; I am an integral part to the 4-Cast development for the budget for each fiscal year for Social Work. I worked tirelessly preparing and reviewing workload data to ensure all workload and encounters were properly accounted for, so I may accurately paint a picture for financial needs within Social Work. I used simple mathematical equations to develop the work-load projection, as well as the need for additional full time employees. Included in our 4-Cast plan were the goals and objectives for the fiscal year ahead, involving the desire for strong community partnerships. Goals and objectives also included increased staffing, and resourceful tactics to further our space capacity. Also included in the plan was the budget for our Hoptel Contracts. At the beginning of the fiscal year, I was part of the contract review team with Fiscal and Contracting. We successfully secured a 5-year renewable contract with Best Western Hotels.

I was also part of a team for the finalization of encounters throughout Mental Health. Attending weekly meetings, and reviewing hundreds of open encounters, I utilized daily statistical reports and available manpower to close all open encounters for Social Work prior to the required deadline. Delegating and oversight of the program support team in Social Work lent its self to the successful completion of all programs which required end of year closeouts.

Currently, I am in the process of developing an access database to ease the operations of recruitment, placement, and tracking. The data currently resides in an excel data spread sheet, however, it is quite cumbersome to use, as there is no continuity within the form. I plan on developing the database which will be easily searchable, reports can be run for any number of reasons at a moment’s notice, and all Program Supervisors will be able to utilize with the with ease, and add comments/actions without the need to sort through over 140 positions, employees, job numbers, recruitment numbers, credentialing status, boarding, and all other information which is necessary in a successful recruitment phase of the Service.

I am also gathering information through the use of VATAS and the Service timekeepers in Mental Health to develop a spreadsheet which outlies trends of sick leave usage as it relates to the number of staff onboard sick leave used on certain days of the week, and employee trends. With the sample data I am working with, Social Work will be able to identify trends in which fatigued or burnt out employee are experiencing. Social Work will be able to enhance communication and discussions with employees with the shared goal of increasing employee morale.

I am working with the Hoptel contractor for Social Work, and their contract. We have had two changes in Hoptel Location, three changes in amount per room per night, and inconsistent billing. I review the invoicing against our daily log of guests, and return for corrections when necessary. Once the billing has been reconciled, I approve and submit payment. At the end of every fiscal year, it is determined if the funds remaining on the Hoptel contract will be money we return, or if increasing funding for our Hoptel is necessary. Once it is determined if a decrease or increase is necessary, invoices and memos are submitted to fiscal and contracting. I work with a $300,000.00 budget for the Hoptel account. Other supplies, as needed, are funded out of a control point which has a limited amount of funds. These funds are for special orders, equipment, and essentials needed to meet the mission. This budget is monitored for accuracy and usage. All equipment/supplies purchased with this account must be approved prior to usage. Spending must be justified, and cannot be an item/s/ easily obtained by our local stock replenishment system.

Center memorandums and Service Operating Procedures are reviewed quarterly for accuracy and due dates. When a center memorandum is near expiration, it is reviewed and updated if necessarily. Currently, there are four center memorandums being updated and signed.

With the experience I have gained through working in and with Human Resources, I am quite adept at interpreting the Code of Federal Regulations, and its implementation. While working with Human Resources, I worked in job placement, recruitment, background security, ER/LR training and performance improvement plan writing. I also worked with Workers’ Compensation claims, and retirement. I have been trained, and worked in Human Resources for several years (see resume).

Knowledge of the different programs Social Work offers, and the employee’s we have on staff, is monumental to helping and providing good customer service to our Veterans. We see Veterans on a daily basis, reaching out to provide support and assistance where needed, finding resources, or providing walk-in counselor services. Customer Service is the real highlight of what we do on a daily basis. I have been helping, aiding, assisting, listening, and referring Veterans during my career as a Federal Service Employee.

As a Supervisor, I am very pro-education, allowing the Program Support Assistants time and space for training/education. When an employee is properly trained or educated in their position, I support and encourage employee cross-training. When the current employees have cross-trained successfully, we will search for training opportunities and programs to enrich the employee’s career with the VA. Since the re-establishment of a strong LEAN program, each Program Support Assistant has begun their LEAN Sigma training. I look forward to assisting and watching them grow as employees and individuals.

Department of Veterans Affairs

921 NE 13th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73104 United States

09/2011 – 07/2019

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0301 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 09

Program Specialist – (This is a Federal Job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

I assist and provide administrative, operational, and analytical support to the director of the Office of Quality, Safety, and Value (OQSV). I have been involved in working closely with VISN 19, during the transition period of importing our documentation, spread sheet data, minutes, letters, and other materials in the Risk Management and Patient Safety program, to ensure they complied with VISN 19's structure model. I am responsible for assisting with the coordination, implementation, and ongoing management of Patient Safety, Risk Management, and External Accreditation. These programs ensure quality and efficiency while delivering healthcare to our Veterans. I work independently, compiling data from various sources, and delivering final production of reports, graphic designs, and Visio organizational charts, for presentation at the executive level. I work independently analyzing current automated and manual systems of data capture and develop tracking systems using my in knowledge and skills of programs within OQSV. I maintain multiple databases and computer programs, including SPOT (no definition), Excel, Outlook, Access, Word, CPRS, the Training and Management System, Power Point and Visio. I independently complete Action Items when I am the subject matter expert. I provide accurate technical advice to committees and providers, within the Peer Review process, Peer Review Committee, and Tort Claim process. I track the training of the employees within OQSV, keeping them informed on the status of training completed and due.

I monitor and track training for various programs within OQSV, ensuring not only the staff, but the providers of the hospital are up to date and in compliance with training requirements for the programs I am involved in. I am responsible for equipment management, ensuring all equipment is functional and available to employees at all times. I coordinate with Services within the Hospital, for compliance of deadlines and memorandums for peer reviews, tort claim notifications, Service Chief Recommendations, and other forms of date sensitive materials. I create and provide spreadsheets and tracking systems for Services within the VA to assist them in tracking documentation that is time sensitive. I have excellent time management skills, prioritizing and completing all projects in a timely manner. I am OQSV's Environment of Care (EOC) Chairperson. I developed and implemented the Center Memorandum for the EOC program, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). I work with the External Accreditation Specialist when inspection teams (such as Joint Commission and Office of the Inspector General) arrive at the VA. I prepare and maintain shared drives, share point sites, document reproduction, and other administrative tasks needed for the inspection teams. I ensure the files in OQSV are in compliance with rules and regulations, as they apply to the VA, OQSV, and the requesting inspection teams. I prepare correspondence to Attorney’s, Health Care Providers, Veteran’s and staff consistently. I have created the VA “Quill” demonstrating acceptable practices while preparing correspondence within the facility, and external. I track all my correspondence, sending using acceptable tracking methods. I track and trace all correspondence, ensuring the recipients have received and understand the documentation provided.

Supervisor: Adrienne Riesenbeck 405-***-****

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Department of Veterans Affairs

921 North East 13th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73104 United States

11/2006 - 09/2011

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0203 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 07

Human Resources Assistant (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As a Human Resources Assistant, I performed technical work concerning the recruitment, selection, and placement of employees. I worked closely within the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) qualification standards, the VA staffing directives and guidance, and the title 5 Code for Federal Regulations. I used my knowledge and skill set to interpret written regulations and guidance, applying to the qualification of applicants, ensuring applicants were qualified to perform the duties required for the position they were applying for. I scheduled and over-saw Merit Promotion panels, implementing the grading and applicant system to ensure anonymity when applying for a position, allowing each individual to be hired and/or promoted based on their skill sets. While working at Human Resources, I discovered several hundred employees had not completed their background investigations. Working very closely with OPM, and utilizing a newly adapted electronic background application, I completed over 200 background investigations in less than 6 months. Within a 1 year time frame, every employee at the VA (that was identified) had an initiated background investigation. I maintained the background investigation program during my employment in Human Resources, and I am proud to say my accomplishments and standard operating procedures developed during my time as a background/security specialist in Human Resources is still the recommended practice. I worked with the Employee Relations specialist, applying my administrative skills to prepare written guidance for Performance Improvement Plans (PIP), and disciplinary actions. I reviewed and prepared administrative documentation in final format for all disciplinary actions. I took time to sit with prospective employees and assist them with their applications, declarations, and back ground investigations. I would counsel and provide guidance in delicate situations, with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. It was my pleasure being able to spend time with our Veterans and assist them in such a positive direction. I have experience in recruitment and placement, resignation, retirement, promotion, and reduction in force placement for displaced workers. I reviewed applicants for the best qualified for interviewing and selecting for our Service. I ensure required documentation and pre-employment requirements are met prior to requesting the HR Specialist to make any adjustments, or submissions necessary, prior to a firm offer. I have extensive HR experience from my work in the HR field for 10 years, where I have completed training for Workers’ Compensation, retirements, and reduction in force, qualified applicants, and background investigations.

Supervisor: Ann Davidson 405-***-****

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

2/1999 – 11/2006

DoD Department of the Air force

Army and Air Force Exchange

Del Rio, Texas (This is a Federal Job)

Andrews Air Force Base

Suitland, Maryland (This is a Federal Job)

Shift Supervisor


In my position working in Non-appropriated funds for the Air Force, I was responsible for the Supervision of seven employees. I delegated, scheduled, and assigned tasks in a fair and equitable way. I was responsible for the annual reviews, and submission of awards. I wrote award packages for each employee in my time there, which successfully resulted in employee recognition. I was responsible for keeping within a budget amount which was used to order stock replenishment, and special orders. I oversaw the security of the store, and its employees while opening, closing, and operating during the day. When I felt it was deemed necessary, I would counsel and encourage our employees. My management style was well received and used as a model for other supervisors who followed in my path. When I was assigned to NAF at Andrews AFB, my primary function was as Human Resources. I would counsel employees, and ensure they were treated with the utmost respect. I was involved in a reduction in force, where I counseled approximately 50 employees on their rights and opportunities. I submitted and oversaw the retirement of several of those employees. I was also an integral part of the Workers’ Compensation program, where I tracked and trended Workers’ Compensation recipients and their behavior. I was instrumental in developing a program within Human Resources for an index to be initiated with the pharmacies, detecting “doctor shopping” and identifying Workers’ Compensation fraud. Employees were all put on special duties when able to work to some extent; resulting in the identification and stoppage of Workers’ Compensation benefits being misused.


Sierra College, Penryn, CA Peace Officer Standard of Training, 2 years, certified

College of Marin – Music and mathematics

San Mateo Junior College – Medical terminology, and general studies

Job Related Training:

Face to Face Performance Matrix

LEAN Greenbelt Certified

Patient Safety 101 (working on RCA's, HFMEA's, Incident Reporting)

Functional Area Records Management

Medical Terminology

Worker's Compensation Training

Customer Service Training 2002, 2003, and 2004

Microsoft Office Programs – Through various resources

Affiliations and Awards

Customer Service Champion – Social work

LEAN - I have facilitated 2 successful LEAN projects

Environment of Care, Chairperson, Service Level

Peer Review Committee, non-voting member

CPRS Champion – Social work

Awarded the Air Force Outstanding Individual Award in 2005

Awarded the Air Force Employee of the Quarter in 2004

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